A letter to Fabregas – and a plea to Arsenal fans!

Dear Cesc

On the day of a great London derby, I am writing this letter to a person who made me fall in love with a club of which he is no longer a part of. Even more perturbing he ended up playing for Arsenal’s biggest rivals. Yes I say it again it was disturbing, and yes as a Gooner and his fan, it took a hell lot of courage to take in that news (I am not embarrassed to say that I cried). I guess unlike me Sir Wenger never saw the dream of playing both Cesc and Ozil in the same team come true. All things apart I finally understood that it was your decision and you have the right to choose what is best for yourself.

Finally after a few weeks I had moved on, but then I read an article where it was published that you would have been booed by Arsenal fans even if you had joined another team. Unfortunately, though, it may become a reality. So I write this letter to reach out my fellow Gooners to remind them of what you have done for us. For the love of God, we must not treat him as a traitor. Also reminding them about recent comment of yours that no matter what happens and we Gooners think about you, you will always remain a Gooner, shows your love for the club.

As a Gooner I have to be honest here that we must not hold any grudge against you for joining Chelsea. When all is said and done, we gooners must not forget that it was you who wanted to come back and we had a buy back contract which was not triggered. It’s strange how things change in football. Three years ago you were the fulcrum of our team and recently you were not allowed to return. Despite our ignorance you still supported our club by saying that the future belongs to Jack and Ramsey. The fault was at our end and it makes me feel unhappy when people start labelling you as the new Judas who betrayed us. We Gooners must understand this and I wish my fellow fans who will come to watch you at the Bridge and at the Emirates will remember the things which you have done for the club and will support you.

I have to admit that even if I only saw you play on television almost 8000 kilometers away (i wish i could have watched you play for real and I hope I will someday). No one can deny that if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been a Gooner. I am proud to say that first I became a Cesc Fabregas fan and your love for our club made me an Arsenal fan. We cannot forget the infinite moments you gave us Gunners to celebrate. I still remember that absolute dynamite against Tottenham and the 2008 win against defending champions Milan in the Champions league . It was an emotional moment for most of us fans and your bond with Sir Wenger made me love both my club and you even more.

Hopefully this letter will remind my fellow Gooners about your contribution to Arsenal, and you can return the gratitude by not celebrating any goals you score or the assists you provide against us, showing respect for your old club. You will always be remembered as one of the club’s most talented and creative players . Personally I will never hold a grudge against you for what destiny has done and will always cheer you even when you play in that blue shirt. I wish you all the luck and hope that you continue showing the world how great a footballer you are, and furthermore an even greater person and a role model for many.

Now my love and respect for you doesn’t mean that I will be rooting for Chelsea in the near future but I certainly will still be rooting for the man who came to Arsenal as a raw talented boy and became one of the best footballers in the world.

You will always be respected.


A Gooner. (Shubham Mahajan)

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  1. My heart is hoping for something out of this game today.
    Looking at the facts were in for a tough day:
    1. Chelsea beat us 6-0 last year with misfiring strikers.
    2. They’ve added Fabregas and Costa since this game.
    3. They’ve had another season to gell.
    4. Mr Wenger has not made any significant defensive changes / upgrades to help our situation, (Chambers the exception, Debuchy injured).

    We have to keep our shape at the back today, (no wingers flying forward and being stranded up the pitch). If RB and LB are to go forward one at a time please.
    I’d love to see Diaby and Flamini in front of the back four if Diaby is fit. If not Jack as a combative deep lying MF’er.
    The nerves and expectation are just too much, COYG!!!

    1. YA panicken, play the same team as Wed don’t change things you have to believe in the squad, Its either a win or a loss that’s it. No praying what will be will be here endeth the lesson Chelsea 1 Arsenal 3 Luko says so

    2. I agree mate, people can thumb me down but i think we can get opened up today….arsene wont change his tactics and for people who have short memories about wednesday ospina had to make a fair few good saves and gala got behind us and they aint even half the team chelski is! Mertesacker seems to have gone backwards and we have no proper protection infront of the back four…..i hope im wrong and we win but i just cant see it…..COYG

      1. Yeh good point but when money buys YA players any which way YA have to at least believe that Wenger and the team have a chance to shove it down Murionios Gob CB

  2. It is all of our fault here (wENGERS), not Cescs….
    but Cesk is still a tw@t cos besides he chose Chelski and Special Tw@t , he was acting like a pussey before he leaves the club…
    i guess no one remembers that he would not play for us , or go to training cos he wanted to go ‘back home’ …
    anyway… i would not boo him in the Emirates , hell id even give a standing ovation .
    i still love Cesk…
    but he remains a blue tw@t.
    so GET EM DOWN 3-5 !!!

    1. what you conveniently forget is he gave his all in the years leading up to it. Did you forget when he stepped up to take the penalty against barca even when with a jarred leg- broke his leg in the process and was out for a lengthy period! Unlike van persie, he did not sit on our bench season after season and then leave as soon as he found his groove. He was our talisman season after season- with goals and assists. We need to grow up and understand the dynamics of the modern game. This is football it happens- he was courted by his home club – which was then winning everything and we were winning nothing. How many people will stick around in such a situation. I am not saying we give him a standing ovation etc, but booing him would be wrong. He is too classy for that- with or without the arsenal jersey !

  3. Adding to my points above:
    5. We have slow as you like and immobile Per at the back.
    I predict at the end of the game today there will not be 22 players on the pitch.
    We will concede a penalty.

  4. Admin hates me, my comments dont get posted 🙁 🙁 🙁

    (ADMIN COMMENT – This forum is for discussion about football – stick to the subject)

  5. First of all we don’t want any excuse for Chelski scum to be able to claim they are classier than Arsenal fans, and if we boo Cesc, they will point to how they applauded Lampard when he came on against them for City a few weeks ago.

    Secondly, he wanted to come back and AW didn’t need him / think he was worth it.

    I know it hurts seeing him play for that lot, but don’t take it out on him.

    1. Lampard played out his career in Chelsea and is now earning for his retirement fund. To compare Lampard and Cesc situation is stupidity which only Chelsea fans are capable of.

  6. i am a foreigner, but should i attend to a match against chelsea and features dear cesc surely i will not be one who boo you. for me you are not a traitor. its clear that mr. stubborn let us down. we know that you wanted to come back. we lost a great footballer and one who loved the club, even tough you left for barcelona. – come on you gunners, come on you reds

    1. At the end of the day its a job, wenger didnt want him and another top employer came along offering him a new job with probably a nice pay packet and regular playing time…..no one in any trade in life would not do it

  7. Just read the article properly.
    Respect? No way.
    Yes he provided a good service but the kid became petulant towards the end of his time with us, and the way he pushed for a move is inexcusable and should never be forgotten.
    I say the fans should wind him up and our plays should give him and physical encounter / memory of today.
    Problem with this is that winding the good players up just seems to fuel them on to play better.

  8. Eh, when I’m afraid or frightened, particularly before a fight, I raise my voice and yell out threats and the person I’m about fighting would just think, “Heck, this dude must have something up his sleeves, he doesn’t seem afraid.” But deep down, I’m not myself.

    I advice our team to be very vocal on the pitch, and never look intimidated or afraid, though, realistically, I know Chelsea have better players than we do.

    Go get em, boys!!! #COYG

    I don’t blame Cesc for wanting to go and live his dream at Barca, if I was at Barca and had the opportunity to play for Arsenal id jump at the chance BUT it’s the way he left.Faking injuries,paying transfer fee etc then when he sees life at the Nou camp isn’t what he expected he wants to come back naaaa mate were alright son I loved Cesc in an Arsenal shirt and still felt for him in a Barca shirt now he plays for Chelsea I feel nothing for him

  10. OT: I just hate it when these media keep on harping that man to man Chelski is a much better side than AFC. And every prediction by them is a chelski win by a margin….just hate it!

  11. Arsenal will never be the respecter of any fellow in a different kit against the Gunners kit. Even if he be a Cesc Fabrigas….boo….boo….boo. Yes, the Gooners must boo him anytime he touches the ball to put him off. Why? We cannot compromise our victory over the Blues for any love of an unfaithful fellow. My audacious starts that will hammer Chelsea 0-3 Arsenal are: Szczesny…Chambers…Mertesacker…Koscielny…Gibbs. CDMs: Flamini/Coquline. CAMs: Sanchez…Ozil…Oxlade. ST: Welbeck. The Subs: Ospina…Bellerin… Hayden…Monreal…Cazoria…Wilshere…Akpom. If the above listed Gunners are okay to play, the boss should please start the game with them. I am positive they will spank Chelsea 0-3 Arsenal.

  12. Just watch a pre match show about our match. Since like everyone know our weakness but not Wenger. The pundits analysis was so pin point to our game. Saying that we are so slow in attack, we just like to pass back and not direct. We keep on pass side way till our opponents start to regroup than we start to attack. After watching the analysis, I really don’t feel good about this game.

    They got too many good players. Cesc, hazard, Costa and that Germany guy (don’t know his name). The way they play now is so good, their offensive and defensive, hope Wenger really wake up and be a coach once.

  13. After watching the pre show, our offensive can match them but defensive we are no chance and their manager really know how to beat us. And they quote from fregie that if wanna beat arsenal is to forc

    1. Is to force them to make error and counter attack. And their manager know where to attack on our weak link. The worst is everyone know our weak link but not Wenger.

  14. Looks like admin is not an arsenal fan but a cesc fan…. No player is bigger than the club !!!

    (ADMIN did not write this lol)

  15. Did chelsea boo lampard wen he score against them? The truth is that any one in fabrigas shoe could have left at that time, cuz we ar nt showin any ambtion of wining troph at that tym, if he dnt love arsenal would he have agreed to sign the buy back clause? We should boo wenger for he made us pass all pain we are now

  16. Excellent post written with passion.
    Ive followed Chelsea home and away awhile and was lucky to see Cesc (or Fiberglass as we used to call him) many times for you and I always loved the geezer this will make ya laugh I even got his signature on a Malouda shirt I had on after we beat you 4 – 1 at yours. Amazing day with a sold out gate. I was shocked TBH cause you lot were on fire at the time. But Fabs at the time was what – 22 and I was jealous as hell you had him and woulda give my left one to sign him. And when he left to go home I was sick cause I got a few good mates who are Gooners and they were gutted.
    If you remember the first news about Cesc maybe leaving Barca it was to go to one of the Mancs and you lot were going mad about that and I was really P’d off too So when there was a whisper we could sign him I went bonkers. But I was more shocked at Wenger not resigning him. Even IF as he says now he didnt need him big deal – you coulda afforded him. Hes better than 99% of the new ones hes signed isnt he. And I could see him and Ozil playing great together myself.
    But just as Lamps has gone to Citeh (a different situation cause Lamps WAS offered a years contract) and broke our hearts Cesc is now Blue. Hes fitted in better than I coulda hoped for. Hes got some sort of ESP for knowing where players will be and has done from a very young age. Hes not perfect and hes been practicing his defence.
    It wont be the 1st time later today hes played against you so it shouldnt be a big deal but I can imagine there will be some with bad thoughts for him. You gotta look at it this way – he was with you what – 8 years and he gave you everything he had. Thats all we can ask from a player. To play his best for as long as theyre with us. Then we thank them, wish them well and hope they dont go to a rival.
    Im off to the Bridge – see you there lads.

  17. I’m 100% Arsenal
    But I still love cesc and always will, he’s class
    And win lose or draw my feeling won’t change towards Wenger his time is up ,
    Now let’s get behind the team today and hope wenger learns from past mistakes

  18. Cesc has said he always loves Arsenal, and he wanted to go to Arsenal. Can’t blame him for wanting to go back to his homeland. Arsene Wenger didn’t want him – big mistake. What is he supposed to do, put his career on hold? He has never said anything against Arsenal, unlike the traitor van Persie, and he would be back tomorrow if Wenger let him.

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