A letter to Jose Mourinho from an Arsenal fan (in rap style!)

A letter to Jose Mourinho by MA

Hello Mr. Jose let me start by a congratulations, for frustrating us by denying us any penetration.
For securing the mighty BPL by some sheer luck and tactical corruption.
For ensuring Arsene’s run against you is nothing but continued frustration.
And giving your darling “the media” pure happiness and absolute satisfaction.
Singing your name with praise like a saviour of the Nation.
I know you are still in the moon already starting celebrations.
But lets pause a little bit, and listen to my confession.

Arsenal is a team of love and unity.
We dont feed on trophies to ensure our continuity.
We feed in pure football at the purest of it’s beauty.
We know Trophies matter because thats the reality.
But the main aim of football is entertainment and also financial stability.
We all know you will argue, and we understand your stupidity.
“Boring is 10 years without a trophy” is that the limit of your thinking capacity?
Or rather your reasoning ability?
How about Chelsea’s 50 year wait, doesn’t that sound like a boring eternity?

Okay lets talk facts because I am sure you have so much information.
Boasting of your trophies records without any consideration.
“Specialist of failure” how do you even come up with that leave alone mastering its pronunciation?
You’ve won in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain, true but with what budget allocations?
Why couldn’t you go for a team with financial limitations?
Why cant you master five years with one team to underline a dictation?
List down a name of a player you have moulded into to a world class as your football contribution?
Even that Cesc you brag about, who gave him his real footballing education?
The only people who love you are the media because of your mental and insultive expressions!
You will hopefully grow up one day and get control of your communication.
But before then dont dare try to mock the Arsenal nation.

Lastly say hi to our long lost brother.
Remind him Arsene is still his second father.
Unless he plans to a list of twenty people to call a father,
I suggest you are the best candidate to be his second mother.
His tenure as a Gunner is gone and now we have another,
assist maker “Ozil” who was under you and never even thought you can be a father.
And we have no ill feelings towards him, so he shouldn’t bother.
So I rest my pen and say goodnight.

From a deeply concerned Gunner. Muha Ankoanko!

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  1. Uuurrhm… Nice. You’ve got a point but trophy is all that really matters. Chelski fans will say the 50yrs is past tense.

      1. And Pool hold on to past tense cause their present S*cks a*s.

        Always willing to remind people of past trophies.

        Guys let’s.hope for a good summer, some needed signings and a strong start to the season by.beating Chelsea in community shield

        1. You rhyme everything firstly with on, then you do it with tea, then back to on. Even rappers do change it up now and then and Bob Dylan proved you dont always need to rhyme to be a great poet.

          So i guess your message is – teas up… or on as you might say.

  2. Let’s stop kidding and Rap (against chelski) on the pitch…….. Infact i prefer a gen-gen Heavy metaL pressing style, Loud with a blend of hardcore rhythm…… Beat aston villa at wembley, and we would have one last chance to play a RAP for chelski before this season ends

    1. Don’t underestimate Villa. They are a changed team since Sherwood took over.

      1. No one’s underestimating villa…… Just saying by being able to beat villa, thr might be another chance to square up with the mighty *coughs* cheLski once more this season…. Then we can have one more chance 2 right our wrongs

  3. huha ‘anka’anka
    walk the planka plonka
    I am King Jose
    de winner every day

    Make no fuss
    park de bus
    end of the game
    win again

    We’re class
    not arse 🙂
    not waiting.

    August to May
    every team we play
    drive right through
    we the mighty Blues

    We keep on marchin
    down Roman’s road
    winning the league
    Chel you sea 🙂

  4. Admin!!!
    Can you get this Illiterate Chesae idiot ioff our site please ? he’s a mug of the first order and Im guessing that he irritates a lot of the Arsenal faithful on here so can you bar the Chelski mug and get rid of his stupid inane rants about Chelsea as this is an arsenal forum and no one really gives a sh!t what this muggy C@nt thinks.
    Thank you

  5. Whats all this “Den” and “Dis” ect do you mean “Then” and “This” ??? who’s the real Dummy You plank!!!!

  6. am here cos u guys visits other sites other than ass sites. I only visited to gain sum different perspective frm my own darling Chelsea sites buh I also realized that u mentioned Chelsea n Jose more than any other team so I developed interest cos invariably here is also Chelsea wit more hate n I love it. Der are other fans on our site so hav de will to stomach other ideas other than praise fr ass. even wen your own gooners express an idea dat sings de praises of ass or vineger u descend on dem so am nt surprised abt your reaction to my presence here. non of u even saw anything wrong with de writer using words lyk idiot on Jose n questioning his intelligence cos u all do it on daily basis. hav u asked yourself why your players spend so many years n win nothing buh win titles in months or few years dey ditch ass. king Fab a classic instance. his latest interview is wat I entreat u to read loosers

    1. u don’t belong here……. U must be a TroLL…..u should be moderated…… Strictly Arsenal

  7. It surprises me how english media patronise a coach who needs always a joke,brawl,streetwisdomsaying,controversy to augment his team efforts. the media are disserviz to epl &football. is that how intelligent journalists are in england, suffering fooling! if anyone believ Mourinho is great, fine. Asene is no less a greatman&coach-allround. jealousy ? I wonder if your understand that jose is jealous of Asene status.

  8. I find it boring that Chelsea went 50 years without wining the league. Look at your history before you say anything Jose.

  9. If I dislike somebody,I don’t even talk about the person,don’t feel may be he/she exists. So, I hate to admit that some are obsessed with chelski and mou, leave the vermin alone ffs. I do not like them and i won’t even waste my time thinking about them.

    Can we just move on?

  10. Can we stop crying and get over with it. Why are we behaving as if we deserved to win the title, have our fans forgotten that we were 6th in the table back in February. Just playing consistent football for 2 months doesnt win you the championships.

    Chelsea were better , so let us stop being bitter. Let us focus on finishing as high as possible and try to win the league next season.

  11. If we really want no chelsea fans here then better stop posting crap about them. We are inviting them and then crying about them.

  12. Congratulations I totally agree your letter!!

    Dear Mourinho you can’t buy class. Arsenal is the way.

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