A look ahead to Arsenal upcoming games – Five straight wins?

With a courageous 4-2 comeback win against Aston Villa last weekend, Arsenal won many hearts and restored trust to its doubters. After the win and Manchester City’s 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest, Arsenal reclaimed first place in the Premier League, two points ahead of the Cityzens.

Mikel Arteta and his team are fully aware that they must win practically all of their remaining league games in order to keep their lead at the top of the table, with rivals Manchester City and Manchester United breathing down their neck.

The Gunners are still hopeful of ending their nearly 20-year wait for a PL title this season, having last won it with the Invincibles in 2003/2004. The following are Arsenal’s next league fixtures, which might determine their championship chase aspirations:

Arsenal vs. Leicester: The Foxes, before the Manchester United game, were on a resurgence, but when a true test came their way, they fell. On Saturday, Leicester should look for a point elsewhere if Arsenal can be as ruthless as they were in the second half against Villa.

Arsenal vs. Everton: Arsenal has taken losing too personally this season, and just as Arsenal got their payback against Manchester United, Everton should be prepared for a disappointing night at the Emirates.

Arsenal vs. Bournemouth: Bournemouth are unpredictable, but considering Arsenal’s stature, they should beat them on March 4th.

Fulham vs. Arsenal: Just like Bournemouth, Fulham are unpredictable, but a strong Arsenal line-up should hustle a win over them on the 12th of March.

Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace: Viera’s side hasn’t been consistent this season. This inconsistency may cost them against Arsenal on March 19th.

If Arsenal can win all of these games before the March international break and be at the top of the league by the beginning of April, the route to the title may begin to look easier.

Do you think Arsenal can win all 5 of these fixturs?

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  1. No, 3 of the 5 is a more realistic expectation in my opinion.
    Also take a look at the April fixtures, 8 games in less than a month !!

  2. I think only the Leicester game would be the trickiest one, because Rodgers would likely be prone to sacking if they lose, they have very good players and they will play at home. The other games should be relatively easy to win

    We’ve got to win in Leicester, because Man City would likely win in Bournemouth

  3. One game at a time please.Leicester dominated the first half against Man Utd and ought to have been 2 up before Rashford scored.In addition Sabitzer ought to have been sent off for a high tackle on a Leicester centre back.Unbelievably, the Austrian was not even cautioned which is of course par for the course at Old Trafford.The ref and VAR officials should be cited for their incompetence, but of course, they won’t be.

  4. Those 5games should be a W if we are serious about the title…
    I saw nothing from Leicester against united to get me worried, they had a complete week to prepare for united who played barca and yet played rubbish even with the little run they had. Just like villa who played city before playing us at there ground i don’t expect anything different from Leicester

  5. Every team will raise their gsme against the league leaders….in the past these would also be deemed easy wins for us and we would be complacent

    So lots of potential dangers in these next 5 games…. take each day as it comes and work hard …that’s all anyone can ask…the rest is down to how the other teams play luck and VAR !

  6. on Paper Yes we can win our next 5 games. however, its not going to be easy as teams want to win and avoid relegation. there’s no easy game in the league too so one game at a time…. Leicester up next

  7. I have said it before and I will say it again,by logical probability,if Arsenal wins at Leicester,manU will be out of the title equation completely and it will be left with only city…this is why…ManU won’t play this weekend….so an Arsenal win against Leicester will put us 8points ahead of United(with united having a game in Hand)..If Arsenal proceeds to beat Everton in our outstanding game then we go 11points clear off united..After this coming matchday,Arsenal will play Bournemouth at home in the next matchday whiles United plays liverpool at Anfield,if Arsenal wins Bournemouth and Liverpool should draw or beat manU Arsenal will go 13 or 14points ahead of United,with the later having a game in Hand….with a 13/14 gap between us and united by the next 3 fixtures,Arsenal will be out of manU reach

    1. Man Utd are the ones looking like they can beat everybody

      I don’t think we will bbeat them now if we played them tomorrow

      We watched Liverpool against Real Madrid yday, they’re still bad, Man Utd will beat them again

      1. I don’t think ManU will beat Liverpool at Anfield,neither will city beat them at the Ethihad,,,I feel that liverpool are not in contention this year but their games against either of Arsenal,ManU and City will really help in deciding who wins the league

      2. Arsenal stand a chance to win all these games if they are not complacent and take each game as it comes

      3. Babasola, you are very right man united are really playing well and they’re going to beat Liverpool at their home.

    2. Sesmics, you are reading the utd situation totally wrong. They are well in the title race and probably in a no lose situation, which can be dangerous. They have a relatively straightforward run in.

      1. Reggie, I did not see where Seismics said United were not in the race! Please enlighten me where I MUST HAVE MISSED HIM SAYING IT.
        I read where he specifically mentioned both us and both Manc clubs as needing to face LIVERPOOL to help decide who wins the title.

        I do not agree with him that the Liverpol games will be, by themselves, deciding ones, but I DO AGREE WITH HIM THAT ALL THREE CLUBS.

        Over two months ago, I posted on JA that United, who were then 15/1 for the League title, had odds that would shorten and that will happen and indeed is already doing so.

        Of course United are in the race and should not be discounted, just as you said!

        1. Reggie, I now see that you were, presumably , replying to his earlier post in which he DID try to make out a case why United would be out of Arsenals reach in a few games time. I disagree with his assumptions as being naive and biased in our favour.

          Not a crime of course, nor even a surprise onJA as Arsenal bias is present most of the time.

          But he did at least admit that RIGHT NOW, United are in the race.

  8. Overconfidence by the writer of the article. Every game, even something Bournemouth at home will be a test in the PL.
    Leicester away is not easy. Like Grandad said one game at a time please. Full focus on a resurgent Leicester who were unlucky against Man Utd.

  9. “There’s no easy game” of course this is quite true. But it seems to be applied to arsenal alone. Will it be easier for man city or man UTD ? We are all facing the same Challenges and we can see who’s faring better so far. So let’s be positive and fingers crossed we will reach the finishing line


  10. We’d be all rich people if one look on paper decided things. The Leic game is what’s next, let’s beat them please, and then look at what’s next. Counting chickens, we should have beat Eve and Bre too. I hope our last win is us back on form now, we’ll know after facing Leic away which is tricky

  11. Don’t be silly. Why aren’t you thinking one game at a time. For a a start Leicester will definitely have a point to prove. They were playing good football until their recent wipeout. Also ,until their fates are decided the bottom rung teams will be pulling out all the stops to survive. Without a proper striker it will be a tough slog for us.

  12. Was this written by the same guy that predicted an easy win at Everton last time around?? Take a breath, step-by-step is the only way forward. Especially with a young team.

    Hoping that Jorginho can provide some leadership here and prove his worth.

  13. Smash and grab tactics don’t work. Just calm down. EPL is a marathon. Arteta will take focus game by game. He definitely is looking forward to get back his injured players and concentrating on how to control games completely from the start to finish like before. If the players get back their groove and confidence, then you can put 100 games in front, they will steamroll it.

  14. The next game will be a massive test for Arsenal in the current campaign.

    We need to win this game for several reasons it would have firmly restored our confidence to kick on from here onwards having both Manchester clubs breathing down our neck.

    This is a match that will be fought and win in the minds, its only a matter of time before Brendan Rogers starts his mind game complaining who is injured or won’t be fit until match day.

    Luckily history is more kind to us against Leicester, and I expect a good game against a nervous wreck Brendan Rogers, here is two coaches who likes to pitch theirselves against each other.

    Am predicting a narrow 3 : 1 win to Arsenal when the dust settles.

  15. The Leicester and Everton games are tricky although I expect Arsenal to win the other games. That said, every team in the PL is tough as shown by Forest holding City so Arsenal must be on their toes till the end of the season to ensure the title comes home.

  16. Hopefully Everton and Brentford served as a reminder to not take anything lightly. Everton in the bottom gave us one of the toughest games we have faced this year. Their pressure, energy, and intensity superceded ours.

    We finally dug in against Villa and earned those 3 points through our fortitude. We need that same mentality in our upcoming fixtures, and quickly sub out players who are struggling to have an impact.

    City and Utd are too close, and looking ahead can lead to dropping the 3 points right in front of you.

  17. The same way it was writing that arsenal will get 12 out of 15 points in February and so far it’s 1 win and a draw.
    I usually see articles like this as pride and we know what what follows pride (it’s evident in February results). I love the way everyone is distancing themselves from such opinion

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