A majority of Arsenal fans do NOT want Wenger Out!

Despite Arsenal’s less than convincing start to the new season, it seems that only 3 out of 10 supporters who responded to a poll in the British newspaper the Daily Star think that Arsene Wenger should be sacked right now. It is no big surprise that many fans are disillusioned after the Gunners only gleamed one point from their first two home games but a big win tomorrow against Stoke may change their attitude ahead of Arsenal’s opening Champions League game in midweek.

The polls findings were as follows: 46% of the nearly 28,000 voters felt that the Frenchman is still the right man for the job.

On the other hand, 30% of respondents reckon that he should be dismissed from his role as a new approach is needed.

Additionally, 24% felt that he should be sacked – but only if results were bad enough to warrant it.

There has been an outpouring of anger on JustArsenal against Arsene Wenger after he failed to bring in a new striker in the transfer window, but as Le Prof said ahead of tomorrows game: “To support the club and support the team is to stand behind the players,”

“It is not always expecting someone coming down from heaven to sort out all your problems.”

We all may as well face the fact that the transfer window is now shut, and the players we currently have in the squad will have to carry us through the season, so why don’t we all just concentrate on helping the team to do their best. There are still over 100 points at stake in the Premier League and many many Cup games to enjoy. Wenger has faith in our players and he knows them better than any of us and knows how to get the best out of them.

Let him and the players do their jobs and we’ll do ours by cheering them on….

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  1. Talk about reading the figures to suit ?? Correct me if I’m wrong if 46% still think he’s the right man for the job 54% don’t
    Just because the 54% is split between some wanting him sacked and some wanting him to step down doesn’t mean they both don’t want the same thing. Mark my words Wengers time is running out , and to be honest I hope he doesn’t tarnish his reputation and further

    1. There is nothing wrong with people saying that if the results were to be horrendous well then the man should fall on his sword. They are basically people who say you should hold judgement til end of season, that is what Arsene himself believes sure. Nothing at all wrong with that, probably the most logical answer if you ask me.

      1. my concern is not whether we compete for title, but whether if we fail as usual in our title challenge ..anything will change –

        he wealds too much power,
        im a wenger fan , he is the consumate professional , i wont deny my respect for him
        but football has changed alot, he has not adapted enough with the times

        1. Personally at the end of the season i feel we should start looking for long term solutions. he has 2 years left on his current deal.. if we find ourselves in the same predicament where we are struggling to match the form and ability of the other top four opponents and being bested at every opportunity like we have done in the past… it gives it a greater cause to hurry in the replacement… like Man U did Fergie force a voluntary retirement and give him an executive role.

          1. How do we know who wowed on that poll?

            I know for a fact that many other team supporters feel Arsen Wenger is a nice guy and they are more happy with him then Arsenal supporters specialy Chelsea, United and city supporters,they think as long as AW is in charge they have no competition from us

          2. man u an fergie was not like that at all bro.
            fergie bought rvp an won the league..an left man u of his own accord
            basically he did one final up yours to arsene wenger by buying his talisman an using him to win the league one final time-then left- thats pretty badass

            believe me arsene is going nowhere- booing fans or not. the board love him.
            the club love him. he stays

    2. Im on the fence with this one… whilst i like the idea of not going through managers like Katy Price does husbands.. the problem is he doesn’t seem to want to update his tactics or at the least modify his practices to keep with the modern times in football. Tactically it is frustrating that we lack creativity (which is competely ironic considering the attacking talent we boast in our team) we’ve become that predictable… the vast majority of Arsenal fans could guess the formation and line up and be entirely correct what more managers who’s job it is to do so… And the transfer policy ohh boy… Rule No1 No one gets last minute deals especially for top class players… they’re harder to replace for the teams selling.. therefore the price increases.. The theory of supply and demand for someone with a degree in Economics you would have thought he would have worked that out by now.

      1. Which tactics do you know yourself? Is buying any available player a tactic? Tactics are on the field not in the market place. I think sometimes we mix too many things and in the end we mix up ourselves also. I have a strong feeling that, to the contrary, people who want Wenger to go are fans of other clubs who know what he is capable of. They also take advantage of some gullible Arsenal fans and make them believe that with Wenger Arsenal will never win anything whatever that means. Prior to 2013-14 there was the cry of not winning anything for the famous 9 years! When Arsenal won two consecutive FA trophies they started clamouring for Premier League which is okay but the irrationality behind it smacks of people under the influence of some unknown power! Then there was the song of “Wenger has never beaten Mourinho” which became one of Wenger’s many “crimes”. Now that one was shattered during the Community shield. Even if Arsenal wins EPL this season the Wenger haters will never stop. They will now switch to Champions league. Hence the best is for the team to do its job and leave the others also to do theirs, either support the team or oppose it.

    3. The question that says “…only if results were bad enough” is too vague to be answered – I guess it targeted those who sit on the fence. What results can general consensus settle on as bad enough? Seven losses out of 10? Lack of CL participation? Five losses in a row? 6th place? Fighting relegation? Not getting out of a group stage in CL? Even those in the 46% would join the 30% depending on the answer to what constitutes “bad enough results”!

      1. Do we really Have to go that low to change arsenal or Arsen? It’s clear in his face if he had just bought couple of WC players then we arsenal fans would all unite win or lose but will know we are trying at least, and before anyone says anything about no descent strikers it’s bull

    4. What a twisted convoluted analysis of a simple figure by an AKB, who desperately trying to paint a good picture of an ugly face already been so nasty. 11 years of lying cheating, deceiving by Wenger and owners is enough to be demanded by true fans to be sacked. This miserable effort by an AKB will change the min of a 54% majority if this figure is true which I don’t think since the actual number is much higher.
      Wenger out, the sooner the better.

      1. Instead of just insulting everyone, can you give an analysis of what Wenger has done wrong in his 19 years at the club. Then tell me who you would replace him with – and why?

        1. Sorry admin I disagree with you. It’s time for change of management. Majority of the fans and wenger lovers are fed up and want a 2015 and beyond Arsenal who compete with tactics and purchase of quality players.

          1. I fail to see why people are not positive on the fact that Arsene has recently become the holder of most cup wins, winners bring wins. People say we are two to three players short of having the best side in England, while we have a manager who 7 to 8 times from ten is brilliant working with transfer window. How can you not be positive with this, yes sad we did not get them in the summer but that means Arsene is making sure that they are the right ones. Like with Cech signing, who would have thought Arsene would bring in a big name keeper, not me, this is new. Now would be a huge error to get rid of our most successful manager ever.

        2. Admin. I am no stranger to this site but perhaps you should taste a bit of your own cup of tea. The old English saying goes thus “Lay your bed and lie in it.” Some of us have all along been pointing out the free rein accorded to mediocrity in this website. Some of the writings are really awful, only suitable for the rubbish bin but they still find their way into the columns of this website and are always applauded by getting thumbs up! What did you expect? Perhaps you now see our point. It seems many of the people who write abusive stuff took refuge hear because of absence of editorial policy and this is brought about by people who write under dubious, absurd and sometimes outrageous names. These characters just write all manner of funny stuff and get away with it; hence they get emboldened to write even worse material next time. Some people I know left this site out of disgust. It is the few of us who refused to leave this site to only erratic characters that still contribute. It is actually disgusting to see some of the writings here. They smack of racism, hate, sexism and all the other negatives but they still pass and get applauded by their own kind. So, Admin there is nothing new only that now it is you who has been slighted! Perhaps there will now be some improvement.

          1. I agree, and I am trying to stamp out the abuse and hatred from some commenters.
            I will simply have to make a policy of “talk about football or get deleted”.
            The only problem is that I can’t police the site 24 hours a day, but there have been quite a few bannings lately I assure you….
            I WILL weed out the trollers!

            1. Thank you admin. You have created a great site here. When launched it was great to visit. Great banter with all opinions accommodated as the tone was respectful and generally based on facts and well presented arguments and opinions. We do not all need to believe the same thing. We just need to respect each others right to have and to state our opinions. I aapplaud your latest initiative and wished good luck.

      2. I don’t think this survey is an attempt or an effort to change anyone’s mind really… I have personally sometimes agreed with folks that Wenger must go depending on the emotion of the day. Once emotions subside, I get drawn back to the realization that those around Wenger knows exactly why he does what he does, how reasonable his actions are, and how bright I feel the prospects are for our club’s future. We all cried for a world-class striker, and none came. Do you think Wenger sat back in his office telling his folks, “forget it, don’t sign anyone!” Man United signed some Martial guy! Wenger rightly explained that, if there’s any blind person in your vicinity, that signing was evidence of lack of quality in the market. It’s always easy to make the decisions from the outside looking in… Chelsea won the league fairly comprehensively last season, and do you think their form & quality, or Mourinho’s charm have all suddenly dwindled or disappeared? Are they going to win trophies every season? No! Neither will Barça, RM, etc! We have just come out of our financial hardships, and Wenger has just won 2 FA Cups in a row, and these very same commenters were happy with that! Would it be the end of the world to go this season without a trophy? No! We certainly can do better, but the general direction the club has taken is very positive, and I’d say, satisfactory! If anything, I think he feels the pain of defeat, of not making deals in the transfer market, and mostly, of not winning the league after this long! So, like it or not, Wenger will be with us for a while.

  2. If Wenger and the board likes, he can stay as long as he likes….one thing I know, he’s not immortal. He’ll leave one day. Willingly or death at a ripe old age. He won’t be the coach forever.

  3. Well for me, Wenger has to do it this season or that’s it. He did very well up to 2005, winning trophies. He did very well still until 2012, keeping us afloat in the most difficult years with spending restrictions.

    Since 2012 I’ve expected a title challenge. We failed that season. But can you assemble a title-winning side in one season? Not really. 2 seasons? Maybe. 3 seasons? Well.. Yes. But still, we haven’t had a serious title challenge. For Arsenal, my expectation isn’t to win the title, but I would expect us to at least challenge for it, and we haven’t… So from my perspective, his good years have earned him this one last year to put in a serious challenge. And given our lack of transfer activity, I can’t see it happening…

    1. hate to mention the c word, but chelsea in one window with mourinho arriving an immediately spending money- won them the title that season
      2004-2005 and the next 2005-2006

      so yes u can assemble a title winning side in one season- we were fourth all these years so were never far off- just came down to spending.

      like i keep saying there are no excuses

      1. an for those crying-,…oh but we had injuries- well guess what helps with injuries- squad depth-guess how u can improve squad depth-

        1. All ambitious knowledgeable fans have asked for is to spend money on spine of the team to take it next level up. Vast majority of fans subscribe to Wengers youth policy and do not want the club to spend like City & chelsea and buy top players in every position.

  4. I hope we win. I hope everything works out fine for the club. I do not pray we lose just so I can come here and start saying, “See, see why I said Arsene should leave?” No, far from that. All I have been saying is, instead of us falling below the level we are at the moment, he should leave; if he thinks this level is ok, then he should leave becuz this level is far below Arsenal standard.

  5. Plain unreasonable to demand your club be champions and expect it to occur. All fans can ask this but only one will come true. We are no more deserving than a liv fan. What fans can demand IMO is that you are in the fight, bad decisions, injuries at worst time, red cards ..many things other than quality can decide the winner in last weeks of football. A team that is challenging and is genuinely capable of reaching summit is what I want or expect to see happen, what I hope is that we achieve it.

  6. Wenger will eventually bow out one day……and another era will begin…….lets not pretend this would never happen…….. How prepared are we?…….I AM…

  7. I care not about wenger, I only care about Arsenal. You have to be delusional to argue that there were NO quality players available this summer that could have strengthened our squad. Even then, you want to be economical, fine – lower the ridiculous ticket prices the club charges. Us fans want to save money too! What are we investing in this club for?? It is evident we have come close to being contenders in the past few seasons, but we are ALWAYS short. We have money, so FIX IT! Manshetty have a great squad; they still strengthen! It feels like history repeats itself at Arsenal every year; this is unacceptable! What is the purpose of the board?

  8. Read the same report and its amazing how this author spun it to suit himself. The fact is, more Arsenal fans than not are open minded to Wenger’s departure, whether that is immediately or if results doesn’t improve, and I have to agree. While 19 consecutive Champions league appearance is commendable, the results in the competition has been less than commendable. After nearly a decade without a title , 2 consecutive FA cups is commendable but the fans deserves more and should demand more, and if more is not forth coming then we are in our right to want him to go.

  9. That Daily Star Poll is intimidating and too suggestive as is on the low side for Boss. Nevertheless, that intimidating Poll should not be an issue for debate. But how the Gunners are going to resoundingly beat the Potters tomorrow at the Emirates Stadium should be the subject matter for discussion. By the way, what’s the point of challenging for the title if you don’t have the aim to win it. The Boss 2 main primary objectives and those of the Gunners are to win the Premier League title and the Champions League giant trophy this season. Then add the Capital One Cup to it and retain the FA Cup for a record 3 successive seasons. Having already won the Shield, Arsenal are poised more than ever and more than their domestic and external rivals to unfailingly (God’s willing) win the fifthruple this season. All Gooners are hereby encouraged to eschew any form of instigated bitterness and the act of treasonable felony against the Boss orchestrated by any media outfit. And vigorously give their full support for the Boss and the Gunners at all times.

  10. Maybe it’s me, but I come here to get away from tabloid style MISLEADING headlines.

    It’s an insult to our intelligence in my view, and reflects the slant of the article writer.

    54% want him gone at some point. That seems clear.

    He’s gone stale.

    1. No! That comment is misleading. Read the poll. Both sides (so called AKBs and now called WOB) are twisting it to suit their own deep seated views. It is simple. The vast majority want him to stay now. However at the end of a bad season the majority would want him to go. Simples. Like I said at the start of last season and earlier in the week. Get tired of the same old comments. Can this site not get back to friendly banter? I will wait for the wind to change direction. AGAIN.

  11. Wenger OUT

    Many people can replace this Bozo
    1. Klopp
    2. Guardiola
    3. Moyes
    4. Sven Goran Ericksen

    1. Joke.Sven? Ha haa . Moyes. Haaa? Like your comical side. Has haàaaaaaa haaaaaaaa. Can’t stop laughing! Thanks I was getting sick of the same old tired comments.

  12. Wenger deserves respect for what he had done for Arsenal Football Club especially between 2006 – 2013 when he kept us in the top four every season even with a smaller budget. I was an akb myself until september 1, 2015 when he chose not to buy a single outfield player which really frustrated me the most. With the way he disrespecting arsenal fans by lying now i have every right to say Wenger out and he deserves to be out as he has created problems among arsenal fans. He is the reason why there are AKBs and AOBs.

    1. Is he? Really? I was very disappointed too. But yo u blaming him for the formation of the 2sides? Sorry. Really? I knows it late and maybe I’m missing something. Yes diffintely missing something. Bye all.

  13. Stoke is a MUST WIN because after that we got a Hell of a road trip.

    We got 4 away matches in a row after this and 72 hours in between playing Zagreb and Chelsea

    We need to beat Zagreb for good start CL group
    We need to beat Spuds or draw to stay in League Cup
    Even away to Leicester will be tough.

    So lets 1st focus on Stoke. Beating them will strengthen us mentally

  14. Something totally different and I if admin could do an article then that would be great. With form eluding Giroud and Walcott, and Welbeck out till Xmas, does anyone else think that the Ox should be given a go as a central striker or a false no.9?

  15. Don’t get it, some fans are saying that what Arsene has done for Arsenal over 19 years makes him irreplaceable, well, fooling that logic, then even if we would get relegated he should still be the manager, SMDH. Others keep saying there’s no one to replace him, might I remind you of the uproar/skepticism that was evident when Wenger was appointed; he was relatively unknown, but yet you heard him today, who’s to say that another unknown can’t come and do even better. Judge him on where we are and what signs if any that may exist that the track that we are on will turn us into world betters, and if not then Wenger needs to go.

  16. wenger knows what he is really doing.but i guess some fans dont understand what they are saying.like seriously is sven or a moyes or even a klopp gonna improve us???the same klopp who took dortmund with all many classy players to the shame of almost-relegation in a league manned by two teams???that too coz one robert lewandowski left.admin no one can point out wengers mistakes. better to judge him on his scale that is at the end of the season.thank god fan sentiments dont lead to stupid discussions in our beloved club

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