The myth of Arteta being a “bad man manager, with an ego” exploded by a sensible thinking Arsenal fan

The myth of Arteta being a “bad man manager, with an ego” exploded by sensible thinking by Jon Fox

My fellow Gooners, I have become accustomed from the same regular but unnamed posters, who regularly and to my thinking mind, thoughtlessly, write that MA is “a bad man manager with an ego”. I intend to demolish that falsehood now.

Firstly, his apparent “ego”. The true definition of an ego is simply a sense of self-worth. If there is a manager in football, anywhere, without a sense of his own self-worth then I have yet to hear of it.

All prospective high achievers in any walk of life, including top level club managers, NEED and will inevitably have an ego. Yet some on here seem to think that a bad thing.

To my thinking mind an ego is essential but what we do not need is a so called “ego maniac”, someone whose sense of self-worth is thought far higher than any possible achievement they may make.

I suggest that far from being an ego maniac, as some have called him, MA is a thoughtful, highly considered, driven and already proven high achiever, and that foolish accusation is utterly wrongheaded and comes mainly from those who still to this day hanker after Wenger and who have never accepted that he should have resigned, as he did when forced to do so or be sacked.

It is true that during his first two seasons MA was called an ego maniac far more than in his last two seasons, when we finished second and are now leading the Prem race.

Some, indeed most, have seen how wrong they were, but apologies have been rare. Some HAVE apologised but most who wrongly prejudged him have not done so and will never do so either. That is hardly a surprise, human nature being what it is.

Few have the necessary character to own up to a personal mistake, although SOME HAVE done so, to their credit!

Next, that other myth of being “a bad or poor man manager”.

When you closely observe just WHO on JA have regularly claimed that falsehood, you see that many are again Wenger hankers after who simply will NEVER accept that MA is not Wenger.

Wenger was a great, legendary manager whose time at our club massively enhanced our worldwide standing and for his first decade and a bit he was magnificent.

But slowly the magic faded and his methods, once considered cutting edge, became copied and improved upon by others, while he stagnated and became a company man, one who protected his employers – KSE – who were themselves much disliked, or stronger still.

But times and events alter perceptions and now, I guess, more Gooners than not would be only too pleased if the Kroenkes stayed into the distant future. And with Josh still young and seemingly converted into being a TRUE fan of the club, KSE HAVE backed us substantially in recent years.

I do agree with many who say that the generous money allowed for MA to spend has not always been spent as wisely as it OUGHT to have been.

But, of late, MA’s imports are all turning out as successes and the near future looks rosier than for twenty-five years, right back to Wenger coming in.

Another important myth some accuse MA of is being a bad man-manager, simply because he has proved beyond any sensible analysis to be utterly ruthless in ridding our dressing room of idlers and troublemakers – and look how well he has done it.

If, which I have no doubt there will be, there is a single fan who even NOW wants Ozil, Auba and Guendouzi back in our squad, then I will show you a mind that has lost all reason and sense of responsibility.

Indeed, to me, it was only when, albeit far too late for my liking, MA got rid of those three problem players, that our current dressing room special harmony really started to elevate into the magnificent spirit it now is. It was only then I truly realised just what A SPECIAL MAN WE HAD IN CHARGE.

So then, do even special people make mistakes? Of course they do! It would be ridiculous to claim otherwise. After all a PERFECT HUMAN BEING DOES NOT EXIST.

When you take a sober minded look at how our club is currently set up for many years of success, as far into the future as we can see, together with the amazing harmony in the Emirates and at away games, then fans who go to see games KNOW BEYOND DOUBT, that a magnificent bonding of all Arsenal fans and players under this special manager – the few JA regular Arteta’s detractors apart – is proof of how GREAT A MAN MANAGER MA actually is, and how foolish those who accused him of a super ego and being a bad man manager are now looking.

Two myths dutifully demolished then!! Let us be glad about who we have as a manager and give him the approval he more than fully deserves.

In fanhood and COYG!

Jon Fox


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  1. But but Arteta is stubborn and vindictive he hates and made saliba, esr, Martinelli etc leave the club. He prefers his favorite like useless havertz instead of fan favorites. Just look at this season terrible transfers disgusting to see arteta waste all that money that wenger by himself earned for the club.

    1. Methinks it’s you being stubborn and vindictive, as by his actions he has turned Saliba and Martinelli into regular international players and ESR will be. So you are not rating the latest iteration of Havertz, really! Anyway, which team is currently top of the league with what appears to be an extremely happy, one for all, all for one, squad, yes even his ‘hated’ benched players?

  2. Good read jon
    I beleive all successful people in life have a tad of ego In them
    Some go beyond that and are actually successful psychology
    I was fortunate or unfortunate enough to meet Robert maxwell who definitely fell in to that category..any one who hasn’t come across his name before please look him up and you will know what I am talking about
    Ypu have to be narrow minded and success driven plus a lot of other things in the mix to be top of the tree
    Happy he is plying his trade at our club for now rather else where

    Whilst I respect your views but they don’t hold water on what you are saying
    Onwards and upwards

      1. Yes , sarcasm all right, but I ask myself WHY he thought it cool to use sarcasm?

        It was out of place, IMO, on this subject, but hey, so what!

  3. Good article Jon.During my career in Banking I worked for a number of Chief Executives who were vastly different in terms of ego, temperament and ability.Funnily enough, the most successful and respected was the late Sir Bruce Pattulo, who was recognised as the finest “real Banker” of his generation.He was a mild mannered, quietly spoken man who’s main asset and strength was his uncanny ability to look forward ,accept change when it was justified and most of all his decision making was superb.Arteta is nothing like him in temperament but I like the way he has learned on the job and has overcome the errors of judgement he has made in terms of recruitment by welding together a bunch of players who are not prima donnas but are working hard as a team to bring success fans crave for.In my estimation his performance is at least 8 out of 10 and as he gains experience I expect him to take further steps up the managerial ladder.One word of caution as far as tactics are concerned, I hope he does not use Pep as a barometer , but evolves his own ideas and plays in a way that suits the players he has at his disposal.

  4. I would still say man management is Arteta’s Achilles heel. He has a preference and “blindness” towards some players, while not so with others. However, he has improved with passing years in charge.
    For example

    1. Martinelli was declared fit by doctors who gave the “full ahead” for him to play. Yet, Martinelli didn’t even get dying minutes in games as Arteta opted to play Willian as if trying to prove something.

    2. How about the Saliba last loan spell? The debacle of keeping Mari in the squad instead. Arteta wisely admitted his mistake the following year.

    3.ESR super sub, 10 goals in the recent past, yet Vieira seems to be the preferred choice now? Vieira?

    4. The Nketiah saga seems to be coming to an end, finally. Many of us knew he wasn’t good enough YEARS ago.

    5. Let’s consider our present situation. Will Havertz continue as our striker or will Jesus be restored as the striker?
    Will Kiwior keep his place in our defense, or will the defense-less Zinchenko get his spot back?

    Everyone makes mistakes, they are unavoidable. the question is “do you learn” and avoid repeating them.

    Arteta seems to have improved, but let’s see how he handles his current conundrum.

    1. Arteta has many strengths but management isn’t one of them ….
      I worked management
      The act of decent any manager is to get the best out of resources you have
      Paying assets to sit at home and / or rip up contracts is not good man management in any business
      We can’t be selective and say it’s okay depending on a players popularity
      Maybe once time I can accept yet Ozil, Aubameyang , Pepe , Sokertise , Mustafi, Bellerain, Mustafi , Willian all had contracts ripped up
      Laccazette and Maitland Niles were allowed leave for free
      From a business point of view , why would anyone pay even a million for Pepe when they know Arteta will just release him ?
      When I can name an 11 that he’s washed his hands off ….that’s not great man management

      It’s too easy to dismiss counter opinion as a bias towards Mr Wenger .
      It’s just factual that Wenger didn’t pay 8 players to rip up their contracts
      Also fans were not wrong ….we factually regressed after Wenger left , twice finishing in our worst position in quarter of a century

      1. Not one of those players you mentioned were doing anything for us, and has done anything since leaving, so is that not excellent management that Arteta spotted problems, and dealt with them?

        It’s down to Edu and others, not Arteta, to negotiate sale fees, although almost all blame goes onto the previous regime you put these average players on monster wages, thus making it impossible to sell them.

        Of course we could have not ripped up their contracts, kept these useless players longer, meaning we wouldn’t have the squad we’ve had over the last couple of years, and definitely no title challenge. Unless you think we could have pushed for a title with the likes of Ozil, Bellerin, Mustafi etc?

        1. Could have sold them Jen ?
          What most clubs do ?
          Arsene Wenger managed to do that for 22 years , can’t remember him just ripping up contracts ?
          And don’t think when he was paying Ozil to sit at home we finished 8th !
          When he paid Auba to rip up contract we
          finished 5th

          1. Interestingly Dan, Mikel’s only trophy was when he had this squad and what happened to them :
            MARTINEZ sold to villa won w/c and currently playing in the PL
            BELLERIN sent out on loan then sold and currently playing in La Liga.
            TIERNEY currently out on loan in La Liga
            LUIZ not offered new contract.
            HOLDING sold to Crystal Palace
            CEBALLOS on loan not renewed currently playing for RM in La Liga
            LACAZETTE not offered new contract currently playing in the French league
            AUBAMEYANG new contract given at a reported £300,000 a week then let go as contract torn up current situation unknown by me
            AMN was asked to stay and a reported offer of £30 million was turned down later left for nothing as no new contract offered
            PEPE cost the club a reported club record of £70 million plus then let go for nothing
            XHAKA was talked out of leaving then made himself first name on the team sheet – he decided to move on and currently sits atop of the Bundesliga

            Subs who played :
            NKETIAH accepted a reported £100,000 a week four year contract – rumoured to be leaving the club in the summer
            SOKRATIS left the club as no new contract offered
            KOLASINAC as above

            Subs not used
            MACEY sold on
            TORRERIA loaned out then sold on
            NELSON as with Nketiah
            WILLOCK sold to Newcastle for a very good price and still playing in the PL
            MATT SMITH – seen as a snub to Ozil, sat on the bench, collected a fa cup winners medal, didn’t play at all for MA’s PL squad, loaned out to Swindon and then sold on
            SAKA… yep THAT SAKA – the rest is history.

            Let’s remember chelsea were the PL champions and we best them 2-1.
            That squad, plus Ozil, had the season before, finished 5th and qualified for a European final.

            Not comparing them to today’s squad, but just reminding everyone that MA inherited a side capable of winning a fa cup and appearing in a European final…this was the time when MA was finding his way and his man management was poor in my opinion.
            Of course that’s not the case today, once again in my opinion.

      2. I have a slightly different take on the man management skills that you feel that Arteta is yet to master

        By the time that Arteta arrived at Arsenal, Ozil and the others were in a powerful clique which I believe had undermined Emery. There was a clean slate offered (unless Arteta was fibbing) and yet it didn’t end well for them. What if it was better man management to exorcise the problem rather than allow the problem to fester further and undermine the group? The same applies to Auba who was another poor influence. What is also important to consider, is that Kroenke was in agreement with Arteta’s approach.

        The remaining names are different to the above. Willian was a case where Arteta did try to get him to fit in. He kept playing him so he can’t be accused of writing him off. It was terminated with the full agreement of both parties.

        Both Pepe and Bellerin were near the end anyway, weren’t they? AMN can easily be described as a poor decision by Arteta especially as the club could have sold him but retained him instead.

        I wrote in a different article that if we were ripping up contracts now, then I would be worried.

      3. I disagree.
        I have also worked in management and what you have stated suggests a limited perspective. If assets, human or otherwise, are a drag on overall performance it can be better to get rid of them, even at a loss, to progress the business. Similar principles hold in finance. You do not hold on to a depreciating asset indefinitely unless there are sound fundamentals to suggest there will be recovery within a reasonable timeframe which is related to your goals.
        The type of management you are referencing relates only to certain public services where you really have little influence over resources.
        There is not one of those players listed that we needed to keep. They were moved on as they should have been.

        1. You couldn’t get any money for any of them?
          Can’t think of any other manager who has done that ?

          1. Whether any other manager has done it is irrelevant. The issue is whether the approach fits in with an overarching strategy and the goals to be achieved.
            Keeping players just to make money out of transfers needs to be considered carefully. As a manager you need to judge whether it is better to lose the money in order to achieve better outcomes in the long term. Focusing only on the immediate financial benefit of transfer fees is not good management.

      4. @Dan, you have mistaken not bowing to players’ wishes in order to play to their personal strenghts to lack of man management, oh poor ignorant Dan. you must’ve fell for the con of player not taking too many instructions from who is suppossed to be their “boss” and hitting the “new manager bounce” form that makes them one season wonders when things inevitably go south, then fans like yourself turn on the manager, wondering what happened and calling for his head. No! Mikel or any top manager with a vision of what he intends to do, don’t roll that way.

        1. When did I call for his head
          I just don’t think ripping up contracts is great management?
          How can it be lol
          I could do that job

          1. The only way to go about player’s lack of interest in whatever the management wants to implement their ideas is to get rid of them even at a cut price or a loss, in their case given no interested club were willing to pay a fee, which shows how down below they are in terms of quality. We are currently reaping the dividends of the well laid out approach, so yeah it’s a good management.

            1. Yeah but even if you got a million for each that’s better isn’t it ?
              Use Pepe as an example
              Let’s say a club will pay 5 million for him.
              Suddenly they say …..’ if we do nothing eventually Arteta will rip up contract ‘
              They know that because of his history

      5. Before the appointment of Arteta(I think) I remember writing an article here about actions that needed to be taken if Arsenal were to go back to the glory days. One of the actions I highlighted were getting rid certain players, even if it meant taking a loss.
        The reason I highlighted that action, amongst others, is this. You might be a star performer, in your own right. But when you enter a team with team members who simply refuse to perform, it is only a matter of time before you blend in. In most cases.

        Arsenal, at the time, had players like this. Who were either leaking delicate team information to the press, or players who just did not have the mentality to compete at top level(remember when Bellerin made a statement implying Sanchez was “too competitive”?), or players who simply refused to dance to the tune of the manager and by extension, the club. We had players like this in Ozil, Aubameyang, Mustafi, Bellerin, Pepe, Kolasniac etc(for the purpose of this writeup, i will refer to them as the funky bunch) all of whom were either paid to leave or were released. The reason this was done is because, there were up and coming promissing players in Saka, Martinelli, ESR, Saliba, Odegaard(for the purpose of this article, I will refer to them as the special ones), all of whom are the nexus of this team today. Arteta simply did not want the minds of these players corrupted by the funky bunch(exact same reason I wanted them gone). If the funky bunch had stayed, I can guarantee you, we will have prima donas among this special bunch we have now. Don’t forget, Martinelli was a huge fan of Aubameyang. Guendouzi was pals with Saliba. Odegaard/ESR have on several occasions listed Ozil as one of their inspirations. Easy to see how it could have turned out if the funky bunch stayed on. Arteta did not want that because he knew the special ones were going to form the nexus of the team(which they now are). No manager, who wants to win, will tolorate disunity. There are several roadblocks to submount on the road to victory and team disunity should not be one of them. Especially when it the rootcause can be terminated, even if it comes at a cost. Its the same in all business, if an asset is depreciating, sell it off, especially when the cost of keeping it outweighs the cost of offloading it. It is what Mikel has done and it has proven to be the best decision he made(to me). Did he try to sell them? Yes. We saw links to certain clubs. But you know why they were difficult to sell? Because of their huge wages. No one was willing to pay what we were paying those players. It was more costly to keep them then terminate their contracts. Yes, Arteta gave Aubameyang a new contract. But this was before Aubas attitude changed. Arteta tried(no one can tell me he didn’t) to manage it. But there are some basics expected from you as a captain(eg arriving for training early). Auba displayed none of those traits. Arteta realized the mistake and corrected it by justifiably terminating his contract. Auba, arsenals captain, flew to barcelona to force a move. I mean, come on. I could go on and on, but I believe you get the picture.

        So, atributting Mikels decision to rip up the contracts of certain players to poor man managememt is really far off the mark and not a fair judgement. It was simply a business decision the club needed to take. Period.

  5. The subject of Arteta’s ego and man management have at various times been dissected.

    I’ve never thought of him having a giant size ego – rather a determination to make a good fist of his managerial career. To be as good as he can be and in doing so, make Arsenal a club to be reckoned with again.

    I’m loathe to mention how the Ozil and Co players appeared to have a monopoly on power, but that is how it seemed to me. The tragedy of PEA was that all the financial rewards and captaincy didn’t translate into being an Arsenal man. Instead he got on a flight to Barcelona to force through a move to a “bigger “ club.

    As far as I was concerned, Arteta was protecting the best interests of Arsenal FC

    Fast forward to our current position and I’d say that Arteta’s man management skills are in good shape. Tomi, White, to name two recent renegotiated contract deals, speak for themselves.

    The path wasn’t always straight but, having never held a management role before, I think he learned the ropes pretty quickly. He wasn’t perfect but has made enormous strides

  6. Jon, you have demonstrated what a good article should be. It is not too wordy nor is it lacking in detail. I believe your critics will now believe that you are truly adept at the English language. There is a trend that I have observed as I grow older. It is that the older, the wiser. You have made your points without being unnecessarily emotional save for a little Wenger bashing which has now become Jon’s trademark. Though not a rejoinder to Dan’s long article on why he thinks Arsenal can’t reach Champions league finals, the article has analysed Arteta’s management style and given us an insight into what makes Arteta tick. I hope Dan will borrow a leaf from this wise old man.

    1. A film company saw my writing and invited me to a film premiere where I met Mr Wenger
      Book companies see my work and ask me to write reviews
      I’m invited on podcasts and YouTube channels.
      I get some of the highest views lol
      So I think I’m doing okay lol

      1. Yeah! Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Seeking your personal glory while dancing on the happiness of Arsenal fans generally. I wouldn’t be surprised if you accept to write articles for Spurs.

        1. Angel, I see your picture is coloured green – green with envy?
          I would suggest that he would write a great article for the spuds, telling them about our great club, along with Jon Fox!!

        2. Well no mate
          The article was about how great Mr Wenger was lol
          If your happy with 20 years without a title then my opinion ( a strangers ) shouldn’t worry you

  7. Great article Jon.
    Indeed everyone has an ego , and that’s being human. Even the ones holding up in admitting they were wrong that in itself is an ego, don’t you think? This is the best days seeing our fans happy and SUPPORTING our beloved Arsenal. That’s what fans should do right!

  8. Interesting article Jon – a shame you had to bring up Ozil and Wenger and you didn’t mention the words you had for UE when you were saying how others make mistakes, but hey ho that’s another story.

    I agree with Durand’s post and how, when Mikel first took the job, we were questioning his decisions.

    What I have witnessed is how MA has learnt on the job, sometimes making the same mistakes again, but gradually joining the club together.
    I have written an article with reference to Tomiyasu and Mikel that explains my view on how MA has persuaded those who questioned his earlier mistakes on board and the decisions, both on and off the pitch since the beginning of last summer have been superb.

    I now have no trouble with his man management skills, but to ignore what happened earlier, is wrong… as it highlights just how much he has improved!!

    Enjoyed the read and the comments thereafter.
    Merci Mikel!!

    1. Should have added Jon that his poor man management wasn’t a myth when he joined the club.
      That’s why the likes of Willian were getting games to the detriment of Martinelli etc.
      He has worked very hard at that side of his management style and I absolutely commend him for it.

      1. KEN I AM WITH YOU BASICALLY . I ALSO THINK, as I wrote too , remember please, that he HAS made mistakes.

        . To deny that he has made some would be a lie and ridiculous and I am neither a liar nor ridiculous.

        Some will say differently, esp my regular critics but I ignore them now. Probably always SHOULD HAVE done so ,instead of engaging in words , but I have learned better.
        Like you, I am thrilled that he learns from his mistakes and NOW is a superb manager with a great deal better still lying ahead for him and for us all.
        There are the same old names on JA, not only DAN either, who wilfully refuse to see that or even admit that to themselves,but they are widely regarded as blinkered fans, these days , IMO.
        Only a fool utterly refuses to change his or her mind when overpowering evidence that they were wrong all along SHOWS US ALL, SO CLEARLY.

      2. Well, I disagree; it was always a silly myth. There’s been little wrong with Arteta’s man management skills. He may have made some mistakes over his time at Arsenal. That makes him human, not a poor man manager.
        The squad he inherited was bloated, unbalanced and incapable of challenging consistently at the top level. Changes were required and most of the overhaul of the squad has been successful.
        The so-called mistakes listed by Durand have not taken the contexts into account and simply highlight the parochial perspectives of certain fans.

        1. Well I disagree.
          How was the squad “bloated?”
          It consisted of 25 first team squad players who never finished below 6th in the league, had won fa cups and played in a European final.
          What contexts need to be taken into account?
          The nigh on £900,000,000 spent on new players?
          The fact that there is so called deadwood arising from that unparalleled spending spree?
          The ridiculous contracts given out, having learnt nothing from the Ozil debacle?
          What is parochial about any of that?
          You paintbrush over the mistakes that even MA himself admits he made and say changes needed to be made.
          We ARE in a better position now, with in my opinion, a great manager – but a manager who has been backed up to the hilt by a owner who finally realised he had to spend enormous amounts of money and tolerated those early mistakes, mistakes that MA himself has admitted he made.

        2. David
          I’m curious to know about what “context” you refer to.

          “So called mistakes” I mentioned? I’m using Arteta’s admission itself regarding Saliba! Yet you even dispell that example!

          Can’t deny reality my friend, or try and dismiss points by saying “context” and no further explanation.

          The Saliba situation where Arteta said he was wrong, and even mentioned why? What more context can their be?

          Martinelli sitting in favor of Willian? The doctors cleared Martinelli 100% fit to play. He wasn’t protecting Martinelli, unless you think Arteta knew better than medical experts.

          I left out other examples, like the competition for GK, but really there never was going to be. Or the horrendous Partey at RB experiment.

          Lastly, his poor man management has tanked ability to profit from some sales

          Pepe produced more than Nketiah ever has, but Arteta couldn’t find any way to retain some value? Recoup some money back? What did freezing out profit the team or club?

          We all know AMN and that 30 million we lost out on. He decided to keep AMN, yet never played him?

          If the AMN example is not woeful man management then what is?

          1. I’m sure David will reply to you Durand, explaining each and every point you make.
            What amazes me is the fact that MA’s own words are either ignored or discounted!!
            I would like to think that MA saw the same things that we saw in his early days, he certainly seems to have acted on most of the questions we asked.
            The only running “sore” from his early tenure, in my opinion, is the ludicrous reported salaries that were and are still given out like sweeties.
            Nketiah, Nelson, Havertz, Aubameyang were all given contracts that the club have no chance whatsoever of selling on at a profit, simply because they are ridiculous… end of!!
            We know now that is a fact, because of Aubameyang and, if Nketiah and Nelson are put up for sale, we are relying on them to accept a lower salary to move on…. unless someone like Palace are willing to match, as a minimum, their current contracts.

            Jon is quite correct when he points out that MA, like AW and every other manager in the world, made/makes mistakes, but David says he “MAY have made some mistakes”… I disagree, he HAS made some mistakes.

    2. Arteta has been largely correct on the big / controversial decisions. This “He is poor man manager” narrative was concocted by a certain section of our fanbase (The Never Artetas). Most was down to the way he refused to give into Ozil’s petulance to start with. Then Aubameyang’s later petualance, Guendouzi’s petulance and Saliba’s petulance etc..
      But the animosity towards Arteta goes back to the Mesut Ozil saga. Thats where our fanbase drew their lines: The Ozil fans vs The Arteta backers. You had the Ozil fans that couldn’t accept the Fact that Arteta was not giving into Ozil’s destabilising personality / attitude and ego. Then they tried to use the Martinelli, Guendouzi, Auba, Saliba etc situations to farther their anti Arteta narrative.

      Arteta has not changed his so called poor man management skills, that’s why he is still not playing ESR and dropped Ramsdale so abruptly. He is still doing exactly the same thing. If he feels like any given player is not fitting his plan then he will drop them. He just sold Balogun in the summer when the majority of our fanbase did not want that. But as always Arteta did what he deemed was better for the style he wants to play.

      1. Malaika
        My friend it is not so simple as you make it out to be. I agree with you and Arteta about dropping Ozil, Auba, and even the way he handled Guendouzi.

        Any new manager has to show who runs the club, and that he makes decisions not the players.

        However, you merely strengthen the argument of the other side when you mention Martinelli and Saliba as examples.

        I will explain why. Arteta admitted he was wrong in how he did not include Saliba on the Europa list and the last loan spell. Arteta’s words not mine, and he even explain why!

        You can’t ignore or pretend that never happened or Arteta did not respond and clarify his mistake,

        As far as Martinelli, he is here and improving every year, while Willian is long gone. He was fit to play as the doctors expertly said, and we see how woeful Willian finished the year when Martinelli could have offered more.

        Also, as an 18 year old new to England and the league, under Unai Emery, Martinelli managed 10 goals and 5 assists.

        Far better than Willian ever did at Arsenal, and at least deserving to play and compete with Willian after returning from his injury, don’t you think?

        As I said before, Martinelli is here, a big part of this squad, and Willian is long gone,

        Arteta has improved in man management, but clearly there were issues in the past, and you can’t dispell that by throwing around some “Never Arteta” nonsense.

        Some of us have been consistent in our questioning and criticism of managers; from Wenger to Emery and to Arteta. While others turn a blind eye to reasonable criticism or blatantly ignore or deny any issues whatsoever.

      2. I agree.
        Arteta has used pretty much the same management principles right from the start. Of course, we are now seeing more overall improvement on the playing field since some of the players have matured and grown into the system. At the same time many of those who were a poor fit have been weeded out and more suitable players have been recruited.
        Part of the issue here is that a number of people who have been discredited are trying to regain relevance having largely been proven wrong in their assessment of Arteta’s managerial skills.

  9. The usual Arteta defending (even when not needed) from the usual one of the suspects and I expect a nod of agreement from the other suspects in the comments.

    He might or might not have an ego but he is poor in man management. Very poor the like of which I have never seen in football management before.

    The only solution he has for any player he does not need is to wash his hands off them. FOR FREE!!!!!!

    There is no way that can be defended.

    Why is this never ending defending and cheerleading I wonder? I don’t know the reason but I know in one way or another it’s root is tied to Wenger.

    As I have yet to see a single Arteta die hard speak of Wenger in good light. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!

    1. HH
      I can safely reply to your last paragraph that I had the utmost respect for Arsene Wenger and I am a die hard Arteta supporter too

      I don’t like being referred to as one of the usual suspects and I have no problem at all in cheerleading what Arteta is achieving now. You may call it poor man management but I’m struggling to find examples of strife in the camp – only togetherness

      1. The likes of me, DK, Reggie and others are never referred to in sweet words either.

        I am cheerleading what he is achieving now too but that does not make me blind to his shortcomings. If I deny them when they are so obvious I might as well join the flat earthers!

        I am not in the habit of painting the wall in fancy colors to hide what is beneath.

        What I see is what I say. That doesn’t mean I hate anybody.

        1. I’m suggesting that it’s unnecessary to put forward that anybody who supports Arteta has bad mouthed the people who you have mentioned. Come to that, I was frequently bad mouthed by those who wanted Arteta out and have decided that further engagement with any of them is not worth my time . And I have decided that naming them now serves no useful purpose. It should be laid to rest. A good number of the people who contribute to JA now were never part of the hideous mud slinging so bringing it up again seems pointless and we should be concentrating on what looks to be better times ahead

    2. You are free to express your opinion as others are. Arteta has an ego just like any self-respecting, driven person has. He is clearly not an egomaniac.
      Arteta’s man management skills are very good as far as I can see. He has put together a high quality cohesive unit which is amongst the best in Europe. The suggestion that he has poor man management skills because he has not retained players who are underperforming, lack commitment or are potentially disruptive is simply not credible.
      Many of those backing Arteta now have the utmost respect for what Wenger achieved with Arsenal. However, there are significant numbers who feel that his methods were no longer effective enough to keep us amongst the best in the PL; and we had long become irrelevant in Europe.

      1. David, An excellent post full of sensible CONTEXT and demoloshing the other myth that those who support MA loathe and dislike Wenger.

        I wanted him out and long before he went too, although I STILL HOLD THE GREATEST OF RESPECT FOR ALL HE ACHIEVED FOR OUR CLUB , which was magnificent and legendary.

    3. How is he a poor man manager when he has our club in harmony?. He got rid of the destabilising egos (Ozil, Auba, Guendouzi etc). And what have they gone on to do away from Arsenal? Can’t be a bad man manager when you have kept your preferred squad so humble, happy, working hard and enjoying their football.

      All our players are happy to extend their contracts if Arteta wants them. Tomiyasu and White as the latest to extend their contracts. Gabriel, Saka, Saliba, Martinelli, all extended their contracts. Odegaard is going to extend his own contract soon.

      Information came out that Arteta tapped up Declan Rice in January 2023 after the Caicedo push failed. And that Rice was mesmerised. Imagine being a bad man manager that can attract someone like Declan Rice who turned down Man City and Pep for Arteta and Arsenal. That’s Pep we are talking about here.
      Listen to why Timber turned down Ten Hag / Man United and opted to play under Arteta. Glowing praise for Arteta from Timber.

      Havertz did not think twice when Arteta came calling.

      Bad man managers are the likes of Mourinho, Conte etc.. They don’t last that long at clubs before they mess up the dressing room. Bit Arteta has done the opposite, he came in when the Arsenal dressing room was as toxic and dysfunctional as ever and had to hand out some tough love to destabilising individuals. Now look where we are, the Emirates atmosphere has never been this loud, Arteta promised to bridge the gap between fans and the players. And boy hasn’t he just gone and done that.

      This narrative about Arteta being “A poor man manager” is just one out of the many made up talking points from the same clique of Arteta bashers. The evidence says otherwise but since when has that ever mattered to the Arteta bashers?

      1. It is also indeed quite remarkable that people are criticising decisions that have turned out quite well for the club and the players concerned and trying to argue that these are somehow evidence of poor man management.
        Martinelli and Saliba have evolved into two of the most valued players in world football. Yet according to certain “geniuses” on JA, they are top exhibits for “poor man management”. The absurdity is astounding.

        1. Because when Ozil sat at home we finished 8th
          When Auba was given to Barca we finished 5th
          That’s not great man management

          1. Getting both out of the door by any means was blooming good man management
            Can you imagine where we would be if either of those hadn’t been shown the door?
            I’m incredulous that you could even think we’d have been better off with them, Dan

            1. The vast majority of ordinary, sensible, perceptive Arsenal fans will plainly agree with you and with me on this matter,Sue.

              But you have replied to one who is NOT among that vast majority. Why he is as he is, God only knows!.

              I am pledged to no longer even trying to debate directly with him ever again. (That is for Ad Pats peace of mind BTW)
              Although I reserve the right, should I ever wish it, to refer to him in my posts to other Gooners, where applicable.

    4. HH, what you say about people defending Arteta and their views on Wenger is absolutely not true.
      I have yet to see one single fan here, who doesn’t agree Wenger is the greatest or one of the greatest managers, Arsenal have ever had.
      The only disagreement lies in, how good the second half of his tenure really was.
      Some of us believe, we might have done better, if he had left, or had been sacked, a few years earlier. But as mentioned, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great manager overall. That is also respect, IMO.

  10. There is so much positive about the young Spaniard, as to why the writer trys to compliment the gaffer on something that is virtually none existent in our head coach is beyond me.

    As we have come to see with Southgate and Ben White saga, man management is an art that seems to elude many top coaches in today working environment

  11. Great article, Jon.
    It’s not possible to be successful in that kind of job with some degree of ego – did Wenger not have an ego? Or Ferguson or mourinho? Or guardiola for that matter. He has to make decisions – he’s going to upset people from time to time, and he has to have self belief to be able to deal with that, but overall he seems pretty grounded and reasonable to me.
    Wrt man management, I think he’s built a group of players with the kind of character he wants – he wants confident players who are able to show humility, and he’s gotten rid of the ones who don’t fit that mould. It’s made his job far easier and benefited the squad.
    One issue that did concern me was arteta’s initial treatment of saliba – I think arteta is a risk taker, and he took a risk there, but I suppose that if saliba had kicked off about being pushed out on loan, it would only show that he lacked the humility arteta is looking for..

  12. Excellent article Jon.
    Too bad some of the usual suspects seem to be confused about what is man management and what is contract managemenet and team selection.
    Arteta has indeed shown great man management in the way he has build a young successful team with players with the right attitude, willing to fight for the team/club rather than for themselves (no names mentioned).
    As you rightly point out, he has, like any other manager and human being made mistakes. His mistakes may be in believeing one player will do better than the other, and it turned out not to be right. Nothing to do with bad man management, but rather mistakes every single manager does from time to time.
    When you read some of the above and previous articles, many fans have their own favourites they think should be playing instead of others, and if their favourites aren’t picked by Arteta, he is showing bad man management. What a joke.

    1. Totally agree Anders. Simply making mistakes which ALL managers do, even Pep and Klopp, do not mean he is a bad man manger.

      ALL the massive evidence shows graphically that he is a MAGNIFICANT man manager and the anti Arteta brigade simply do not even understand what BAD man management is.
      They plainly cannot recognise EXCELLENT man managership either.

      They simply want their own favourites, including that idle loafer Ozil to have stayed and still been picked.

      They are totally out of touch with the reality of his notorious idleness and lack of character. God help our team IF he had stayed.

  13. Excellent article Jon. If Arteta were such a poor man manager, we will not have Saka, Martinelli, Ben white, Saliba etc accepting to renew their contracts.

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