A new era begins – Unai Emery makes it official?

With every Arsenal “insider” having made it clear that Mikel Arteta was nailed on to be given the tough job of replacing Arsene Wenger, the Gunners suddenly shocked everyone by giving the job to the Spaniard Unai Emery. It was reported on the BBC and Sky Sports, which usually means that it has been confirmed, but now the man himself has announced on his official website unai-emery.com, that he is now the official winner of the selection process.

This was put up on the site last night…

But it looks like the notice was put up prematurely, as shortly afterwards the website itself was taken completely offline, and you still cannot view anything on it at all.

Does this mean that talks have still not finished and his appointment is still to be confirmed officially? Or has he been told to wait until Arsenal themselves make the announcement?

One other possibility is that the website has been hacked by malicious Arsenal fans!

What do you think this means?



  1. Br94 says:

    What a shame…

  2. barryglik says:

    Its a prank.
    It’s obvious Sam Allardyce is
    to be the new Arsenal manager.

    1. Big Charley says:


      1. Ray says:

        LOL @ Barryglik !

        Arsenal just can’t stop messing things up. I doubt it was done for PR reasons but you just never know with the way Arsenal’s Amateur antics work out!?

        I would still love to have Ranieri at the helm!!

  3. John0711 says:

    What ever is in charge we need a minimum of a top GK, CB,DM and a wide player

    Minimum spend 140m
    Outgoing Xhaka, mustafi, ospina poss ozil

    Minimum top 4

    1. Ackshay says:

      I still don’t get why people refer to money spent as quality like we need to spend 100m, 150m etc to become a great team again. By that assumption xhaka and mustafi are world class since they cost more than kante and hummels. Also mustafi and xhaka should stay as they would be good as 3rd defender and midfielder option from the bench.

      Chelsea spent 119m and had a net spend of 22m to become champion. Plus their biggest transfer Batshuayi was a flop as he became a supersub. It’s about spending good not spending big. would you rather have a 32m kante or 89m pogba ?

  4. Ackshay says:

    Emery wasn’t what everybody was hoping for but i dont understand why some fans are bashing him when he hasn’t even officially been hired, let alone manage a training session. He is meticulous coach whose penchant for improving players and using modern tech like video analysis plus his tactical flexibility will inject new life in a squad whose development has stalled.

    His failures in champions league is a negative point but guess what we aren’t in the champions league and we are certainly not even close to winning it in the next 2-3 years barring a cataclysmic change in our fortunes or emery miraculously transform this squad. We have to give him at least 1-2 season and if he fails then bye bye emery enter new coach. Thats how modern football is right now.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Bro one thing you need to know is most Arsenal fans are hypocrites, it doesn’t matter who the club hires, you’ll see fans looking for a thousand reasons as to why he’s bad. Club wanted Arteta, most of em said all sorts of stuffs and about his lack of experience. I’m sure the club noticed the unrest amongst the fans too.
      Now club is set to appoint Emery, then the hypocrisy in the lives of most of em still chose to show up to the party, listing reasons why Emery is bad and how he performed in Europe given the Squad he had.
      Let me tell you, even if appoint Pep Guardiola. You’ll see a set of fans who will list up to a hundred reasons as to why Pep shouldn’t be the one. Arsenal fans are something else

      1. Shortboygooner says:

        WHAT UTTER RUBBISH!!!!! as supporters of a big club who pay the most money to see our team play we have a right to expect quality. The problem is not that we are fickle and like to complain. The problem is the boards lack of ambition and willingness to take what appear to be relativley un calculated risks. Arteta who?? Common would you see Chelsea utd or liverpool take him. Hell no. Maybe city because they know him as a coach. Not the mediocre player he was at arsenal. The simple fact is we want a proven manager emery is a better option and could perhaps battle with pop klop jose etc vut has he done it before. Well not quite but he has had some experience. When you compare his credentials to allegri your foolish if you beleive he is a better option. And most fans can see that. Clearly you dont see it or sre happy to be a mediocore club.

        Or perhaps it is you who is the hypocrit and claims he wants arsenal to win and do well but is also happy to accept a mediocore manage to keep us in a mediocore level.

        1. Big Charley says:

          I thought I have made the same points and someone felt I don’t have a reason to complain about the fact that our board don’t feel we need good quality players and manger. Only Arsenal Football Club would consider hiring Arteta, what a shame! Considering the competition in premier league, championship, and Europe!!! And considering the calibrate of mangers in the other team. Even West Ham went out to sort the kind of manger that will improve them, Everton told Sam to go because they wanted Silva because of the complain coming from the fans. Sean at Burnley, and many more. One or two mistakes from Arteta and the fans will descend on him!!!! Even Man City went for Pep when Pellegrini was doing well. The board is a joke.

        2. Mobella says:

          Compare him with Allegri and you will see he is not a better option. My friend it fans like you that refuses to cease living in alternative reality. Allegeri is never an option. He will never leave the comfort of Juve to uncertainty that is arsenal. Why people think Emery is not a quality option is beyond me. The only currently working coach in EPL who have what Emery doesn’t have ( cl ) are Pep and Jose. Please tell me, does Allegri has one. What records does Klopp came to EPL with, what has Pochet won. You think all these coaches are better because some pundit or media say so. Please put things in perspective and know what club you are supporting.

          1. Enda says:

            Spot on there Mobella, best reply ive seen in a very long time

          2. Yaz the gooner says:

            Well said…

      2. Ackshay says:

        Come on man most of us are not hypocrite we are just fatigued with a decade of negativity and stagnation and on top of that listen to wenger preachers on how he is god and the club is still good. Many people here including myself have expressed apathy toward the club these last seasons. I used to feel angry and be in a fool mood when we lost a game now its just meh whatever.
        There are some hypocrites and i wished we could just delete them poof gone bye bye…

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          Arteta is not getting the job so WTF is it you guys have against Emery again? Except you’re going to tell me you haven’t seen some of our fans calling him a failure and talking bout how weak Ligue1 is. My point is MUST WE COMPLAIN AND WHINE ABOUT EVERY LITTLE DETAIL??

          1. If you go to a Manchester United forum you will find guys complaining about Mourinho and his defensive style. Go to Chelsea and some guys will be bashing Conte. It’s called people having opinions. Just because we don’t all agree doesn’t make us hypocrites. I am happy with Unai Emery! Arteta was a joke deep down you know it even Swansea would not have appointed him. I know some guys are sceptical of Emery but it’s normal, we can’t all have the same opinion. Why you have decided because of that we are hypocrites is beyond me.

          2. Sue says:

            Well said Quantic… took the words right out of my mouth!

          3. jon fox says:

            Well said! I also cannot understand why some people do not allow the vast majority who disagree with them the right to do so.

      3. jon fox says:

        Let me tell you a little known secret about human beings. We ARE ALL HYPOCRITES! It is part of human nature and to go further, I would tell you that unless one is a hypocrite in countless little everyday ways, it is difficult to live a normal and happy social life. Which then begs the question: Who decides what DEGREE of hypocrisy is allowable. You? Me? Many of us, simplistically often say “Oh, so and so is a hypocrite”. So do I , as I am human and threfore fallible. May I , respectfuuly, suggest that you allot just one day and in that day , you analyse all that is said by those close to you , relatives, friends etc and closely watch for when hypocrisy happens. You may find it happens constantly, since it is an intregal and even vital part of normal human behaviour. If only this was widely recognised by all humans. But it is certainly TRUE! Arsenal fans are also human and therefore , guess what….!

    2. gooner4life says:

      His failure to win the Champions league should not be seen as a negative he has won the Europa cup on three successive years which is more than Arsene Wenger who has never won a major European trophy yet we keep hearing he is one of the world’s best managers..

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:

        Not even Carling (Carrabao) cup

  5. okiror says:


    1. Sue says:

      That’s on the sleeve

  6. george harbisher says:

    Could not go on as it was ,loose the respect ,loose the game. The only regret is Santo Carzola. Had he been fit ,we would not be in this situation. I still believe Xhaka and Elnenny cost us the champions league spot. The non striker strikers, Welbeck and Iwobi should practice trying to hit a barn door with the ball ,a step forward. Miss placed loyalty by Mr Wenger. Xhaka especially is unable to take corners or penalties yet was given the task ,Elneney host wants to pass the ball as quickly as possible ,without any strategic effect ,suppose it looks good on the stats.

    1. Ackshay says:

      Bullshit Xhaka is actually good at delivering set-pieces(1 of his few good qualities) and has never been assigned penalty duties. Lacazette and later aubameyang were given penalty duties and they are both very good.
      Everything else you said is true.

    2. Sergio says:

      You believe one player could have saved our season? Not sure how Cazorla could have saved our leaky defence..

      Xhaka terrible at set pieces though we scored the highest in the league last season? Work that one out.

      1. tas says:

        i strongly believe if we had a keeper like David de Gea in goal last season we would of made top four easy, this is something i was aware of from the beginning of the season and the other day i read somewhere statistics showed that Petr Cech made the most errors in goal in EUROPE leagues goal keepers, when you have a dodgy goal keeper automatically your defenders are nervous and unsure, all do he sometimes makes a great save but i think all doe PC is a decent chap but he has lost his sharpness most of the game and that’s a disaster for us, he will best serve Arsenal on the bench and training junior keepers for the club

        1. tas says:

          Petr Cech has the worst ‘errors leading to goals’ record in Europe
          Aaron Goldstein
          By Aaron Goldstein
          Last Updated: May 22, 2018 11:50 pm
          Worst record in Europe? Cech
          Arsenal fans ended the season in joyous moods as they reminisced over the fantastic career of Arsene Wenger who left the club after 22 years.

          Wenger’s departure seems to have helped everybody forget just how terrible Arsenal really were this season.

          The Gunners finished 6th in the Premier League, their worst finish since 1994/95.

          Arsenal were knocked out of the FA Cup at the first hurdle (against Championship side Nottingham Forest), they were torn apart in the League Cup Final against Manchester City and played appallingly as they lost to Atletico Madrid in the Europa League semi finals.

          Petr Cech played 34 Premier League games this season and conceded 48 goals, his worst ever record in England.

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    its top 5 target now since Abramhovich is rumourly planning to sell Chelsea….

    1. tas says:

      Its wrong what the British government is doing to him after decades of having his money in the country and paying tax they only now decided not to allow him in the country shame on us, don’t get me wrong i have no likes to the guy or Chelsea club but it don’t seam fare that he now has to prove how he made his money after all this time and dose it mean if they are not satisfied with his explanation they will kick him our and refund all the tax he paid??

      1. tas says:

        regarding our new manager the second one this week 🙂 I for one welcome him to our club and hope he keeps the attacking DNA of Arsenal so we continue to enjoy watching our team unlike Man-U supporters. we just need to concentrate on a new GK CD DM and we are back to top four

        1. jon fox says:

          Or to put your words another way ,”The fourth manager in 24 years”. Equally misleading!

      2. jon fox says:

        No British government, not even a Corbyn led one, would ever be so calamitously stupid as to refund tax paid over many years by any billiionaire. In the real world of politics this does not happen. People who think politics is about being fair are extremely naive. It should be about fairness but REALITY prevents this happening.

    2. jon fox says:

      Is this actually true? What I heard is simply that being an associate and friend of Putin, Abramovitch has trouble, or at least , delay in getting a visa. That would not prevent him still owning CHELSEA.M any other billionaire owners live abroad and stil ,own the club. KROENKE, Lewis(Spurs) are just two of several. IF he REALLY is intent on selling , which I doubt, that is important news, so do please tell what you know. If anything.

  8. Christopher Loum says:

    To my opinion, Arsenal right now is not in a bad shade, we only need a Holding/Defensive Midfielder, Defender and a Trusted Goal Keeper, Petr Cech was superb by the time he was at Chelsea but he deteriorated a lot soon as he came to Arsenal.
    With Three or Four signings we shall be to go

  9. Big Charley says:

    Congratulations to all gunners who feel we can do better than Arteta!!! We have got the confirmation and I hope we support him as much as he keep doing well.

  10. Unai Emery will be a brilliant signing! I can now hope the glaring problems Wenger stubbornly ignored will be addressed! A DM for stsrters and defensive discipline. No more of playing favourites and ignoring on-form players. Maybe Lucas Perez will come back? Anyways the future is bright I am excited we will actually not be humiliated again by the big teams and the big games will not be a loss for us by default. We can now play Liverpool, City, Man utd, Chelsea and before the game our chances of winning is 50/50.. not the 20/80 Wenger had made sure it is. Old Trafford was 5/95 lol..Wenger that weakling.

  11. okiror says:


  12. Namo says:

    It’s confirmed on arsenal.com Unai Emery is our new manager. Let’s get behind him. Enough of all the Arteta, Allegri, Henri, Viera, Enrique arguments.
    A decision has been taken, we have a new manager. It used to be Arsene’s Arsenal, now it’s Emery’s Emirates.
    Unto the next one! ??

  13. Sue says:

    Ooh to
    Ooh to be
    Ooh to be a gooner!
    Emery make us proud!! COYG!!!!

  14. ArseOverTit says:


    now sort it out!

  15. Mobella says:

    Emery it is!!!!!!!

  16. Pablo Picasso says:

    Get in there!!!

    Never felt this excited about our club in a while now. Now get us some good players, sell the deadwood and let Unai start his work asap. The players who are not going for the WC need a short holiday break this time around.

    Cant wait to hear or see the new backroom staff too.

  17. moge says:

    Emre? do you forget that he has never won a league title, until PSG invested unbelievable money on the likes of Neimar, and Monaco was weakened by Europe giants(PSG also snatched Mpape from them). Everyone talks about his European success, the Europa league was not as hard to win as it is now when he wins it 3 times. Do you think that he would have done it had he compute with the likes of Atletico, Dortmund, Napoli, Arsenal etc? it is shame to see Emre as the new Arsenal Manager, I wish i had Arteta instead. By the way, every one, who stood againest Arteta before he took over, will regret when he lead one of our big rivals to big trophies few years latter.

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