A new Premier League record has been set by an Arsenal star

Arsenal’s clean sheet yesterday means that Petr Cech will be crowned the winner of the Premier League Golden Glove.

The 33 year-old is guaranteed to be the winner of said trophy, but may succumb to sharing the accolade with Manchester United’s David De Gea, who can tie should he not concede to Bournemouth on Tuesday.

The match was of course supposed to be played at the same time as all the other fixtures, but a bomb scare made that impossible to do, although said ‘bomb’ has since been confirmed as something left behind by one of the training companies in midweek.

The Spaniard sits on 15 clean sheets, alongside Leicester City’s Kasper Schmeichel and Manchester City’s Joe Hart, one behind Cech.

The quartet had all gone into the final game-week tied on 15, with Arsenal the only team of the four to close the game out to nil.

The Czech international has now become the first ever player to win the Premier League Golden Glove, having also won the award for former side Chelsea. Cech also holds the record for fastest time to achieve 100 PL clean sheets, holds the join-record for most shut-outs in a season (21) and is also out in front in the all-time clean sheet table.

His signing was no doubt a smart one last summer, and his signature is likely to be the gift that keeps on giving as he shows no signs of slowing despite the fact he turns on Friday.

Hopefully his birthday will be celebrated as the outright Golden Glove winner, and there is a slim chance that Man United will rest De Gea, as they go into the match knowing they cannot secure Champions League football, and have the FA Cup final remaining to be played at the weekend.

Could Cech be our best goalkeeper ever? How many years does he have left at the top level?

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  1. Sorry author but please proof read your article before you post it. Words missing in sentences.

    He is good but dont think will be the best unless we start winning silverware with him. Seaman and Lehmann are still the best and ultimate legends.

    1. OT:
      I wish we mde noise and lift the team regularly like we did yesterday at the Emirates

  2. top keeper indeed and a leader at the back. Kept us in the game many a times and should get some credit for us clinching second. How many are like or close to him in Europe? Nuer, Baffon, anyone else?

  3. he is a legend but we can safely say he was not at his best this season.
    He has allowed so many easy goals and I hope he becomes even better next season.

    How many motm awards has he won so far?
    I didnt count

  4. Well done to Cech,
    it’s a good job that wenger went to cech-savers!
    Maybe Petr Cech should invest in some contact lenses,
    So that he can see them long shots coming, in advance.

    There’s only one David Seaman ?

  5. Off topic, that “useless lump” giroud has had his best season at arsenal. 24 goals, making it 82 goals in 4 seasons, an average of 20.5 per season.

    As back up to a new world class Striker I would keep him, especially with Welbeck out until February at least. Walcott needs to either concentrate on winning his place back on the wing or find a new club. He is not going to get past kane, Vardy, Sturridge or Rooney at England level and let’s face it, most would take rashford, defoe and even Carroll over theo as a striker. His place on the wing however was winnable, sterling just edges him but townsend should never have been getting ahead of theo, but dros deserved it and theo didn’t.

    Finally if we cannot get, aubemyang, higuain, benzema or cavani. Then for £250k a week I would give zlatan a 2 year deal. £24m for a striker is not that much nowadays with Henry on the coaching team perhaps him and zlatan can inspire the likes of giroud, Welbeck, akpom, walcott, chamberlain campbell and alexis on to greater things.

    Spare shirt No.9 ibrahimovic would be the number one selling shirt in the country, that alone could pay a big chunk of his wages!!

    1. We all know that Giroud’s hat-trick against Villa just cost us a quality new striker, the most that wenger will probably do now is bring in a youngster, maybe from Ajax or AZ.

      I also think that Ibrahimovic is worth the gamble,
      If wenger doesn’t sign the likes of Lewandowski etc.

  6. Well done Czech.

    A question, which of the following is czech this season and which is ospina last season?

    Stats are all per 90 minutes played in premier league
    Goals conceded
    Player A 0.91, Player B 0.61
    Saves per goal conceded
    Player A 2.68, player B 3.18
    Clean sheets
    Player A 0.47, player B 0.44

    So for every two goals player B conceded, player A conceded 3. Player B also made more saves per goal conceded. Player A was slightly better than player B for clean sheets.

    For me, based on the above, player B is by far the best, lets in far fewer goals and makes more saves per goal conceeded. Player B is Ospina!

    1. Ospina is a good shot stopper and his reflexes are pretty sharp too, but the thing that unfortunately goes against him is his height, whereas Cech has the height and is much more comfortable with Crosses and Corners and thats where Ospina struggles.

      1. If ospina is so poor at crosses how come he makes more catches per game than cech, 2.84 compared to 2.15. Ospinas stats last season were exceptional. To put it in context, this season cech has played 34 games in the PL and let in 31 goals. To have bettered Ospinas stats he needed to concede 20 goals or less.

        Clearly goalie stats are greatly affected by how well the team is playing as a whole. Cech has had to make more saves per 90 minutes played. Ospina only played for half a season and it was our good half. I like Cech, not just his ability but his attitude as well, however the goalkeeper position was not one that needed strengthening and I do not think that this season cech has saved us the 10 points John Terry was reported as saying.

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