A newly simulated Premier League end of season table is not good for Arsenal

A newly simulated Premier League table by FiveThirtyEight sees Arsenal earn just 13 more points and finish the season ninth on the Premier League table.

The Gunners are hopeful of ending this campaign in a European place after a poor start to the season that has dragged on through three managers.

They remain ninth on the league table but will feel that they are within touching distance of a European place.

However, the simulated table that used the data from the teams’ performances already in this campaign suggests that Arsenal would collect just 13 more points from their remaining games of the season and that wouldn’t even be enough to see them topple Tottenham.

The Lilywhites, who are Arsenal’s fiercest rivals, would still finish the campaign just in front of Mikel Arteta’s side with an eighth-placed finish.

They predict Manchester United to take the last Champions League spot as they would finish the season fifth on the league table, they would obviously only qualify for the Champions League if Manchester City’s Champions League ban is upheld.

Mikel Arteta would hope that at the resumption of the league season, his players will get better results than what this latest end of season simulation predicts.


  1. stevo says:

    Arsenal will finish 6th or 7th.
    Not as good as Emery but Emery was a brilliant manager last season

    1. Sean says:

      Was he really?

      We missed out on UCL by a point when we were in the top4 position with 6games to go…. Failed.

      EL Final was an embarrassment… Failed.

      Our unbeaten run… how many draws were In that run and how did we play? Not great and scrapped alot of draws with teams we should be beating after losing countless leads!! We also played terribly as we lost our identity of passing football.

      Emery Failed at Arsenal as he did with all the players and Money at PSG. Barca game ring any bells when they had a 5goal lead going into the second leg and blew it badly.

      Sevilla he was good and that’s all hes done.

  2. Liam Gallagher says:

    It’s not management’s fault we won’t get champions league this season it’s the fact our squad isn’t good enough. Apart from Leno and Abameyang we don’t have players that would get into the other big clubs starting 11. Don’t get me wrong Pepe, Martinelli,Saka,Tierney,Guendouzi and Saliba have the potential to be exceptional players for us but right now they are young and raw. The older players 27+ like Ozil, Mki, Lacazette, and Sokratis need to be moved on immediately before they decline even further. Next up Holding, Chambers, Niles and Bellerin, are they ever going to get to the required level or should we sell them now? I feel Mustafi has improved and regained confidence and Luiz has extreme experience so I would ideally retain both. Torriera needs to leave, rumour after rumour he’s unhappy and I feel his stature hinders him in the premier league. Kolisnac could also be moved in if the deals right. My ideal summer would be to completely offload the deal would a reinvest heavy in the midfield. Grealish and Partley would transform our team.

  3. Robert Acedius says:

    Simulations? I thought that was what the p*ssies were doing in the 18 yard box. K*ne, S*lah etc.

  4. jon fox says:

    Arsenal will finish precisely where we are now. So will ALL other teams. And the reason? Because this season will not complete nor play even one more game!

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