A passionate and heartfelt goodbye to Alex Iwobi

I am of mixed emotions at your departure my compatriot. Sad because i won’t be seeing you in our beautiful kit again, but glad that your true worth has been revealed.

They said many derogatory things about you; you will never make it in football, you will end up at Brentford for a fee less than £10m, you have no business in football. You are a headless chicken with no end product, they consistently said. A complete waste of space, not good enough and absolute rubbish. You were taunted to contribute absolutely nothing to the team and should be better off cleaning the dressing room. Some described you as the worst player the have ever seen in the history of football and said all form of dehumanizing things about you. They even fantasize how we would have won ten consecutive Premier League titles if not for you. Your mistake that led to a goal against Manchester City was visited with the highest condemnation possible for a young Academy product.

But you stood tall and ended the season with a beautiful goal, your last appearance for us. Maybe they will now eat most of their words. We never saw you as a Super-star but we the few Gunners who knew your worth appreciated what you brought to the table. your work-rate can never be questioned and you never failed to defend the batch to the best of your abilities. You are really a born and bred Gunner.

I am also glad you a leaving on a high, as the club’s Academy product highest ever sale.

We will miss you and your “you can’t escape our bullet” celebrations. But above all we pray your new home treat you well.

I will remain your fan and I wish you the best my brother.

Martin Isonguyo


  1. I did not want him to go. A good squad player and a big game star. He’s going to do well for Everton because he would want to show us that we made a mistake. He’s an Arsenal fan and I wish him well.

  2. And this heartfelt message to his “supporters” only days after telling anyone and everyone how he was determined to fight for his place with the new signings and the young players coming up from the youth teams.He obviously realised he would be coming of the bench at best and when he realised even his manager would allow him to be sold that he had no choice to leave and go to a smaller club with more realistic ambitions.
    Glad he is gone-and will be missed more at Just Arsenal than by Arsenal Football Club

    1. Lol..Phil I think you’ve been too harsh on the boy, I’m sure deep down even you know the boy isn’t a useless footballer as you frequently paint him out to be.
      To be honest, the boy did contribute to the team more than Mhiki and Ozil did last season (though it could be said that Ozil missed lots of games.)
      Let it go, Iwobi isn’t that bad, I’ve seen worse, I’m sure you’ve seen worse wearing our jersey and getting paid by us

      1. Sorry @Eddie-I’m just not all heart I’m afraid.A very average footballer in my opinion who tried hard but that’s all.He will still have work to do to progress at Everton who are only half decent at best.But if Walcott can get a game there I suppose Iwobi may as well.About his level in my opinion.

        1. Phil yes I get you, I know he’s not Arsenal quality, bit at best, he’s a squad player, that’s why he’s average. my point is despite being average, there are players worse than Iwobi in this squad

    2. Phil, Iwobi send you a farewell message. You are free to shed your manly tear lol

      ‘I grew up dreaming of playing for Arsenal, following in the footsteps of some of my heroes. I’m proud to say that @ 23 I’ve achieved one of my dreams,’
      ‘From playing for Arsenal kids to 149 senior appearances. It was an honour to play for the club I supported as a boy. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.
      ‘So many people to thank, far too many individual names to mention but I thank you all!
      ‘So many great moments, from scoring my first goal at the Emirates to scoring my last goal in Baku.
      ‘You’ve all played a big part in my 17 fantastic years. Special thanks to the fans, my team mates, the support staff, my coaches Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery who put faith in me and gave me the opportunity to grow as a player and a man.
      ‘BIG love to a special club. Arsenal will be forever in my heart. #Gunners #BIG172.’

    3. Keep quite please. He did his best for the club.17 solid years, passionate supporter and above all the club made 35-40k from his sale, the highest ever.Wish you best of luck Iwobi.

  3. That’s lovely truly, I feel we let him go when he should be in the squad contributing. Hell I’d take Iwobi over Mhiki any day.
    I’m not his biggest fan, but I did see the qualities in him that he has which some of my mates on here refused to acknowledged.
    The previous article by Dan Smith saying he could never have worth that amount if he stayed for another season is embarrassing to be honest. Emery trusts him, Wenger trusted him.
    I hope he finds his feet up there, and I’d love to see him nick a goal against us when we play em.
    Not for the controversy, but to see some reactions and how he’ll celebrate when he does

    1. Spot on

      Unfortunately we have to be stuck with them till the end of next season, unless some lesser league clubs want to pay their salaries

      I don’t think the Chinese clubs are willing to buy them

      1. Sorry Grandad and gotanidea, but the comment about Ozil and Myk is completely unfounded and unproven.

        It is not “spot on” and I would have thought the article regarding mustafi would have highlighted fact from fiction.
        UE seems quite happy to be “stuck with them till the end of next season…it’s you who seems unhappy and the chinese who haven’t even been asked!!!

        I can only say good luck to a real gooner, another person lucky enough (and talented enough) to live his dream…something that everyone of us who contributes on here would give his/her eye teeth to do.
        £40,000,000 reported fee was just to good for the club to turn down…let’s hope it doesn’t bite us in the bum!!!

  4. Many fans are biased and cannot see some footballers’ skills

    Iwobi is obviously more skilled and better in tight spaces than our playmakers. If our so-called playmakers are highly skillful, why do they suck on the wings?

    All the best to the Naija boy and I hope he would return to Arsenal in the future

      1. I actually laughed out loud in a restaurant haha. Please stop with the dead leg jokes is too hilarious

  5. i love you iwobi, you gave your best for the club. hope we will resign you again in the near future. bestwishes bro.

  6. I don’t know what to say other saying than your transfer to Everton proved once again people outside arsenal fans think highly of our players. The aspect of devaluing our players irks me most about my fellow fans behaviour. In this time of crazy footballers value to read people writing sell Elneny 2m, Ozil 20m, Iwobi 5m from our fans and then suggest we bough an overhyped or prospect thrice the price they valued our players is funny. I could remember early in TP some of us were named calling arsenal for not willing to pay 45m for both Anderson and Preat today both were sold for less than 40m???. Guys let us stick to supporting and leave the running of the club to professionals because we would be bankrupted if Stan listens to some of us. Any idea how much we will get for Elneny and Mustafi????

    1. Sue-even when out of work he can’t help but annoy the F*** out of everyone.The single most arrogant conceited self-centred man in football EVER in my opinion.And as much as I was against Wenger in his final years at the Club I just loved him for standing toe to toe with that absolute TWAT at Stamford Bridge.If Wenger had banjoed him with a right hook he would have been immortal in my mind forever.

      1. I totally agree, Phil…. what a complete bell end! I was willing Arsene on that day ? I’d have demanded a statue!!
        One thing’s for sure – I will not be tuning in to the build up on either channel & will turn over at half time ? both of them make my blood boil!!

  7. Iwobi was decent, I don’t know why some people had so high expectations on him. He was a good, HG squad player to have around. Always tried his best.

    We sold him because £34m is a huge load of money for a squad player. No doubt ESR or Saka will replace him.

  8. Alex Iwobi made me love arsenal. He is talented only that the fans have been more impatient with him more than the other “big money eaters”. He makes football enjoyable. football should not only be about scoring goals and wining matches. Sometime back chealsea was wining matches but their game was not entertaining . We therefore miss iwobi for his nutmegs but hope he will return some day.

  9. I’ve always been harsh on him ,justifiably IMO, he hasn’t done to bad if the 150 grand a week is try .but I wish him the best but it’s time we move on from him and look forward .

  10. …just as well he went to everton – despite his glimpses of talent he failed to convince the arsenal fans of his consistency front of goal. I think he’ll likely face similar demands on his game time, output and energies while at Goodison Park, by this I suggest he’ll still have to pull his finger out and deliver end-product. Happy that he’s secured regular premiership hours but his quality falls way short of standards expected by the Arsenal.

  11. I wish Iwobi the best and much success against the other 18 PL teams. Good player to come off the bench and rather have Iwobi than Mhki by far.

    Mhki had no offers unfortunately and Iwobi’s sale needed to balance books without CL.

    Martinelli, Nelson, and Saka need the opportunities and Iwobi was odd man out. He never hid or complained, and tried his best, thank you Iwobi.

    OT an injured Tierney just beat Auba’s standing vertical jump, think on that.
    Can’t wait to see his time on speed tests now. Coming for you Bellerin

  12. Thank you Alex iwobi, thank you Everton for showing us iwobi is worth more than 10million, I will never forget your goal against Everton where you beat 3 players to score that beautiful solo goal. 5million for loyalty bonus and 150k weekly salary is also too good to turn down considering the fans don’t even like you. I know you are going to do great things at Everton,Goodbye Alex iwobi.

  13. Like Oxlade, I didn’t want Iwobi to go. Ox was our best squad player when he left (that’s why Liverpool wanted him). Iwobi was better than Ozil, Mkhitaryan last season and young enough to improve

    Anyway, sometimes you need to make sacrifices to improve. Pepe was an excellent signing and hopefully Martinelli will prove to be too

    1. This article makes out he proved people wrong
      He was sold to a smaller club based on being giving enough chances and end product not good enough

  14. call me hard hearted if you wish but as a supporter only of AFC, Iwobi is of no interest to me now that he is gone. Neither are HENRY, BERGKAMP, ADAMS, and all the greats, average or useless players who are gone. ALL that now matters is the immediate, medium and long term future. The past is over so let it go and talk about subjects relevant to our present and future, NOT the past. For clarity, SOME past subjects are still relevant, eg Wengers and Gazidis’ shambolic mismanagement (in Wengers case for about a decade and in Slippery Gazidis’ case for his whole calamitous tenure). They both had a long lasting negative effect; IWOBI WAS MERELY A NOT GOOD ENOUGH PLAYER, SENSIBLY SOLD FOR A DECENT FEE.

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