A Poem to commemorate Arsenal’s FA Cup win during Tottenham’s ‘Glory Years’

Just a little bit of fun…. by Dan Smith

On a cold, wet, Sunday Night
Little Timmy visits his Grandad
They are both wearing white…

I love spending time with Grandad
when it’s just him and me,
talking about the mighty Spurs.
I sit on his knee…

‘Grandad? Tell me again about our Glory Years?’
He chews on his glasses, his eyes filled with tears

‘It all began Many Years ago….’
‘We hired the greatest boss in our history …
the Great …. Pochettino’

‘The days of Arsenal’s dominance were put to bed,
There had been a power shift at last,
North London was not red’

‘Oh Grandad, it sounds like an amazing time to support Spurs.
So, what did we win?’
‘Well we did…. well there was the one night when…
‘Well technically ….nothing’

‘So, Grandad Arsenal won 4 trophies even when they were in decline?’
‘And We won nothing in our Golden era,
‘That’s not a great sign?’

‘Nah, you see Poch didn’t care about Cups, He said it doesn’t show progression’
‘Timmy, winning trophies, Is that all that matters to you?
‘Grandad when we once one the League Cup didn’t Darren Bent get a tattoo?’

‘Listen to your granddad, we had greats at the Lane
‘Gareth Bale, Modric, they won it all they did’
‘Yeah but Grandad? ……to be fair that was all in the white of Real Madrid…

We were after the Premiership ….we nearly beat Leicester in winning that tile race’
‘Grandad? Wasn’t that when we finished below Arsenal…. in third place?

‘Listen Timmy, Celebrating 8th and the Cup
‘A big club? …. what a disgrace?
But Grandad? Didn’t we all Celebrate finishing in 6th place?

‘Timmy, who finished higher in the League? that shows who’s superior,
‘Who says trophies are more important?’
‘Well. Grandad …hmmmmm. kind of … our current manager?

‘Grandad … you’re getting angry so let’s just get to the end…
‘how did Poch bring the glory years back?
“Well …in the end ……he kind of ……well he got the sack”

‘Grandad don’t cry, let’s stop talking about it,
‘Everything will be fine.
‘Why don’t we listen to music instead ……oh this sounds like a fun song…?
‘Sweet Caroline?’

Dan Smith

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  1. Dan, love the message behind the story,
    All about the spuds without any glory,
    London Town is coloured red,
    Time for Timmy to go to bed.

    Dream about a trophy cabinet,
    Full of dust and always empty.
    Let’s all sympathise with Grandad,
    For what he wished for but has never had.

    In times of trouble maureen comes,
    To try and rescue those lillywhite bums,
    He skips and laughs for finishing sixth,
    For totterngham fans this is really bliss.

    Within the toilet bowl the storm clouds gather
    As debts mount up and their fans do clammer
    For success with just one winning trophy day
    Timmy needs to say…let’s just do it “The Arsenal Way!!!”

    Not as good as yours Dan, but what a relief to have a bit of fun on the site and not one mention (so far) of any dissent.

    1. TBH, Ken yours was better than Dans, even though his too was amusing. But the Spuds REAL glory days, when they actually won the league, is written about on parchment by early monks and kept in the Tower of London archives, DEEP UNDERGROUND WHERE NO ONE WILL EVER SEE THEM AGAIN!

      OT, I was thrilled to see Fulham get promoted. I remember cheering for them back in the cup semi final against United as far back as ’57 or ’58. I remember they lost 3-5 but United lost both those Cup finals to Villa and then Bolton in the Munich year. My heart though, was already given to Arsenal, even back then.
      I still have a massive soft spot for both Fulham and my local team Palace.
      My soft spot for Spuds, Chelsea and United though, is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, MILES FROM LAND!

      1. 1960/61 when Spurs won the double; something the Arsenal took 10 seasons to emulate and then go on and surpass.
        I always believe Arsenal should be class and rise above the pettiness of gaining pleasure for another club’s misfortune. After all Spurs supporter’s keep making a big deal about how Arsenal moved from Woolwich to Highbury and were elected to the First Division, yet it was over 100 years ago!
        However, I did enjoy the poetic ability on show by Dan and ken.

  2. Can I take you on a memory lane?
    To the other side of the lane
    Where the whites
    are always caught in the red headlights
    Over the years they sow seeds of discontent in the arsenal
    But they usually dug their own funeral
    Trophies are won by us a must
    But nearly there for spuds a curse
    In the nearest future
    When needs need secure
    The gunners are never gone till November
    But the whale white lane are always behind forever

    1. Muyizo that’s good, are you Nigerian by any chance Muyizo, I have a friend with that same exact name, he said he’s a nickname and he’s from Nigeria. A very loving and funny man.

      1. Yes I am a proud Nigerian. Been an arsenal fan the year bergkamp came to us . fell hypnotized by his grace, elegance and balance on the ball.

  3. Hahahaha love it!!
    A spud said to me on Monday, it doesn’t matter (us winning the cup), as we finished above you!! Well, I’ve only just stopped laughing!!
    What a bunch of muppets….
    4547 days….and counting…..🤣

  4. By the way the “class” Club has just advised that 55 staff and employees have been made redundant in IT, marketing, hospitality and scouting due to the financial impact of Covid19.
    According to the BBC, this will save Arsenal an estimated £2 million annually., in other words equating to Mezut Ozil’s wage for 6 weeks.
    Those leaving include head of recruitment Francis Cagigao, who in 24 years service has brought players such as Fabregas, Bellerin and Martinelli to Arsenal. This, along with the sacking of Steve Morrow and staff, is more evidence that the agent-led approach to recruitment has taken hold, due the influence of Sanheili. Arsenal will limit the coverage of up and coming players through a reduced scouting network, be limited to players managed by agents and pay more due to agent’s fees. No wonder they wanted to force “diamond eye” Mislantat out of the Club.
    Once again the little people are thrown to the wolves, yet 3 highly paid footballers wouldn’t accept a 12.5% pay cut. Those that did have now had 7.5% of that restored, due to winning the FA Cup and qualifying for the Europa League. 55 staff who lost their livelihoods were not so lucky, nor those who remain, who are having their benefits and entitlements reduced. The senior executives are waiving more than a third of their salaries over the next 12 months. Too bad Arsenal didn’t reduce the Board, but then again this is now Arsenal Wallymart.

  5. why I’m reading this in a morning where a spud is laughing loud at me as it has been reported that we are rentrencing 55 employees.The clu cites Covid impact and dwindling finances as a reason for retrenchment.Why don’t we retrench Ozil or the 8 poor center backs in our payroll.The affected employees also have a contact with the club.

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