A positive – Arsenal haven’t WASTED any cash…


Hi, Gooners,

It has been a very difficult transfer window for Arsenal fans this year. Having built on the acquisition of Ozil and Sanchez, we were expecting a top class striker to arrive this season. As usual we were connected with every top striker, whether he was available or not, and as usual all the available top strikers were signed by the other clubs under our noses and we are still chasing.

We all realize that signing a top striker is a must if we have to win the league. But with inflated prices put on these strikers, signing them has become a big issue. We have not seen an EPL club buying such a player from the overseas market this year. The likes of Dybala and Martinez have all overlooked the EPL and moved to other places.

However on this point we must also give a pat on the back to Arsene Wenger as he has at least not signed a player just for the sake of signing. Other clubs have lost millions on players that have never delivered to their true potential. Here we can look at some of the examples:

[table id=2 /]

Whatever amount spent on these players was a waste. The first three were shown the door after their very first year, which makes them worst signings of the recent past.

Are we not the wise guys so far as this area is concerned? Please comment….

Shivprasad Salkar


    1. Waiting until the Last day of the window to buy?……… Really is this Genicity or sheer stupidity?……..what does wenger make of managers like Pellegrini, mou, van gaal , rogers etc all dumb and stupid for addressing and re-furbishing their team early in the window?……… I bet if all these managers decided to take a gamble like wenger and not sign a player until deadline day……. Wenger would still come out and say “WE CAN’T FIND QUALITY IN THE MARKET” …….He’s so silly,deluded and completely out-of-form……..and whatever is wrong with him must be deep rooted!

      1. It all really depends. I get the frustrations, really I do.
        It’s definitely not optimal, but I’m more concerned with who is brought in and the squad at the end of the window than when he does his business.
        I’ll restrain my judgement until then. And if no-one is brought in I’ll be asking the same questions as everyone else will be. Vidal, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Pedro, Douglas Costa, Benteke and Draxler? There were obviously great players looking for new clubs. How is pushing Flamini out for one of the above not an attainable upgrade for the squad?

        1. why arent u concernred about the “when”? if the player join early, he can gel with the others – thats very important.

          1. I agree. But I still believe the window as a whole is more important than when the business is done. We did sign one world-class player early on and upgraded a position significantly IMO. If we can lure 1-2 more players of that calibre before the end of the window. I’ll personally put it down as a good window.

      2. The world’s best players, especially gifted strikers, do not want to move to a club where opponents are urged by their managers to kick them. This has been going on for years. Moreover other PL clubs are scared stiff of Arsenal signing a good striker and do all they can to scupper the deals. But also who wants to go to a club where so many ‘fans’ are demanding the exit of the manager after winning as match, getting to the CL lucrative stages every year, winning 2 FA cups 2 years running, building a fantastic ground out of profits and never having been beaten in the league by their neighbour since taking the reins? The derogatory comments are shocking – he is called senile and the architect of failure. This forum really needs to help the club and stop hostiles from other clubs undermining us at the start of every season.

        1. u’r right: theres not too many WC strikers out there and they mostly sit on our competitors. jackson martinez was the only one that was viable and we missed him. even RM isnt stupid enough to let benzema go, and since ibra is 34yo at PSG, why would they let cavani go?? lacazette and dybala are works in progress. maybe thats the best we can hope for now.

    2. does anyone recall ARSENAL pleading with FFP(or whatever) for an extra 24hrs after close of the window to bring in Welbeck?(and pls dn’t mention manure and falcao)…….others had concluded business long before then……that goes on to show how unserious a man like wenger really is…….. WTf! ARSENAL!

    1. At least they tried and failed…try and fail arsene and no one will be on your nerves….anyway i think that it’s too late to start trying now…am eagerly waiting for his retirement

  1. You must take into account that for the 1st 3 the tactics, manager’s way of doing things and circumstances have led to them being not as good. I mean Di Maria he’s the real deal (we might have talked differently about Argentina had he not been injured for the COPA & WC final and maybe Real would’ve won something). That being said money is there & scouting and preparation is done all year so that when the window opens up your more or less prepared as well as smart enough to get the good deals in: if you look at the previous 3 windows for AFC I believe we’ve done that. In this one Cech is a huge plus but still disappointed a the lack of purchase. I was expecting 1-2 big names at the ST & DM position now I hope for only 1 hopefully a ST. 2 days to go, a lot of rumours, big names but nothing seem to come our way…will see

    1. It could point to – the players Arsene listed are proper top quality and clubs simply will not even conceive it. Then Arsene passes on second and third rate players as he wants the quality ones so badly.

      1. yingyang: if thats true, then neville was right for calling AW naive. its naive to not have a backup plan: if your #1 falls thru; u have to have a #2. otherwise you end up buying a #5 (welbeck ) or #10 option (kim colostrum)

    1. yeah arsene. you’re the best and can do no wrong. whatever you do, nothing else could’ve beaten it.

    2. i love the way you wait for the last day and gamble and hunt for bargains. the other teams are so stupid spending the whole year scouting and paying the going rate for world class players and buying them early in the transfer window. i love the way you always find players that are not quite world-class (never mind that they might also not be quite good enough for us to win PL as long as they can get us the CL bounty that comes with our 4th position trophy). at least they are relatively cheap and good bargains. thats the most important thing.

  2. Yes its good ,even splash the cash can make worldclass dimaria become waste . Imo i didnt see worthed player left on market to buy. Cavani? Age 29+ around 35m pounds , big no!! Draxler?20m pounds with that injury history ? Play in epl? No! Ended in wheelchair , no resale value. So maybe it ended with 1 panic striker buying, and find cdm At next january, for me krychowiak was the most worthed to buy,atm . But sadly he refuse. Yah maybe lets try to play joe campbell + welb is back

    1. Cavani is 28 and at the peak of his career.
      As for Campbell and Welbeck are you kidding – we need goals not players to carry…
      Show some ambition….

    2. Ok… So draxler has had one major injury so far. Not muscle related and unlikely to recur. The surgery was successful but it had a large recovery time.
      Do a little bit of research before you write a player off completely… He’s still a player who was regarded as one of Germany’s top prospects and they are absolutely stacked with promising youngsters.

    1. Season ticket holder ..WTF would you know about anything. Id like to see you make your insults in person ..tosser.

  3. Gabriel:
    2 Tackles,
    3 Interceptions,
    4 Clearances,
    4/4 Aerial Duals Won,
    7 Ball Recoveries,
    95% Pass Acc
    would love to see him start more games

  4. Chelsea fans are calling for sacking of mourihno and they won the title last season insulting their players.But,some here believe wenger knows best 10yrs without title.AOBs rule the emirates and thats why its very quiet(Frutraions)

    1. A minority of Chelsea fans! Which are the spoilt ones who only supported chelsea due to there success similar to many arsenal fans on here

  5. I don’t know about you guys but that was the perfect result against Newcastle. We struggled and yet got all three points. I’m glad walcott flopped because now we can actually sign someone. Theo walcott needs specific circumstances to play up there. He’s one dimensional. I knew after the red card he would be useless. Infact, I was surprised Wenger didn’t tell him to play rw, and sanchez cf after it.

    1. First sentence. Agreed 100%! I swear some fans act as though you get more points for winning by a larger margin.
      Struggled?? Over 20 shots to 1. Convincing? nope, but about as far as a struggle as you’re going to get! Got the decisive goal with a lot left in the game and were in complete control. We didn’t shift out of first gear, and didn’t have to for three big ones.
      Walcott didn’t flop. He missed a few good chances, but Newcastle were pretty content sitting deep and clogging any space Walcott, or any other ‘mobile’ striker could exploit.
      Honestly, that game was about as defensive and routine as we’re going to see this season. Though I would agree that the space Newcastle were freely giving us on the wings could definitely have used Giroud’s presence as a target, we seemed more content with maintaining possession and control than pushing for a second. And still, there are going to be more open games with tonnes of space for Theo to exploit.

      1. @josh37 I don’t like slating our players but Walcott missed two sitters. And he sort of disappeared after the red card. If Giroud missed those chances, the Giroud haters would’ve crashed this site.

        1. Haha I screamed at the TV as I’m sure everyone did.
          But to my original point, it wasn’t exactly as though we were attacking them with any serious intent. It was pretty routine stuff.
          Though I do agree. If he wants to lead the line those are chances he simply must take. Giroud offers a lot more to our teams overall play, so if Theo’s going to be the #1 he has to score more.

          1. both walcott and giroud missed chances they should have made. i’ll slate giroud for it and walcott. if walcott’s only going to be effective when they havent parked the bus, thats not going to be very often bc unfortunately, i think, teams are going to park against us a lot.

          2. what do u guys think of sanchez at CF? walcott at RW. can ozil play LW??? we need a 2nd LW. welbeck isnt it.

      2. 70 something minutes of play against a 10man Toons…. The world expected us to attack but it got so boring instead…….pass pass pass like we do in pre-match training…….Thauvin and sissoko just kept putting pressures on us single handedly…….. I bet if we were the ones with 10men…….we could have conceeded massively…..whatever happens to Arsenal these days doesn’t surprise me anymore……honestly, we have so depreciated!!

        1. Haha what pressure!?!? They had one shot that Sissoko pulled massively wide.
          If we play super attacking football and lose, Wenger’s tactically inept. But completely controlling a game when the other team was happy to clog the box despite being 1-0 down and ‘the world expected us to attack.’
          Stop it… 3pts, never looked like it was going to be anything else.

                1. Honestly…your hardly worth responding to. Why do you write such rubbish as if it’s true. The anti AFC agenda is ridiculous. AFC had 20+ shots, they had one. We had total control from start to end. They defended for 90 minutes. We had a clear penalty That would have made it 2-0. Walcott should have scored two more. It was a totally dominant display against a team who parked the bus. 1-0 wasn’t as good as we should have got, but this is game 4 of the season, we’ll get better. In the old days we’d celebrate 1-0 to the Arsenal. We’d be talking about Gab looking good, about The Ox starting to show his ability. Where have the true AFC supporters gone…replaced by hysterical idiots.

        2. you havent been paying attention: our defense is much stronger esp w the koz/gabriel pairing and cech.

  6. Yea gabriel was worthed every penny buying, wenger always see opportunities to find and get player like that , wenger loves finding gold in a pile of sand. Thats why maybe he say exceptional , cheap but have a quality and potential become wc. As arsenal fan this trf windows really devastating ,stressfull . Jealous with easy mode man city,man u , barca fan

      1. He’s a completely different player then vermalean gabriel is concerned about defending vermalean enjoyed binning foward. Gabriel is the real deal and to think he cost £11m wenger still got it

        1. Proving we should
          have bought Gabriel
          when Vermaelen left
          something Wenger promised he would do.
          Instead we bought both Chambers
          and Debuchy then Wellbeck.
          Those errors cost us a real tilt at the EPL

    1. 7 from 12 mate. But still, one loss with a lot of games left to play. Nowhere near the need for panic as a lot of the comments would suggest.

        1. Also ..I know some won’t like this but we were very unlucky as we should have had Ramsey’s goal and then in the WHam game Cech of all people done the unthinkable.

          1. I agree. The uproar after the Liverpool game was pretty soft. Especially the whole ‘Ramsey on the wing’ when he should’ve been on the end of the game deciding moment and contributed a lot to both our defence and attack.
            ‘But he’s not a winger!!..’ still seems more penetrative than any of our players so far this season..

            1. also , i have been noticing players taking more shots from the outside. caz did it several times today. giroud too. they were not on frame, but kudos to them for trying. also giroud roved more: that was good too. but as his 90th minute fluff shows, he doesn’t have the gift like rvp did: he has to do tremendous work for each goal. walcott and giroud are both not tricky enough as rvp. they take the obvious shot to the obvious place. they miss guile.

  7. Arsenal are also back
    to playing a 15 man squad.
    The other 15 are either injured
    not good enough or both.
    Ironically this consistency
    is the foundation for success.
    Every game the team picks itself.

    1. Jack, Danny, Rosicky, Mertz, Ozil.
      Phew! For a second I thought your numbers were ridiculously exaggerated. It all checks out though 🙂

      1. Arteta Flamini Campbell
        Wellington Sanogo Gnabry
        Toral Hayden not good enough.
        Debuchy Walcott Chamberlain Gibbs
        injury prone and border line not good enough.
        Chambers fragile. Giroud not up to speed yet.
        5 above +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 17.

        1. Dude, keep up. Four of those players have been loaned out and three of them featured against Newcastle. What are you talking about!?!?!? You make no sense..

          1. Even you know Toral
            Campbell Hayden Sanogo
            and Wellington will
            never be good enough. 5 players man.
            Walcott featured v 10 man Newcastle?
            How many goals did he score?

            1. Don’t put words in my mouth. This is what loan moves are for. First team experiences to gauge a player more.
              Silva is electric. Hayden’s been impressive as has Toral. You would’ve been saying the same things about Bellerin and Coquelin start of last season so forgive me if i’m skeptical…

    1. And while pedro is busy assisting chelsea .he scored one assisted in both matches. Chelshit are faster in market they go headon on whoever they think they want..

      1. So buying Torres, Cuadrado, Schürle, Felipe Luis is what you call getting your transfers head on…

  8. That’s not an excuse. Get them here and they will get us goals. Tired of arsenal transfer policy

  9. Such a misguided article. This Freudian obsession with money. To have a “tight arse” is not a great thing. The sense that Wenger suffers from his ‘tight arse, holds the club back. The supporters have been let down by Wenger’s psychological problems particularly with his OCD around money. Many wonderful players have been missed because of his Freudian attachment. Anyway Arsenal now ‘stink of money’ because of the ‘tight arses’.

  10. Ok so say we dont buy a player its not like arsenal is gonna divide the money we didnt “waste” and mail it to there paying fans.. If they spend it they will make it back in shirt sales. its pointless not to buy, the only downfall is that if the player doesnt come good u look bad in the media, no coach will buy only good players.

  11. Recent buys include Ozil, Sanchez, Debuchey, Chambers, Welbeck, Gabriel and Cech – none of them I would consider wasted money and at least three nailed on bargains (Sanchez, Gabriel, Cech imo). I don’t like the last minute buying but have confidence that someone is coming in that can help the team this season, #nokimmkaalstrom

  12. No wasted cash? Ozil for 42mil?

    Bought for his great passing skills and………oh I forgot only that.

    42mil for passing skills,he better be able to make a pass that changes direction mid air.

    Total waste in my opinion…we needed someone who can pass,score and dribble…hell even Coutinho looks more dangerous on the ball than Ozil.

    We needed Fabregas not Ozil.

  13. off topic:people have been criticizing our team non stop since the start of the season but yesterday,s results show that there are no longer easy games in the epl,people were unhappy even when we beat palace, lost to west ham,chelski &pool lost yesterda!!

  14. To allow Sagna to move to Manchester city on a free transfer and then go a spend 12 million on debuchy who plays a similar standard of football and almost the same age as Sagna is a waste money.

    To spend 16 million on Welbeck whose now a squad player at Arsenal is a waste of money, when you have Ox and Walcott.

    1. Sagna refused to sign a new contract. We couldn’t keep him. We had to buy a new RB and got a great one. The fact he suddenly picked up a season long injury isn’t really the fault of Arsenal.

      16 million on welbeck bought us a good option. 16 million in this day and age is not much. At 8 goals in 38 games his stats are similar to the other players in that list BUT his price was considerable lower. He is also not first choice and is young enough to improve and grow. Not a HUGE signing, but reasonably solid.

  15. I’m not an admirer of a big name striker because i do not need a falcao. get me “chicarito” he has been told to leave man utd

  16. we needed FABREGAS you must be joking man!he had a very good first half of the season last since then nothing,this season he ,s been gone missing have you seen him play??we are better off with OZIL!!

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