A positive look at Arsenal’s last seven Premier League games

Right now it is all doom and gloom amongst a large section of the Arsenal fan base and that is very understandable.

There is also a risk that anyone being positive is derided as being deluded and so forth but recent history has shown that, on occasions, the ones being deluded are the ones that end up with a huge smile on their face.

Of course, there is far more evidence of the doom and gloom merchants being the ones that are vindicated but there have been exceptions and beating Man City and Chelsea to claim the FA Cup a couple of seasons back is one example of that.

So with that in mind, I have decided to approach the last seven games of the season with a positive mindset or a deluded one as some may see it.

These are the remaining games

Chelsea v Arsenal – 1 point

We have a history of beating the Blues when least expected, last season for example and it is not out of the question that we come away from Stamford Bridge with a point.

Arsenal v Manchester United – 3 points

Make no bones about it, United are in just as bad a state as what we are right now, their results have been no better and we have more than a fighting chance of beating them at our ground.

West Ham United v Arsenal – 3 points

West Ham will face us after a Europa League semi-final game and their record after a European game has been very bad this season, the weekend’s draw against Burnley shows that and Arsenal are just as likely to come away with all three points as the hammers are.

Arsenal v Leeds United – 3 points

Leeds are not world beaters and yes, we can lose to them as we did against Brighton at home but let’s be honest, if we cant beat Leeds at The Emirates then we are done anyway.

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal – 1 point

Never forget that Tottenham is called Spursy for a reason, yes we have not won there in 8 seasons but we have not lost every season at their ground either and I am confident we can get at least a point from this game.

Newcastle United v Arsenal – 3 points

Newcastle are rejuvenated but they remain a poor team and are very beatable, even on their own ground, they do not have a strong defence and can be got at. There is no reason why we can’t claim all 3 points.

Arsenal v Everton – 3 points

Everton is woeful, do not be confused about that, the win against Man Utd was out of character and had to do more with United than Everton playing well, at home we should claim all 3 points.


So, 17 points. Will that be enough, I would say so. Am I being deluded or is this points haul a strong possibility?

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  1. Answer to your question ,deluded I’m afraid .
    Personally I’ve gone for 10 points out of the last 12
    3 wins
    1 draw
    3 losses
    And believe that will put us about 6th place .
    Obviously all guess work but my that’s where I’m at .

    1. Dan I don’t even see 3 wins tbh if we lose our next 2 I’m guessing one more win and that will probably be against Leeds or Everton.

  2. So 0 points and 1 goal scored against Palace, Brighton and Southampton but suddenly we will manage draws against Chelsea, Spurs and win against United? LOL.

    In order to win you need to score first you know!

    1. I Still call 7th place on our form and injuries. I don’t think we will beat WestHam or Chelsea away, maybe grab a point at Utd & spurs. Leeds, Everton & Newcastle the only games I see us possibly winning

      7th, 6th at best finish this season

  3. Newcastle has become a very difficult side to play very quickly and Everton are fighting relegation.

    Personally the only game I’m confident of winning is the Leeds game.

  4. I think we will get a maximum of 10 points from the last 6 games and a minimum of 8. The team is just fading away as usual at the business end of the season. Need leaders that can stand up and be counted. But not many in this team just technical good players.

    1. @Kori .”fading away as usual at the business end of the season”. Last season Arsenal won 5 PL games in a row at the back end of the season.

      1. What when we were playing for nothing and most teams we played were “on the beach” bit different than when the pressure is on.

  5. I agree with you

    We can even beat Chelsea or Spurs away. You never know

    By the way, Spurs have to beat Brentford and Liverpool

  6. I’ve calm myself today after what happened at the weekend.
    The team was playing much better 2 weeks back. I don’t know how we can go from playing with confidence 2 weeks ago to playing like a relegation threatened team against Palace, Brighton and Southampton. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    With all that said, we are where we are and I do think that the club is still right behind Arteta. I think more transfer funds will be made available to him in the summer (Mainly for a striker and another CM).

    He has been given enough money to spend, been trusted to trim down the squad (wage bill) etc.. He has done more than half the rebuilding so can’t see him being sacked and then going through the process of overhauling the squad for the new manager.

    I say we should keep calmer heads as the club seem to still want to give Arteta enough time / chance to continue with his project..

    If he can get his striker and a few more Midefielders this summer and he is still this inconsistent then I think the club will be be demanding more than what we have seen from Arteta so far.

    1. Arteta blew last Summer’s transfer window by using up a chunk of his budget on White and Ramsdale when he already had Holding and Leno who could do the same job. Please Artetaheads if Holding had been playing instead of White recently, you would have crucified him. Three fifty million pound signings at fullback, midfield and a striker would have meant real short term progress. We are now stuck with an average group of players. As nuisance Liverpool fans like to taunt,” who in Arsenal’s squad would make their first team?

        1. Yes, you lot love your stats, don’t you? but 11 defeats and rising doesn’t sound like a whole lot of improvement to me. All I’m saying is that the money could have been better spent where it was needed. Fifty million for a fullback who could overlap and cross, another fifty for a real midfielder who could break down opposition attacks and propel the attack forward. And whatever it would cost for a striker who would be in the right place at the right time and not be afraid to have a go. The money was there. Now there is talk of another four or five players being needed. What were the last two transfer windows all about then?

  7. “I HAVE DREAM, let’s win the next 3 games”

    – Martin (Ødegaard) Luther King

  8. Am not a betting man, but am sure as night turn to day, their will be several more twists and turn before the end of the season.

  9. Eddie Howe is at least as good a manger as Arteta so we would have to be at our fluky best to take all three points against a team that is growing. You are much too optimistic in your expectations.

  10. Lay off the smoke man, seriously.

    4 losses on the trot, to be expected during this run of form and even manure gives us hell when I feel they absolutely are garbage and are there for the taking.

    spuds will be up for it, Leeds are playing well under the new coach, and West Ham has the type of player up top to give us fits. Even Newcastle have won one from a losing position lately!

    Top 6 here we come.

  11. The writer is deluded, not me. I believed we will get the maximum 21 points.

    But both of us will be wrong in the end.

  12. I would take it game by game, considering injuries and other factors like team selection and form of players which can change from game to game. Beating Chelsea tonight should be our priority right now.

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