A positive performance keeps Arsenal in the race for Top Four

Crystal Palace were in fine form before last night’s game at home to Arsenal, being unbeaten for 8 games either home or away, but the Gunners were in a must win situation with all our rivals at the Top having picked up points on Tuesday, and they surprisingly proved equal to the task.

We scored early through Mustafi and it looked like we were going to run away with the game, but yet again our mental block came into play and we couldn’t get another one in the net, but we started playing again after Townsend was allowed an easy shot to give the Eagles the equalizer. It still took another 15 minutes before we saw a brace from Alexis Sanchez give us a comfortable 2-goal cushion. We tried to defend it but Palace scored again to make it a nervy 5 minutes including added time.

Wenger was pleased after the game but admitted it was a bit ‘nervy’: “Overall I think it was a very good, positive performance.” Le Prof said. “We were fluid going forward and controlled the game well. At half-time it was 1-0, but it should have been more and then of course at some stage the home team who fights against relegation will come at you, and we started well in the second half in the first five minutes.

“I thought we had two good chances and after it was just down to 1-1, then we showed resources and character, were leading 3-1 and controlled the game quite well, but at 3-2 we became quite nervy again and we finished in a bit of a less controlled way, but overall it was a good team performance.”

Considering the nerves it was a great three points in an away game for a change, and we will have to do it again at West Brom on Sunday night to keep us in touch with the leaders again. It is going to be a very nervy second half of the season!



  1. Sue says:

    Relieved we hung on to win… only downer was the dodgy defending (again) sigh….
    Let’s hope that improves at West Brom & we get a clean sheet! Lovely goals from Sanchez & a great assist from Wilshere!

    1. Tdg1944 says:

      There is one fundamental question which all Arsenal fans should consider. If Wenger was in charge of the current Man City team would they be as good?

  2. gotanidea says:

    Agree with Le Prof that it was a good team performance, but reaching a top four position would be very difficult for Arsenal, because Tottenham is in a very good form and Liverpool is very ambitious by purchasing Van Dijk. Arsenal would have bigger chance if they could settle the players’ contract extension issues and strengthen their squad in January.

    I am afraid the first team players would not have enough energy for the next match, therefore the squad rotation players must be ready to replace some of them.

  3. Tatgooner says:

    There is no way we are reaching top 4 for the next 5 years to come

    1. Especially if we lose both of the contract rebelling snakes ….it will be the mid table doldrums for us for years to come like Liverpool before they got Klopp to rebuild their mediocre team. They never could accept their team is mediocre..same way Wenger isn’t accepting his has become.

    2. jon fox says:

      Five years is a long time and IMP Wenger will be sacked next summer when we finish 6th and several points behind fourth place too. It is fools gold to think we will finish top four, even though we stand only one point(plus goal difference from it). A second consecutive finish outside top four, and this time not even narrowly, will IMO be enough for th club to sack him. A year from now the squad and team will be very different and again motivated, even though there may not be very many new players. A new and proper manager -and remember we are not going to attract the David Moyes and Pardews of this world , but huge and proven names, – wil re-energise and motivate player. ALSO PLAY THEM IN THE CORRECT POSITION. Think what a pleasant novelty that will be. Once fossil face is gone , things will look up quickly, I predict.

  4. McLovin says:

    Wilshere failed to track back for the first goal, and should’ve guarded the far post in the second. If you look at the replays, during the corner Wilshere didn’t really do anything.

    He needs to change this. Defending is his job as a central midfielder. Both goals could’ve easily been avoided with a little bit of effort.

    1. pires says:

      when are we going to stop giving easy goals away

  5. SuperClaes says:

    Only me thinking Bellerin had stinker?

    Personally convinced Bellerin is a good player with lots of potential but at this minute playing with zero confidence!

    I deplore Wenger to take him out for a few games to eat up and think about his performances and positioning. He left Chambers so exposed time and time again although had a couple of nice runs into the penalty area and could/should have scored!

    Why not try Debuchy or Maitland-Niles against West Brom? Seriously Bellerin on this form will be roasted by Hazard?

    1. McLovin says:

      He made PFA Team of the Year, ahead of the likes of Walker and Clyne. That is no coincidence!

      1. GB says:

        Basically it was like playing without a right back most of the time. Zaha and Schlopp had it easy down their left.

    2. jon fox says:

      On Bellerin, I totally agree. He WAS a good player until ruined by Wenger and under a new and proper manager he will come good. A new manager will teach him to defend, at which right now he is a comparative novice, despite being good going forward. Full backs are defenders, primarily, but no one EVER TOLD WENGER THAT HOME TRUTH. Real defenders mark opponents tighlty, track back and care passionately about keeping the ball out of their net. Remember when we had Dixon and Winterburn, less technically gifted players than Bellerin in some ways BUT both could really defend and as a defender he cannot lick their boots. But please remember in their day we also had a manager who understood the need to organise a proper defence. And coach it too, every day. Wenger would not even know how to spell the word DEFENCE.

  6. Me says:

    Well done to Arsenal for closing the gap to the top to 21 points.
    If last season was considered a disaster when we finished eighteen points behind Chelsea.
    Here we are – not even in January and we are 21 points behind.
    And YET
    He still remains in a job – what exactly is the barometer of success for this man?
    Success in the league?
    21 points behind you can scratch that out..
    Astute financial management?
    We are about to lose two players who cost nearly eighty million between them for NOTHING so you can scratch that one off as well?
    Sound tactical skills? That idiot couldn’t spell tactics much less apply them.
    Of course – its winning the league fourteen years ago.
    When so many managers lose their jobs after six months or a year this cretin continues in post despite the fact that he fails consistently on every single level.
    The way Arsenal allows this shambles to continue hows its has no respect for its fans whatsoever.
    Arsenal are a joke…

    1. GB says:

      Yes Wenger, Potchetino and Klopp should all be sacked immediatly?
      21 points behind a crap team like City is totally unacceptable.

      1. jon fox says:

        Ever asked your self though, would Poch and Klopp still be managing those clubs when they had not seriously challenged for the title for 10 years and not won it for 14(at end of this season)? THAT would be a true comparison, though you choose to ignore it in your biased post. Real thought please , not cheap and irrelevant points that do not hold water.

        1. GB says:

          C’mon Jon, spurs have not won the top prize since 1961 or anything much since and ok Lpool did win the European cup some while ago but have always recently been the nearly men. Don’t get me wrong, Wenger should have gone latest end of last season and I am sure he will be gone at the end of this one. spurs and lpool have had umpteen managers each since we last won the big one and still can’t get it right. Like you I go back to the 60s and have lived through a lot worse than this, and he is done, finished, but when someone makes a comment like I replied to, who likely started “supporting” Arsenal after getting fed up with “supporting” 2 or 3 other teams before latching on to us, I say what I feel. If you think my points are cheap and irrelevant, so be it, Peace and Love.

          1. jon fox says:

            GB , I am not quite sure what you are saying. My main point was that Liv and Spuds would not keep an unsuccessfuil manager for 14 years who had not won the title in all that time. As you rightly say, “they have both had umpteen managers each since we last won the big one”. well THAT is precisely my point. They have not nor would not keep a single manager who had not won the title in all those years. You make my point and therefore I do not see what you mean. BTW, I do not say your(many) posts are cheap and irrelevant; I said you made (in this one post only) ” Cheap and irrelevant posts that do not hold water.” And I said that ONLY because you were not comparing like with like, as Wenger has been kept , unsuccessfully,all those years while Poch and Klopp have not been. Surely that is fact, rather than opinion? On a wider point , please believe me that I DO respect and generally agree with your posts and I like the fact that you can express them so well, and with truth as you see it(which is all that any of us can do) which is not given to all on here. I wish you Peace and Love too and a happy New Year. I believe we can agree that WHEN, as we both believe, Wenger is sacked in MAY/ JUNE 2018, the remainder of the year will indeed be happy. IT IS ALSO GOOD TO DEBATE WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN AROUND THE BLOCK A FEW TIMES AND KNOW WHAT’S WHAT.

          2. pires says:

            we respect your opinion but dont use words like IDIOT or CRETIN please ,if you want to be respected

          3. Beaveraldinho says:

            Food for thought… How many times have Liverpool and Spurs won the PL with all those managers..? Happy New Year you lot. Stay classy Gooners!

    2. SuperClaes says:

      You are asking for respect while hurling abuse the other way……that’s rich!

      We can’t demand the club to spend money! No way we can compete with Man City, Man U and Chelski if owners are not spending their money to buy players. That is

      Believe time for change as well but as fans we should also not forget our historical achievements and stature as a club. How many league titles did we win on average per decade? What kind of football was played while winning some cups in the 90’s? Who won us 7 FA cups out of our 13 in total? Which manager has the highest win percentage (excl. managers with less a season in charge)? Who has given us a stature in world and not only in English football?

      I respect Wenger but it’s time for change!

    3. Steve h says:

      Why the hell you got thumbs down for telling the truth. Wow

    4. jon fox says:

      Spot on but I think of the 11 who have thumbed you down, though 24 have the sense to agree and thumb you up, many of those eleven just can’t stomach REAL fan speak language, as you and I use and retain some warped affection for the man who is actively harming our club. But privately, most of those 11 also want him gone. You virtually never meet a Gooner in person who wants him to stay. I am 90% sure he will be sacked at end of this season, when we finish 6th, at best.

  7. Me says:

    I love the club and will always follow it.
    Its not the players or the fans although some fans still think Wenger is the answer.
    But I absolutely hate the management regime.
    If you can call it management.

  8. Salmonella says:

    You concede goals like that again & the next moment you are out of the League Cup

  9. Ignasi says:

    Again, Arsenals defence was absolutely bollocks last night.

    I’ve said this before, it was bad last season and its worse this season.

    What is Wenger and Bould doing defensively in training? Nothing by the looks of it!!

    1. GB says:

      What defence was that? We did not really have one.

  10. GB says:

    @jon fox, you’re right I missed part of the context of your post and I appreciate your reply and kind words. Yes Wenger would never have lasted anywhere else as long as he has with us. I think sentiment, somewhat misguided, because of past achievements and his input in the new stadium and, being able to make money, made him a safe bet for the board. Sorry if not totally coherent with this but beer, wine and a final baileys have taken their toll. Happy New Year and it would be nice to be able to have a beer with you and put this club right!

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