A post just for Anti-Wenger comments and jokes!

After some lively discussion this morning, there have been many Arsenal fans saying that they only feel like abusing Arsene Wenger rather than discuss other topics on the site, so someone (thanks Aldo and whateversid!) came up with the idea of a dedicated post purely for the readers to insult Wenger (still no swearing) or share their anti-Wenger jokes.

So, if there is a post up about say, which transfers should come in this summer, and the AOBs don’t want to discuss that but want to let out some more anti-Wenger steam, then this is the place to do it!

In my post this morning i gave some examples of funny anti-Wenger rants that have appeared on JustArsenal in the last few days, but I’ll copy them here now, so you can try and think up some even more amusing examples yourself….

Wenger is getting paid 8.5 million just to struggle to zip his coat up on the touch line

What you all don’t know now is that Wenger is not happy with us (fans), it’s whispered in high places that he has sworn to deal with us by even missing out on 4th position.

Wenger wont buy James [Rodriguez]. he’s too talented. we’re running a charity for under-valued infirm injury-prone footballers who represent great value but may never come good.

So who can come up with funnier examples than these? Or just let off some off that steam……


  1. Wenger had wilshere and Ramsey in the midfield. They were/are so crap that he went ahead and bought
    Arteta to babysit behind them.
    They Remained crap that he bought Cazorla.
    Crap crap crap with arteta injured.
    He had to recall Coqueliin.
    Years later, they remained crap that he bought Ozil.
    With Cazorla injured, crappiness remained crap.
    He had to buy El Nieny.
    Yet, Wenger keeps handing fat contracts and squad places to these 2 players who should have been written off a long time ago.
    Fergie would have thrown Ramsey and Giroud out for that modelling thing they do.
    For wilshere, he would have flogged him off to Sunderland a long time ago.
    This is my own joke.

    1. from todays press conference- Wenger: “We have gone through a difficult spell, but we have come back well in the last month and a half.”

      we’ve won 3 outta the last 8, including blowing two goal lead at west ham and being knocked outta fa cup by watford at home- terrific month and half arsene

      another gem from today wenger “Our attitude has been impeccable from day one this season. We want to fight together until the end”

      really?! REALLY!

      jeeze im speechless, two games this season where we have shown this – man u away and Leicester away- out of 35+ games

      1. I Can’t watch him anymore, I really cant!

        It’s like watching your grandad go senile..

        Very Sad and frustrating

  2. This is actually quite serious….I really wanted Wenger to stay provided he changed his ways regarding his transfer policies, tactical flexibility and his motivational skills….It is now clear that he won’t change so it brings great sadness for me to say he has to go….

    1. Exactly me.But Admin won’t understand that some of us fan were ardent Arsene fans as we are Arsenal fans. We love Arsenal. If Arsene should change we fall behind him again. But it seems he is not going to change and we can’t move forward with his present attitude (Not bringing in enough quality at a time and selection problem). Why bring Ozil when there’s no top quality CF for him to feed? Why spend so much on Sanchez and don’t know that there should be someone behind him to stop the counter attack of opponents as Sanchez would not want stay in our own half? He is stale and am happy to say “thank you a lot for the past”. I really love him but I love Arsenal more.
      Adnin, I like this blog because of you and more the varieties of comments. This is where most Arsenal fans converge. Thank you for creating this blog, but allow the fans. The comments were not nasty some months back so should should understand that it’s frustration. Admin, did you ban Hafiz for live? Bring him back. By now he would have suggested we buy BBC and MNS at a go.

  3. (50 years back in time)

    Teacher: How do you justify your poor grades?
    Wenger: I think I did very well this year. I am mentally strong throughout the exam. I almost got the answers correct but I lack some finishing examples for it. Of course I am disappointed. This is not the result that I wanted. I can only focus on next exam and prepare well.

    Teacher: Alex, Jose, Pep all doing great and their history results are best in the class. Why is that?
    Wenger: My history paper, I got B even I have to deal with all the sickness. If you check Finance and Economy paper, only I got A. And my teachers loved me for this. They said, I don’t need to worry for other papers till I get A in these two subjects.

    Teacher: What is your current target for this year?
    Wenger: I started the session to be 1st and get the award for extra activities as well. Due to my injury, I am not able to compete for extra activities. Rest of the classmates are strong now than they are in primary school, so anytime I can get lower marks than them. Now my target is to qualify for next class.

    Teacher: Will you do combine study with Robert, Varane, Kante for this year?
    Wenger: I’ll see what is possible. It is not only my choice. If it is, I like to study with Leo and Cristiano. They have to agree. Their parents have to agree and I need to see if I can have place for them in my room. I’ll talk to my parents and see what happens.

  4. When Wenger invites you to dinner he serves you two raw eggs on a plate and says: “In two years time they’ll become a fantastic pair of chickens”

    1. OG “I had an open goal but still I didn’t score. I could kick myself.”

      AW: “I wouldn’t bother. You’d probably miss.”

  5. Jose Mourinho was up in Manchester trying to get an extra few million out of the United Board before signing on the dotted line, and after securing a contract for 30 million a year, he decided to take his entourage out to a top class hotel for the night.
    After they had eaten he went to the bar to get a round in, and he was accosted by this beautiful blonde who begged him to quickly go back to her room and sign his name on her tits.
    Hmmmhe thought, why not? So he went back to her room, signed his name, and then went to go back downstairs. The blonde said wait please. My friend is in the room next door and she loves you too, can we pop in for one minute?
    Jose agrees and they go next door and the blonde shows her friend her tits. The other one says, Oh Jose, jose. Please do the same for me! But will you sign your name on my bum?
    Jose says. NO WAY. Arsene Wenger signs all the bums!

  6. Wenger is that cartoonist, the mr bean of football.
    He plays lampposts and donkeys like giroud who have absolutely no idea how to play football.
    Then there is that iDIOt ramsey.
    A cardiff level midfielder and behaves like a primary school kid.
    He is the most embarassing manager in the history of arsenal.
    A qualified specialist in failure / utterly and totally deluded person.
    He sits on his chair like a wet cat.
    Waiting to substitute players from the 75-80 minute.
    Signs players like chamakh gervinho and tells us they are the best in europe and he can find no one better than walcott and welbeck in the transfer market.

    He is the biggest bottler the world has ever seen and has lost touch.

    Kick that french skinny pig out of this club

  7. lol @ wenger jokes.
    this was gd idea kudos to you an aldo the apache.

    perhaps weekly before a game so we can all vent an go into game bit more cheery.
    agreed every post bein hijacked has made this bit monotonous, used to be more banter but now its mostly vitriol.

    maybe right after a game a post like this if we lose or draw as everyones fuming an it will save them shaving there cat an flinging mr jingles into outer space…to find another race

  8. so u mean i can keep failing and still have 101 reasons to keep my job, am definitely selling all have got to buy

  9. Settling in nicely to my new home! 🙂

    Maybe it’s because it’s Friday but the other posts for non traitors aren’t exactly busy with discussion..

    Got to laugh at this situation really.
    I just hope there are enough willing to hold up a ‘time for change’ banner on Saturday and to voice their very valid concerns over the negligent board and manager.


  10. Applaud the initiative of this post that give Fans the opportunity to vent specially because for the longest of times the joke has been on us the ARSENAL fans…..WENGER OUT and this is not a JOKE

  11. Like the Americans brought RVP for fergie for he’s birthday .maybe kronkie might by Robert lewondowski or someone like that for wengers birthday ..
    Or on second thoughts maybe not

  12. So Wenger is pretty much saying now that we lost the league at home because‎ of the lack of fan support at the emirates!

    The barefaced cheek of the man.

    Excuse 4064….tick‎

    1. Always fans fault. Maybe if they lowered the ticket prices you would see more vocal fans in the stadium, but hey ticket prices have to stay the same.

      A financially stable club doesn’t have to put the burdens on the fans to stay financially stable if they truly care about the fans. Who cares right, there are rich people out there that pay for the ticket and watch the match as if they are in the theatre.

      1. It’s exactly that! The prawn sandwich brigade and football tourists and not forgetting stans friends ‎arriving by helicopter to support the brand.

        Ticket prices are too high, and the success too low.
        It doesn’t balance out. But Stan and his buffer Wenger are milking the fans for all they can get.

        8 million pounds a year, that we pay, to delivery what? Failure! ‎

  13. Fellow gunners: some of you may remember me,since 2005 to 2014 i used to publish my opinion against the sickening ego of Mr’ Wenger,and the incompetence of the arsenal board . I blamed the arsenal fans,for not doing enough,in order to change the negligent manner of Wenger and the board. I use to end my criticism by saying- “with wenger and the board, we will never win the championship again”. Most of the arsenal fans,were vigorously against my opinions and argue me to go and support united or spurs… Since 2014,i didn’t raise my opinion any more,i lost hope,like some of you now. 2 days ago,i saw a tiny shade of light in our miserable tunnel of our football club. Some fans start to gather some hope and decided to FIGHT for our club!!! Every arsenal fan all over the globe need to understand that these coming Saturday is the pinnacle moment in our club future. These Saturday,we need to gather in and around the stadium,with or without ticket, we all need to raise our voice against the people that ruin our club. We need to raise our voice and say-enough is enough. We need to raise our voice and demand-bring our hope back. We need to raise our voice and demand-bring the passion back. We need to raise our voice and demand-BRING OUR CLUB BACK!!! We need to raise our voice,in order that in a few years time,each and every one of you,could say-i have contributed my part for getting our arsenal back. I intend to publish these message through the net,in order to raise the need for action,i urge you fallow gunners to do the same. I hope that i succeed to express my passion for the club,with my cranky English.

  14. I still think Wenger did a very good job up until around 2013. Keeping us top 4 for those 8 years was no easy task, and realistically we weren’t in a position to win the title back then.

    Since 2013, we should have at least been seriously challenging for the title. We haven’t, like, at all. It’s been the same story – 3rd and 4th. The closest we’ve come to the title recently is 7pts behind Man City a couple seasons ago. That’s not a serious title challenge. Last year we were 12 points behind Chelsea. At the moment we’re 12 points behind Leicester.

    To me it’s not so much the fact that we haven’t won the title in the last few years. It’s the fact that we haven’t even come close. Sorry, but that’s just not acceptable…

    Wenger is the best manager Arsenal have had, but he doesn’t seem capable anymore. If we’re going to keep people in the job based on sentiment, we may as well still keep Tony Adams at centre back…

  15. What can you do, if the manager never accepts his mistakes? It’s always injuries, fans want too much if not that then it’s the referees fault, fixture congestion, unlucky. Or the closest he goes is that the players were fatigue and the absolute low is ‘we were naive’. Never blames himself.

    He doesn’t drill the team well enough and keeps mediocre players, that is the bottom line. He talks about Leicester players not being handed red carpet so thats why they are hungry, then why did he get these british players in and hand them big fat paycheck before they achieved anything at this club? Says South American players are more hungry and hard workers, yet we have only 2, Sanchez and Paulista.

    He always almost signed a star player but always makes an excuse as to why he didn’t sign them.

  16. Sorry guy’s, i have bad news for you. Granit Xhaka ist overrated. He is 0% creative. Wenger want him because Mesut Özil’s defense is very bad. The same reason why Sami Khedira is playing for Germany. Rohde from Bayern Munich is cheaper and much better.

  17. Mr Admin, you need to understand one point, without the people that comment here JustArsenal is dead.

    I’m the chief editor of a popular news website here in Africa, i moderate hundreds/thousands of comments everyday.. So i can tell you that despite the fact that i understand how clean you want the website to be (which is very important)
    You have to understand that fans are frustrated, and they need an avenue to express their feelings.

    Wenger is coach, he is responsible for managing Arsenal. So if a post is about OX, a frustrated Arsenal fan still has the right to wish Wenger out, who signed OX? Wenger
    Who is responsible for motivating OX? Wenger…Who should sign a replacement for him if he is under-performing (which he is) WENGER! WENGER!! WENGER!!!

    My advice to you is to try and be sensitive to the genuine fans who are not trolls but are just frustrated at the coach, who even recently blamed us for his own failure, remember again without people that comment on JustArenal, there is no JustArsenal.


  18. a very poor attempt to try and keep thee wenger out people onside there admin . good luck with that .

  19. Blame fans, pundits, refrees, oil money, Dubai money, oposition tactics, fixture list. Don’t blame yourself or his failure players.

  20. theguy even has the guts to blame us the fans .I hope those who support him can see him for who jhe really is wow!!!!

  21. The possibilities of Arsenal still finish 2nd in table with possibly falling 6 points ( 2 victories) behind Leicester is still on the cards. So, let’s not loss our patient completely but reserve some for a better Arsenal title challenge campaign next season.

  22. Can’t agree Samuel. Is 12 years not long enough?

    It’s like waiting for a train that will never come. ‎

  23. I don’t have time for JOKES, Wenger should do himself a favor and resign at the end of the season, he still thinks football is been played the old fashioned way. Everyone is buying and selling already when the season has not yet finished,Wenger will be too weak for the likes of klopp, Conte,Guadiola,mourhino,pochettino and Rinieri next season. I fear our worst night mares is yet to come.

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