A proper balanced Arsenal/Tottenham combined XI

It seems to be the done thing creating Arsenal/Tottenham combined XI teams whenever there is a North London derby looming and it has to be said that there has been some ridiculous ones put out there.

None more so that Sky Sports pundit Danny Mills, who picked just two Arsenal players in his combined team. Obviously, he did that for no other reason than to be provocative and get his name in the media.

So, for balance I have decided to create a combined XI that can be taken seriously and is, in my opinion, a fair and balanced line-up.


Cannot go with Lloris simply because he makes too many errors at critical times, he may be a great shot-stopper but his inconsistency lets him down.


Bellerin gets the nod because Tottenham does not have any quality right-backs, Walker-Peters is not yet there and Aurier not good enough, whereas Bellerin is a good defender and glides up that wing in style.


Not a difficult choice really when you consider the central defenders Arsenal have.




I do not rate Danny Rose at all and Ryan Sessegnon has yet to prove himself. Tierney has done it all with Celtic and I have no doubts he will be a huge success as a Gunner.


No choice but to pick the French international, he is a beast of a player good in the tackle and a wicked passer of the ball.


The diminutive Uruguayan is a class act, he was brilliant for Arsenal until he tired near the end of the season, he will come on immensely for that experience and is a huge presence in the middle of the park.


This guy is pure quality and on his day is world-class, I cannot deny that, he is a game-changer plain and simple.


Golden boot winner that can play out on the wing, not too greedy and is one of the best strikers in Europe today, his record over multiple leagues proves that.


Cannot leave him out, that would be far too tribal, he is world-class, let’s leave it at that.


Unbelievable speed with awesome ball control, he leaves the opponents standing and will absolutely rip Premier League defences open this season.


So, I have six Arsenal players and five from Tottenham and I will admit it could easily have been the other way around, but at the same time I could have had as many as seven Arsenal players, it really is subjective. But my line-up, to me, is fair and balanced and an accurate representation of the quality both teams possess.


  1. Liam Gallagher says:

    Torriera struggles to get into our own poor midfield. He was good at times last season but this season is make or break as he short stature maybe his undoing in the premier league. Pepe has done nothing to get in ahead of Moura or Son at the moment. Regarding today’s result I believe we have the potential to win by 2 or more goals if we play Leno Niles Sok Chambers Kola Guendouzi Torriera Ceballos Pepe Laca Abameyang.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I don’t care about Tottenham’s players

    However, Bellerin is not a good defender. He is an excellent attacking right back like Alexander-Arnold and I hope Emery could use him in a more hybrid position like Arnold’s:


  3. Diogenes says:

    Should definitely find space for Son.

    And Leno actually made more serious mistakes last year than Loris, so his inclusion is dubious.

    Right backs are of similar category, so any choice possible.

    Tierney as yet unproven in the EPL, so let’s wait if he’s better than Rose.

  4. dutchy says:

    Why are combined line-ups even a thing?

    1. Diogenes says:

      The best possible comment.

  5. RSH says:

    It’s pretty obvious Danny Mills made his lineup based on who is currently fit, but okay, go off I guess.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I agree with Dutchy, why do people care about combo lineups. It’s total fantasy like picking your fantasy team, only no prizes and you’ll still never know if it’s a good team or not. Is this a way for pundits to prove their expertise or something, look here folks, I know how to pick a team out of two teams, I could’ve been someone, I could’ve been a contender. All Arsenal legends past and present, I get that, but not this.

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