A resigned Giroud admits there is no reason for Arsenal to drop Walcott

Olivier Giroud is finding it hard to get used to being on the substitute’s bench, and yet again on Thursday he was overlooked by France in favour of Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema. The score was already 4-0 when Benzema suffered a thigh strain so Giroud finally got on the pitch for the last ten minutes, something he is getting used to at Arsenal as well.

The France team face Denmark on Sunday and Ollie may get a rare start if Benzema remains on the sidelines, and from Arsenal’s pont of view it would be good for him to get a full 90 minutes under his belt, but more importantly he needs to try and remember how to score. The 28 year-old has admitted that he is not used to being a backup, but he recognises the fact that Theo Walcott is in better form at the moment, and of course for France Benzema scored twice before his injury, so both players are going to be hard to displace at the moment.

Giroud explained how he felt after the Armenia game: “It is something new for me. Whether it was at Tours, Montpellier or Arsenal, I have never experienced a situation like this, I have often played from the start. I need to take positives and to harden myself mentally. I cannot simply take refuge in work. At Arsenal, I am in competition with Theo (Walcott) for the striker position. But he is doing well at the moment, so there is no reason to change. I was in his place in previous seasons at Arsenal. I imagine what he must have been thinking. But I feel that the coach believes in me.”

“It has been for several matches now that I have played less, that is for sure, but I do not need to be worried. I need a bit more game time but also to believe more in my abilities.”

He could well play for France on Tuesday, and if he plays well enough to convince Arsene Wenger he is back to his best, then Le Prof may well start him next weekend against Watford to save Theo for the crucial Bayern Munich game.

Who thinks that he needs to play more often to keep match-fit, just in case Theo gets another injury?

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  1. ” but more importantly he needs to
    try and remember how to score.” Lol…I bet Giroud has more EPL goals and fewer minutes on the pitch than Walcott this season. If Giroud needs to remember how to score, the what does Walcott need to do? Learn how to score?

    1. Don’t argue man, theo makes our game faster, more direct & unpredictable and that’s what we need to succeed. Need a words from somewhere else?? Ask Man U.

  2. Yea!……… Giroud should get used to the fact that walcott offers something else like pace, GBD-tech (Get behind defenders) and he’s still in his prime…… Ball protection, hold-up play and low pace (though useful sometimes) won’t win u all the games against certain troublesome teams…… Then there’s the Law of Succession……today ur turn, Moro another’s…..sacrifices are to be made

  3. We should and must be in a hunt for a striker, I am still convinced that’s what we miss at the moment … Walcott can be a second choice striker/winger and Giroud should be shipped out and replaced as soon as possible …

    1. The ideal is that we bring a new striker that can hold up play and has some pace to lead our line and stick withe walcott on the wings or as a sub striker and giroud as second choice striker if walcott play on the wings

  4. Why you guys are underestimating watford?? Are you aware of the fact that the so called small teams are the ones we suppose to win at all cost?? Don’t drop any in form player else it will backfire.

  5. guys i never see arsenal score with a one on one with the goal when giroud in on the pitch
    The same balls that giroud will hold it for midfielders walcott can go one on one with the goalkeeper

    1. I think we’re being unfair to giroud because we don’t appreciate his contributions over-all. Unlike RVP and many players before him during the drought, they score but never brought the rest of the team into the game. It’s not only about the goals, but also the team work. Giroud has very special qualities as a striker. I am happy Walcott has stepped but I can guarantee there will be games that Walcott will be frozen out and giroud will be needed.

  6. Set pieces are such an important part of the modern game. What he does on the attack and defending them I think is somehow lost on Arsenal fans.
    I love what Theo brings to our team but I really think we are a better team with Theo and Alexis on the sides of Olivier. Each player can theoretically do what they do as each never played solely on the wing.
    When Cech lobs a ball to attacking side we don’t really challenge for that ball with Theo.
    If it does stay like this I hope Theo can stay in one piece because he is such a weapon to have.

      1. Not Ramsey, he does s great job. I feel Ramsey should be playing as our holding mid fielder in the starting 11.

    1. u dn’t get the Logic!……….. Walcott on the RW means no Ramsey on the Line-up….. Not if wenger wants to play carzola, ozil and le coq at the same time

      1. I got the logic I feel Ramsey is better and offers more than Santi. Love Santi but he gets moved easily off the ball and for the he past year or so his goals have dried up from distance. He is technically our best player however. I would like to see Santi come on for Ozil at the 70 minute mark and OX to come on for for Ramsey or one of our forwards or LeCoq if we need a goal.

  7. The problem is that Giroud needs more playing time but at the same time Walcott is hot atm do dropping him would be nuts

    I would recommend that Giroud take advantage of the few minutes he has and try his best to score. Also, he should start League and FA cup matches

    But Walcott should be starting every match because he is scoring. If he plays right wing, play Giroud. If Walcott plays CF then play OX or Ramsey on the right and bench Giroud

    I didn’t mention Alexis as we all know there will never be question of him not starting as long as he is fit. Alexis is so valuable that even when he isn’t scoring he is important because of his work ethic, passing, speed, tackling etc. Alexis is one in a million

  8. No reason they both can’t get game time, certain teams and situations will require one or the other.

    Tbh both miss a decent amount of chances, although I feel Theo will be more clinical after getting a decent amount of games.

    Guy’s be positive about Beyern game, we have beaten them before.

  9. OT: If Chelsea were to fall in relegation zone after 38 games, would the FA really let them play in Championship?

    I think they would make a plan to keep them in PL, what do you think?

  10. Did Olivier Giroud say he’s not worry? I think he should stop worrying himself over Theo Walcott getting a starting position ahead of him. But concentrate on how he’ll up his game to re-discover his goals scoring form again. Because as a striker for a big club like Arsenal, scoring goals is the very fundamental foundation of the club’s title challenge and success. No goals no success! God forbids that to happen to Arsenal this season. Amen. What I sincerely want Olivier Giroud to do as one of his fans, is, let him wake up from his goal scoring slumber and starts putting the ball into the back of the net at Watford as the Boss starts him in his rotation starting XI. Admini, did you say the France manager could give him as start against Denmark today Sunday, and again in another game on Tuesday? 2 games in 3 days will run Oliver Giroud’s energy down. And we need him to start the Watford game and perform crediblely goalscoring wise.

  11. I think I would play him in the BM game to be honest. TW must start in the EPL but this weekend I think we can rest a few players at Watford no disrespect but we should take that game with our 2nd team. Remember we can change it at half time if needed. As for OG well I get this thing that he can only score if we are up in the game and I think AW should get hard and know that he is never going to be 20+ a season. Come January AW will need to buy I think 3 players but we are talking about AW. I would get Carl back from West Ham because he is so much better then chambers and can play DM as well as right back and CD. MD is not happy but that’s football you no. HB took his chance so well and he is a far better player now. I get this feeling that ozil will go this summer because he just don’t look happy with his game at all and some Arsenal fan really don’t see things he dose. Again that’s football and if we get the money back we paid we can buy again. Liverpool will buy big in Jan and the summer man city well if we want a player for 10 mill they will pay 60 for him same as Chelsea and Man U. Not sure we can go on a long run of winning games at the mo because there is not much in it between the top 8 clubs

  12. Do not underestimate olivier giroud. I sometimes get mad at him for squandering chances but I also understand with his current situation. Giroud can improve and also make us proud.!

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