A review of Arsenal’s (and our rivals) remaining games and final positions

Will we make Top 4? by AndersS

Not many would have thought we would make top 4 before the season started But now it is very much a possibility, and many of us will probably feel it s a failure, if we don’t make it.

One thing seems certain, it will be very close, and it can go either way.

To predict results in football is a very uncertain “science”, where you, more often than not, will be proved wrong.

Nevertheless, here I go with my predictions for how the Top 4, or rather, Top 3-6 race will end. By looking at each teams remaining fixtures, and predicting how many points, they will get in each fixture, I get the following..

Man Utd – currently no. 6 with 64 pt.

Everton away – 3 points

Man City home – 0 points

Chelsea home – 3 points

Huddersfield away – 3 points

Cardiff home – 3 points

Points gained in remaining matches – 12 points

Season total – 76 points

Chelsea – currently no. 5 with 66 points

Burnley home – 3 points

Man Utd. Away – 0 points

Watford home – 3 points

Leicester away – 3 points

Points gained in remaining matches – 9 points

Season total – 75 points

Arsenal – currently no. 4 with 66 points
Palace home – 3 points

Wolves away – 0 points

Leicester away – 1 point

Brighton home – 3 points

Burnley away – 3 points

Points gained in remaining matches – 10 points

Season total – 76 points

Spurs – currently no. 3 with 67 points

Man City away – 0 points

Brighton home – 3 points

West Ham home – 3 points

Bournemouth away – 3 points

Everton home – 3 points

Points gained in remaining matches – 12 points

Season total – 79 points

As you can see, I predict, we will finish with the same total as Man Utd, and as we currently have a +7 in goal difference on them, I think, we will just sneak 4’th with 3-4 goals to spare ?


  1. No one answered me so let me ask again

    If we finish 4th and Chelsea wins Europa
    Will we miss CL spot?

    1. No, we will still make it. Maximum is 5 teams from 1 country. If Tottenham do finish 5th but win the champions league (unlikely) then we will be out even if we finish 4th.

      1. It’s no longer unlikely spurs will win the thing. If Barcelona had played a proper team in the last game they never would have gone through. If Pep had played a full strength team at spurs they never would have got through. They have and it is very frustrating as their luck seems to never run out.

  2. Let there be no any Gooner whatsoever doubting Arsenal getting a top 4th place finish this season. This is because Arsenal have the quality in Gunners and the capacity needed to get a top 4th place finish this season and they’ll undoubtedly get it comes what may come.

    Secondly, I believe Arsenal will not end their season campaign in the PL this season on 76 point as it has been opined. But they will certainly better that mark by finishing on 81 points total. For, Arsenal who are currently on 66 points in the table after playing 33 matches could go ahead to win all their remaining 5 matches to garner 15 more points and thereby finish their PL campaign on a total of 81 points to likely finish above Tottenham Hotspur in table and become the 3rd placed club side at the end of the season.

    1. Sheer biased fantasy from someone who has NOT the ability to separate what we ALL want from what is most likely to actually happen. Based on our regular away form this season is is silly to predict we will win all three away games. In fact, fantasy and self delusion Samuel. Try realism and get real!

  3. Each time I watch Ole’ United play I wonder what is happening with these managers and players of this era. United got two good center forwards a half decent #10 one of the world’s best #8 in Pogba, good defensive midfielders a very good goal keeper yet they can’t play. Top four for Arsenal is in our own hands so what’s the worry. One game at a time.

  4. Little worried about Palace game coming after playing Monday and Thursday!

    Palace has goals in them on the counter so somehow Emery must get them going from first minute! If we lack focus or show tiredness we will be in trouble…

    Believe also we need to pick up a point at Wolves to build our confidence…

    Let’s do this!

  5. The defining away game is going to be At Wolves if we get a win there it will go along way in fixing the remaining away games.. COYG

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