There is still a LOT of work to be done. We produced another shocking performance at St. Marys which should not be put down to the injury problems at the back! We’ve been defending awfully the whole season. The goals we conceded were all the more shocking by the fact, they were pretty much exactly the same.

For me, Koscielnys return was a bigger problem than a solution. Twice he let Ings get in behind him and head the ball. We really missed Sokratis, but this shouldn’t be an excuse. We should have the quality to dominate Southampton enough so that it doesn’t matter. Instead we repeated everything we usually do.

We started slow. What does it take for those players to realize, the first half actually matters? We’ve not lead at half time and this issue is so easy to ignore when you win, but you cannot always wait for the second half to start playing. Also we conceded before half time again. And I must say the full backs were also a huge problem. Where was Kolasinac by the way?

We simply allow too many crosses in our box. We don’t get close enough to players who don’t have a lot of pace and then we miss the guys who can head the ball out. And the goalkeeper has been absolutely shocking. Honestly this playing out of the back thing is something which hasn’t really worked for me and I expect to see Cech back in action, because this is the 3rd out of 4 games where Leno made a mistake, which lead to an opposition goal.

But to finish the defensive mistakes, why are we playing Xhaka as CB? We missed him in midfield where there were clear lack of ideas of how to move the ball forward. And at Palace we tried the Xhaka at the back experiment and gave away the penalty. Finally Lichtsteiner, the last piece of the make shift sorry excuse of a defense failed to put any passes, and simply cleared the ball forward hoping somebody would find it there which wasn’t really the case.

Moving forward, Iwobi was honestly shocking again. I got now idea how he is starting games, when he has zero ideas and every second touch he makes is too heavy. Finally when he is closed down all he does is kick the ball at the opposition player hoping it goes out for a throw.

We are extremely poor at controlling the game. If we aren’t scoring a late winner I can’t remember us holding on to the lead for a long time. This just makes the opposition comfortable and us nervous. The subs this time didn’t work either. Lacca had some impact on the game, but Ozil was honestly shocking. Why aren’t we bringing in Ramsey, when Ozil has been out for so long?

The manager failed us today. You live and die by your decisions in football. When it works you are the hero and when it doesn’t, you are the villain. What I’ve been crying out to though is to stop relying on subs to make the difference, but I guess as everything at Arsenal it will be learned the hard way.

The sad thing is is that for all the positive things we’ve done, truth is we are 5th and going into the top 4 will be a very tough ask. Another thing is that we still haven’t broken a hoodoo. Yeah beating Tottenham was nice, but as Emery said it himself, if we don’t beat the small teams, it’s of little value. Besides, we’ve beaten Tottenham before. Even under failing Wenger we’ve done it at home.

We’ve not won at Old Trafford since 2006 and we failed again, even though they were miserable. Today we’re again beaten at St. Marys which is a disgrace, because they are a poor side. But now after we failed to address the defense when we were winning, maybe after the good run is over, we’ll take a look at the problems we’ve ignored and make a strong response. We also need signings in January.

Sadly it’ll take at least 2 or 3 more transfer windows to put up a side that will be able to play the way the boss wants and have the players at the positions he wants.



  1. The Bush says:

    I think for the first time I agree with you konstantin. If this defeat was on the hand of the likes of Man C or Liverpool we would’ve brushed it as”Arsenal is a work in progress”. I hope the loss to Southampton serve as a wake up call.

  2. Red and white says:

    Irony is instead of getting rid of aging players we added to them.Wenger would give 30+ players a rolling contract, now we have socrates, kos, monreal, lich chek, all 30+, auba, mikhi, ozil, nearing 30. Careless players like leno, Xhaka, belerin and Mustafi.the club is in a mess and sacking Wenger has not improoved things.

    1. Innit says:

      I need to disagree
      Sacking Wenger HAS indeed improved things
      Tactically Emery is better and he signed a Top defensive midfielder
      He is also happy to bench high salaried players

      1. russell says:

        until the two best goalscorers start it will always be catch up. wenger would never lined up as today. the new guy is not a genious.

        1. Gab says:

          How many games did Wenger won at St Mary’s stadium?

    2. gotanidea says:

      I reckon Sokratis and Lichtsteiner are just quick solutions, because they are not pricey. Whereas Koscielny, Welbeck, Ramsey and Monreal are in their last seasons, hence I don’t think there would be any extension for them

      Still believe in Leno and Mustafi, but Bellerin and Xhaka do not improve much

      Aubameyang seems to be brought in as a statement after losing Sanchez. Extending Ozil’s contract and getting Mkhitaryan were also Arsenal’s last resort to calm the fans down

    3. Durand says:

      Unless wining back fan support, rejuvenating players, addressing DM issue, tactical awareness, and grit and fight into team.

      If you ignore all of those, then yeah not changed things.

      Perhaps you should follow him as you clearly favor him over the club.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ?Durand, maybe some people will follow Arsene Wenger if/when he finds a new club.

    4. Invisible says:

      Old players are stop gap measures.
      Tor, guen, amn, reiss, holding, E Smith r, Leno along with auba, laca are for the Long haul.

      How Emery utilise the coming window will indicate where we are heading, it’s way too early to get to a conclusion.

      Take a look at klopp and pep, their first season wasn’t that Rosy either, even sarri (Chelsea is just ahead of us with a much better squad), isn’t lighting up the league.

      Be patient, give Emery at least the next three windows (2 full season) and then the picture will be crystal.

      Chill guys, onto hammering the spuds ????

    5. Tom says:

      Average age of squad
      Liverpool 26.5
      Spurs 27
      Arsenal 27.2
      Chelsea 27.9

      Adding experience is okay. But the big issue we are all not discussing is that we are missing quality in our core engine – central midfield

      Just see the difference of us and our nearest competition.


      In truth Eleny is nowhere near our first team. Torriera and Guendouzi are New to the league.
      Our midfield is not efficient currently and so our defence is asked to defend more then other squads on match day.

      We are all excited because we have torriera but he is not enough. Let’s not be fickle and one day blame iwobi another day focus on bellerin and another day koscieny…

      Is it just me that sees we only have 3 CMs and this is a huge issue!!!

  3. Innit says:

    I appreciate this was a tough match and an away match but still highly disappointing
    I said yesterday that this was a must win match. I expected City, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool all to win
    Now we are 3 points behind Chelsea and they are home next week. We are also now 12 points behind Liverpool. I see Chelsea extending their lead over us because I see us slipping up again

    We need to face the facts that we are not a Top 4 team.
    Other than Torreira, Aubameyang, Lacazette we are very average compared to the Top 4 teams

    We need to strengthen in January to have any chance, especially defensively

  4. gotanidea says:

    Like Wenger’s Arsenal in the last ten years, I predict they would come back to the winning streak after the next two home games

    As what have been happening for years, some players seem to get too comfortable with their status as Arsenal players, hefty salary packages and big city life in London

    Changing the mentality will be a big task for Emery and the other staffs. It will take at least two or three seasons to cleanse the remains of an old regime, therefore I hope the fans are patient

  5. Invisible says:

    Real Madrid is sh!te without cr7, thibaut courtois is just average ????? chill guys, it’s football, we’ll have good days, bad days so on and so forth. I bet United fans are enjoying moaninho’s games ????.

    Some say missing a player cannot be used as an excuse, true , but it’s also true that Papa could have easily dealth with Ings and co.

    What really bugs me is aubas missed chances. Auba could have easily got a hat trick ☹️☹️☹️☹️.

    Whatever, it’s just another bad day for the boys. Anyway, Looking forward to hammering the spuds.

  6. qoni says:

    i agree with innit, we are not a top 4 team. with the players emery has we are a mid table team. the manager had done miracles with these bunch of players he inherited. leno was shocing and but what about kos. it was the same same story always out jumped by other players. iwobi is always iwobi, but have we other players to compete with the the big four. gooner = for ever

  7. Durand says:

    Nice article and blame enough to go around from top to bottom of club. It’s only 1 loss out of 23 games, but there are larger issues to address.

    1. Same sorry defense as always regardless of manager in charge. If you cant defend you can forget titles. 5 months and Emery bears responsibility for not sorting it out; even a little.

    2. Two WC strikers, but not 1 quality winger.
    3. We needed Xhaka creativity in midfield, rather than forcing him somewhere else.
    4. Either get Ozil’s mind and performances straightened out or bench him.
    5. Iwobi is a drag on the club. Hoping Nelson can replace Iwobi when he returns. Iwobi is fit for cup games and 10 minute appearances. Maybe?

    Yeah it’s one loss, but all our shortcomings were on full display today. Limp defense, no creativity, and repeating same dumb mistakes 5 months later.

    1. Sue says:

      Make it 5 minute appearances Durand ?

      1. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

        90+4 appearance to long 4 iwobi lol

        1. Invisible says:

          Send iwobi back to Per

          1. Invisible says:

            Per was on scouting duty, scouting iwobi to take him back to the academy.

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Durand, excellent synopsis. I would much rather play specialist CB’s from the U23’s, than play players out of position like Xhaka. Xhaka and Torreira is Arsenal’s best midfield pairing and playing Xhaka in the back 3/4 weakens two positions.

      2. Durand says:

        Ha Sue fair enough. Just when you think Iwobi can’t get worse, he starts the next game and proves he can.

        His touch is awful, passing and finishing dreadful. What does he work on in training? Twitter? Selfies? In 3 years he has not improved on any of those. Decision making non-existent with him also.

        1. Sue says:

          I totally agree Durand, he brings nothing to the team…. how he starts every week absolutely amazes me, he constantly gives the ball away…Yes he’s fast, but there’s no end product.. every week he looks completely out of his depth… maybe in training he’s arranging his next party ? because he’s certainly not working on his shooting!!

  8. Scott says:

    When I saw Koselney on the team sheet I said to myself let’s hope his influence of sideways passing balls between defenders would not return but it did straight away. He passed the ball backwards or sideways the whole game and we were trapped in our first half for most of the first half. I put the two goals in the first half as his mistakes, he lost his man. Sometimes you need to admit at the age of 31 you are not good enough to play in defence anymore and he is an example of this. I thank him for the good times in the past but it is now time for him to leave and be replaced by someone more forward thinking.

    1. Crispen says:

      Kos played in the center with two people he hasn’t played with before. What do you expect to happen.
      We should be asking why the coach always has to substitute/correct his starting line up?? Is it because he is making the wrong choices to start the games.
      Today the starting line up was odd wasn’t it.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        exactly…most fans thinks its fifa19 where players dont need to adapt and communicate

  9. Bur says:

    We were dire today and we have to get rid of some of those defenders and get new ones in,

  10. ks-gunner says:

    We are in no poz to demand anything. We are have fallen behind the likes of Spurs now, and to go back where we fans only think we belong, we need to do what others have done before us. Build the team a new. Not build the team endlessly like Wenger used to do to hide his incompetence but smartly.

    We need to get rid of the leeches in the club who earn to much and deliver to little. Ozil and Ramsey are the two players we need to get rid off first.

    Then we need to make sure to buy some new defenders.

    We need to look up for players who are hard working and love to be here. Players like Toerreira heck even like Sanchez.

    I am so srry for Emery but old habits are hard unlearn, its either he makes the right moves with the help of Stan or his passion will perish in time as well.

    1. Crispen says:

      We need to get rid of mikhi and Ramsey and Xhaka then bench iwobi. Ozil we definitely keep why does the coach play him on the wing??

  11. Moses says:

    I see no reason why we have to play players out of position cos certain other players ain’t playing. I would rather we call on the U-23players instead Why move Xhaka to CB when you have Julio P or even Zech Medley. The midfield would have been better and the defence would have been well shielded. Hope Unai does the needful against Spurs on Wednesday

    1. ozziegunner says:


  12. Hez says:

    I feel more comfortable with Holding than most of these crueless defenders. Nobody scores on headers when he is there

    1. Invisible says:


      Ings would have been trapped in holdings pocket till the final whistle. After finally jumping out of holdings pocket, Ings be like “what happened!?”

      But so sorry, rashford denied that.

  13. Jah son says:

    Emery’s got to find a way to play his star players or suffer the consequences as what happened to United today asking iwobi to be Arsenal’s chief creater is criminal

    1. Crispen says:

      Criminal when Ozil is on the bench

  14. sol says:

    Live-fool’s defense was porous before this season.They brought STRONG defenders and wingers.Now their defense is settled.

  15. jon fox says:

    Some sober realism , not over nor under reacting but true realism. That realism is that currently we are the fifth best team in the PREM AND OUR POSITION IS CORRECT. Wengers terrible defenders are still there and we did not buy a single top quality CB last summer. The reason? Kroenke, what else! HE REMAINS OUR NUMBER ONE CLUB ENEMY AND UNTIL HE IS GONE WE CAN NOT HOPE TO CHALLENGE FOR THE TITLE. We, the fans, either declare war on him and leave the stadium empty or near empty for as long as it takes to remove him OR we continue to be also rans. Emery is a top manager but without REAL money he cannot hope to challenge the current top two,who are miles ahead of all the rest. Realism!

    1. sol says:

      jon fox u really nailed it….thank u man…what is the real problem?…..most of the solution is from detecting the problem…I am an international fan supporting Arsenal for almost 19 years.I want the good old days to come back.I like Uanai but let the board(we fans are the owners of arsenal) support him.

      1. ozziegunner says:


    2. RichSAAlao says:

      Man, this is gibberish.
      Wenger inherited defenders too when he came, Don J. Fox

      1. Phil says:

        You are right.Wenger inherited THE BEST BACK FOUR/FIVE IN PREMIERSHIP HISTORY.
        Look what he left us with

        1. ozziegunner says:


  16. achaks says:

    Unai Emery was at fault for the loss today. The formation was shocking. Xhaka and Torreirra are the best midfield combo for now at arsenal.

    1. Arsenal#7 says:

      Achalks I have to agree with you. While Emery has done a decent job in general and has
      been tactically astute , which helped us get the most of our personnel .
      But I also think he is starting to make a very significant error by not utilizing his best players.
      Whether there is legit injury or dispute with Ozil and/or Ramsey the fact is that if the line up today
      was a sensible back four (back 3 was criminal- 3 goals on headers) and a MF of Ramsey/Xhaka /Toreira with a front 3 of Laca/Auba/Ozil we would have been to cireate better chances and stretch
      Southampton. After the last few games you can see the deterioration of quality football with
      Iwobi/Mikh on the 11
      Today it was all on Emery.

  17. achaks says:

    And….I think koscelny has forgotten how to play ball.

  18. Jah son says:

    Niles now have the chance to get a run of games at right back hope he makes it his own good luck lad!

  19. ThirdManJW says:

    Yet again, some Arsenal fans seem to have such a short memory! Every summer, many would forget just how bad Wenger was, believing instead that a new season meant a brand new start. Now some fans are doing the same with Emery.

    Problems do not just suddenly vanish during the off season. They roll on into the next season, unless they are addressed. That had been the case for years, as the club refused to change manager, and Wenger was the source of so many of our problems. Changing manager has already meant that some our problems have been addressed, but Emery will need a lot longer than six months, one transfer window, and meagre £50 million to turn things around.

    I actually think Emery has over achieved some what, given the lack of investment, and the problems he inherited from Wenger. The squad was in a complete mess, and I think Emery has a squeezed almost everything he can out these group of players. Not to mention the amount of injuries as well. We had no Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasinac, and Holding today, AND Bellerin then went off injured as well!

    Hopefully we can bounce back asap, but we need to do some serious business in January. If we can bring Nelson back, then that is a must! Sign another winger on top of that, get a CB as well, and move Ozil, and Ramsey on to generate some funds, and free up wages.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  20. JADON SPIRIT says:

    Koscielny today just reminded everyone the kind of player he was just before he got injured last season, and why we need to move him out of the club sooner rather than later. We wouldn’t have concede those 3 goals if we had Sokratis and Mustafi on the field.

  21. Trudeau says:

    “Why are we playing Xhaka at CB?” Is this a serious question? Gee I don’t know, maybe it had something to do with Socrates, Holding, Mustafi and Mavraponas all being unavailable. It’s called needs must.

    Relax people. We were never as good as our record showed but we’re a helluva lot better than most of us thought we would be. My biggest worry is Ozil. He’s a 350,000 pound albatross around Emerys’s neck. An absolutely useless and tepid cameo today.

    1. Footballistrivial says:

      Ozil is a fraud. I will celebrate when this fellow is sold. His attitude is so disrespectful to everyone associated with the club.

  22. Danish Gooner says:

    Pool have been a top side in the waiting for years and even under Klopp they have struggled but he did what every clever manager need to do,build a team,it was a masterstroke selling Coutinho and getting Allison,Keita and fabinho and lets not forget the colossus Virgil van dijk,i really think we should let Bellerin leave in the summer for a cool 100 mil and let Unai spend the lot on some clever and maybe expensive signings.

  23. Footballistrivial says:

    Almost all players had a bad game today, but, but Ozil. How can anybody that supports Arsenal tolerate this diva? In his short stint he made it clear he doesn’t care about the teams’s result. He mostly cares about his own game. Such a lackadaisical approach should be rewarded with a boot out of the club. It’s one thing to have a bad game, but to
    I can’t wait for this guy to leave the club.
    I am not bashing Ozil for having a bad game( which he does consistently btw) but for his attitude towards the team which was clearly apparent today. He clearly doesn’t not want to fight for Arsenal. He deserves to be humiliated and kicked out.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I guess you didn’t watch it live.
      Ozil put in a fair shift and almost made a few things happen.
      Easy to bash on Ozil though isn’t it?
      If you actually watched the game then you would know that Kos cost us, not Ozil.

      1. Footballistrivial says:

        Ozil didn’t put in a fair shift. Maybe you were dreaming while in the stadium.
        It’s irrelevant to my comment whether kos cost us the game, but I don’t expect you to make intelligible comments.
        Yes, it’s very easy to bash Ozil, given the way he plays.

  24. Declan says:

    We missed our best defenders today, Holding, Sokratis and Mustafi.

  25. Midkemma says:

    I’m not surprised at the type of goals they scored, I thought it was obvious how they would be a threat and as such said last week that I would have Medley in the lineup, his height and enthusiasm I feel would have shut those opportunities out.

    Kos has done well as a right sided CB, playing on the left side of CB didn’t really help along with lacking match sharpness, this really could have been avoided.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  26. Tuh says:


    Needs to start…

    He gives others confidence…


    Second to come on and finish tired defenders
    Not start

  27. jack says:

    Agree with innit.Tactically Arsenal are better
    under Emery.There are no easy gsmes in the epl.
    Bott om placed teams will fight and go physical.The gunners always have a problem when playing such teams.The defence as usual is a big problem.
    Umtil Emery gets it right forget about 4th place let alone challenge and win epl


  28. Jeremy says:

    It’s ok to be defeated but it’s a problem when we surrendered the run so meekly.

    The team selection was unbelievable. A make shift defender right in the Centre with a reputation of losing concentration during matches…. is just another horror movie in the making.

    Buck up else we will be washed aside.

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