A short analysis of the facts about Arteta’s Arsenal so far

A Short Analysis of Arteta’s Arsenal. by AI

Here is a list of facts about Arteta’s Arsenal:

-Arsenal started the season without a recognized attacking midfielder in the team.

-Arsenal are one of the best teams in Europe at passing out under pressure.

-Aubameyang has only had 17 shots on target in 20 games.

-Arsenal concede at a rate of 1 goal a game, the second-best record in the Premier League.

-Arsenal have won possession 13 out of 23 games.

-Arsenal have created an xG score of 30 goals so far, which is 12th best in the league.

-Arsenal are 20th, dead last in the league for fouls per games but are 1st for red cards and 8th for yellows.

-7 out of their 10 losses have been by 1-goal margins.

-Arsenal have made only one error leading to a goal this season. In the past 6 seasons, they have made 50 errors combined.

-Only Manchester City has conceded less shots than Arsenal this season.

Arsenal’s problem is clear. They have one of the best defense in the league but also have an average attack. This is a complete flip from the situation under Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery. And the individuals involved have not been that better in quality. As a unit, the defense is just really strong. Arteta must be praised for this.

However, ever since Smith-Rowe came into the side and Arteta moved to a back 4, Arsenal’s attack has rapidly improved. They are still not very much the best attack in the league but quite decent. Despite that, they have been very much hampered by a combination of poor discipline and poor officiating. Also, their best forward is having a poor season.

All in all, Arsenal are a possession-based side capable of playing on the counterattack. They have one of the best defense in the league, making few errors and committing few fouls, implying that they are very sound structurally. Despite that, their discipline has been poor in crucial moments and key refereeing decisions have gone against them, leading to more than a few marginal losses. Their forwards, especially the world-class one, are out of form and have struggled to turn possession into quality chances while also failing to efficiently convert those chances.

Verdict: Given that they have a young coach in his first full season and key forwards out of form, Arsenal are very likely to improve as a team. With the possession-based pattern, counterattacking foundation and high structural soundness, they have the raw potential of a very good team. Better discipline, improved forwards and more luck should see them strongly contend for European places next season.

In a medium-term future, with a young core of fantastic players like Leno, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Smith-Rowe, Saka, Martinelli, with a defensively sound coach still working on improving the attack, Arsenal should return to European elite status within the next three seasons.

Agboola Israel


    1. This is completely arteta boy article biased in it full strength.
      Where is the stats that shows we are 11th
      Played 23
      Won 9
      Lost 10
      Draw 4
      Scored 27
      Conceded 23
      Out of fa
      Out of Carling cup
      1st in red card league
      And so many more
      Well I will not read too much into this because I have seen the exact article at yardbarker so I believed it’s just a copy and paste stuff

    1. Theres a huge jump from U21 to men.. in fact our track record is very impressive with Saka and ESR in the team and AMN/Willock good enough for PL teams.

        1. Bola I don’t really have much trust in. Lopez is promising. Might need to get a season long loan before he is really ready, but I would love to see him get a chance to see if he is ready to cover for Tierney, as I really don’t like to play with a right footed player as LB

          1. Joel Lopez is ready for an opportunity deputising for Kieran Tierney. This would allow limited transfer funds to be allocated elsewhere.

        2. Arsenal are one of the best teams in Europe passing out under pressure, you sure I need to see statistics for that

    2. Me too, they have been here since forever don’t know why they are still not ready. Zech medley is the standout one for me as he has the physical attribute needed.

  1. A good defence is the foundation to build on…….the strikers need to be changed now they getting older…….just a few more young players of quality and Arsenal are back………..!

  2. A welcome sensible and realistically optimistic article. Not written by yet another know nothing who foolishly blames Arteta too. Gladdens my heart to read the intellectually sound articles ALWAYS written by Al, so well done Al!
    So good to read an article with REAL thought behind it!

    1. It pleases me alot to read stuffs like this, knowing there are still fans who see what alot dont see.. nice Article Al

      1. Yes, I’m getting a bit sick of the unfounded comments on here, saying that Arteta should be fired etc.. As you can see by the stats, we are actually improving. We are slowly getting rid of some overpaid squadplayers. With starters like Saka(19), ESR(20), Tierney(23) and Martinelli(19), Gabriel(23), Nelson(21), etc also in the first team, the future is bright. And then I’m not even mentioning Willock(21), Nketiah(21), Guendouzi(21), AMN(23) and Saliba(19) who are all out on loan

        Yes, some players still need replacing, but we are slowly getting there. Some people on here should have some trust and stay postive for once

  3. Arteta’s agents are out in their numbers. Anything to make the fellow look good. Imagine at our worst point in decades and people find ways to defend it.


    2. Ah the fifth columnist is here! Hello Jah son, I am surprised you haven’t got bored yet and returned to whichever club you are really a fan of. Whatever happened to positivity or encouragement? I have NEVER seen you write one good word about anything or anybody at the club. – I’m not just talking about Arteta. Please stop writing “our” and instead write “your” so it’s out in the open.

      1. guy, In all seriousness, I have often thought he must be a troll, as his constant crticism of MA is way beyond opinion and reeks of prejudice, that you would expect a fan of another club to have.
        It is for certain that whether or not he is a troll, he is esp dullwitted. He never has anything original to actually say, simply repreating his constant calls for MA to go. Rather like listening to an irritating woodpecker with no actual song or music in their soul but a constant barrage of drill sounding monotony.

  4. Yes Arteta has improved the defense, but killed the attack in the process. Introducing the combo of ESR and Saka has made it look hot and cold, as well as moving Tierney to his proper LB position, but we are far from solving that problem.

    One of the best additions the club could make is bringing in an experienced assistant who can challenge Arteta with some of his decisions and subs.

    Returning to a dictator type structure won’t solve the clubs problems. It did not work with our best manager, Wenger, after Dein left, and it won’t work with Arteta. Too much power and control doesn’t allow him to focus on his job of coaching players.

  5. Arsenal season is over and I have no appetite for watching Arsenal play under Arteta,had enough already.I will only watch Arsenal play under a top experienced manager who knows what he’s doing, Arteta is a joker. I have no time for a rookie coach.I can only expect from someone who has done it before and don’t mention the FA cup win which was fluke,we won’t win any cup this season neither will we qualify for europe.I am not deluded Arteta is not an intelligentvl coach neither do the results suggest so.

    1. Wow, can I borrow your crystal ball, it seems awfully clear!
      And can I have a “fluke” cup win every year please?

  6. It is not easy to win any game of football, how much more a cup.

    Klopp and Pep had a few bad seasons before rising their club to top form with the help of great business additions to the playing field.

    Arteta has just begun and I trust him to take us up again. He still needs to work on himself and his decisions too, to get the best results.

    Good article from AI. Admin is really doing a good work making this site one of the best Arsenal sites presently.

    Dan Smith, AI, Jon, Ken, Kev, Admin and some other good writers on this site, thank you all for keeping us entertained with the club we all love.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation S.J. it makes a nice change from the abuse I usually get.
      After ten years making my dream Arsenal site, I still get trolls telling me I’m doing it wrong lol.

  7. How can you have a team where all senior attacking player is out of form and find time to sing praise. Sometimes it’s not just only the players that need a kick up the arsenal. Management too.

  8. We can come up with all the excuses, stats, figures or facts we like but facts are we are out of the Carabao cup, FA cup, 11th possibly 12th and playing boring negative football.

  9. This whole nonsense that under Wenger Arsenal’s defence was weak is total bullshit. Wenger’s Arsenal was balanced with a terrific attack and a good defence that defended by controlling the midfield (Guardiola does same). Both Cech and Scezny won golden gloves and Arsenal were always in the top 4 of clean sheets. If you want to know a strong defence, look first at clean sheets before number of goals conceded. One heavy defeat can add many goals conceded even if you have 8 clean sheets in 10.

    Any day Arteta switches to attack, that defence will fall like cards because his midfield play is inexistent, reason he over relies on defensive structure. If you think he’s better defensively than Wenger, you ain’t got any clue about football.

    1. For some fans here, KPI for AW & Emery is top 4 but for MA, top half is very good 👍 and 💪. What’s an irony? LOL!

      1. Kenny, fairness and equity are in short supply. Different rules for different people. Arsene Wenger had to move on/retire at some time. As for Unai Emery he must be wondering on one hand, what the performance indicators are at Arsenal FC, and on the other be pleased he is back in Spain, where he is appreciated.

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