A sprinkling of shocking stats that reflect Arsenal’s impotence

Arsenal’s season has been so bad that most of their fans have given up any hope of finishing this campaign in the top six.

The Gunners have some of the best players in the Premier League on their books and that makes their current run of form even more baffling.

Their attack is being led by the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Alexandre Lacazette, while their midfield has Thomas Partey, and Gabriel Magalhaes has been in fine form in their defence.

Yet they have lost seven of their last ten league games. Mail Sport revealed some of the stats behind their current terrible run of form and some of them are just shocking.

Despite their quality attackers, only Burley, Sheffield United and West Brom, who are all in the relegation zone, have scored fewer goals than the Gunners this season.

Arsenal has scored as many own goals (3) as they have scored for themselves in the last seven league games.

Arteta’s Arsenal has collected 14 points from 14 league matches this season, Unai Emery had 18 points from his opening 13 games when he was sacked by Arsenal.

Arsenal’s summer business has almost been a joke with Willian getting just one shot on target in 15 competitive games for the Gunners.

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  1. Just leave it to the “realists” as dross players sit at home and collect. According to the”realists” we need hard workers running around like headless chickens. Quality players are special and have to be handled with experience hands.

    1. Mate, Arsenal struggling in 15th place does not automatically give our other dross players sitting at home validation as some sort of saviours. Sokratis, Mustafi, Ozil are even more dross than the other dross we currently have in the team. Some of them are dross on top of having stinking attitudes.. Can’t have that.

      They too have failed to show that they have the quality to make us better or improve us. They have had enough seasons and enough second chances. But as always poor..
      The quicker we can get them out of the club together with others in the current squad the better.
      What I have realised is that it’s true what they say. Putting makeup on a group of exiled pigs (Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi, Gwen etc) then trying to compare them to another group of no makeup pigs (Our current squad) does not change the fact that they are all pigs that love to play in muddy crap.

      We have had the same attitude and mentality issues with some of them going back as far as the later wenger years. Some of them got Wenger sacked too due to their constant poor performances.

    2. Also the same realist still licking Arteta’s boot when we’re in crisis. The same realist who abused wenger and emery for less. The so called “real” fan

  2. Wenger always lost against the big teams and doesnt learn.They will will let him have all the possession and pass all day until he is hit by a siucker punch as in the Spurs game.
    Arteta is repeating the same mistake. That’s why he is losing.
    If he is smart he better go before he gets fired

    1. Can you explain what you are trying to say please?
      What has AW and the current stats got to do with each other?
      Sorry, but I’m confused.

    2. But Wenger team always beat the lower teams, especially at home. Arteta couldn’t get a win even if his life depends on it

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      All contributions from real Arsenal fans will be considered…

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