A study of Arsenal’s Champions League chances

I have already written about the chances of Arsenal pulling off the incredible and finishing on top of our Champions League qualifying group. I don’t see us beating Galatasaray as the difficult part as they have been woeful, but we need Borussia Dortmund to lose at home to Anderlecht and that is pretty unlikely.

And as Arsene Wenger rightly said in a report on Arsenal.com, the Gunners could do with a bit more luck when the draw is made for the next round. With Bayern Munich twice and Barcelona iin three of the last four draws, you would hope that Arsenal get a slightly easier ride this season and there are some decent options out there for us, although the groups are not all decided yet.

Assuming we finish second, then we could face Leverkusen, Monaco or Zenit who could all still top group C, while Atletico Madrid or Juventus could win group A. Neither of those club is exactly easy but I would prefer them to Barcelona, Bayern or Real Madrid. And PSG could still finish above Barca if they avoid defeat in the Nou Camp in the final game. Then you have Porto who have already won group H.

But the most important thing for Arsenal is to get our own house in order before this draw, as the boss says. There are signs of that happening finally, however, and unless we keep having bad luck with injuries, the squad should be a lot stringer with the likes of Ozil, Walcott, Debuchy and maybe even Wilshere back. The Frenchman was asked how we could go further than previous years.

He replied, “First to send a different guy for the draw. If you look at the last five or six years we got the teams we didn’t want. From now until February we need to improve as a team, get encouragement from tonight’s game and then hope we have nearly all our players back in the next round. You see who is qualified around Europe and there are many teams who are at the top, top level. There are three or four teams you don’t want to play.”

Also, we are all hoping that Wenger signs a quality centre back and defensive midfielder at the very least when the transfer window opens in January. Depending on who we sign, they may be able to join the UCL squad, so with a bit of luck on injuries and with the draw, do you think Arsenal could be in for a better run in the tournament this season?

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  1. Justsoccerfan says:

    Forgot about UCL, concentrate on our 4th instead.

    1. dboy says:

      At the rate players are getting injured. It doesn’t make sense risking players in the CL if we not in it to win it.

  2. Twig says:

    When is Walcott back?

  3. Truth Hurts says:

    haha people butthurt over the top comment
    come back to reality delusional people

    This team is no way near being BPL champions and you lot are dreaming of CL
    wake up people we couldnt win the CL with INVINCIBLES and came close once with that legendary team

    Tell me one thing
    Q) How are we going to beat Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid over 180 minutes?

    1. Justsoccerfan says:

      Park the bus. 1-10-0

      1. dboy says:

        Yeah but we have Wenger as our manager. Don’t see any suggested tactics happening.

  4. Truth Hurts says:

    one win against a good opposition and all is well now

    Mark my words
    He is gonna make the same mistakes that we have seen him make 100 times more during the course of the season

  5. 007 says:

    OT: Sorry to the author but, Klopp said:

    “I don’t think, after seeing how my team performed at the Emirates Stadium, the Arsenal fans want me on the bench,” Klopp is quoted as saying by Mediaset Premium .

    “Arsenal have one of the best coaches in the world and I’m also at one of the best clubs in the world. I’m thankful for all the praise, but my future is Dortmund.”

    Despite the last sentence this sounds like a come and get me plea from the way I see it. Whether Wenger resigns, gets sucked (as if), or runs down his contract I would still want Klopp in. His fast passed aggressive football, passion, hunger, desire to prove a point, and an eye of recruiting quality players coupled with our NOW FINANCIAL STABILITY, amazing stadium, and a larger fan base than Dortmund across the world would form a good cocktail for success.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!!

      1. 007 says:

        As quoted by Mediaset Premium though I read it on Goal (heeeehe) I know the later is not the most reliable source but the statement is not out of this world or over blown, I wouldn’t be surprised that he said this for real.

        We all now know his got a soft spot for the EPL, with Dortmund going down and saling there best players year in year out, he can have an escape route with Lpoor / ManC / or potentially Arsenal too. Wouldn’t love to see him at our rivals though

        But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

    1. ryanh27 says:

      um, how does that sound like a “come and get me plea”? He quite clearly says ‘I’m also at one of the best clubs in the world. I’m thankful for all the praise, but my future is Dortmund.”

      Really, to try and dig for a hidden meaning in his quote which isnt even there is foolish… Lets get real here, even if Klopp was to get sacked by Dortmund, we still have the small issue of wenger being our manager for at least another 2 years after this season (there is no ways he will get sacked, and i doubt he will resign) Klopp is a good manager but i somehow dont see him being our next manager, not in the near future at least, people need to wake up to reality… bring on the thumbs down 🙂

  6. davidnz says:

    Due to our amazing manager
    we have achieved our
    franchise goal of EPL last 16
    Thank you Arsene for
    making all Arsenal fans
    very happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Skandalouz says:

    “Wenger confirms Debuchy on course to make Arsenal return before Christmas, following ankle ligament surgery.”

    Shad Forsythe, ladies and gentlemen. First Giroud now Debuchy. Shame Wilshere and Diaby will be lost causes.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      It’s like the last group of physios were on a pay per injury wage. They must have made a mint…Lol

  8. 007 says:

    Wenger says:

    on the injury situation changing his transfer plans…

    “January might be a month when we have nearly everybody back because Koscielny is back in the squad, Debuchy will be back I think in two weeks. We have gone through a period where we are very short but we discovered as well that players have learnt their job well in the centre-back position, like Monreal and he is doing very well now. In January we will of course try to get at least one body in”.

    uhhhhhhh, kind of concerned right now and we know this guy rarely bluffs on transfers, when he says we might be bringing in 1 player he might mean an injured Kim again. I was hoping he has finally heard our cries for a beast DM and a CB but his blind faith in his players has brought down the team to were it is now “AVERAGE” at best.

    Anyway I hope he will prove me wrong and sort out our problems.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

    1. ryanh27 says:

      Dude, the guy always bluffs on his transfer plans… however I do think we won’t get more than 2 players in January, but realistically we dont need more than 2 signings… as long as they are in the right positions (cb and cdm), he is right in that our squad will start to come right again in terms of injuries come january (provided there are no more injuries)

      OT: I’m glad you arent paid 8M to think about such things cuz some of your ideas and thoughts are a little strange… no offense

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