A stunning stat reveals how good Arsenal’s defence has been

Arsenal has had to put in one defensive masterclass after another to keep their top-four hopes alive.

In the seasons before now, the Gunners earned an unwanted reputation for being a club that is generous at the back.

That problem needed to be fixed by Mikel Arteta when he became the club’s manager, and the Spaniard has probably done that.

Arsenal kept yet another clean sheet in their 1-0 win against Aston Villa this afternoon and a lot of credit has to go to their defensive resilience.

The win came only because the Gunners put their bodies on the line to ensure they survive Villa’s onslaught.

Arsenal journalist, Connor Humm, has now revealed a stunning stat that even the most passionate Arsenal fan may not have known.

He tweeted: “Arsenal have now faced 133 corners without conceding a goal.”

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A team’s form is usually closely tied to how good they defend.

When we had a terrible set of defenders and conceded goals happily, we massively underachieved.

Our improved form in recent months has been partly down to Arteta fixing our defensive issues.

Hopefully, the club will strengthen that department even further by the end of this season.

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PRESS CONFERENCE – Arteta is very happy after Aston Villa win!

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  1. My word, 133 corners and yet to concede from one, this is a revelation.
    To the gunner’s staunchest critics, the gaffer must be doing something right.

    Have detected traits in the gaffer signaling he could be one of the great coaches to grace the earth, but way too soon to conclude anything, just remember you herd it from Gunsmoke first ,

    The gaffer was never someone who just decided coaching because he was bored or love the game, he was nick name coach from playing days at Arsenal, could tell you a little more how Wenger allow him to leave to city, but that maybe for a different epistle

    He has made Arsenal better and taken some bold decisions in the process,
    There is a swagger about Arsenal play now said one commentator

    1. “There is a swagger in arsenal’s attacking play” That’s actually what the commentator said.
      Seriously, I have never seen arsenal play like this since the wenger .

      The team now play this fluid football with everyone stringing those quick and beautiful passes together. Even xhaka now is doing flicks in tight spaces.

      Wow, how the narratives have changed.

  2. The set pieces trainer is doing fantastic and let’s go gunners.to the gaffer ,you are doing an amazing and great job bro

  3. The reality is, to build a successful team you need to have a solid, balanced and organized defence. We won our titles with good defences first with the fab 4 of Keown, Adams, Winterburn and Dixon. Then the invincible Sol, Toure, Cole and Lauren. I’d say this defence is the ability to be the best defence Arsenal have ever had. Mainly because of their ability to carry and pass the ball and build play from the back.

    The fact is we lost out on CL football and a Europa League final under Emery. All because our defence wasn’t good enough full of players who had a blunder in them. We have Saliba back in the summer which will be another fantastic addition. I hear Athleti are keen on Soares, so sell him and give Brooke Norton-Cuffy a chance. Save the money to strengthen other areas

    1. Must confess, I was never a fan of Arteta & Ben White, even though I’m still not one. My inner consciousness tells me that I love their improvements, therefore I’m their fan. I can’t deny, they have really improved.

  4. For me the big improvement is, we finally have a team, which defends as a team, and from the front. Something all big teams started doing years ago, while we were sleeping.

  5. All MA signing since arrival except Ode, has been defensive minded players, that’s why most people thought of him as a defensive coach.
    Hopefully he prove them wrong by this summer, sign some great attackers and complete the squad spine

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