A summary of Arsenal’s eight remaining EPL games – How many points will we get?

The international break is almost over and it is time to focus on the Premier League and the eight games left for us to navigate as we pursue a top-four finish.

I have drawn up a quick summary of those remaining fixtures with my personal opinions on how I see each of those matches. Bear one thing in mind, if I was able to predict football results I would be a millionaire, I am not and therefore take these summaries for what they are, a personal opinion on how I see each of the games ahead of us, nothing more.

Arsenal v Newcastle United

Newcastle are in form right now, they have the fifth-best record in the Premier League over the last six games, however, we are formidable at home and while Rafa Benitez is a top quality manager that sends out well-organised teams I fully expect us to collect all three points, we simply will have too much firepower for the Toon defence to handle.

Everton v Arsenal

Everton done us a huge favour beating Chelsea but that was more because of the poor performance from Chelsea than the brilliance of Everton, that said we cannot be complacent, this is a very winnable match for us and we have to remember that was only their third win over the last ten Premier League games they have played, they are hardly in great form and as long as we stay focused we will win.

Watford v Arsenal

Now, this is a dangerous game and a potential banana skin and a lot will depend on how we approach this game. If we go into this game thinking it is only Watford then we will come unstuck, if we enter this game recognising that this is a team that is eighth in the Premier League and a bloody difficult team to play against then we will win, this game for me is all about mentality.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace

I have to be honest, I see this game as a banker three points, Palace flatter to deceive, they are not that good really, they get the odd decent result but they are only five points above the relegation zone for a reason. We are also at home and I cannot see us blowing this one, three points all day long for me.

Wolverhampton v Arsenal

Another tricky game and potentially our most dangerous opponent of those we have left to face, they have just knocked Man Utd out of the FA Cup, they were very unlucky not to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League in the game before their triumph over United and they have beaten Tottenham away, Chelsea home and drawn with us and United in the league. We are more than good enough to beat Wolves but this is one game that will not be easy and the one game that makes me the most nervous.

Leicester City v Arsenal

Who knows what Leicester team we will face, will it be the team that loses 4-1 at home to Crystal Palace or the team that beats Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and draws with Liverpool at Anfield? I am confident we will beat them in their own back yard but I will be nervous for sure, Leicester is more than capable of springing a surprise but in all reality, we are the better team and if we play the game right, we will win.

Arsenal v Brighton

If this game was at Brighton I would be cautious but it is not, it is at the Emirates and we surely should be collecting all three points against a team that has lost ten times on the road in the Premier League and that is far from safe from relegation. Brighton can be tricky but come on, this is surely a banker and yes, I know that is being slightly complacent but if we cannot be overconfident against Brighton when we are at home then when can we be.

Burnley v Arsenal

I hope that Burnley is either safe from relegation or already relegated when this game comes around. The last thing we want is to have to travel to Turf Moor on the last day of the season needing points to secure a top four spot and you really do not want to be playing a team that is fighting for their lives in front of their own fans. Should we win this? of course we should but circumstances can make this game a very dangerous one indeed.


Some very tricky games but if we play to our abilities there is no reason why we cannot pick up 24 points, we have gone on those sort of runs before and we can again, none of these opponents are the top six but I am fully aware that we can also slip up and while I am very confident in our players, I will also approach each game with extreme caution.


  1. Generally sensible summaries but we learned nothing most proper fans did not already know, save your opinion , which without wishing to be rude, is not exactly exciting or revolutionary. All in all and as you and we all know very well, it is merely a filler to keep the site ticking over.

  2. 24 points incoming! Unai’s army are champions League bound! Hopefully we add Europa League to those 8 wins ?

  3. Very very optimistic outlook I might say knowing our dodgy away form this season.partcularly games at Everton(bear pit),Watford (derby),wolves (form side) Leicester (on their day with vardy)& last but not least Burnley( scrappers).Depends which Arsenal turns up for these.especially when we have a habit of shooting ourselves in the foot or having to deal with a dodgy ref.Any of these games make me extremely nervous…

  4. As Unai and his players keep saying, one game at a time!!

    However, I am really feeling optimistic about our chances, especially with the two hardest (as I see it) fixtures being Wolves and Watford, who are both involved in the fa cup.
    Brighton, who assumedly, having been blown away by city, will be so low in confidence, it will be like lambs to the slaughter!!
    Let’s just win on Monday, move into third spot and feel the confidence starting to ooze out of the club.
    I can’t see us not dropping a point or two in all honesty, but at least I’m living the dream once again!!

      1. Ken, Surely your double negative equals what you finally posted! As you see, I am merely filling in time too with nothing much to say on this thread.

  5. I see he dropping a point two but do do I see United, spurs and Chelsea even dropping more points… Remember they are playing themselves. All I see is a glorious end of season.

  6. So the Gunners are headed to the States this summer, playing some high profile friendlies including Bayern and Madrid in LA I think! We never really do a tour of North America so it’ll be good for the American based fans! ?

    1. Yes be good for the gooners across the pond – Durand & georgie b ?
      Playing Roma too & possibly Colorado Rapids?
      Silent Stan will be at those games surely??
      Ha no 5-1 for Bayern this time…. ?

      1. You going Sue ? haha he’ll probably be on his ranch that day ? didn’t we beat them on pens in a friendly after that demolition ? ?

          1. DT will be going, he needs a suitcase just for his hats ? we certainly won’t Unai’s army will triumph ? it’s LA, Washington and North Carolina then and Emirates cup ?

      2. Thanks for the mention Sue! West coast far far from me; hoping they would visit East coast for a game or two however. Money to be made here, so sure that turned Stan’s head.

        1. I read they’re playing Roma in Charlotte, North Carolina, Durand. That’s near you isn’t it?
          Absolutely, if there’s a buck or a million to be made, Stan will be there for sure!!

  7. I think picking up 20pts from possible 24 would be good, we need to give the players some slack because there are some tough fixtures, but you didn’t mention how the European travels can make them trickier. We have a very busy April if everything goes to plan in Europe. These sides we face, they do not have the midweek games, they’ll have all week to prepare. So I wouldn’t expect full marks, you are only lining yourself up for a fall if you believe we will win them all. One or two of those away games, depending on how others results are going, one or two draws from our toughest away games might suffice. Utd and Che will not win all of there games, highly doubtful, I’m not sure what Tott’s fixtures look like, but it would be a bonus for them to get stuck right in the thick of it. It’s a good article, I thought it was going to be about these weekend games coming up – A little over-confident – but it’ll be good to see what people really think about our chances.

  8. Match against Watford is d toughest but if auba & lacaz can be at d their best that day as well as arsenal defence against deeney,

  9. I think we need 18 points to make top four and have a good chance with 16. Anything less and it gets unlikely. In December I would have bitten off your hand for our current position and points. I guess most would have done too, though a tiny few were of course still predicting we could still be second.

    1. In December you would have bitten off a hand for our current position and points.
      In January I grew frustrated and called for the manager to go because he wasn’t playing our best players. Someone called me crazy.
      Did we make new signings No!
      Emery stoled our dream when he picked that fight with the player.
      Look at the team now! I sincerely hope Mr Emery keep fielding the best of what we’ve got.
      Gwend is young and just not ready.
      Iwobi enough said poor guy
      I still am of the belief that an injury free season with three major additions and we can challenge.

      1. I called for his sacking too. Why are we persisting with this second rate coach who has won a Mickey Mouse cup 2 or 3 times when the great “Jah son” is willing, able and available???
        Guendouzi is young and not ready. Any manager worth his salt would have made him older and ready immediately. I won’t go into further detail than you did with Iwobi but it’s clear these guys are simply stoleding Arsenal’s money

  10. 17points (5wins, 2 draws and 1 loss) should be the enough to secure top 4 considering that the other teams competing for top 4 have 1-2 games between themselves.

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