A swap deal with Juventus proposed – Ramsey plus cash in exchange for Bellerin

Juventus open talks with Arsenal over Bellerin-Ramsey swap

Italian giants Juventus have reportedly made contact with Arsenal over a swap deal involving Aaron Ramsey and Hector Bellerin, according to Sky Sports and CalcioMercato journalist Rudy Galetti.

The report further suggested that the Bianconeri will be willing to offer a further €8 million.

Bellerin and Ramsey had an underwhelming campaign at their respective clubs, and they both look destined to move on this summer if a deal can be agreed.

Arsenal’s search for an additional pair of bodies in the creativity department is well documented with Norwich City’s Emi Buendia and Real Madrid’s Martin Odegaard both being heavily linked.

Juventus thus look to offer Ramsey to Arsenal, in a deal which will involve Bellerin heading to the other direction.

Ramsey can even be deployed as a number 8 which means the Welsh’s signing won’t affect Arsenal’s pursuit of Buendia.

However, many Arsenal fans have reservations about the deal as they believe swapping a 31-year-old Ramsey with a 26-year-old Bellerin does not make much sense.

The deal is in its preliminary stage and thus is far from getting completed. Spanish sides such as Real Betis and more recently Atletico Madrid have shown strong interest in Arsenal’s right-back.

Thus, a return to his homeland Spain looks a more likely destination for Bellerin.

Yash Bisht

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  1. S.J says:

    We don’t need Ramsey. Bellerin can even go for 5 million pounds.

  2. Davi says:

    Yeah I hope we avoid that swap deal. Ramsey’s a good player but his wages are too high and he still has injury issues. It’s interesting, though, Bellerin is getting some interest from the sound of it. Hopefully that means some good funds will come in. I’d be happy with chambers and Soares (pretty sure Saliba can play full back as well if needed) as our RB options if it means we can get quality players at CM and CF.

  3. gotanidea says:

    That’s a very bad deal, because Bellerin is our fastest and most skillful attacking RB. We should get at least 30 M for him and no swap deal

    1. FootballIsTrivial says:

      Bellerin can’t cross or beat a player.
      He has no longer the pace he used to have, and he is average at defending.

      1. gotanidea says:

        He produced many good crosses, but our CFs weren’t good headers and tended to miss sitters

      2. Ram says:

        Spot on

    2. alex says:

      Are you serious. I don’t even know Bellerin strong foot because he seems not to know how to use both. Fastest and most skillful but benched by a conventional CB

      1. gotanidea says:

        If the conventional CB you’re talking about is Chambers, I believe Arteta wants him to extend his contract. Therefore Chambers started ahead of Bellerin and Soares in the last few matches

  4. mekux11 says:

    Sell bellerin at £30m or no Deal…He do bring creativity and goal to squad when needed.We should stop all this panic sales

    1. Towny254 says:

      You have missed the point RAMSEY back here yes or no

  5. Sean Williams says:

    I feel that Arsenal are getting cold feet about spending money on Buendia/Bissouma. So in the Kroenke world of lies we’ll get Ramsey, some money and buy a cheap midfielder to add. Ramsey is 31….and the management would be seen as madmen. Well maybe he can play alongside the great Willian and we can get relegated once and for all.
    We were supposed to have money for transfers. Buendía and Bissouma would change our midfield for the better. A 31 year Old Ramsey…..it won’,t happen. No chance.

  6. carl shadbolt says:

    what aload of rubbish !! Bellerin is at least worth 25 million but more like 30 million !! Ramsey at 31 really whatever !! i was told if you got nothing of real substance to say, just dont say anything at all !!

  7. Shine says:

    Juventus is a joke. How can such a huge well known Italian club come out with such a tiny deal involving Ramsey… Juventus is a disappointing club despite huge reputation.

    If arsenal want Ramsey we could have gotten him in the past.
    Move on dun waste time with juventus

  8. Tali says:

    Bellerin for Ramsey is a joke !

  9. Ahmad73 says:

    This is a deal only Edu will make. I hope that Arsenal doesn’t keep making these inept decisions.

  10. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    Bad deal indeed.
    Juventus is trying to rob Arsenal and do not bring Ramsey back.

  11. Adajim says:

    It’s just an initial bid an Juve is known to want cheap bargains for out of favour/almost out of contract players but this time the trick wouldn’t work on us since we have rejected £25m for same player just last summer but I think the highest we could get is £20m because of the player decision to leave. Am happy our players are getting offers that makes it easier to trim the squad unlike last season when no club were interested in who we wanted to sell

  12. jon fox says:

    I passionately want NEITHER of these so often injured and non productive players at our club, though if forced , I’d reluctantly take Ramsey, though only as back up, IF – which won’t happen- he accepted a wage of no more than £50 k PW!
    RAMSEY, at31, did have some productiveness, in between his constant injuries, some YEARS ago.
    The useless BELLERIN, must go whatever it takes to get him out, as he has done more than enough damage over his Arsenal career to date and I , almost alone, have been saying this consistently for many years on JA.
    However, If – which seems incredibly unlikely to me – Juventus are stupid enough to give us any sort of half decent fee to take BELLERIN(more fool them) we MUST snap their hands off!

  13. ozziegunner says:

    No to Ramsey returning, as his time with Arsenal is past history and he continues to be injury prone
    Yes to selling Bellerin, but for cash money to address deficiencies in midfield.

  14. Sir Michael says:

    Ramsey Welcome to the Arsenal Retirement Home

  15. Ali says:

    They stole him on free transfer n doing a swap deal in return…very smart…arsenal needs a good defender…they better ignore the deal with juventus

  16. RW1 says:

    one below average player for another below average player … no thanks … sell bellerin for whatever we can get and put money in the pot for needed strengthening in key areas

    1. ozziegunner says:


  17. Jamax says:

    Why Arsenal board likes to go for dead wood?
    1- David luiz
    3-Runarson goalkeeper
    4- Ceballos
    And now Ramsy
    Why all this rubbish please?
    Poor management in our history.

    Go for players who will change our club that bringing players who will burry our team.
    Next season we are heading to championship if we dont care.

  18. Christopher says:

    No not with Ramsey’s wages. Most of these guys a semi retired at 31. All they ever care about is taking a hefty pay packet.

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