A sympathetic look at Adebayor’s Arsenal career on his retirement

At the age of 39 Adebayor has announced his retirement.

The irony being his best goal scoring season came at the club he claims to ‘hate’ – the Arsenal.

The manager who took him closest to winning trophies, Arsene Wenger  was labelled a ‘fake’.

62 goals in 142 games is not a bad conversion rate, yet on zero platforms have the Gunners chose to pay respect to the striker’s career.

Even from a business point of view it should be given more credit than it tends to get.

Signed for just 3 million, sold for 25, it’s another example of how Mr Wenger could spot a gem, develop a youngster into a diamond and make a huge profit.

Yet when you visit the Emirates you are unlikely to see his image, have him invited back to say hello and if any montages are made, if possible,  he is left out.

All parties try to dissociate with each other like his employment never happened. Over the years the few times either have mentioned one another  is Adebayor defending his reputation and maintain the club lied about his exit in 2009.

Whatever your view on his time in North London might depend on who you believe.

Adebayor’s version is he made it clear to Mr Wenger that he didn’t want to leave but was told the Gunners needed the money, and that if he didn’t co-operate he would be relegated to the reserves.

Adebayor was then shocked a week later to see his ex-boss on TV accuse him of joining Man City, motivated by the wages on offer.

What we now know is during this era Arsenal were under pressure to pay off debts from building their new stadium, with the business model being to ensure they get revenue from being in the Champions League, while every year cashing in on one of their best assets.

Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie were equally painted as greedy when leaving, only to since stress that Arsenal were not as resistant to their transfers as they like to make out to the public.

With us knowing the financial situation we were in and Wenger’s willingness to deflect, it’s strange that not more Gunners seem to believe the players version of events.

How some of his teammates talked about him suggests his attitude wasn’t the best, but that doesn’t make him a liar.

What if he generally did want to stay with us?

What if he was being told he wasn’t wanted?

Wouldn’t he then be justified to be ignored when the opposite is leaked out?

I think some supporters don’t want to consider that stance as it’s easier to excuse chants of ‘Your Mother is a Whore’ and your dad ‘Washes Elephants ‘.

Of course I’m educated enough to know that even if he had pushed for a transfer, no matter his salary, nothing warrants those remarks.

Any coward who said those words, and yet cried when he celebrated in front of the away end at the Etihad (with grown adults ripping up chairs ) are an embarrassment to our club.

Anyone who doesn’t condemn that abuse is just as guilty.

That knee slide in Manchester is sadly the highlight of his career.

Tragic really considering the talent he had.

The biggest irony (he might be too proud to see it) is the best version of himself was at Arsenal, because he had the arm round the shoulder that he craved.

He was clearly hurt when it was removed, and he would join another 8 clubs searching for it, never to find it.

You could argue the 170,000 pound a week Man City paid him essentially blocked him?

Given his childhood in Africa and the chance to look after his family he was never going to leave that money on the table, but it meant that most clubs in the world could now not afford him.

Real Madrid, and originally Spurs, admitted that’s the reason loans were not made into permanent moves.

It’s believed City were still paying part of the forward’s paid to facilitate the move to the Lane.

This was the start of an unwanted track record of playing well to earn a long term deal, but downing tools once it became a reality.

He would score 1 league goal in 6 months at Palace, 4 years in Turkey, 4 games in Paraguay and finished his playing days in Togo.

If you grew up in poverty like Adebayor did, you can’t begrudge him being motivated by money.

His talent was like a lottery ticket to his family, some of whom would later exploit his generosity.

It’s easy to judge the stereotypical footballer with the fast cars, crazy outfits and enjoying partying.

Equally many can’t relate to what Adebayor went through as a child.

If you’re battling for food and electricity from a baby to your teens, you’re not going to take money for granted and understandably would want to make as much as possible.

If you had to go to the beach to wash, then perhaps it’s impossible to not let money motivate you?

The 39-year-old has helped make many lives better, including charities.

If his truth is accurate, then I can understand his bitterness towards Arsenal.

I think his ‘hate’ might come from the fact he once loved us and in the end didn’t get that love back.

At a certain point I think he loved Arsenal more then he really knows.

I think he found a home. Somewhere where he got a decent living while being adored by 60,000 people every week and a manager who (when he wanted to) could be a father figure.

It’s clear he’s keeps a tight circle and is loyal to those close to him.

The rejecting from Arsenal hurt, the racism from some ‘fans’ hurt the most.

That’s the twisted irony. He took the transfer as a betrayal, a break of trust, an insult.

Yet his perception is the opposite.

Most of all though, for so long it looked like his story at Arsenal would end differently.

Like a lot of that young squad from that era, Adebayor came close to something special.

Arsenal were the team who gave him the chance to prove himself in Europe, and if nothing else make more money than he thought possible.

Deep down he knows that.

Once a Gooner always a Gooner so …

Enjoy your retirement Adebayor!

Dan Smith

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  1. I really rated him highly at Arsenal. Was really good for us.
    Rate him highter than Auba too.

  2. Don’t blame him for taking the money if that was his motivation but he lacked class from his antics Against us.
    One I would put in the draw as he was just another striker for us. No more no less.

    1. Please don’t lie to yourself, adebayor was more than just a striker for us, he was decent, I rate him higher than auba.

      1. Leno
        I think you are delusional
        Anyone who Defects and plays for the arch enemy doesn’t warrant a mention as a decent player in my eyes

  3. For Dan Smith
    A very passionate article from the heart.
    My own view on this is that for that season where we had a chance to win the league, he was unplayable after taking Henry’s mantle. No defender wanted to face up to him. I remember that goal against Spurs on the volley (rarely have I seen a ball hit harder). We thought we had a Didier Drogba on our hands. But Drogba was consistent, whereas Adebayor was erratic.
    Nobody deserves the abuse he got.
    But for me the inconsistency is something I have seen in too many players to remember them that fondly as an AFC player.
    Wish him well in his personal life.

  4. Pass the sick bag! I wish to entirely disassociate myself from the woke type nonsense written by Dan!
    I regard this man as a poor speciman of humanity TBH and I reject as one sided and faintly ridiculous the diatribe written in the article. He might fool others, including Dan, but I did not fall for his tricks.

    I was very glad he left and never changed my mind that he was a wrong ‘un!

    1. And yet I write Leno wasn’t very good , that’s nasty
      Yet it’s okay for you to call another ex player a poor speciman ?
      What’s the difference ?

    2. oh no, not the woke police! take a step back to see perspective in this article and in life.

    3. Let’s just agree that you do not know what the word WOKE means apart from the definition on the Oxford dictionary

  5. I was there that day when he was sent off at the ems vs the spuds what a lovely moment that was I will never forget the whole stadium in laughter 👋🤣😆

  6. So eveeyobe else at The Arsenal were telling lies?
    Dan, cannot agree with you at all on this.
    I heard that he wanted the same money that Thierry Henry was on and couldn’t stand up fact that TH was the No. 1!!
    Doesn’t matter anyway, hope he enjoys the rest of his life.

  7. Never seen a player get offside as much as Adebayor, he could have won the game against Wigan but missed a sitter after the Eduardo horror leg-breaking tackle at Birmingham, if we had won that game we may have gone to win the PL. He doesn’t deserve any recognition from Arsenal. Never an outstanding player for us

  8. Could the alleged mistreatment of Adebayor by his then Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger had led the current Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta refusing to work with him at the club as assistant coach to him, when he retired from playing at Arsenal? But instead left to Man City to work under Pep Guardiola as his assistant coach?

  9. Very good player but ‘once a Gooner always a Gooner’? Afraid he lost my respect when he ran the length of the pitch to knee slide celebrating a goal against us in front of our fans, that lacked class. Having said that, he did score some great goals for us and hoping we get an equally sympathetic article about Ôzil as he’s announced his retirement from football today.

      1. DK it DOES go down well with me that he has retired officially.

        What I could never accept was his UNOFFICIAL retirement, while still on our books and while picking up that huge and stupidly awarded salary while being ,in effect , retired.

        And even when nominally “playing”, he was still effectively retired, so little did he care about trying fully.
        He took the con of coasting during play to a new level, an obscene and cheating one.

        1. Give it a rest Jon, your like the old 78 record when it’s finished playing… click, click, click click..

          Looking forward to your comprehensive article on one of the greatest No. 10’s and please don’t forget to list ALL of his achievements!!!

          1. Only thing he will list is his wages Ken ,for some weird reason that’s his comeback everytime ,without actually realising what Ozil accomplished in his career ,I wasn’t even his biggest fan but he was here in a low point in our history and some fans blame him for that .

          2. Sorry KEN, NO CAN DO !

            Try it sometime, you wil find it cathartic.

            As for an article on our greatest No. 10, Bergkamp has been written about countless times, though I agree with you he WAS our greatest ever number ten, though I cannot see his relevance to this debate, as I was talking about Ozil, our laziest ever number ten.

            1. Not reading the response properly YET AGAIN Jon I see.

              I said ONE of the best No. 10’s and wouldn’t consider DB and MO in the same catagory – Dennis was head and shoulders above anyone else who wore the No. 10 for The Arsenal.

              My request was to Dan regarding a truthful and unbiased article about Mesut Ozil – I’m savvy enough to know that if YOU wrote it, the content would be so one sided, it would cause a permanent limp.

              1. The why did you ask about an Ozil article in a post in reply to my post?
                And which began with your words “Give it a rest Jon, etc!”
                You now claim that was meant for DAN.
                Rather an ODD way to ask him, considering you posted it in reply to my post and under my post.


                1. Jon unfortunately the world does not centre around you and, as you didn’t write the Adebayour article, why would you assume I wanted you to write a Ozil article?
                  Think outside of the one to one conversation Jon and try to focus on the bigger picture, after all it is supposed to be a debate for all.

                  1. Ken, A CRYPTIC REPLY THAT AVOIDS MY PERTINENT QUESTION. Care to explain in basic and understandable English, WHY you replied to ME, when you were apparently asking Dan to write that article?

                    1. Well Jon, it’s fairly common to reply to someone who has commented on a post written by someone else and then reply to the author of the post…. or the other way round if you prefer?!
                      In the general scheme of things, does it really matter, as I see you are being challenged by other Gooners in this article over your hypocrisy and lack of consistency regarding free speech.
                      I’ll let you cope with that and, meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the article that Dan has written about Mesut Ozil, aren’t you?

            2. Rather hypothetical of you JF to talk of free speech, when the other week you called out someone who called Carragher ‘Spit Boy’.

              1. HD , Such a shame that you appear not to have ever read even ONE of my many posts over the years that have explained to folk that ALL we humans are hypocrites, you and I included.


                Seems you are among them.

                Advise you just to closely watch how ordinary folk, you and your family, friends and associates behave and you will see I am right.

                Its extremely obvious when you TRULY LOOK how we humans behave, my friend!

                1. Oh I’VE read Your previous POSTS about HYPOCRISY Jon.

                  I take IT in FUTURE that YOU will NOT be CHASTISING anyone FOR their FREE speech.

                  1. HD what a great shame for your personal lack of understanding of how we humans are, that when reading my previous posts about hypocrisy, as you claim to have done, you chose to ignore the abundant truths those posts contained.

                  2. HD, what ashame then for you personally that having(as you claim, but which I doubt is true) read my posts on hypocrisy that nothing in thsoe wise posts made any impression upon you

                    You have ignored my comment that ALL human you and I INCLUDED, ARE HYPOCRITES.

                    Have you anything to say about THAT comment of mine,or is it in fact that you cannot admit that you too are a hypocrite, simply because you are a human?

                2. Hypocrisy may be part of the human condition, but that doesn’t make it good – and I think good is what we should all be striving for, not just accepting our bad behaviour or thought patterns because it’s sort of natural. (I think chastising others for behaviours you, yourself, engage in would constitute hypocrisy and bad behaviour, to make that clear)
                  Lying (and many far worse things!) can be seen in exactly the same way…

            1. He won 3 FA Cups with us. 2014, 2015 and 2017. He wasn’t in the squad for the final for our last win.

                  1. I believe another player got a winners medal for sitting on the subs bench during the final and not playing one minute of the cup run at all.
                    Matt Smith was it?

                    1. Correct. Matt Smith, a player from the U21 squad was selected for our FA Cup Final squad over 2 1st team players, Ozil and Guendouzi.

                      Matt Smith has one more winners medal than Harry Kane 😂

              1. But he played from the knockout stages so apparently he won us 4 facups and 3 shields making total of 7 trophies he won compare with some players that those deserved recognition like Adebayor van p nasiri n others in the category

                1. He only played in one Community Shield game, in 2015. He wasn’t in the squad for the others.

  10. I haven’t got an axe to grind either way, but it makes Wenger look bad. It’s not a trait I associated with him and it seems doubtful to me but I have no way of really knowing

  11. That one and a half season where he looked unstoppable was great to watch as a supporter,scored some great goals and looked hungry ,but he was money motivated (his own words )which lead him to Man City .
    I remember being on holiday in Turkey watching that match at a bar (which was rammed )he scored and ran the whole length of the pitch and someone throw a pint glass at the massive tv which went throw it and it fell onto the floor and smashed into pieces.

  12. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He caused problems on and off the pitch. Not even in the squad for the last game, he became a tea leaf while the players were doing the lap of appreciation.

      1. Yes SueP, training kit and a pair of RVP’s boots that RVP had promised to a disabled kid 😡

                1. HD, never heard any of this, can you point me to where I can read about it?
                  Are you saying Andy Cole stole a a watch, or that Adebayour stole Andy Cole’s watch?

                  1. You won’t read anywhere about what Adebayor tea leafed.

                    As for Andy Cole, he stole a watch while he was a reserve with us, which, as you would know, was long before Adebayor joined the club.

                    1. I’m still confused mate!!
                      1. The watch –
                      2. The RVP incident –

                      So there is no factual evidence or report to back either claim up?
                      Not calling you out, but it is an unsavoury part of our history that, I believe, has remained unknown to many of us.
                      Why wasn’t Adebayour and Cole sacked immediately?

                    2. Ken, Andy Cole was sold to Bristol City when the club found out it was him that stole another players watch.

                      Adebayor stole the items on the last day of the season. There was now way the club was going to miss out on his transfer fee by sacking him.

  13. Another player who played his best football under Wenger. Wenger was just so good at making players look good and getting the best out of them. Mostly when players left Arsenal they never reached the same form they did under him. Even some above average players reached heights under him that made it seem like were good enough.

  14. Oh well,, looks like Mesut Ozil has gone out in sympathy with Adebayor,,, he’s announced his retirement as well. They’ll most probably meet up at a pub and get rolling blind drunk singing,,” OH WOE IS ME”.

  15. For a player like EA to run all that length of the pitch to slide in front of the great Arsenal fans shows that something most have happened to him and Arsenal football club.
    Players don’t act that way except they feel Dejected by the fans, owners perhaps the manager AW during is time there in north London.
    Why I said this because I believe EA was a happy gunner during is days in the club before those period he was sold.

  16. What If he was actually saying the truth and Wenger lied, for him to run the whole pitch something really must have happened to him at arsenal. Anyways I hope he enjoy his retirement, regardless what anyone say about him, he was really good for us, I rate him higher than auba, and even Gabriel Jesus.

    1. It was the abuse the fans were giving him that made him run the length of the pitch and celebrate like he did.

  17. ” Out the back door”, certainly came across as a selfish clown with not showing enough on the field to back up his big headed demands. We didn’t miss him much did we.? Unlike Ken though I’m tempted to think that, No! The club may not have been telling us the whole story. Wegner was skilled at dishing out this type of humble pie regarding greedy players who he had done his best to accommodate but who refused to take Papa’s advice when his only concern was their best interests. This was clear as day in the Van Persie saga. After saving Arsenal’s season through his captaincy and goals the Dutchman was vilified for expecting and demanding more ambitious signing than Podolski and Giroud .A lot of our fans fell for this b.s. and to many of them Van Persie was a traitor. One of the lowest of the low. How stupid.

  18. Emmanuel Adebayor claim that Arsene Wenger told him to leave Arsenal because the club couldn’t afford to give him a salary increase to extend his contract at Emirates Stadium.
    Adebayor added: “I talked with the coach and he told me I was one of Arsenal’s best-paid players, that the club was in the red, so maybe they wouldn’t be able to pay me any more – it would be better for me to go. I asked him: ‘Is it your choice or the club’s?’ He answered: ‘It’s everybody’s choice, from the whole club’. I was pushed out!”
    Denying the claims from Arsenal fans that only greed drove him to move to City, the African said: “Everybody says Adebayor went for the money. I think a lot of people are wrong because Arsenal bought me for five or six million and they sold me three-and-a-half years later for £25million. So people should know that it’s not me who wanted to leave for money, it’s Arsenal that forced me to go.”

    The striker, who escaped with a suspended ban for the goal celebration, added: “I think we are all human beings and there are things we can stand and others we can’t. We all have limits. I’m lucky that my mother is still alive. I think I would never accept things being said and done regarding my mother.

    “When I heard the fans singing and insulting my parents . . . I couldn’t stand it. When I scored, I wanted to show them, You kicked me out of the club, now I’ve scored against you.’ It was a response to what happened, but I did not in any way want to provoke them.
    “My relationship with Arsenal has broken in two. I wanted to stay. It’s true that I didn’t score a lot of goals last season, but I was often injured.”
    Despite claiming that he was forced out of Arsenal, Adebayor still feels that Arsene Wenger is a mentor and a friend.

    He added: “He’s a gentleman. Wenger gave me the opportunity to be where I am today. He’s a coach that helped me a lot, who gave me a chance, who’s always been there for me in the bad moments.
    “He called me, consoled me, gave me good advice, told me what I had to do to become a great player. I can only thank him.”
    A Quote from EA that 2009 season

  19. Lenohappy, why would you even think Wenger lied?
    As I said to Dan, everyone at The Arsenal were lying then and only Aubameyang was telling the truth?
    Follow the players path once he left our club and see what else he got up to.

    1. Unfortunately Ken
      Leno is on a lying mission 😊
      He played just over 100 games for us
      Scored 40 odd goals which isn’t terrible but certainly isn’t pulling up any trees.
      Sulked his way out for a money move

      And now we are writing about him because he has retired

      Who cares…
      Not I

  20. Anelka, Overmars, Petite, Viera, Cole, Henri, Hleb, Cesc, Clichy, Nasri, Van Persie, Adebayor, Sanchez. They all threatened to leave the club and did. Wegner didn’t do a lot to keep them whether it was financial constraints or ego is a murky zone depending on who you talk to. but these guys were not in a hurry to mould away and remain simply as club legends.

    1. He did a bit to keep Vieira and fabregas a little longer, as I think there was talk of them potentially leaving earlier than they did, but what’s most shocking is that the one player he really made an effort to keep was Ozil!

      1. Davi
        Why was that shocking?
        Ozil had just helped The Arsenal win three fa cups, he was voted player of the year and agreed a new contract, unlike Sanchez, who stabbed the club in the back, by going to united.

        What is “shocking” is that, somehow, it has been forgotten that the fanbase was frantic for the club to get Ozil to sign a new contract, saying that we needed to show we were a “big club”… of course this will be denied, but I remember JA producing an article saying just that!!

        No doubt that the contract was a ridiculous and grotesque one that should never have been sanctioned…. and yet a few months later, we saw Aubemeyang being given nigh on the same grotesque contract – not by Wenger of course and that’s the most “shocking” thing, because the club hadn’t learnt anything from the Ozil debacle.
        I’ll leave you to work out who was the manager when this happened.

        1. It’s shocking to me because Ozil was never that special for us. A number of those mentioned were far better. The contract was certainly shocking, as you say (effectively). At the time it felt like a choice between Ozil and sanchez, and I thought we backed the wrong horse – sanchez was good on his own, but Ozil was always a supporting act. Of course I’m probably wrong on the situation, but the whole wanting to act like a big club thing was always a bit ridiculous to me, and it was really just another indicator that we were in decline – it was desperation.
          It’s also shocking to me how highly rated the guy was by so many people (player of the year). Truly. He was very talented, but no more so than many of the players mentioned here, and very rarely played well in tough matches, but people talk about him like he’s Zidane or Bergkamp.
          Take your (oddly snarky) point that it wasn’t wenger or arteta giving out the contracts – I was wrong there. It was the club fighting to keep him, I suppose. Maybe wenger would have moved him on if given the choice.

    2. Joe.S,
      The list of players you supplied is too long to answer individually, so I’ll just give you two examples as I understand them:

      Sanchez – the contract was verbally agreed over the phone by Sanchez, his agent and our club, only for Sanchez to go back on his word, when united contacted him with a bumper deal and the rest is history… nothing to do with Wenger as an individual.

      Anelka – Wenger refused his request to leave, until the price of the transfer exceeded the club’s expectations.
      Up and until then, Anelka refused to talk to Wenger without his agent (brother) present.
      The brother did the talking and, it is reported, said that he was leaving end of.
      Nothing to do with Wenger as an individual once again.

      I can lump Nasri, Clichy and Adebayour together and just say city and unlimited money, which, of course The Arsenal didn’t have.
      Nothing to do with Wenger as an individual.

      Overmars, Hleb and Petit were all hell bent on joining Barca anyway, along with Cesc, who simply wanted to return home.

      That’s more than I intended to write, but look up why Henry, Vieria and Cole left and it was nothing to do with Wenger as an individual.

      1. Has for viera he was clocking 30yrs and wenger refused to give him 2yrs contract but 1yr contract with no increment in his pay, that cause the marriage to break which affect us more than we expected I can’t imagine Viera in a champion league final 2006 the season he just left without us not winning it. 9yrs wait was so long

        1. Stone, I think you are confusing Vieira with Pires, as Vieira still had 2 years to run on his contract. Pires was the one that was adamant that he wanted a 2 year contract. If a 1 year contract was good enough for DB10, then it should be good enough for anyone imho.

  21. Adebayor was a fantastic player – I really loved his combination of pace, power, ability to control the ball under pressure and aerial ability – but it’s very clear to me his early success went to his head. Initially, he was one of the most effective and difficult to deal with forwards in the league, playing in something like a no10 role – he was working his socks off to help supply a finisher (RVP or Henry), and I seem to remember rio ferdinand saying he was his toughest opponent at one point – but then he became our main/only striker for a while in 07/08, when he scored a lot of goals. I always believed that period really went to his head, and he became convinced he was on the level of an Henry or RVP. It was really evident the following year, when it appeared very much that his focus had shifted to wanting to be the goalscorer, pressing highest up the pitch, even when playing alongside a better finisher in rvp. The sad thing for me is that he could have gotten to an Henry or RVP level, or at least very close, if he’d kept that high work rate and focus on hold up play, but he lost those aspects to his game that made him a bit special.
    Off the pitch, I don’t know. Maybe it was a similar case where the attention and money just went to his head. I don’t know whether to believe wenger or him wrt the man City transfer; I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there were elements of truth to both narratives. I very much doubt we were strongly opposed to the relatively large transfer fee, and I don’t doubt ade was very happy to be getting more money.

  22. How do you know all this Ken? Different players had different reason as for leaving and although my list is a very general one a lot of it had to do with the fact that there were better prospects on offer elsewhere.

    1. It is well documented in autobiographies, first hand statements and from players and Wenger himself.

  23. He was really good that season. He was the only player that gave the Man Utd formidable defence of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic a good run around. He matched their pace and their strength. Alone. And he scored that winning goal at Old Trafford. But he failed to stay humble and keep himself in check. His downfall was the Beyoncé and Milan comment. And he failed to handle the backlash properly. The presence of youngsters at the time will not allow any bad influence. Ambitions and money will change anyone. Arsenal have long list of traitors/pretenders. That key nightmare of a journey made who we are right now. The journey that Totties, Chelsea and Man Utd going through at the moment where there’s no guarantees of break through. So, no regrets and only looking forward.

  24. If I should rate Adebayor during his time with us 4/10, his miss against Wigan when we’re 6piont ahead ahead of United still hurt me. He his not a clinical strike even the season he scored total goals of 30 if he was a good strike nothings stop him of breaking records and set is own with 50+ goals that season cause he missed a hail of goals chances again and again. He won nothing with us so he those not deserve a recognition. Any player that those not win anything with Arsenal those not deserved any recognition

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