A TOUGH win for Arsenal, but now the pressure is on Chelsea

Chelsea are preparing to face QPR this afteroon knowing that Arsenal have risen to just four points behind them in the title race after grinding out the three points against lowly Burnley yesterday. Arsene Wenger predicted that it would be a tough match yesterday and so it was, in fact my MOTM, Francis Coquelin, thinks it was our toughest!

Le Coq said on Arsenal.com: “It’s one of the hardest victories and one of the most important as well,”

“There’s been many teams who have dropped points at this place and I’m really happy to get the three points here today.

“We knew they were going to put pressure on us, especially after we scored in the first half. They played quite direct football so it was tough but we coped well with the headers.

“We take it game by game and it’s going really well in 2015. We’ve won loads of games so the confidence is really high. We’ve got the FA Cup semi-final coming up as well, so we just want to carry on that way.”

We can’t do more than win our games and hope Chelsea succumb to the pressure, and Per Mertesacker agrees that we just have to watch Chelsea slip-up if we really want to overtake them at the top. “It’s not in our hands anymore,” the BFG said. “They have a decent lead so it’s very difficult for us at the moment, we’re just focusing on ourselves and that has made us very strong in recent weeks.

“It has been a fantastic journey throughout the whole season but at the moment we are quite sharp and we’re trying to take advantage of that. We want to try to continue that because it makes us stronger and gives us a lot of credit and respect.

“We are on a good run and Chelsea have been absolutely amazing this season, so we’re trying to compete with them at the top. It’s not in our hands anymore but we’re trying to focus on ourselves.

“Great togetherness, great spirit and great cohesion is what makes us strong. Even if we have dropped points this season, we came back even stronger.

“At the moment we can’t learn from defeat because of our great run, we have to learn from victories. There’s a lot to improve but the win at Burnley is just about the result.”

I like the idea of learning from our victories. Let’s hope we learn from Chelsea’s defeat this afternoon and get them under more pressure for when they come to the Emirates…..

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  1. please qpr , give us a slither of hope…just a slither
    a draw today an a draw at the manchester derby…
    can u diggit?

  2. I I believe that the Arsenal team have been reinvented entirely down to the Sanchez effective. His energy drive and enthusiasm has rubbed off on the whole squad. Even Stevie Bould has become more animate, he used to sit there like a statuette. The whole team is now playing like a team.and even seem to be enjoying themselves. Keep it up you gooners the FA cup awaits you and next year’s league championship entry with no panic qualification required.


  3. What pressure? Chelsea have only lost twice this season, are 4pts clear, 2 games in hand, not many games left and they’re playing QPR today. Even if they lose, they’re still in a fantastic position. We won’t win the league this year, but I just hope Wenger finally beats Mourinho, and we’re playing well enough to do so.

  4. Chelsea lose to QPR today. Then they get owned at Emirates. That is then down to 4 points with equal games. Sanchez will take care of the rest.

  5. I’m hoping for a Man Utd win today of all things!! If they win then they will surely want to beat Chelsea next Saturday. Let’s get some real pressure on Chelsea.

  6. Anyone noticed how we don’t lay siege to the opponents box no matter how lowly the team?..very good tactic..laying siege to their box leaves very little space for us to pick them off without hoping for a mistake or lapse in concentration..letting them come out and play gives you that space..city laid siege to burnleys box,crystal palace box and lost both games..we let them come out and play and beat them both..I believe we have the quality to lay siege like any other club but we don’t..kudos to wenger for this one…COYG…

  7. Anybody who says Arsenal cannot win the Barclays Premier League title this season, apparently has no belief in the current rejunvinated Gunners that are going to win their remaining 6 BPL games and be crowned Champions, Period! Chelsea may be leading us with 4 points and have 2 games at hand on top of the table. Notwithstanding that present advantage they are having over us, I have a belief and I believe my belief on Arsenal to win the current Premier League title. I want Manchester United to triumph over Manchester City in today’s BPL encounter at Old Trafford. Why? A United victory over City will help Arsenal than a drawn game. Why? Firstly, a United victory today will tempt the Red Devils into believing they can win the title. And that believing will encourage them to beat Chelsea at Stanford Bridge next week. Which could be to our bigger advantage should Chelsea lose to QPR this afternoon as widely hopped for by the Gooners. Secondly, a United victory today will keep the pressure on us as we look over our shoulders and avoid being overtaken by them. A cushion gap between United and us could make Arsenal feel comfortable and thus become title chasing complacent by dropping 2 points in 1 of their 6 games which will be a disaster.

  8. Apparently we are favourites to sign DM Illaremendi for £28.M. Why would we need another DM midfielder when we have the best in the Premier league at the moment!! surely we should be using such money for a world class CB to pair with the Boss.

    1. Makes more sense to me than another CB. Whether we rate them or not Wenger has just spent £27M on two CBs in Gabriel and Chambers. CC has had a tough initiation at Arsenal with more responsibility than any rookie 19 years should have had – but whilst he has struggled at times at RB he looked pretty solid to me when he played CB. I genuinely believe CC will be a top CB and who knows how good Gabriel will become.

  9. Let’s be realistic, we need a miracle to win the title, so rather than talk too much LET’S PRAY 4 A MIRACLE… Bcos chelsea have also done well this season to desrve the title, we were in their position last season but cdnt sustain it, so let’s hope 4 d best bcos there’s hope


  10. Cant believe fans still think we can win the title…..

    we need Chelsea to lose 4 games and for us to win all to win the title….

  11. Your guys belief in unrealistic no matter how optimistic.

    Chelsea have big games and so do we. In essence there is more chance of us finishing 4th or even 5th than winning.
    Yes team in 5th is closer to us than we are to Chelsea.

    Do you see us slipping to 5th? No
    So what makes you think Chelsea will slip to 2nd?

  12. Chelsea are winning EPL this season so let’s concentrate on finishing runners up… They have to lose 3 and draw 1 game i the remaining 8. they’ve only lost 2! anyway we have to be realistic.

    The question is what Wenger needs to do to mount a serious title challenge next season and I feel he should buy a lethal strikker, a CB and a defensive midfielder. I also think he wont buy three players (though I wont be pissed off if he does) so my take is that he may opt to keep Arteta/Flamini as cover for Le Coq, maintain faith in Giroud and Welbeck and shift Chambers to become CB. So as to which position he will bolster, let’s wait and see.

    Of players being rumoured out are Flamini, Diaby, Arteta, Rosicky, Jenkinson, Podolski, and (maybe Walcott + Wilshere,===for me none of these two should leave). If Diaby gets a ‘play as you earn’ contract, I will be surprised but not annoyed, Jenkinson has a bright future too so we should keep him…but again we have Bellerin, Debuchy and Chambers at right back, Wenger knows what to do.

  13. Please stop this, we are so far behind and people are talking about winning the title?? It’s a bit delusional… Lets just win as many of our games as possible instead of of false targets..

    1. Um, if Chelsea draw today and lose there next two fixtures(Man U and Arsenal) theyll be 2 points ahead with the same number of matches left. I wouldnt say its highly probable, but there indifferent form of late, plus Costa’s injury situation makes the run in quite intriguing

  14. The masked raider made his way into the penalty area in the 88th minute, evading security to put Chelsea within inches of the biggest prize.
    This was another London heist, with the imposter identified when he whipped off his mask after reading Eden Hazard’s pass two minutes from time to beat QPR’s keeper. Cesc Fabregas stole the points.
    Surely the Barclays Premier League title, the fourth in Chelsea’s history, will be theirs sometime later this month after this.
    No wonder Arsenal don’t get any credit…. This kind of reporting tells me something….

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