A tribute to the wizardry of Martin Odegaard – The conductor that leads the Arsenal orchestra

The Wizardry of Martin Ødegaard By Charlie Malcolm-McKay

In the world of football, there are players who possess such talent that elevates the sport to a new level. Martin Ødegaard is one such player who has emerged as one of football’s finest players, and is now captaining Arsenal football club in their race to win the Premier League for the first time in 18 years.

Ødegaard’s style of play has been compared to the likes of Dennis Bergkamp, Santi Cazorla, Mesut Özil, and Cesc Fàbregas, all legends of the club known for their creative flair and intricate passing. Ødegaard, like those who came before him, brings something unique to the game – a technical understanding that sets him apart from other players on the field.

His passing skills are nothing short of exceptional. He has a football genius that allows him to see spaces on the field that others cannot, and his spatial awareness is second to none. He seems to have a natural ability to find his teammates with inch-perfect passes, threading the ball through defenses with ease.

Watching Ødegaard play is like watching a conductor lead an orchestra. He dictates the game, controlling the pace and rhythm with his teammates following his lead. He moves with a grace and fluidity that is almost poetic, as if he is dancing with a ball tied with string to his feet. The technician has become a viral hit across social media for his elegant touches and silky footwork.

Ødegaard’s rise to the top has been aided by the influence of Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s current coach. Arteta has been instrumental in nurturing Ødegaard’s talent, believing in him and giving him the freedom to express himself on the field.

Arteta’s philosophy is a continuation of the legacy of Arsène Wenger, the legendary manager who built Arsenal into one of the most successful clubs in English football history.

Under Arteta’s guidance, Arsenal has developed a positive culture that draws technically gifted players like Ødegaard. The club’s history with Wenger has created a tradition of playing beautiful, attacking football that appeals to players who value creativity and expression on the field.

This season, Ødegaard has been instrumental to Arsenal’s midfield and key to their attack. He currently has 10 goals and 6 assists in the Premier League, an impressive feat for any player, but especially for a midfielder. He averages an astounding 45 passes per match, highlighting his dominance and influence on the game.

The only other midfielder that matches Ødegaard’s excellence in the Premier League is Kevin De Bruyne, who is currently leading the table of assists with a total of 12 assists and 4 goals. But Ødegaard’s impact on Arsenal goes beyond just stats comparisons. He brings a level of creativity and flair to the team that is unique in the Premier League. He preserves something special about the game of football – a sense of joy and wonder that can be lost in the modern era of high pressure competition.

He treats the sport as if it were an art, and his passion for the game is evident in every move he makes. Ødegaard’s passion and professionalism are a testament to his dedication to the sport. He approaches each game with a fierce determination to succeed, and his work ethic is second to none. He is a leader on and off the field, inspiring his teammates with his commitment and drive.

In conclusion, Martin Ødegaard is a rare talent in the world of football, and his emergence as one of the game’s current greatest passers is a testament to his skill and dedication.

He has the potential to lead Arsenal to glory for many years to come, and his legacy at the club will be remembered by fans for generations.

Charlie Malcolm-McKay


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  1. Love this article for it’s undeniable enthusiasm about our past, current and future endeavours.
    I was one of those who questioned the purchase of Odegaard, following his loan spell, but how wrong I was.
    He goes about his work in such a way, that I sometimes nuss what he’s actually doing!!

    Great article with such positivity – makes me feel glad all over!! 😂😂😂

  2. His vision and passes are great, but what really sets him apart from our previous attacking midfielders is his high press intensity

    He’s practicing Klopp’s counter-pressing philosophy and he still has the stamina to do it. Many creative midfielders, such as Ozil and Eriksen, don’t seem to believe in this concept

    I just wish his weaker foot was more adept and he was pacier, so he could be more dangerous on our right wing

  3. Not sure of your comparisons, but as he’s just won Premier League Player Of The Year at the London Football Awards, it looks like I’m talking BS as usual. Also winners were: Saka, Ramsdale & Arteta.

  4. A splendid article by a a fan with an obvious knowledge and understanding of the skills required of an attacking midfielder.Like Ken I had reservations concerning our Captain on his arrival, primarily with his lack of real pace and defensive qualities, but he soon won me over with his fantastic, effort, vision and last, but not least, his finishing.As for “glad allover” Ken, Dave Clark five number 1 in 1964 I think.Oh the fabulous sixties for wonderful pop music and mini skirts.

    1. Indeed Grandad and I remember riding around on my vespa and lambretta, wearing a bright red waistcoat with brass buttons.
      The Dave Clark five performed, amongst other places, at the Tottenham Royal and I spent many hours of my misspent youth there.
      Those were the days my friend!!

      1. Yes – Tottenham Royal on a Saturday evening alternating live and record sessions. Happy hours with friends trying to pick up the girls who were there for the same reason. It did tend to reek of BO though as I recall, which no amount of Brut or Old Spice could cover.

      2. Ken, I never knew you were a “Mod”?
        The vision of you riding a scooter, “wearing a bright red waistcoat with brass buttons” will be indelibly etched.

  5. Well written literally piece I must confess Charlie. Let me add that on a good day , Odegaard can single handedly destroy any team. Madrid am sure will be regretting by now for letting him go. Having said that however, for him to be an accomplished player he is destined to be, he should reduce his touches, pass the ball when he should and shoot when necessary.

  6. Odegaard has not been perfect but he has shown a willingness to be flexible in his style. This is the kind / type of No10 that I was crying for going back 6-7 years ago. A No10 that was not 8 out 10 of the time hiding in most cases. That play maker that was not just one dimensional. Had to be more involved and visible. Hard worker (Tackles, tracks back if needed) on top of creating and scoring goals.
    “But but why should you ask your No10 to do all that? He is supposed to just stay up front. Get players that are good enough to get the ball to him and takeover all his defensive responsibilities etc… You want to turn us into Stoke City? You seem to prefer the likes of Charlie Adam etc..”

    Odegaard does go missing sometimes but he seems to be a very down to earth trier.

  7. And please guys, can we stop with this “Legend of the Club” talk regarding all sorts of players?
    Cesc, Ozil, Santi etc are not legends. I would say they are Cult heroes or Fan favourites. I feel like the term “Legend” has been diluted so much that we are now that it’s becoming meaningless. Nowadays we are naming our personal favourite players as Legends.

    1. Certainly not Mezut Ozil.
      Martin Odegaard has been worth every penny Arsenal paid Real Madrid, credit to him for his application and performances in an Arsenal shirt and credit to Mikel Arteta for trusting him in the captaincy (notwithstanding Odegaard was captain of Norway).

  8. Legends is of course amisnomer , because actual legends are suich as Robin Hood and King Arthur. In recent decadres it ha scome to mean any player who certain fans think special. I am happy for people to use thrtern legends, PROVIDED sucg player sre truly and unarguably extremely special.
    As such Bergkamp, Henry, Pires , P Vieira were certainly legends. To include such lazy self centred frauds as Ozil though, sticks in my throat.

    Of the current squad I SAY, AS YET, NOT A SINGLE ONE IS RIGHT NOW, A LEGEND.



      1. How many Premier Leagues did he win with arsenal? I’m refering to Ozil. He’s not even to close to fab, rosicky, carzola, or fleb.

        1. I’m talking about Ozil’s football legacy – how many league titles DID the four players you mention win?
          Did they win a world Cup winners medal?
          Haven’t a look, because that’s what the word “legacy” means… what did they achieve in their personal careers?

  9. Very nice article, thank you.
    As GAI above, I would like to praise his willingness and skill to press.
    I actually think he is our best in that area as well.

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