A tribute to my two favourite Arsenal players in my lifetime – Henry and Wrighty

Now there are many players and managers who have made and shaped Arsenal into the club that it is today, yet I wander what the club would have been like had we not signed either Ian Wright or Thierry Henry.

Despite mentioning the two in articles over the years I realised that two of the most iconic and two of my most favourite Arsenal players ever, have never had an article based on just themselves (well not by me anyway) with praise and a couple of stats, so here I am writing one based on both legends!

One I was privileged and lucky enough to be able to watch and love on the TV and the other in real-time, live in the stadium, Highbury in fact and then again at the Emirates.

And while writing this article it suddenly popped into my head that in actual fact I have seen both play live, one at Highbury and the Emirates and the other at the Emirates on our first ever game in Bergkamp’s testimonial. Something which came to light while I was writing our History articles and included in one of those.

So, I have seen both play live and on the TV which makes me feel even happier now.

Despite the two not ever playing together you cannot deny that they were two of the most iconic, legendary, passionate and amazing footballers to grace the doors of Arsenal football club… In my opinion Anyway and yes I do love Dennis Bergkamp and the others in that era too but Wrighty and Henry for me are slightly a cut above the rest and will always hold a special place in my heart!

Now many players have graced the Arsenal shirts and I do have a number of favourites over the years, but these are the two that made me fall in love with Arsenal alongside Arsene Wenger and even to this day when I speak and think about them I smile and get goosebumps from the memories they have left behind!

Way before them were other players of course whom built on the foundations of our historical club but I am talking from the view point and with the facts of someone who was old enough to remember.

As nice as going back in history is, sometimes it’s nice to reminisce on the times I was alive for and here begins my love story with Arsenal, Wenger, Wright and Henry whom if were never present at Arsenal, I don’t think the club would be what it is today, controversial I know but that is my opinion!

Wright set the record for the most Arsenal goals scored in his career, that was until Henry came along and overtook him.

Wright scored 185 goals in 288 appearances for Arsenal, between 1991-1998. And as of the 2016–17 season, he was Arsenal’s second highest goalscorer of all time, behind Henry who broke his record in 2005 when he scored 226 goals between 1999-2007.

Henry left the club as the leading goalscorer in 2007. But after his second stint at the club in 2012, he increased his goal tally to 228 goals in 377 appearances. In July 2008 Henry was voted by Arsenal fans as Arsenal’s greatest player ever in Arsenal.com’s Gunners’ Greatest 50 Players poll in which Wright came a respected fourth behind Tony Adams in third and Dennis Bergkamp in second.

The love, respect and passion that these two even to this day still have for the club and when talking about the club and their old boss Arsene Wenger, is apparent and is a testament to their character. In many ways they reflect what a lot of Arsenal fans think and feel for the club too.

It also shows that their journey and the faith and trust they were shown and given was second to none. And despite nowadays some clubs showing that same or similar amount of faith and trust in players, the loyalty from certain players from back in the day, can and maybe never will be repeated in the more modern days.

So, all I would like to say is thank you to Ian Wright and Thierry Henry, for gracing our team and giving us such amazing memories alongside the other players, that we will forever cherish.

And although I have met Ian Wright, two of my wishes before I die is to meet him yet again, not at a football game but somewhere where a conversation can be had, and my other wish is to meet another iconic legend, Mr Thierry Henry, so Mr Va Va Voom and Mr Ian Wright, if you are both listening, please make my dreams come true!

Well I guess it is worth a try 😀

Once a Gooner always a Gooner!

And remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinions!

Shenel Osman



  1. Arsenal had the athletic/ tall/ pacey Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Gilberto and Campbell. After those athletes left, Arsenal have been collecting fancy diminutive playmakers

  2. I am in total agreement with your top pairing Shenel. Having seen both play live many times I am going to go one step further and say that Wrighty just edges Thierry as my no.1 player of all time.
    This is based-somewhat controversially-on his smile!!! That beaming grin on his face whenever, and however, he put the ball in the net was a joy to behold and mirrored by all present. We truly loved him, and it was obvious that he loved us.
    Thats what’s missing nowadays, but the reciprocated feeling between us Gooners and Wrighty will last my lifetime….and that’s enough to make him number 1 for me….

    1. @Brian Marwood. On The Wing.
      I agree with you totally Gooner. I myself, was never much of a fan of Henry. But Wrighty got me the minute I saw him on the pitch…IJS

  3. Me too. I loved Wrighty…he did it his way, and Henry, the most elegant player and effective, I ever saw in the EPL.

  4. My two favourite ever , as men , are undoubtedly Bob Wilson and Geerge Armstrong. As players though, it HAS to be Henry and Bergkamp.

  5. Ask Ian Wright and Thierry Henry, who made them the players they became?Ian Wright stated Dennis Bergkamp was the best signing Arsenal has made or is ever likely to make. Enough said.

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