A tribute to the Arsenal fan that died when Stoke scored last week…..

I am a supporter of Arsenal football club, and have been since 1999. I started following JustArsenal five years ago. I have been following the articles and have posted a comment or two sometimes. I am a Nigerian an you must have heard that one of us died last week when watching Stoke City. Apparently, he had an heart attack when Stoke scored, and died before he got to the hospital.

I didn’t follow any Arsenal news throughout this week because we lost, mainly because I am sick of the media killing us after every loss, though they may have some point. Not reading about Arsenal for some days is my recovery therapy, so I don’t know if this has been covered for fans to honour the man. He may have taken it too far to his heart but that’s what we fans do, we love our club and sometimes pay for it, even with our lives. His wife’s revelation about how he loved Arsenal is touching.

This is how she described her awful experience: “My husband came back to the shop at the end of the first half of the match between Arsenal and Stoke City to urinate.

“He promised to be back at the end of the match, telling me how his club would win. But about 20 minutes after he left to watch the second half of the match, somebody rushed to the house to inform me that he had slumped at the viewing centre and that he was being rushed to a hospital.

“When I got to the hospital and saw him, he was almost dead. He was on a stretcher. At a point, one of our neighbours, who was among those that rushed him to the hospital, told me to go back to lock the shop and get a vehicle we could use to transfer him to another hospital.

“According to him, the hospital he was rushed to couldn’t handle the situation. I never knew it was a trick to send me away from the place because all that time my husband was already dead.

“It was until the next day, which was a Sunday that I finally believed that my husband was dead after he failed to wake up.

“His corpse was finally deposited at the morgue by the hospital workers. The sight of his lifeless body left me in utmost shock and a deep sorry state.

“My husband was neither sick nor showed any sign of being unhealthy. He woke up normally and we were all looking forward to a great day and other activities that weekend before the tragedy.

“We had plans together as a family but now death has taken him away. He died less than one month after we moved into our new house in the village. We were planning to dedicate the new building with relatives and friends when he died.

“To imagine that my husband who took good care of us is no longer around is unbelievable . I don ’t know where to go from here because life has not been the same for us since then.

“Watching Arsenal play was his life. He would rebuke and sometimes ignore me whenever I told him to reduce his obsession with Arsenal.

“He loved the club so much. He was ready to chase his customers away and lock up his shop just to watch the team play.

“For the 10 years that we were married, he never stopped watching football matches involving Arsenal.

“He was a loving man to his family and all those who came in contact with him. He had a lot of plans for us especially the children whom he promised to train to any level as far as education was concerned.

“He did his best to always make us comfortable and happy; we never knew death would snatch him away from us so soon. Words cannot tell how much we will miss him.”

I have tried to send a mail to the club about this to ask if a statement or recognition can be made about this. It would give peace to the grieving woman. I don’t know if you can also help on that front. Just a mention would do to know we are not alone. We supporters here in Nigeria would do something here too.

Nnamdi Ejiofor

Updated: August 26, 2017 — 8:30 pm


  1. R.I.P Brother

  2. No words can convey the sorrow I feel for this sad loss. Am sure that all good fans of the good game stand with this family at this time.

    It doesn’t matter what club you support. The tragedy of such a loss like this belongs to us all.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  3. for the love of a certain club.. Arsenal is like a gal that just keeps breaking ur heart endlessly but u cant just see through the bond of the relationship…

    1. Being a fan of Arsenal FC Since 2006… The only thing i gained from being a supporter is they’ve taught me how to handle heartbreak and be strong emotionally

  4. May God protect n provide for the family of that late gunner

  5. May he rest in peace, my condolences to his family,

    It all sounds familiour watching Arsenal first stress then depression for days

  6. We are all sorry for you loss. I pray God will see your family through all the life’s up and downs.

    1. I have decided to take this easy this season whenever it is Arsenal Football Club!

  7. R.I.P. and condolences to family and friends on the tragic loss.

  8. Do people up there at the helm of affairs know that they can degenerate into murderers? Tell it to Wenger and the Board.
    If the right things are done in a big club like Arsenal like other big clubs, situation like this would have been avoided.
    Rest in peace my brother.
    We continue with the trauma. Know one knows what would happen today except at the end of the match. Another long season for us. I pray not so. I will be happier for it if not so. It wasn’t like this before. Just to let the younger fans know.

    1. Seriously! You are blaming Arsenal for the death of someone with a an un-diagnosed heart condition, you need to educate yourself, also, as your name on here is Godswill, surely it is the fault of the sky fairy, and not Arsenal as it was his “will”.

    2. I feel sorry for what happened but to blame AFC is idiotic, we all need to know when to take a step back for our health and to keep in mind any stressful situation can cause issues.

      I do not mean to sound heartless but we know nothing about the guys lifestyle, was he at risk of heart issues due to personal life? So why point fingers????

      Godswill yet doesn’t god say stuff like forgive thy neighbour and forgiveness is what god would want… So WTF are you doing jumping on the hate wagon so quick? Shouldn’t you be preaching about forgiveness?

  9. I have supported Arsenal for 48 years and I have seen them in front of the Arsenal fans. And all the Ranting and the Raving of fan’s down through the years. But it is time to bring in a proven hard management team and get rid of our current one. To many mistakes being made and always the players are blamed. Time for the fans to be heard sitting quietly to long. It’s bad enough to hear that one Arsenal fan died during the match in Nigeria last week. It doesn’t matter if he had lived in the North pole, he was a Gunners fan. How many more fans will voice the discontent of Arsenal as it stands. Shameful and wasteful use of the Arsenal football club all because of money by it’s owners.

  10. god with u and ur family

  11. Sorry for your loss. God give d family the fortitude to bear dis loss n god provide for your wife Rip

  12. Quite unfortunate! May he rest in peace.
    Wenger will always break our heart ( like he will do today).

  13. Rest in peace brother.

  14. heart goes out to his family…and may none of us ever suffer a lose like this ever again.

  15. It almost happened to me in 2010 Carling cup final when Birmingham won.. Thank friends fixed me up with some good weed

  16. I know he’s in heaven flying the ARSENAL flag and painting the streets of heaven RED and WHITE

  17. It is a huge personal loss for his family. And may God provide for them abundantly. He seems like a person who was passionate about the club and enjoyed every moment. Thank God for him and for the good times he had. May his soul Rest In Peace.

  18. Unfortunate event watching two rivals of many decades. RIP sir these happening makes us neutral and respectful ?

  19. Sad, I know but it feels like I die every time we lose

  20. Hmmmm may his soul rest in peace… I pray this trauma called Arsenal FC under this board comes to pass sooner rather than later

  21. I am not religious but I hope that his family believe his soul went to whichever god they believe in, losing a loved one is horrid :'(

    He was a loving guy from what his wife said and he will live on in the hearts of all who knew him, gone but never forgotten.


  22. Actually I am just as traumatic as this late fella, the only difference being that I am still alive.
    I don’t even have confidence to sit in front of TV to watch my darling team any longer.

    In Nigeria here, we the fans receive lots of mockery every time Arsenal lose. Our main rivals fans here are NOT Tottenhan (I don’t know a single soul supporting Sp*rs in Nigeria). Chelsea, Man Utd and – by little extension – Liverpool.

    For the match against Liverpool today, many of us are troubled already even though the kick-off is still some 2 hours away.

    Only Divine knows when we will have our real Arsenal back.
    The 49-match-unbeaten Arsenal that brought me and won my heart for the club.

  23. It’s sad to lose a loved one, I feel for the wife. This is no time to put any blame but pay a good tribute to someone like you and I who loved the club. RIP brother. May God give the family the grace to bear the loss and provide for them. I hope and pray we win today’s match, at least for him and for all of us.

  24. Let someone tell the boys to go there and win against Liverpool, for this man, his lovely family and the rest of us.

    That will be a most befitting response.

  25. After today match….. no Arsenal games viewing for me.

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