A truly brilliant Arsenal win but let’s not get carried away yet….

Make that 11 wins on the bounce! by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people! It’s difficult to argue against results. We’ve won 11 games on the bounce and the second half trend continues. I’ve honestly never seen a team draw every game at half time and turn the heat on in the second half to win. This says something about our fitness. Under Wenger we would’ve slumped in the second half.

This improvement has vastly helped us beat the smaller teams, and it’s great when we pull it off, but if we have to be honest it could’ve been very different in a few of our games. When we play Liverpool we will be severely punished if we start slowly again. Our game in Portugal was no exception.

We rotated a lot of players, but I really enjoyed the strong bench. The attitude of Emery towards every competition is exactly what we need. Wenger would’ve put the youngsters on, but this time we had Lacazette and the likes on the bench in case we need them and this brings confidence. We keep winning and the belief that we can win (especially away) is something we’ve been missing in a very long time.

The individual player improvements is massive and I thought Danny Welbeck was superb today. He was denied a clear goal, but later on he got his chance and put it off and he’s got a good amount of goals this season, especially considering he is a squad player.

You must remember that we’ve won 11 wins in a row, through breaks, Europa league away after Monday night football. Whatever the opposition is, it is a marvelous achievement and although I expect us to pay for our defensive fragilities one day, I am enjoying seeing us win games. There are smiles on players faces, no protesting fans, no division, the negativity has decreased.

I enjoyed the defensive performance, especially considering we had Xhaka at left back and Lichtsteiner who was a liability against Leicester. I feel like the defending will take a few transfer windows to be repaired. A new CB, perhaps a LB as well as natural wingers who help in defending will take time to buy and also adapt to the league and the team.

Right now people acknowledge that our attack is very strong, but also there’s always a sense that we can concede a sloppy goal and this is something Liverpool kind of had, and solved only once Van Dijk joined them. Hopefully Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi will do their job and get Kroenke’s backing, because if we keep improving at that pace and we keep adding in the right areas, we could be a real force in a few seasons.

Finally, Unai Emery needs to get his fair share of the pie. His English is rapidly improving. It’s really difficult to pass on your ideas when you don’t speak the language fluently and that makes our winning run all the more impressive. Hopefully we can continue this against Palace.

The longer this run becomes, the more difficult every upcoming game becomes as the expectations rise, but we must remain humble and remember that this season is about improvements. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts and take it one game at a time.

Enjoy the rest of your week people and we move onto Palace.



  1. Thomo says:

    I thought rob holding had a good game he’s looking more solid game by game

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree and I also agree with Konstantin that the fitness level seems to be Arsenal’s major improvements under Emery

      It looked like the team deliberately tired their opponents out in the first half and hit back in the second half. Stronger stamina and building the attack from the attack have become Arsenal’s success recipes so far

      Crystal Palace do not worry me, because Wilfried Zaha is one of the most talented attackers in EPL, but he is also a high risk player like Hazard, Salah and Sanchez. The fact that he is the most dispossessed player in EPL currently, makes me confident that our DM would be able to handle him:


      1. kofi ken says:

        wow. that’s enlightening gotanidea. thanks for adding your source as well 🙂

    2. Khadii says:

      Holding was Man of the Match yesterday…
      That tells a lot..
      Love the kid’s zeal

    3. Mduh says:

      The Boy has been fantastic this season

  2. Sue says:

    How many other teams have won 11 games in a row??!! Considering we were written off at the start & were going to be another man united & David Moyes… I’m very impressed with Emery…. Yes I know we won’t win all 4 league/competitions that we’re in, but we have a good chance of at least 1! We’re playing some beautiful football right now (even if we do have to wait till the 2nd half to see it ?)
    I’m a very happy Gooner right now (Xhaka worries me a little though at times) COYG

    1. gotanidea says:

      I like how Emery encourages the DMs to play with more through balls and direct forward passes

      Wenger’s Invincibles used to play courageously like this, but then the team tended to play very safe, as if it was instructed by him

  3. Skurth~Africa Gunnerz says:

    Spot on mate….we need not to be carried away just yet….I absolutely agree with taking it one game at a time. Upnext is the Eagles @Selhurst Park guys. Although, its been a longtime ai felt upbeat abt our chances of winning games. Onward and Upward. #COYG….. Dedicated fan frm Africa

  4. Phelyx says:

    Off topic; why is the media not talking about Man Utd players contracts situation. Close to ten players contracts will be expiring in the summer

    1. gotanidea says:

      Maybe because most of the players with expiring contracts are not high profile players? Except Anthony Martial that seems to be pushing for a mega salary

      1. Phelyx says:

        De gea is part of the players

        1. Let’s hope Barcelona or Juventus move in for him and knock the last nail on utd’s coffin. De Gea would be a massive improvement on both Ter Stegen and the smoker Szczesny.

          1. Sue says:

            Bet he regrets not going to Madrid… now he’s lumbered with those muppets

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Believe me Sue, it’s killing Sky Sports that their beloved Manchester United is half way down the table. There Sky’s biggest money earner. They want them at the top every season.

          3. Sue says:

            I bet it is Kenny!

    2. Addisu zenebe says:

      This is not arsenal fans business

    3. Declan says:

      The media is talking Phelyx, look at the papers today.
      Anyway let’s celebrate 11 on the bounce which hasn’t happened since 2007 when did 12.

  5. Gugamugbia Peter says:

    I like the philosophy of the coach he is a man who believes in both the young lads and the first team players. He is giving game time to Rob Holding to progress and we should not get surprise to see that he becomes a starter. Big up to the new manager

  6. Gudnews gunner says:

    Im really enjoying the fitness level of our players now.i dont see this during wenger era and its down to the rigorous fitness training they’ve been doing.and also i love the improvement of individual players.even the squad players have really improved as could be seen in the cases of welbeck,holding,iwobi.

  7. sunny says:

    Although we started slowly, the opposition did not create any chance either for us to be worried. We got a clean sheet against Lisbon. Its a good result. Yes due to our defensive fragility, we re not title contenders but a top 4 finish is very likely. Once Koschielmy return may be in December, our defense will improve a bit. If possible buy a world class Defender and then we are ready. Place next will be tricky , we need to win at Palace and the balckpool at home we should win. That will make it 13 win on the trot. After that it will be Liverpool at home. If we manage to not concede in the 1st half, i think we can pull of a victory ..So first 30 minutes against Liverpool will be very important

  8. sydney says:

    I said on the outset that we might not win the league but we will play some good and interesting football and that is what is exactly happening. We are not under pressure to win and that is a plus to us as we are focusing on the next game only. I like Unai’s attitude to down play the title ambitions, breaking records etc rather he encourages players to focus and win the next match. With few additions i.e replacing Ramsay, A top class winger and a center back etc we will be there with top teams.

  9. I think Welbeezy should get an extension! We won’t find a more committed 3rd choice striker who delivers after lengthy periods of not playing! He could have had 2 goals had he not been robbed by the ref. Then again, last man Sokratis brought down Montero after bangling up his clearance and got away with it..?

    1. For the record am not hating on Sokratis, I know for a fact if it were Koscielny it would have definitely been a goal..*cough* Atletico Madrid *cough* Birmingham City *cough cough*

      1. Sue says:

        Argh!! Don’t remind me of those chokers!!!

        1. ? he saves his blunders for the worst possible times! That Carling cup final was the most painful for me.

          1. Sue says:

            It was awful…. I thought we’d got that no worries… just goes to show hey!!

  10. mas says:

    11 games in a row ,congratulations but still if we fail to win against liverpool idont think we can win the league ,i mean you have to beat the big guns to challenge for the epl.
    we have alteady lost two top games .we have the worst winning rate when it comes to top 6

  11. Okiror says:

    Everyone is talking dat we shall be thrushed by liverpool but no one is rememnering we played against the best City and chelsea teams and put in a spirited fight, Who knows we might beat Liverpool

  12. Okiror says:

    The way we played against City amd Chelse there was even more fight than the last 9 matches we have played

  13. Kenya001 says:

    We will beat liverpool that am certain we r at home full of confidence no pushovers i can dare say they are in for a thrashing 4-1 cog

  14. Michael Murunga says:

    Just one word for the gunners, keep the spirit high and let’s find out game by game where this winning run would lead us at the end of the season. The fact that we don’t believe in our defense much is also an encouragement when it comes to playing these games coz even the defenders are well aware of this and they put it a good performance overall. It’ll be very good if we went on and won against Liverpool.

    #Come ON You Gunners

  15. Sue says:

    The Ozil interview with Sky ?? so glad we have him until 2021 ?

  16. Mduh says:

    who ever discovered this boy Guendouzi deserve an applaud, this boy is a gem, he is a world class in a making.

  17. Abu says:

    @Mas..have you forgotten too soon how Chelsea went on to win the league during Conte’s first season despite loosing to Arsenal?
    May I remind you that winning run also added to the players belief in the philosophy of the manager and by the time we played them in the reverse fixture the team we defeated was not the same team again.
    We were r***sh against big teams under Wenger but that Arsenal is gone, we have started a new chapter and turned on a new page. Despite loosing our first two matches how far off are from the teams at the top of the table?
    The big teams will cancel each order out and it’ll give room for a third force to surprise them all. So going forward so long as we keep the momentum and winning mentality with the zeal and fighting spirit we may end our season on a high.

    1. kofi ken says:

      Thank you Abu. I completely concur.

  18. jon fox says:

    I thought Holding , who IS much improved, still fortunate to be made MotM, though he certainly played well. I made Welbeck the man as he scored two good goals , one of which was ruled out by a silly decision, when his opponent slipped untouched by DANNY. I also think Guendouzi had a splendid game , though he DID make several errors. But his mobiliy and pace, in stark contrast to Xhaka, and his good change of direction with the ball and reading of the game is exceptional for a 19 year old. I predict he may well become our best buy since Henry, as top value for the small fee paid. I am truly excited by Guendouzi AND WOULD BE AMAZED IF HE DOES NOT HAVE A STELLAR CAREER. At just 19 he needs careful handling but is a naturally gifted player and I have never been more certain of his rapid rise to a future great career. It is obvious to anyone who knows the game, even though he does have faults to overcome. But at only 19 and from the French second division…….! WELL DONE DIAMOND EYE SVEN!!

  19. Midkemma says:

    Why do I read ill thought out comments in articles like “I feel like the defending will take a few transfer windows to be repaired. A new CB, perhaps a LB as well as natural wingers who help in defending will take time to buy and also adapt to the league and the team.”

    I know we HAD a bad record in defending but it has been getting better with each passing game, we conceded 5 goals in our 1st two games and in the 7 games since we have conceded only 6, this is not as good as City but then again Pep was given time to work with players as well as buy…

    It is frustrating to read how we need to buy players and not develop the talent we have!
    Holding shown a good level and he has shown he can improve with the right guidance.
    Mavrop was a raw beast against UTD, with the right guidance then he will destroy CF in the EPL… Chambers isn’t having a good loan move but he has shown promise which needed a coach who will train people to defend… We now have that…

    So of course the answer is not to develop players but to throw them out the window and sign new players, cause any team can train better players than Arsenal right Special K?

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