A twist in Barcelona’s legal battle could hand Arsenal a Champions League crown

Barcelona has found itself entangled in a series of legal disputes in recent seasons, with one of particular interest to Arsenal.

The club stands accused of involvement in the Negreira bribery scandal, which has the potential to send shockwaves through Spanish football. While Barcelona vehemently asserts its innocence in this matter, the allegations persist, and the case has escalated to a criminal offence.

According to reports from London World, a criminal court is now handling the case, and this development raises the possibility that Barcelona may face sanctions, including the potential stripping of league titles. Additionally, UEFA is closely monitoring the situation and awaits action from La Liga before making its own decisions.

It’s worth noting that if Barcelona were to lose their 2006 UEFA Champions League crown due to the bribery scandal, Arsenal, who narrowly lost that final to Barcelona, could be in line to be awarded the medal from that tournament.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Losing that Champions League was very painful and if Barca had influenced the games even before that final, it would be sad.

It means we deserve to win that trophy and it would be right for it to be handed to us.


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  1. I still remember Van Persie’s red card and believe that was a referee on a mission. Not even a caution is given when a player hits the ball after the whistle is gone.

      1. I guess he was apparently referring to the Red Card RVP got against Real Madrid in UEFA Champions League match of another edition, not Barca

  2. While this report MAY or may not be barking up the wrong tree, this particular article must surely be the single most interesting one on JA in many years. As it seems at least a”long shot possibility” that we MAY be awarded the 2006 CL, then Gooners should at the very least be INTERESTED,if not excited.
    With no surprise whatsoever , I note that the three posts above mine have plainly failed to grasp the importance of this article, with their blinkered posts.

      1. Starting what you claim was serious minded post with”hehe he he” hardly qualifies you as a serious thinker.

        You plainly did NOT grasp its REAL, albeit only possible, IMPORTANCE to we Gooners and to our club

          1. It’s good to get your right but,this was a long gone case.We should focus on what is in our hands Now.We have a potential time to win all trophy’s .

    1. It is indeed very interesting 😇Jon. as so many of us deep thinking and realistic supporters have been suggesting / claiming that there was corruption amongst officials.
      One of the most disgraceful examples in the CL, in my opinion, was the sending off of RVP.
      It seems that Barca, like man. city it must be remembered, cannot stay out of the headlines and one might say there is no smoke without fire.

      How ironic it would be for Arsene Wenger, denied a French title and the CL title by clubs who were corrupt.

  3. I’ve actually been telling anyone who cares for a long time about this & now I’ve just bn proven right these have always gotten away with murder. the most stand out cases being of course the 2006 UEFA CL final against Arsenal & 2009 UEFA CL knock out encounter against Chelsea

    1. You forgot to mention RVP’s bizarre Red card while we were 3-2 up in aggregate which turned the game in their favour from then on to eventually knock us out.

    1. If they are found guilty of the charges and the dates coincide with any trophy won, why would they not be stripped of their ill gotten gains Reggie?

      1. Because they are Barcelona Ken. Tell me the last big club to have a trophy took off them. They wont get trophies took off.

        1. The club may be punished, the team wont. They wont be asking players to hand their medals back. It wont happen. Whatever

          1. Reggie, due to the political status (Barca being part of the Basque region wanting autonomy from Spain) it seems that their FA have been conducting a long term study into Barca’s financial history – while it seems RM have no history to bother them.
            Along with city, this is not the first time they have been investigated and I believe that the Spanish FA, with FIFA ‘s backing will make an example of them.

              1. They may get a points deduction, demoted, huge fine, a European ban, anything but they wont get titles took off them.

  4. As exciting as the possibility is of Arsenal being crowned 06′ European champions, I worry if Barca are stripped of their wins because it will hand ManUre two further wins … and that is just unthinkable!

    Imagine all the ManUre fans … imagine the cringe with Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville, Roy Keane and all those ex-ManUre bastards crowing about it …

    1. IF it is proven that Barcelona cheated, then I see no problem whatsoever being given the award – just as anyone found guilty of drug taking have their titles / awards taken away.

      If one looks back at many of the games against London clubs, it is obvious that Barcelona got decisions that bear no resemblance to the rules of the game – watching RVP being sent off for kicking the ball is a prime example of that and why fans still persist in saying that some referees are not either corrupt themselves, or corrupting the rules of the game, is beyond me…. especially as it has already been proven.

      Common sense should tell anyone with an iota of intelligence that referees are not the only professional body that hasn’t / didn’t have bad apples in the barrel.

      I challenge ANYONE to name me any professional institution that has not been corrupted by individuals!!

  5. In that case, what’ll happen to the Barca player that won the Balon d’Or due to the Champions league win?
    This has a lot of ripple effects

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