A VERY angry Arsenal fan writes an open letter to Stan Kroenke!

Stan Kroenke and your merry band of twits that do not understand football. You are being loyal to the wrong people! Read this.

Skodran Mustafi is really shocking, crap in-fact, please don’t forget he was an Everton reject. However, so is Chambers, who cost us £16mil as a teenager. He will never improve. Xhaka who like Mustafi, cost us £35mil and he is rubbish. And folks, that was when £35mil was a lot of money.

Over the years we have had the following centre-backs Senderos, Djourou, Silverstre, Stepanovs, Squillaci and Gabriel. Sh*t! all of them. And I’ve probably left a few out Miguel being one of them.

Apart from Campbell, when has Wenger signed a half reasonable centre-back? Apart from Lehman, when has Wenger signed a decent keeper? And given he has signed 16 of them, that really is an appalling record for someone you pay so much to.

Of the centre-backs, I’ll leave Holding out as he is still young and cost us fuck all, but do you realise, in all of Wenger’s tenure, we haven’t had one product from the Academy to play there? And before anyone says Djourou, Senderos, Upson or even Holding, please remember they were all bought.

All of the expensive stars we have in our team that could have played today and Wenger in his wisdom decided we didn’t need them. So why is Wenger never called on any of the above??? Where the f*ck was Wilshere, Ozil and Ramsey?

It really is time for him to go, please don’t give him more time in the Europa, get him, Bould and all the back room staff out now. I for one am so fed up with seeing season after season drifting away, for f*cks sake I’ll be dead soon, surely me and all the Arsenal fans that have had to watch this sh*t over the last 12 years deserve better.

When will this end??? Even when we go 2-1 down after 80% odd possession, he still waits until his stupid OCD 67 f**king minutes, to make his first change, Jesus, make it when you need it you soppy old sod.

Will anyone rid me of this meddlesome priest? And yes I know the last time someone said that, Thomas-a-Becket was done in…

Arsenal football club, how long must this go on? Can you not see the empty seats in the ground? When will you listen? When the sponsors go?

You silly, silly people, stop being loyal to a mad manager, be loyal to the people that are loyal to you and our wonderful club, the fans!!!!

And all those years of people saying, be careful what you wish for, well how can it get worse than this, you daft b*stards???

Geoff Wood


  1. leo says:

    M so pissed right now… For the past five years chelsea n city ve dominated the epl.:.winning it twice in that time…d time arsenal got close we went second to leciester… Jeez…m glad i ddnt bother watching d match…i gt to d pub wen we was drawing d game..i feared d worst n left for home..

    1. McLovin says:

      Even when we finished second, we were 10 points behind Leicester.

      And Wenger conviently ignored that when he mumbled about how finishing second is a great feature.

    2. gooner4life says:

      Geoff i wish your comments had no bad language and did not use the LORD’s name.Jesus ie the saviour not a swear word.Please respect others who do not use or like to hear or read such language.You see I did not use any foul or swear words in my reply to you.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        A valid point; respect.

  2. reddb10 says:

    Geoff has pretty much covered everything the true Gooners who love AFC feel.
    All i would add is that surely the owner would take a note of the fact that only chelsea, man city and man united have a higher payroll than Arsenal and they have all won the PL more than once since we last did.
    The deluded one is so inept that when he does spend he makes a total mess of it.

    1. Arsene Out says:

      Also the man responsible for the payroll, all the transfers, tactics, motivating, and just about everything else at the club for the last 20 years just said this
      ‘But it didn’t work and I have to be realistic enough to say that maybe our balance offensively and defensively doesn’t work.’
      You mean you still havent figured it out Arsene? How much more time do you need? 20 more years?
      Arsene really reminds me of Trump, nothing is ever his fault, nothing. And the few supporters he has left remind me of Trump supporters, with him until the bitter end.

  3. jon fox says:

    Geoff Wood for Prime Minister! Better still , our new club owner. Geoff you have said it all and for almost all of us, bar the very few strange ones on here!

  4. Wenger is never serious about the defence, that is simply the problem. Seasons started and ended with Manuel Almunia our no. 1 and Lukas Fabianski our no.2. Countless years we have begged for a DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER, countless years! Guys like Johan Djorou, Squillaci, Andre Santos, Jenkinson and Senderos were never fit to wear the shirt but Wenger disrespected the club and allowed them to. I and many others arrived at the conclusion our defensive troubles will never end as long as he remains in charge. 8-2, 6-0, 6-3, 5-1×4, his record speaks for itself.

  5. Phil says:

    Geoff-firstly did you copy Wenger in on that letter?The stupid decrepit old fool would not understand it anyway.Also do you believe Stephan Lefore has seen it?He is the idiot who believes we are in this position NOT BECAUSE OF THE BOARD OR OWNER and NOT BECAUSE OF THE MANAGER.Oh no.Its the FAULT OF THE SUPPORTERS.Another mindless idiot to grace this sacred site.
    We can all see what’s wrong.We all know what is needed.Wenger must be sacked NOW.

    1. jon fox says:

      Phil, Geoff probably did send it to him but “he did not see it.” In fact, he sees nothing of any worth these days. Not half decent players , not defenders in particular and not the outright loathing and detestation of him, by virtually all our fans worldwide. Odd isn’t it, how he always says “Look” when he sees NOTHING himself.

      1. Phil says:

        JF-perhaps He was just tired like his multi million pound earning players.Perhaps he should put his feet up FOREVER

  6. Mohamed says:

    Someone need to hit the frog eater with a bottle piss on his face he will never leave the club in any other way

  7. AndersS says:

    I fit was possible to co-sign the letter, you could count me in 🙂

  8. gotanidea says:

    Gabriel Paulista was shaky when he played for us, but he managed to bring Valencia into La Liga big four in this season

    Mustafi was a part of an almost-relegated and bottom-table Valencia at that time, so I’m not surprised of his erratic behaviours

    What surprised me was most Arsenal fans were drooling over Jonny Evans, a CB of the bottom-table West Brom (most likely would be relegated). It showed that most Arsenal fans are easily incited by the media and never learned from Mustafi’s case

    1. stubill says:

      I don’t recall any Arsenal fan drooling over Jonny Evans, just the opposite in fact.

      1. jon fox says:

        Yes, That was my understanding too. He is no better than Mustafi , so NUFF SAID ABOUT HIM! Mind, he could scarcely be worse either!

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          I said, I’ll give up my season ticket if we signed Jonny Evans. Gotanidea, you’re like Wenger mate, you make it up as you go along.

    2. Midkemma says:

      I think another thing to learn from this is to moan at Arsenal to get better def coaches.

      We have signed some top potential and they fail, time and time again those potentials fail, I do not think we have spotted bad potentials but trained them incorrectly.

      I wonder, would people be saying we signed so many poor CBs if Wenger had actually signed a Gilberto/Vieira replacements for CM?

      I wonder if Kos and Per could have made us go wow if they had mobile active CM ahead of them who knew how to defend and bust a gut to defend…

      Then I wonder how much blame gets put on CBs because of people refusing to think about how a lack of DM hurt the CBs, easy to claim we haven’t signed a top CB since campbell but is that the truth or just an ignorant perspective from someone who just wants to moan without actually thinking about the reasons, jump on the bandwagon of blame Wenger mindlessly.

    3. GunnerJack says:

      “… most Arsenal fans were drooling over Jonny Evans…”

      That’s a downright lie! Are you freakin’ mad!? Oh, sorry, you are! It’s gotNOidea again!

  9. jon fox says:

    Pat J, DO YOU BY ANY CHANCE FANCY HOLDING ANOTHER FAN POLL ON WENGER ?. Last time you told us that only 80% wanted him out. Other, larger polls have consistently said around 88%. That was then. Go on Pat, get bang up to date and hold another one now. I challenge you! Alternatively, would you NOW tell us YOUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS ON HIM? It is YOUR SITE after all. WE SHOULD ALL KNOW HOW THE ONE WHO RUNS IT THINKS, since you know each and every one of our opinions.

    1. AndersS says:

      regular polls on Wenger is OK.
      But, I think Pat is entitled to keep his personal opinion out of the question, if he wants to.
      It is a subject that really can divide people, and I only think it is fair, if the editor/owner doesn’t want to be a part in the discussion.

      1. jon fox says:

        Yes, of course he has that entitlement. That goes withouit saying. BUT he may feel we also have a right to know. Two conflicting principles , as so often if life, therefore. But I am far more interested in how few oddballs on here STILL wish WENGER TO STAY. Such a poll would give a good current indication of the overwhelming antipathy by we fans toward Wenger.

  10. Joe says:

    Thanks Geoff Wood, but you see all those Useless people who in charge of the Team will never listen and really understand your point of view , the only way to show our Anger is for all the Fans to Seat at home on March days let the whole Stadium be Empty and no Fans should purchase Season Tickets for next season. Wenger has no Idea of Generations Football so he should be relplace immediately after this Season.

  11. Grandad says:

    Dawson of WBA is a very underrated centre back who is more effective and less injury prone than Evans.

  12. John Ibrahim says:

    all 19 managers apart from pep should be sacked

    if leicester can win the title why cant they?

    1. jon fox says:

      What an absurd and attention seeking comment! CAN WE NOT ASSUME AT LEAST A BASIC LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE ON HERE, by those who regularly post?

      1. Midkemma says:

        When you show a level of basic intelligence then maybe it wouldn’t be so hypocritical for an old dog to say such stuff.

        Walkies to old fools home?
        Don’t you have the room next to Wenger in that place?

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Who was the manager who did not replace Gilberto and Viera and continues to favour players with supposed ball playing skills, with no physicality, heart or determination. Arsenal have too many small, “nice” players who are constantly pushed off the ball and don’t show the determination and strength (physical and mental) to win the ball back.
          The players are symptomatic of Wenger the manager; no mongrel!

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Sorry for double post.
            I think all of us on this site appreciate that only one manager can win the league. That is not to say all other managers are failures for example the achievements of Dyke and Benitez with Burnley and Newcastle respectively. For other managers given the resourves available, avoiding relegation constitutes success.
            However Arsenal are the only team in the top 4 divisions to not gain a point away from home in 2018. Grimsby Town have a point. If Arsenals away record was replicated at home they would be relegated. Is this rated success for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal FC?

      2. AndersS says:

        What you can assume is, that a number of people are totally immune to real life facts. They argue in east and west and although there is no substance to their arguments, they cannot be turned around in their opinions.

    2. Midkemma says:

      People will change their perspective to fit the current times, they will blame Wenger when LCFC won the EPL but praise someone like say… Pellegrini when linked to Arsenal, he was managing City that year and he failed to fin above Wenger… but we need him according to people like Jon Snow.. bah, Jon Fox. Easy to mix up, they both know nothing 😉

    3. GunnerJack says:

      Is your only comment for the rest of your life going to be “all 19 managers apart from pep should be sacked” I saw this comment the first 50 times you said it! Enough already you moron!

  13. Midkemma says:

    Leahman is the most obvious but I also rated Alex Manninger, I really did rate him. I also thought Fabianski was a top GK who was not given the best chance with Arsenal GK coaches. Same for Szcz, a top GK who is going to replace Buffon…
    Seems Wenger has signed a number of quality GK, he isn’t a GK coach and our GKs tend to go downhill, doesn’t mean we sign only bad ones.
    Cech is perfect example of this, top GK who has won the big stuff but moaned at by Arsenal fans because Arsenal fans expect too much! Oh and our GK coaches are not great 🙁

    As for the CBs, again, coaching.
    Chambers went to Boro and they had a def of a top half team, the boro fans respected Chambers for doing a good job, boro got relegated due to their poor attack…

    People have moaned about Holding but he played better than Mustafi in the loss, Mustafi is the leader when playing in the back 3 he did against NU, bad leader and the defenders get a bad leader to lead them… Any wonder they other CBs look worse when playing under Mustafi?

    Blame the WHOLE def like an idiot!

    Apart from Campbell when has Wenger signed a half decent CB, he made Kolo Toure into one didn’t he?

    Should we forget that?

    How about Kos? Yes he suffers from injuries but their is no denying that he was one of the best CB in the world when fit.

    How many seasons did we go unbeaten with Adamas and Bould?
    How many top league trophies did we win with those 2?

    Bould joined us in 88, count titles… He got one when his career was winding down and Keown started to play more.

    Simple truth is, memory puts a nice shine on what you remember, it doesn’t reflect the truth.
    Truth is that Adams and Keown was our best partnership for a long time and also helped us win titles… Cups, the things we want to win but didn’t with the oh so great Bould.

    I watched Bould and Adams, I watched Admas and Keown, I also watched Toure and Campbell… Best partnership I have seen at Arsenal was Campbell and Toure, Wenger built.

    Just cause Wenger is past it now doesn’t mean what he did do suddenly becomes bad, time travelling moans huh?

    1. jon fox says:

      Just wondered if it had ever occurred to your super brain to ask yourself who it was who brought all these super coaches to Arsenal? Anyone who thinks the half decent Toure (and he was ONLY half decent) and Campbell combo were better or even remotely near Adams and Bould is clearly not old enough to have actually SEEN Adams and Bould, at their peak. And I find it bizarre that you are still trying to defend a man that you , YOURSELF, admit “is past it”. Distinctly odd behaviour that is! FYI, we are concerned with the present , not the long ago past, before Wenger turned into a fossil.

  14. Break-on-through says:

    I think those defensive mistakes are a large part down to Wenger, not just his tactics and training schedule. The fact we are crap away from home yet he puts Chambers on the wing even though the paciest players tend to use those channels. He put Holding beside Mustafi, they need time to gel and that is not the case with these two. Monreal is getting up there so tiredness is quite possible here, mental physique. Then you have Xhaka who doesn’t pick up runners, a young lad with him who doesn’t know the system and doesn’t have anyone communicating to him. Elneny who played on thu but was the only player to put in a required shift, so that was just asking for a lethargic response. Wenger played into Newc’s game plan, they wanted us to play openly and must have been delighted when they seen that team sheet.

    I reckon Aubameyang has to be our central striker, he must be given that role. Yesterday Lacazette could’ve dropped back. Aubameyang is one of the games elite strikers, or at least he was. I like Laca’s finishing and yesterday it was a beauty. But Auba is the more intelligent runner, Laca needs to improve there because am not seeing Arsenal players finding him easily. Auba is usually on the last shoulder and even played into feet he can get it out pretty quickly then taking long strides forward. I want to see Aubameyang playing through the centre.

  15. Sue says:

    Nice one Geoff Wood ?

  16. Roy says:

    Vote with your feet.
    Just do not turn up at a given match .
    The TV cameras and the next day’s press
    will do more damage than squawking on Just Arsenal . I actually believe some of the players have been good though not top class but the coaching by Wenger and his staff have made them crap.I’v lost count of the top and world class players who’ve opted to leave us for money and trophies.Though repeating myself just DON’T TURN UP.

  17. jakseth says:

    what kind of coach rests 3 of his most important midfielders in a game like that? i mean yeah they came home on Friday but he could have at least have one or two on the bench!!! it’s not like Ramsey played a lot these last few weeks! their next game is a week away. Eleny played 90 min twice in 48h. how senseless from wenger is that?

  18. Wenger’s time is up this season, no doubt about it. The old man doesn’t want to go, but must be told he must leave for the club’s sake. Wenger is out of time. We appreciate his efforts, but it must end now. The crowd is thinning at the Emirates, fans are dissatisfied. Perhaps the big shots will listen and save the club this summer. How come Wenger did not build a successor all these years? Simple, he never wanted to leave. Just tired of this old hag!

    1. Alkalli says:

      I just have a feeling he will be here next season even if he doesn’t win the europa. I don’t trust this board one bit.

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