“A very strange interview” Ex-Gunner reacts to Xhaka comments

Ian Wright has faulted Granit Xhaka for his interview where he blamed his teammates for their 2-0 loss to Newcastle United last night.

That defeat almost certainly ends their dream of playing in the Champions League next season, and it was a poor night for the Gunners.

Despite knowing that only a win will put them back ahead of Tottenham on the league table, Arsenal didn’t show up to the game as we expected, and the Magpies earned a deserved win.

After the game, Xhaka suggested some of his teammates were nervous, but Wright has responded to his criticism.

The former Arsenal striker said via The Daily Mail: ‘Seeing a player coming out and saying “they didn’t listen to the coach’s instructions” is a very strange interview from Granit Xhaka. 

‘To say it now, I don’t think it helps anybody – it’s very magnanimous of him to come out be honest.

‘That’s the kind of talk you want in the dressing room for them to understand when you go out there, then you know what you need to do.

‘Afterwards, it probably makes people upset, especially when you aren’t naming names.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal players have to look at themselves and know that they let the club down massively with their performance last night.

Xhaka also did not cover himself in glory, and it makes little sense that he was blaming his other teammates.

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  1. Guy wants to leave, period.He knows what winds up the Manager
    People have been sent packing for things less than this.I think Chaka is tired of life at The Emirates

  2. As far as I’m concerned he only said one thing wrong in that he implied he was excluded from his own criticism, whereas as I saw it he was as nervous and lacklustre as everyone else.
    I don’t get the negative comments here – we complain that players and management give trite and bland interviews, but when a player echoes what all of us were saying after the game we chastise him? Is that just because people don’t rate him? Please explain why, as I thought they were refreshingly honest and very true comments.

  3. There you go, you heard it from the player’s mouth and the words “they didn’t listen to the coach’s instructions” .So can we all support Mikel and the Nay Sayers, prophets of doom can stop blaming him for everything which is not in his control? He picks the players, has a game plan, the players need no execute the game plan on the pitch. And for that they are paid 1000s per week. And if a huge bonus if they made it to the UCL does not motivate them nor a NLD then what more can the manager do? Just show them the door this summer, emotions and sympathies and niceness aside.

    1. He also spent 250 million on said players so who’s fault is it that they don’t listen to him ,theses are the players he wanted ,does that mean we now have another load of deadwood on the books because Arteta got his transfer dealings wrong ,we were told this was the best team in a decade now all of a sudden we drop out of the top 4 and now it’s all the players fault ,if this is the case maybe he should go back to being just a coach and let someone else do the transfer side of things .
      How many more millions (maybe billions )is this man going to have to spend to get it right .

    2. Yes, but that doesn’t absolve arteta – these aren’t bad lads who don’t want to listen. It’s been caused by the pressure imo, however, the best managers are able to get their players to perform under pressure.
      It’s not irredeemable, but arteta has to learn from these past two games, just as much as the players

      1. Its the way we play, that the players struggle with, it is impossible to win playing the way we do under pressure. That is 100% down to the manager. Will the Arteta apologists see that.

  4. You know what – I 100% agree with him. Everyone knew the importance of this game. Every player in that first teams is apparently a ‘Professional’ athlete who gets paid an absolute fortune, regardless of age. They have also have at least a full season to gain the required experience to handle the pressure. If they can’t do that, then agree, they must stay home, or respectfully leave the club. At least if we went down fighting then that’s easier to stomach – but this roll over loss is pathetic along with the losses to Palace, Brighton & Southampton – oh, and Burnley 😂😂

  5. I agree with Granit 100%, at least he is the only one who has the guts to tell overpaid underperforning players that its better they stay home than put on the arsenal shirt only to be outplayed by players earning far less than the.These nervous players hate us so badly, all they care about is their weekly pay check.So if they dont listen to the coach, do they expect Arteta to get into the pitch and play for them.Shame on them, and thanks Granit for saying it without mincing your words.

  6. Everything he said was true and needed saying but it shouldnt have happened in the post-match interviews

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