A view from the Emirates – The spine-tingling atmosphere after Arsenal’s end-of-season parade

A fans-eye view of the atmosphere at Arsenal v Wolves by Ken1945

On the game itself, we played some great football and completely outclassed a very average Wolves team.

Their fans were subdued from the very first minute and, unless they perform miracles in the transfer market, will be true contenders for relegation.

But I want to talk about our fans and The Emirates atmosphere.

What a season this has been for them – from our “North London Forever” anthem, which kicked off the chanting, through to Mikel Arteta being unable to speak as the crowd sung his name, it was spine tingling.

It has taken so long for The Emirates to be truly regarded as a fortress, but it most certainly is now.

At the end of the game, we waited patiently for the players to appear, and it was the Arsenal Women who paraded their Conti Cup trophy, being met with tremendous support.

Then we had Odegaard coming out and talk about the season and how the fans have helped the players, and he also was met with a marvellous ovation.

Then the boss appeared, only to be met with a wall of noise that forced him to stop twice, as he praised the fans.

Finally, the lap of honour around the ground and, this season, it all looked as if some thought had gone into the proceedings.

Have to mention the way Xhaka was treated and a wag in the crowd shouted out “how many of you were calling him out two seasons ago ” which was met with some applause.

Saka, after signing his new contract, was treated like a Greek God and, after scoring, motivated the crowd to even higher fervour when he proceeded to kiss the badge at the Clock End.

I would say about 95% of the Arsenal fanbase stayed behind to applaud the players and I await, with bated breath, to see if Talks***e will make an issue of our fans staying behind to give them the send-off they deserved, after such a great season.

A season so very near, yet not so very far away.

I hope this gives you all a feel of what it was like, as I said, “SPINE TINGLING”.


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  1. I am pleased for you ken, really. It must have been great. But i am just so deflated at the poor end to the season, no real trophy/cup run and lack of real excitement. I am hopeful though there is something to build on. I cant help thinking, a chance that doesn’t and wont come that often in the league, was thrown away. I cant celebrate second, i never have in my own sporting achievements but i dud use it as motivation. I hope we do.

  2. Glad to hear about the supporters’ final applause for Xhaka. He’s finally found his best role in the field, thanks to Arteta

    We just missed our biggest chance in the last ten years to win EPL, but we have made a huge progress. Arteta and the coaches just need to address our weakness when playing against rough/ physically-aggressive teams like Brighton

    1. Yea I guess this whole season is a learning curve for the coachand a gathering of useful experience for the players. I think the players coming in when transfer opens will tell us more the direction Arteta wants to go next season with his players. Hope Arteta and Edu gets it right.

  3. “North London Forever” is indeed beautiful and moving when sung by our fans at Emirates. Much better than the singer’s version actually. Though I’ve never resided in N.London, I’m still proud that our club started in the south of the capital.
    Next season whether we are able to win a trophy or not, there should be no more excuses like the one’s we’ve heard this term. No more “youngest squad”, no more “injuries did for us”, no more “inexperience”, no more “referees are cheating us”, NO EXCUSES ANY MORE, just a squad of players who have learnt from their mistakes and previous fragilities. They will be referred to as MEN not youngsters anymore. If we are good enough we will succeed and that’s all there is to it. Man City are not gods who cannot be beaten. Remember that. Whether we win the league next season or not, I for one will always be a Gunner.

    1. For EvG Ji
      Agree with you about excuses. In reality due to the high playing staff turnover I do not expect to win the league next year. I am setting realistic goals for next season of a top 3 finish as I expect either Liverpool or Brighton to win the Europa league meaning 4th place goes to Europa league. Also it would be nice to win the FA cup as this was the Ist trophy we won in 1979 that made me a gunner rather than a spud as a North Londoner.

      1. IGL Ji – haven’t seen your posts for a while. You are probably right about our chances next season. You know we may even perform better and yet end up lower in position. This was the season we should have done the business as it was there for the taking. You know how older folk talk like that, for example when my dad talked cricket and said the same things over and over again. So I have to stop sounding like a stuck record needle before I die.
        Yes again you are right (you are always right actually) about Liverpool next season as they are not finished yet.
        It’s always interesting to hear about when or why people began supporting their respective clubs. I remember you mentioning the ’79 final before (you see I don’t forget).
        I wasn’t “born” an Arsenal fan like alot of people on JA. In fact I was born into cricket first. However, by the time I was 9 years old, football took over although I still loved cricket too.
        Alan Ball was a hero of mine and I became an Arsenal fan when he was signed, so that wasn’t until ’71 when I was 16. Oh I forgot a gentleman should not disclose his age, but now you see I am a real Ji. hahaha. It’s good to hear from you again.

        1. For Evg Ji
          I was also into cricket or hockey before I came into this country. Then football took a hold of me.

          1. Ji – there was a time when India was world class at Hockey. Many Sikhs in particular. I used to work with one who played in an Olympic Games, and my Sikh mechanic played for either Kenya or Tanzania, can’t quite remember which. It’s interesting that our journeys and reasons for supporting the Gunners led us to speaking on this site. And to think we both started life in different continents, but Arsenal is something we have in common.

            1. EvG Ji
              India were great in hockey (and is still officially the national sport although cricket is now the unofficial national sport in India) but it was a long time ago. I think it is 8 olympic golds. I may be wrong here.
              Very interesting how we meet.

  4. No matter what, it’s been a truly fantastic season and we should all be hugely proud of what this team has achieved in such a short space of time. Yes, it’s disappointing not to have won the league, however we were beaten by the best club side in the world and boy, did we give them one hell of a race to the title! This team will come back stronger and more determined next season. Be proud to be a Gunner!

    On another note, I’ve been saying it for a few seasons, however Xhaka’s true worth will ONLY be missed once he’s gone. For so many seasons, we did NOT have a midfield enforcer, and Xhaka put himself in that role, hence many hasty challenges and red cards etc. It’s not his favoured or natural position to play there, but he put his reputation on the line for the club and some fans repayed that with sickening chants and treatments of the player and his family. Those who did should be deeply ashamed!! This season, since we’ve had a proper enforcer in the shape of Partey, Xhaka has been allowed to prosper in his favoured role and wow, he’s been exceptional. A leader on and off the pitch, and i for one will really miss his presence and leadership! I suspect many Gooners who put him down in those not so good days will also come to realise his true worth too.

    1. ric ionta – you make good points about Xhaka. Although I never got as vehemently against him as some did when he was ‘all over the place’, I really wanted him to leave the club because of his brash behaviour seasons ago. So it is a credit to MA that he got something really good out of Xhaka eventually. You have to remember, though, that fans deserved better than he was giving us a few seasons ago, but you are right, abuse is never the way to go.

    2. Brilliant points made ruuc lonta – the trouble is, so many of our “fans” love to put some of our players down abs there always seems to be a need for a scapegoat.

      Arsene, Unia and Mikel all knew what his value to the club was, but it’s the armchair warriors who consistently find fault.

      If Xhaka is to leave, he will remember the great reception he received and, as you say, he deserved every second of it

      1. I have never thought Xhaka good enough for the prem. He has had a marvellous season (at last) but i feel he isn’t good enough, he is very limited, hot headed and im happy he is going. Im glad he has had a final good season and i hope he goes on and does the same for Bayer. I think (and not meant nastily) Arsenal can benifit greatly by getting a player of better quality in Xhakas place. Good move for all, me thinks.

        1. Blimey Reggie
          I kind of admire your honesty but was it necessary? We all remember the loony red and yellow cards but over a weekend where he is most likely moving on, I’m happy to gloss over that. He wasn’t the best player but to overcome the disgusting trolling and score 2 on his finale was well deserved.

          1. Necessary Sue? I am not going to get gushy over a player whom i feel has not been good enough, has let the club down badly in the past and for my part, the catylist of the start of our demise at Liverpool. Whatever our thoughts, it was literally seconds after his brain fart we started to collapse. But i did and do acknowledge his improvement this season. I also feel we will benefit from replacing him in his present role. I dont see why you think i should say or think differently. I think its a good move for all. He, from what i understand has sorted this a while ago, so he wants it also. If he doesn’t go, i dont see him starting next season every game and i understand Arsenal are not renewing his contract. Good luck to the guy. But its what i think.

  5. Sorry Ken but celebrating coming 2nd doesn’t do it for me. We had a healthy lead for most of the season but blew it when it mattered most. I just feel deflated but not surprised because it’s happened before. We have missed a great opportunity and I’ll bet Michel Arteta and the team feel the same. I fear next year will be even tougher.

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