A Wenger-esque Merry Gooner Christmas to JustArsenal readers

It is that time of year when Arsenal go into prepare to go into the New Year while doing our very best to keep in touch with the Top Four in the Premier League going into the New Year. (What was that you said?)

I was just writing my Christmas list for Santa but it was very very difficult to get anything on paper as you know what I have always said: “Be careful what you wish for!”

I know I have been away for a while, but I do know that I am for ever in thoughts of JustArsenal readers every single day. I love reading the comments from my loyal following who never fail to defend my fantastic record as Arsenal’s Greatest ever manager.

I know there are a few naysayers on the site too, but I always seem to miss seeing those. It must be my eyesight going in my old age!

Anyway, I would just like to let you know that I am right behind Mikel Arteta, just as I was behind Emery and Freddie in their ill-timed interludes in my hot seat. Don’t you think they all did rather well despite me not being there to guide them?

Just remember that Arsenal will never have the happiness at Christmas that came when I was in charge, and I would suggest that perhaps I could come back as your saviour next time the Gunners are threatened with relegation….

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  1. Brilliant! Merry Christmas, Pat, another great year on JA coming to an end… thanks for the site, keep up the great work… and let’s hope 2021 will see a lot less doom and gloom!!
    Merry Christmas everyone 🎅🎁🎄⚽️

  2. Merry Christmas to this wonderful Arsenal family.
    Special mention to Admin Pat for an excellent consistency over the years.
    I also acknowledge the regular contributors who have here over the years:
    Lord Jon Fox
    Chief Ken
    Amazing Sue
    My long time Master Eddie
    Dan Kit
    Dan Smith
    Trudeau-to mention a few

    Sometimes I find myself wishing we physically stand in a space to discuss our beloved club.

    I have two wishes for this Christmas, one of which is to one day witness the comeback of the then regular commenters like:

    Fatboy Gooney
    SOopa Aeon
    NY Gunner
    Ks-Gunner to mention a few- Merry Christmas to them wherever they are.

    My second wish is that our beloved club begins to have a change in fortune both off and on the pitch ,unity in the dressing room and some luck for our manager and players.

    Merry Christmas, I love you all.❤️

      1. Thanks, Goonerboy… Merry Christmas! Just to add 2 names to your list – MuffDiver and GB… enjoy the festivities 🎅

        1. Merry Christmas Sue and all fellow Gooners on Just Arsenal. Have a great time and all stay safe and well🎄🍾🥂. Just lurking these days🙂

          1. Aww, GB, Merry Christmas, great to hear from you..and get yourself back on here – please!! – you’re missed!! ⛄🎁🎄⚽️

    1. Merry Christmas Goonerboy. Forgot Le coq and his humorous bants. Merry Christmas everyone. Don’t think about Arsenal right now, think only happy thoughts people, we’ll face Arsenal tomorrow. 😉

    2. Goonerboy, “My Lordship”(as if !!) gladly returns your kind wishes with thanks. And wishes ALL our other lovely people a peaceful Christmas and much happier and safer New Year in ALL respects.

    1. Merry Christmas to each and every gooner that contribute to this wonderful platform where all can share their views, may all of you experience the joy of family on this special day.


  4. Merry Christmas to all of you here on JustArsenal. Fantastic bunch of gunners esp the Admin guys for this site when we need it.

    Hopefully a win over Chelsea as it is needed.

  5. Can I just add a sincere thank you to Pat for your wonderful site, Martin for your hard work under some awful grilling and Patrick for your questions that nobody seems to answer – superb work from all three of you.
    Also, to all the contributors on here, no matter what we say about each others views, we are Gooners through and through.

    Stay safe and well… and let the discussions begin again after we beat chelsea. COYG

  6. Merry Xmas and well done for Admin Pat for keeping this wonderful site going. A great place for reflection, debate, and of course…venting!

    Hopefully a better 2021 for us long suffering Gooners!

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to the Admins, the writers, the guest writers, editors(if they are not different from the admins, then a double wish!), and all the contributors on JustArsenal! May you all have a blast and may our beloved club’s fortunes turn around starting tomorrow!
    Onwards and Upwards(the only way is up, isn’t it?😁😁)

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