A win but a lot more worry for Arsenal at Newcastle

It is hard to believe that Arsenal have now played four Premier League games so far this season and the only one of our star studded squad to get his name on the score sheet is Olivier Giroud, the player that a lot of Arsenal fans think is part man, part donkey and cannot understand why Arsene Wenger keeps putting him in the team.

Well the boss dropped him to the bench today and the only difference it made is that it was not Giroud that got the blame for Arsenal´s lack of cutting edge in front of goal. There is a saying in football that the result is all that matters and while we did come away from the north east with a much needed victory and three more points on the board, I don´t think there will be too many Gooners that are happy with our day´s work.

Okay we should have had a penalty even before Mitrovic was sent off and you could say that going down to 10 men made the home side shut up shop when an open game was suiting us better, but the lack of ideas and penetration after that red card was a real worry and it is something that Wenger and the players need to sort out very quickly before it really starts to wreck our season.

Four games and an amazing 83 attempts at goal have produced just one proper goal for the Gunners. Is it the strikers, the creative players or the whole Arsenal team that is causing this problem?

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  1. We have players……..but we are also poor tactically………Sometimes you don’t even understand Arsenal’s tactics………and we need a striker……!!!!

    1. “We have players……we need a ST”

      So maybe we don’t have the players then…

      Arsenal are a DM, winger, and ST short of being equipped to challenge for the title. That simple.

      Oh and I hope you fans who blew smoke up Theo’s arse well and truly stay under your rocks. Criminal decision for him to be on that contract. Theo a ST? Not a hope in hell.

      1. mourinho is unbearable .here he is again saying that the game could have been a draw.this man never give credit..he goes on to say that he has himself to blame for letting one of the players play for 90mins.he refuses to say who that player is but its believed to be Fabregus ..he will be sacked again now to make it 3sacks in 10yrs and we will call him #specialist in sacks.

        1. alexis/lw, ox/rw, ozil/cam.
          big Q: who should play at ST?
          neither giroud nor walcott reassure.
          ramsey??? we need someone effective at that position!!!

          and what about a sub for coq? is wenger purposefully waiting for coq to get injured???

    2. Don’t understand the thumbs down lol just arsenal Surporters that want big players coming in? Look at Liverpool and there manger will go befor Xmas

      1. referee took another goal away from us today: that was a penalty on bellerin.
        2 in 2 games.
        pls, video god, help us.

  2. Heavy metal Attack is the key……………………… Tiki Taka sucks and is boring……. Ask Pardew!

    Mou must have a new Nightmare!

  3. Your wrong I’m happy 3 points, Cech didn’t hardly touch the ball and we controlled the whole game yes we could off made it easier but overall a easy day at the office and 3 points, look at today’s results no game is easy and anything can happen everyone needs to just calm down and see what happens this week and the rest of the season COYG

  4. Liverpool 0 West Ham 3, Chelsea 1 Crystal Palace 2…..Home Defeats…. EPL is spicy!

    This season will be tighter as teams like Swansea, Everton, Westham, Crystal Palace brought in new faces and they do have a go @ big teams in the league.

    Good thing Chelsea and Liverpool dropped 3points but we also have to sort ourselves out. Hoping Swansea get some points against Manchester United tomorrow… #Great weekend but there’s still work to be done @ Arsenal.

  5. Wow this season is insane!!! Its still early days but any club that finishes above city will win the league they have world class players in every position.

  6. It’s pretty basic. The way to score goals against teams that are just defending is to cross the ball then cross it some more. Lob the ball over the top then lob it again. Going through on the ground is playing just the way the defending team wants. Oh btw Theo should not be the one trying to get on the end of those crosses.
    For all the folks out there wanting a new player up front you should have talked to the board before they ok’ed the weekly salaries of Th and OG.

    1. The other way is to shoot whenever you get a chance, our goal and best chance both came from simply shooting when we had the chance.

  7. What the fudge is going on with Premier League..

    City looks unstoppable. 12 points, 10 scored, 0 conceded..

  8. Mou, how market?
    100th PL home match, and what happened? You can celebrate now, can’t you?
    Thought it’s only Wenger who loses on Milestones…

  9. What a difference 3pts makes,
    We weren’t convincing but I’m happy with the win!
    Especially with liverpooh and chelskid losing at home ?

  10. 4 games in and Chelsea are languishing in 13th place? Our own situation isn’t by any means the worst.

  11. I’m sooo Happy I could give everyone a thumbs up!

    including muff diver …. ? … On second thoughts…
    Naaaah ??? I’m not that happy ???

  12. Chelsea’s loss could be a nightmare if they sign huge players (by huge I don’t mean fat like Heskey or Rooney), I mean huge quality players like Pogba
    Even if they sign nobody, Chelsea will still challenge for trophy.

    But right now very happy Chelsea and Liverpool lost. City look really really good unfortunately

    As for us, I don’t blame Ozil for our lack of goals. He has played very well.
    1. Alexis hasn’t come to form yet.
    2. Wenger played players out of position (Ramsey on the right, Walcott up front, Cazorla on left)
    3. We do not have a deadly accurate Finisher up front

    Defensively we seem sound (AS LONG AS COQUELIN STAYS HEALTHY that is)

    I seriously hope Wenger will sign
    1.,Top CF
    2. Good LW as back up for Alexis

    After Wenger said “We do not sign defensive players” the other day, I’m resigned to the fact that Wenger WILL NOT sign a DM.

  13. atm i hope wenger no need to think about profit, cash out , about expenditure ,etc
    just pay to get the deal.

    very critical situation, no signing = struggle so hard to win , hope on luck(owngoal),

    nonstop attack, nonstop chance,nonstop crossing, nonstop shooting , by ozil alexis etc
    its just make them frustated if there is no brilliant finisher,

    even with some wc class player, many player didnt have interest to move to emirates.
    its all about future prospect, and at some point
    its just make some player like ozil,cazorla,ramsey,chambo,alexis says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IM TIRED OF THIS” then tell wenger that he want to quit, move to other prospect club since their age is getting old and needed to win a trophy . Like RVP do.
    if that happened no one wants to join arsenal.. end of story.

  14. 1. We have 3 points. I am happy but concerned. So much quality around and so much chances bein created only for our strikers to miss sitters and good opportunities. Against a good opposition we will be killed if our conversion is so poor. A world class striker and we would have already scored 10 goals at least. This is what frustrates and worry me.

    2. Gabriel and Kos partnership is gng to be awesome. Hope Wenger does not just replace Gab with BFG. Gab had two good games in a row and with Kos alongside this pair has the potential of becoming the best defense pair in PL.

    3. Bellarin needs a special mention. What a gem of talent we have. Pace, technique, stamina and composure. Everything in plenty. How could he be so young! By the end of the season he will become one of the world’s most expensive RB and I hope he goes nowhere. We all know who is coming knocking on the door for him

    4. Missed Ozil’s class. When he is not on field, then we realize what we are missing. If only Wenger had signed a world class striker, Ozil would have wreaked havoc on PL. But Alas!

  15. And here I thought we were going to run away with the WIN after they went -1; but was worried until the end. Walcott didn’t reassure one bit and in fact validated Wenger’s choice to stick with Giroud who was lacking as well. Özil vision, passing & team 1st play were missed today (people who keep criticizing him because he doesn’t go for spectacular hopefully will understand). Chambo one of our better performers but him & Ramsey over elaborate sometimes. Yet to see the real Sanchez please stand up!!!
    In need of a ST (at this point I would settle for Higuain even thought I don’t believe him to be a true world beater by missing 2 crucial goals in WC & COPA).

  16. I just got back home and I must say the game was poor. I would rather arsenal sit back then hit them. But again AW will not change his game plan. Ozil not playing well read in to that what you will and as for BFG bench him for good shit what captain don’t want to get better for his Team? Mind blowing. I think the back looked solid with them 2 playing together and the keeper letting them no what’s what. But AW will drop the Brazilian For him to play? Just don’t get AW at all or is it I have just had enough of looking at a team that can’t win big trophies. We do need to buy and we do need to drop a few. For me TW should start in all the games on the wing and just let him kind of run through. We will see what unknown player he gets

  17. I think Arsenal are cautious about the start to season…..!!!

    My Saturday is done with us winning, and getting three points…….and Liverpool and Chelsea loosing their matchs………

    By the way, my heart was in my mouth when I saw Coquelin limping………undoubtedly the new warrior of Arsenal’s defence…….wouldn’t even think of him getting injured to buy a new DM…….such a crucial guy to this team……!!!

  18. I wouldn’t say much.we all agree it was a horrible performance. lets hope for a striker.harry kane probably. he seems unhappy at spurs.or bid for nabil fekir of Lyon.average but better than Campbell n walcott.

  19. I shake my head and laugh everyday when i remember arsenal and some its current players though i am arsenal fan.I wonder how some average players are still allowed to play.Some are even called world class and are highly respected for no reason.How people think in deceit of this arsenal team.How the manager is very nervous and acts childishly most times.How peeps expect to be successful yet they are ignorant.How people cannot speak the truth about players.How the team has not moved forward.How peeps have avoided wisdom.

  20. Did Sterling really play that good today that Skysports give him a 9 rating. Or was it just because of his goal next to the hype?

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