Aaron Ramsdale describes why Arsenal have improved so much more this season

What a year! With 10 games remaining in the Premier League season, Arsenal has 69 points, putting them 8 points clear at the top of the table. Arsenal has been dominant, playing the exquisite football for which we are renowned.

They are having their best opportunity ever to win the Premier League title, so labelling them as title favourites does not appear strange. Many factors have contributed to Arsenal’s success, one of which is the players’ increased performance.

Although one or two players have stood out for their brilliance, what is happening at Arsenal is a team effort, and Aaron Ramsdale captures it well in his recent interview with the Evening Standard. “The additions of Jesus and Zinchenko are a massive help. They’ve been there and done it. Jorginho now has come in [in January] and he’s been there and done it, [winning] every trophy other than the Premier League and the World Cup.” Aaron Ramsdale told The Evening Standard.

“But then you’ve also get people like Bukayo Saka, Gabby Martinelli, and Martin Odegaard, who are another year in the Premier League, another year wiser, and international experiences in the World Cup and captain of the football club.

“So I think everyone has got a story, which has added more to it from last year and added more strings to their bow. At the minute, it’s all working superbly well, and we’re reaping the rewards.”

It’s taken years, but Arteta appears to have discovered the players on whom his project can rely. It’s difficult to identify flaws in this Arsenal team because they’re so eager to “preach Arteta’s gospel.”

As Gabriel Jesus stated a few days ago, no one is the main man at Arsenal, so if the Gunners win the Premier League, as many predict, it will be a team effort.

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  1. Pep Guardiola on Mikel Arteta:

    “I remember when we were together here when we score goals he jumps a lot and celebrates except one team. One team every time we score a goal, I jump, look back, and he was sitting there. It was Arsenal. It was that moment I said that guy likes Arsenal”.

    Change likes to loves, more appropriate.

    If the above quote does not sum up what is going on right now, nothing will.

    I thank the Kroenke father and son owners for bringing this man Mikel Arteta to the Emirates and for supporting him through thick and thin.

    Everything good going on for us now stems from that appointment. The culture change in every way – everybody at the club rowing in the same direction, the style of play and humility of the players on and off the pitch; the togetherness, the leadership from Odegaard, Jesus, Jorginho, Holding, Zinchenko, and Xhaka, etc, etc.

    What a time to be an Arsenal fan. Thank you, Mikel Arteta.

    1. I think the thanks should go to Kronke Jnr and not the old man. The older kronke was more interested in making money of Arsenal and using said money to build up and big up his beloved American Football team ( the rams ) .
      I believe the protest that took place as a result of that super league debacle and the bid by the owner of Spotify ( can’t remember his name) made the old man give more responsibilities regarding arsenal to his son who in turn knew he had to sit up.

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