Aaron Ramsdale makes a decision on his future

Arsenal’s goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has reportedly made a decision about his future with the club as he continues to struggle to reclaim a place in the starting XI.

Initially the first choice, Ramsdale faced competition when David Raya was signed on loan at the beginning of the current term. Despite not actively seeking a departure in the last transfer window due to the absence of promising suitors, the goalkeeper seems discontent with his current situation.

As per The Sun, Ramsdale has now decided to seek a move in the upcoming summer transfer window. Eager to play regularly from the next season onwards, he acknowledges that he won’t have the opportunity to do so at the Emirates and has opted to leave the club permanently.

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Most of us feel sorry for Ramsdale as he struggles to play and know he is better than sitting on the bench as he does now.

However, the manager makes the final decision, and if he thinks Raya is the best option for the team, we support him.

Ramsdale now has to find a new home where he will be appreciated, but he will likely move to a much smaller club to prove himself again.

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  1. So much for the “competition” that was mentioned at the start of the season.

    If Ramsdale lost the competition, than fair enough; bit harsh not even having an opportunity to win back your job.

    It’s Arteta’s decision, so we move on. However no way in Hell is Raya close to the shot stopper Ramsdale is, sorry but no way.

      1. If there is one area that Arteta has made a balls up, it’s with the goal keepers. Can’t help but think that Ramsdale saves that Porto shot the other night. Martinez and Leno too.

        But here we are. Good luck to Ramsdale, he’ll be back in the premier league top 11 once he moves on. Top keeper, top lad!

    1. I don’t really like David Raya as compared to Ramsdale. Raya goes too deep and most of the goals he has conceded were as a result of such. Iam uncomfortable whenever the ball is in our danger area but our coach is very stuborn.

    1. Not a cat in hells chance. He hasn’t played for a year (by the time the summer comes) and his value will have dropped markedly. Who is going to pay 50 mil for a back up keeper. No top 6 club in England and definitely not a foreign club. His market Value is 28 mil euros and dropping by the week.

    2. Great, lets consign him to the bench so he gets no game time, and then put a price on his head to make his move 10 times more difficult!!!

      What has Ramsdale ever done to you DaJuhi?

  2. MA is too emotional, he was wrong about Saliba and I think he is about Ramsdale. Raya’s only advantage is ball distribution which is secondary in the functions of a goalie

  3. He’s a good keeper and should have been given the opportunity to compete for his position as number one. HES doing the right thing leaving He’s has to think of himself now

  4. Watching Raya yesterday, Raya is not the better keeper.
    Very hard on Ramsdale too as the defence is some what better this year

  5. If I was Ramsdale, I would most certainly be considering my future.

    Taking Arteta at face value regarding the ‘fighting for first place’ standpoint, it fairly quickly became obvious that Raya was his. Bad luck for Ramsdale who had been a pretty solid keeper but was not flawless which is impossible to achieve.

    It seems to me that his cheeky chappie persona has persuaded some people that his ability far outweighs Raya and he has been hard done by. My view is that there is little to choose between both men and if Raya is Arteta’s choice then AR has choices to make.

    Raya was shaky at times early on but overcame that. In our efforts to sympathise with Ramsdale we overlook that he made errors as all keepers do.
    It’s a competitive industry and Ramsdale benefited from that when he was signed. He isn’t on the bread line and will find a decent club in due course and will have successful years ahead of him

    I’m far from anti Raya. He has improved during the season and some of his distribution to enable swift attack play has been decisive in our results. The back line have developed an understanding which wasn’t there initially and AR must know that playing second fiddle isn’t helping him. The team is currently in a strong position.

    I’m of the view that Arteta wants to be a serial winner and has been or has to be, ruthless to achieve that goal. I wouldn’t want it any other way. If he can do that at Arsenal then who am I to complain and why would I?

  6. I am ok with Raya as in my opinion there is not much between the two goalkeepers Good luck to Ramsdale on his next move and thanks for the keeping that got us back in the Champions league and best finish for ages. I hope Arsenal recognize this take and a fair approach to selling him, both for his benefit and the clubs by a getting a reasonable fee (not putting an excessive fee on his head). We don’t want the situation to sour.
    Who would Arsenal get as a replacement back up? Why would an up and young coming goalkeeper who is playing regularly in a first team join Arsenal if he is going to sit on bench. My concern is that Artetas actions have not matched his words about competition. Maybe it would be better to get an old good goalkeeper in who is at end of career who will be happy to be back up .

  7. @SueP, WHILE I APPRECIATE the need to win on Arteta’s side I don’t think it is fair to ruin the lad’s career by not playing him and diminishing his value. Do you think football will be humane if all managers behave in such a way. I don’t know about MA being a serial winner. Honestly there is more to it than basic football reasons. It will be very sad to see Aaron going for peanuts


    I genuinely don’t see what is inhumane about Raya being preferred to Ramsdale. His career is not going to be ruined as he will make a perfectly good living elsewhere. He is still a young man with a good record and will no doubt attract much interest

    At the time Ramsdale was signed, much was made of his high price having come from Sheffield Utd. On reading Wikipedia I learned that was his greatest achievement at the time having had mostly loans. He has 4 England caps and has not replaced Pickford so why are so many people triggered by his treatment under Arteta?

    Compare that to Joe Hart, who was the long term England no1 and a Premier League winner twice until Pep arrived. Now that did ruin Hart’s later career but look at where City are now!

    Arteta is not in a congeniality role at Arsenal. It’s his job to turn us into winners

    I must come across as harsh but that’s the way I see it

    1. Sue P I would agree with you entirely , did I not disagree that RAYA is a better keeper than RAMSDALE.
      Leaving aside my personal preference for RAMMY, you make a completely true, valid and realistic point.

      Even those who disagree with MA can surely see that he is doing the best, in HIS opinion , for our club.

      He, and not WE RAMSDALE FANS , IS THE MANAGER and we are simplistic if we ignore that fact!

  9. In the likelihood of Ramsdale leaving, will we be looking for another quality back-up, or rely on the untested Hein?

  10. AR will be missed but I prefer he leaves at the next transfer window.
    Raya is not better than AR, this is just MA Spanish brotherhood thing.
    MA promised a competition but instead, he is practicing favoritism.
    AR should just go to another club where he will be appreciated.

  11. I think Ramsdale should be given opportunity also.. Mikel Arteta should copy how David moves share the goal keeper duties between fabianski and Areola at West Ham.

  12. To the huge regret of manay of us, Ramsdale is already as good as gone this summer. In common with very many of us I think it a huge error on MA.s part!.
    BUT as realists can easily see, it is certain to happen, barring a long term catastrophic injury to RAYA before summer comes.
    And even then, who could blame the admirable RAMSDALE IF HE NO LONGER TRUSTS MA and STILL wants out.
    Most of us would do the same in his situation, bearing in mind that unlike us, he is NOT a lifelong Gooner and his career will come before ANY allegiance he feels to any club; a matter he shares with ALL professionals.

  13. I didn’t want to respond much as i enjoy hearing from others. I believe we should wait and see if that decision will make us winners. Managers are supposed to be fair and ruthless at the same time not to just prefer this “one to that one”. Footballers are human and there must be a humane touch in football. Exactly why I don’t like PEP and Ferguson.

  14. Pat, do you know why we now have FF Play? Look at CARLO ,he is successful but he doesn’t destroy players. He doesn’t get into the club and sack 75% of the playing staff. He still manages to get the work done. You talking about people who spend too much to succeed.

  15. Lets not forget we dont own DR he is just on loan, he may get a better offer and leave us. We wont be selling AR until DR signs on the dotted line

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