Aaron Ramsdale names Arsenal star buy – “He brings a completely different dimension to the team”

Has Aaron Ramsdale Just Declared This Star As Arsenal’s Signing Of The Season?

Following three disappointing Premier League games, Arsenal found their way back into winning ways against Aston Villa this weekend, propelling them back to the top of the standings after City failed to beat Nottingham Forest.

The Gunners fought until the final added minute to secure a 4:2 victory and break the winless streak that had been in place since Manchester United’s victory. The North London Club had since suffered two league defeats and one draw before yesterday’s game. One player who stood out this weekend was Oleksander Zinchenko.

Arsenal’s first-choice goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale admitted about Zinchenko after the game, as Via Play, “He brings a completely different dimension to the team, allows us to play the way we want to. Yeah, he’s been there and he’s done it. He’s got four out of five Premier League titles, so he knows what it takes to win.”

He added, “He’s been brilliant, you see the passion he’s got. He’s only been here a couple of months, but he’s a huge part of our group.”

The 25-year-old left back isn’t your average left back. In Arsenal colors, he has frequently been seen moving into midfield, giving Granit Xhaka complete freedom to attack. He fills the offensive void created by Xhaka and contributes to midfield dominance. This appears to work, making him “unplayable” on a good day. Notably, against a stubborn Villa, he scored.

Anyway, how realistic is Ramsdale’s description of the 25-year-old as a player who allows them to play the way they want?

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  1. “Signing of the season”is always an entirely subjective call.
    I think it is the whole combination, rather than any ONE in particular, that has made the difference this season. Remember we had no SALIBA LAST SEASON AND HE HAS BEEN IMMENSE. Jesus too, til injured.
    Most of all, it is the team ethic and cohesive style of play, plus a fantastic dresssing room spirit under a managerwho will surely become another Arsenal TRUE legend , that is MOST RESPONSIBLE for our huge improvement. Not to underate Zinny though, who has always been top class.

    But sensationalist headlines that seek to put the whole reason on a single player, do not attract my sober rminded, reasoned thinking, TBH!

  2. Ramsdale is completely right to say Zinchenko knows how to win and fills the void left behind by Chaka. Against Aston Villa one could see the Arsenal players fighting like wounded lions; that is the spirit; that is the meaning of urgency and intensity. Very done and we can hope for more.

  3. We have many influential players on this team. that’s why the goals assists and credit gets spread around so nicely. We look like a real team. Zinchenko is a huge influence, and so is Saka, then there’s Odegaard Partey, and Jesus, Martinelli, and Jorginho in our last game stepped up. Our defenders for the most part too have been huge for us. You could talk endlessly about Arteta’s playing style along with his bunch of players. The fan base too, it’s great being an Arsenal fan right now

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