Aaron Ramsdale responds to Jamie Carragher comments in style

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale posted a message on Instagram on Monday, which appears to be a response to criticism from Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher, as reported in the Standard.

Ramsdale was caught on camera applauding David Raya’s impressive save against Tottenham on Sunday, despite the fact that he has lost his starting place to the on-loan Brentford goalkeeper.

Carragher said on Sky Sports after the game that Ramsdale’s celebrations were insincere, basically calling the England international’s clapping fake.

The former Liverpool defender said, “I thought it was like the Oscars, you know when someone loses the Oscar and they start clapping and smiling for the other person.

Well, Ramsdale has hit back in a classy way posting two photos of himself celebrating standout moments with his teammates, along with the caption: “Always support your teammates.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It really was a bit of a pathetic comment from Carragher, there was no need to say it but then again, he and Gary Neville have a habit of coming out with garbage so it’s no real surprise.

Ramsdale did the right thing, he showed his class and what a good teammate he is, even if deep down he did do it for the cameras.

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  1. Rasmdale has assumed a professional attitude for the formidable save of his colleague, to applaud it. And I can’t understand why the sport journalist is complaining with it….

    1. “Sports journalist?”
      Journalism is an honourable profession, requiring an ability to write and to speak English with skill and accuracy!

      By no true use of the word “journalist” can the abysmally ill educated CARRAGHER , possible be regarded as a journalist.

      Try using the phrase “rabble rouser” if you prize your own accuracy!

  2. Does anyone think that Ramsdale would have given a better account in trying to stop those two goals? They were neatly placed and even if you guessed the correct side I’d imagine them extremely tough to get to in time, hard to reach is how I’d put it. If one of them was savable I would say it was probably the second one, if committed to diving down that side then you’d maybe reach it in time, but it’s harsh, and I think Raya was good on the day but for some lax defending and bad composure to give Raya little hope of keeping a clean sheet. The one mistake that Raya did make was keeping the ball in play for their first goal, but we still should have defended better -one player just needed to step into Maddison’s path blocking the pass

  3. Deserved praise to the article writer and esp JA OPINION for calling out the pathetic CARRAGHER quote as the arrant nonsense it plainly is!

    Carragher has some charisma.

    If only he had some education, some intelligence and some will to try pronouncing certain words correctly – KDB- being just ONE prime example, he might , just MIGHT, then be worth the money he is paid. Dont hold your breath though!

  4. The buffoon should have been sacked instantly after he spat in that poor young girl’s face.
    Disgusting that Sky still pay him a good salary.

    1. Carraghers opinions mean nothing to me, can’t stand listening to him. Probably be criticised for saying this but I can’t understand a word he says anyway.

  5. Rambo don’t worry about those negative so called pundits. All that they say indicate their inner selves. That is how they would have done as they have hate in them. You didn’t fulfill their wishes , so they are trying hard to prove themselves. Well done Rambo, you have disappointed and embarrassed them.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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