Aaron Ramsdale says Leeds United “fans must be loaded”

Aaron Ramsdale has taken to being Arsenal’s Number One like a fish to water, and his commanding presence in between our sticks has galvanized the team to even greater heights and contributed to the Gunners keeping many clean sheets this season.

He has also built up an excellent relationship with the home fans and is often seen cheerleading the crowd behind his goal. But he has also grown to communicate freely with the supporters of our opponents and they seem to love trying to wind him up as often as possible.

Ramsdale has told a very funny story about our recent 4-1 win over Leeds United, when the away fans threw so many coins on the pitch he managed to augment his wages by collecting them during the game.

Ramsdale told Ben Foster’s Podcast that Leeds fans were urged via the tannoy to leave him alone, saying “They were either being serious or getting them to wind me up even more”.

“After the first [goal], there were some bottles and stuff thrown… a few lighters, and I chucked them off to the side,” Ramsdale said.

“The next thing you know, money started coming on…

“I’m looking around and there was one £2 – well, I collect £2s, so I took that.

“Then there’s quids and 50ps, so I’m picking them up and I put them by my towel, [then] at half time I put them in my towel, I run off and put them in the changing room.”

“Second half comes, a few more come, and then an e-cig comes on just before the penalty,” Ramsdale continued.

“So I’ve gone back in and I’m speaking to Kalvin Phillips, going ‘your fans must be loaded’ – it was about £17 I pulled off the pitch.

“And I’ve missed some money – I couldn’t pick them all up – it was about £17 I took back in.”

Ramsdale has often stated that he thrives on the banter with away fans, and now we know why. He makes money out of them!

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  1. Rather cruel of RAMSDALE, to pocket the* money for bread and jam that provides the meagre food that many of these poor Northerners have to feed them. Most of them only live in sceptic tanks after all!
    Astute readers will have noticed that I perhaps insult them with my words, though not with my one and only “the*”, which poor semi literate Yorkies never use.

    And to the po faced wokesters out there , hey I’m only kidding, OK!!

  2. don’t know what Ramsdale did with the money and it was only a small amount, but I think what a nice gesture it would have been to have handed it to one of the Leeds United charities such as disabled or disadvantaged children, especially this time of year.

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