Aaron Ramsey again complains about wide role for Arsenal

The young Welsh international Aaron Ramsey made it quite clear a few weeks ago that he was unhappy being played out on the wings for Arsenal, and he told Arsene Wenger that he is much better in the centre. Of course everyone already knew that, but Wenger has persisted in using Ramsey down the wings, preferring the more experienced Cazorla in that role.

Well this weekend Ramsey will be playing in the centre for Wales against Belgium, and he has expressed the hope that his performance will persuade Wenger that this really is his best position. “I’m happy to be in the centre for Wales – that’s my favourite position and where I play my best football,” said Ramsey in WalesOnline. “I’ve spoken to the manager (Wenger) about it a few times and he said it was temporary.

“But I think I can be a bigger threat in the centre. I can time my runs into the box better and use your instinct where to go rather than just try and get in at the far post. Perhaps if I can get a goal against Belgium it might give him a nudge!”

Although we all know that Ramsey is a great player in the middle, Arsenal fans were understandably annoyed when Wenger used him in an ineffective wing role while leaving confirmed wide men like Theo Walcott on the bench, but the fact is that if Ramsey wasn’t out on the wing, would he get into the starting XI?


  1. This is hardly a complaint. He was asked by WalesOnline and gave an honest answer. He just said that he prefers playing in the middle because it’s his natural position. That’s to be expected. That’s like saying Alexis is unhappy when he plays on the right side, when he’d rather play on the left to cut inside.

    1. Wather Rambo is complaining or not he should not be playing wide. When ozil was playing everybody on this forum was defending his performances. You could tell that ozil didn’t enjoy it. Rambo is not enjoying it even though he is putting a good shift.

      jack finds it easier playing wide right and cutting with is left foot because he is more skilfull than Rambo. But Rambo all round game means he should be in the middle. he is by far the best and most complete midfielder we have. defensive and offensively he is perfect machine. In the FA cup final he had the most tackle and yet was playing out wide. This man has earned the right to play in the middle.

      I will get loads of thumb down but i don’t see how we can beat the top teams with cazorla Ozil and Coquelin in midfield. Defensively that team is not balanced enough. First half against manchester United was scary. they took us to cleaners. We were physically dominated and pushed. The midfield was calling For rambo to use his Engine and take the game by storm but he was out wide defending against and inform Ashly young.

      The big question for the manager is who to chose between cazorla and Ozil? even the fans are scared of chosing that is why they don’t complain when rambo plays wide. But we shall not beat any big team with this system in future. Physically it becomes so easy for us to be punished. Coquelin cannot do it all on his own. Coquelin needs rambo in there.

      1. Rambo has to be used down the middle. He is simply one of the best in the world at what he does (B2B).

        But AW always likes to fit round pegs in square holes.

        Have a system of play and put the best players for each position in the system. The Bloody football Labcoating persists!

    2. I hear Diaby has been complaining after coming back from injury. He feels his natural position is in the physio room….

  2. Everyone is unhappy with Ramsey playing wide, I just don’t get it why Wenger keeps using him there, Theo and the ox can play in that position. Ramsey should have a central role. He’s best when he plays down the middle.

  3. ——————Cech————————-
    —————-Theo/New striker————–

    Ox and sanchez are key players. The stats don’t lie. every big game we have played with oz and sanchez out wide we have been perfect. I am talking about big games and not Aston Villa. Look at City away. United away in fA cup. Ox and Sanchez brings so much to the team interms of defensive and offensive balance. We can easily transition from defence to attack using their pace and their skill. The workrate of this two players is just unbelievable.

    Coq is a distroyer so he plays. Rambo playes because he is our most complete midfielder. What happened at old trafford in the first half would never had happened if Rambo had been in the middle. He has about 4 lungs and he would have taken hererra out. Coquelin needed help but there is a limit to what defensive help Ozil and cazorla can bring.

    That lieves us with Ozil or cazorla? like i said before in the small games like vialla we can play them both and they will take them teams to cleaners. But in dificult games we need Rambo in the middle. Just watch what rambo did when he moved centrally vs United away to understand my point. he took the game away from herrera. Whichh is something a number 10 cannot do. Rambo has the engine.
    he is our Vidal.

    1. That formation doesn’t work. It’s how we played at the beginning of the season and we were awful. That 4 man advanced midfield is too vulnerable.
      Cazorla plays next to coq, not next to ozil.
      That might work on football manager but it’s too top heavy for real life.

  4. I have seen Ozil
    Ramsey Cazorla and
    Sanchez on either side
    of the pitch and down the middle.
    We don’t play with wingers even
    Walcott wants to be in the middle.
    Its a strange mix of tika taka and hold up play.
    Seems to work alright even though Ramsey Sanchez
    Cazorla Ozil Wilsherse Ox Rosicky and Zelalem all prefer no 10.

  5. Well towards the end of the season as Cazorla dropped form I thought Ramsey should have played in the middle instead of him. Even in the cup final. Wenger obviously thought differently and picked Cazorla. For the last few games Cazorla was below par, but for the cup final he was outstanding.

  6. The daily star states that Ramsey didn’t take the opportunity to refute the Barca switch rumours during an interview on welsh international duty..dun…dun..dunnnn.

    Could it happen?
    Please No!

    1. Well…it would just make me Hate Barça a little more….which isn’t a real difference from now

  7. Yes, Ramsey has all the attributes to play centrally. But last season the Boss apparantly was converting him to a right winger ahead of Jack Wilshere who looked better at that position. Let’s not forget that the Boss is a master converter. He has successfully converted many in the past. I think Ramsey should count himself fortunate to have been played wide. Did he know if he could prosper there than the center if he calms down and learn all the intricacies of playing out wide. And adapt himself to the position and becomes a master of it. Ramsey shouldn’t be rigid but versatile. One fact that mitigated against him last season was he can’t bench a fit and inform Cazorla who played centrally too. Let’s see what shape starts the Boss will unfold next coming season.

    1. @ samuel
      Am sorry bro but what you are saying makes no sense. why should you Convert your best and most complete midfielder in a different position? common sense alone will mean that rambo will never be better out wide than in the middle. Firstly he doesn’t have the pace and he is not skilful enough to beat his man. So naturally he will never ever ever ever be better out wide than in the middle.

      Wenger is just trying to fit in Cazorla and Ozil in the middle. Its goint to be very unfair to bench cazorla. How can you bench Ozil the record signimng especially as he is improving? But that is why he is a manager. One of Ozil or cazorla must be sacrificed in the big games. That system will work against Aston villa. but never ever against chelsea for example.

      That decision must be made if we want to beat the big teams away from home. Our most balance teams was Citry away. We were a perfectly oiled machine. Rambo needs to play in the middle. We cannot be playing

      1. Bottom line is Wenger wants a play maker hitting precise balls forward and Cazorla is better at it than Ramsey.

  8. Whist I agree in the most part with Galen we have 2 very talented deep lying midfielders Ramsey and Cazorla). Wenger seems to like Cazorla’s ability to play equally well with both feet. Assuming Ramsey’s quote is true it seems Wenger has asked Ramsey to be patient and he will eventually inherit the position. This makes sense as Cazorla is not getting any younger and the b2b role is physically demanding. Next year I would like to see Ramsey played in this position more frequently.

  9. Players need to be patient when asked to play in certain roles. wenger was very patient with Rambo when he was playing badly. And you cannot not Bench players who are on form you find a way of accomodating them all on the pitch and utilize their form. You can only do that by finding a system that works and suits both players and which does not disrupt the balance of the team. We have seen all those players experimented on wings and Ramsey seems to play there better than Ozil or Carzola. That not withstanding all our natural right wingers were either out injured or off form.

  10. I find it funny so many want to bench OG. He is a top striker in the league was scoring in every game for like 12 out of 13. He didn’t make something out of nothing. Laugh.

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