Aaron Ramsey – Arsenal’s new main man

Aaron Rambo by Big Gun

Aaron Ramsey is untouchable right now. At the moment, our Welsh wizard can do nothing wrong and his 2013/2014 season at Arsenal has proven MANY people wrong, including myself. I will never forget the horrific tackle and injury he had to endure back in 2010. It was one of those moments where you think, this lad will never be the same again.

Fast forward a year or so after healing up, Rambo was back in action. I remember commenting on this very forum about his poor display in subsequent games. Understandably, after recovering from such a hectic injury, the lad was a bag of nerves and afraid to get stuck in. Many of us felt, on top of losing all our best players year after year during that period, not to mention a never ending trophy drought, we had little time to put faith into a player testing the waters all over again. My comment was something like this. A winner is someone who takes criticism and uses it as ammunition to propel himself forward. He either needs to rise to the occasion, or make room for someone capable.

Ramsey was getting plenty of flak, and I guess the above is exactly what he did. It really has been a hero’s tale for the young Welshman, in the face of criticism, pessimism and failure, he rose up to the challenge and showed the world exactly what a professional sportsman and hero is made of. This is what he said about a year ago before we faced Stoke, a game in which he ended up scoring a crucial goal.

Ramsey said: “It takes a long time to mentally ­overcome it. It was from last Christmas, that’s when I was getting back to my best. That is when I felt ­confident, and when I was getting stuck in. To get over that kind of injury takes a year. ­Probably a bit longer. You must keep believing and working hard, and it just feels, all of a sudden, that it clicks into that bubble and you are full of confidence.”

Ramsey has no ­psychological barrier about facing Stoke.

He added: “The memories have gone. It’s different. It’s at home and under Mark Hughes they have changed style. I am sure they will be quite physical and press us and close us down. But we are at home and hopefully we’ll get the result.”

Since then, Ramsey has transformed into probably our most valuable player. His stats have been absolutely phenomenal. Going from being our worst player in 2011/2012 stat wise to probably the most versatile player in the BPL next to Yaya Toure is no small feat considering two years prior suffering a double leg break. Last season he managed second highest assists in our club (one less than Ozil) and double goal figures for a box to box midfielder is just incredible. Most teams have already played their first game this season, and so far out of every club, Ramsey and Arteta have come out on top with the most successful passes. Arteta understandably is a holding midfielder, so short passes are order of the day. Ramsey on the other hand is an integral part of our attack, so the stats are a real compliment to him.

Usually, I would stop praise about now, as my lips would be chapped, but Rambo really does deserve all the credit he is getting. The most important thing about this, is his character. Confident, yet modest. Something I believe is what separates really good players, from the greats. Arsenal need to keep building their squad whilst keeping our core group of players. I don’t say we should build our squad around one player, but Ramsey is the type of player you MUST play every game when possible. I believe if he keeps up the great attitude and performances, he will be our next captain after Arteta as he has exactly the right temperament and confidence needed to lead our squad in the near future. He has an amazing testament to back it up.

Big Gun


  1. Rambo is our CAPTAIN, NUMBER 1, Per is captain number 2. He’s very important, he’s on fire this guy. Still don’t know why AW put Arteta captain.

    1. We should not too much pressure on him. Wales relieve him from being their captain for the same reason. He has the personality to captain Arsenal one day, let him perfect his game before giving him such responsibility.
      And why Wenger give armband to Arteta? He may not have the physical abilities all of us want but he is the role model on and off the pitch, he put in 100% every single game he played, helping new player adapting to life at Arsenal. You just don’t put your best player as captain if he does not have the leadership and command the respect of his teammate.

  2. Every banging on about how cesc is better than ozil now bcz of burnley game, wenger needs to help ozil out this season and that is by having pace for him on the flanks no point putting cazorla and giroud togther with ozil if wenger continues to do this than ozil again will be wadted and will be called a failure

  3. Reporter: Did you ever lose faith in aaron ramsey?

    Le prof: No you’re( the media) the one who kept writing him off, i gave him a new contract(jan 2012)…

    ramsey’s revival had a lot to do with arsene’s immense faith…

    1. I don’t think Aaron will leave the club whilst Wenger is here. He’s really thankful to Wenger for sticking with him. Just worries me that Wenger might retire in a few seasons, he isn’t getting any younger.

      Ramsey owes nothing to the fans, many booed and jeered at him when he was struggling instead of supporting him. I can honestly say I wasn’t one of them, but I’m worried it could contribute to him leaving someday.

    1. If it’s the last day of the transfer window and we haven’t anyother option then yes song can come in as log he knows he isn’t a garanteed starter. Eg flamini

    2. not a bad idea as a one off loan for a season until we can defiantly find a more permanent solution to holding midfielder i think unless wenger is going to spend massive money on a carvalho type player this late in the window remains to be seen, song is only 26 so wont be to different from what he was when we first had him just a shame he couldn’t stay in a more disciplined role maybe if he comes wenger makes him play a more disciplined role this time as part of the deal could work out for us i think he still has alot to give at his age just make him stay back in front of defence and we could have a deal plus more muscle in the middle for free couldn’t hurt and he can fill in at c/h not my first chioce but could prove to be a sound one for a season as we need numbers in the squad to fill in for a long season give a lowish wage (£30 k a week)and its done flamini has proven that you can come back and do a sound job for the squad maybe song can do the same expect on loan no so reliant on diaby or arteta then can rotate midfield more and wenger can use extra cash for attacking options maybe a new l/b or c/h that can cover l/b typical we get rid of vermalen ad we could do with his cover at l/b atm what are the odds hey!

      1. Carvalho is a good player no doubt, as you are right that he will command less wage than the like of Khedira. Problem is he is also under third party ownership and Sporting is asking for silly money (as they only get a fraction of the transfer fee) – over 30M for a highly potential but unproven in big league youngster
        Is anyone excited that we are getting Rabiot from Paris SG. He is only 19 but managed to make 27 appearances (25 as starter) in star-studded Paris SG side, so he is no joke either. As he plays as CM for Paris SG, a lot of us does not give him much thought as we already got Ramsey in that position. But did anyone notice he stands 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in), quite big and strong for a creative midfielder, got decent pace as well. We all know Wenger never go for a specialist DM like Wanayama or De Jong. Why? It is because Wenger want to build our game on passing, so every single player need to be comfortable on the ball and have good passing range. If Wenger can make Arteta our holding midfielder he can do the same with Rabiot who seem to tick all the boxes – young, technical sound, French and can give us more physical in our midfield. He can understudy Arteta one season, get used to the intensity of the EPL, and start taking over next season.

        We expect maximum 2 more but think we may get 3 – Manolas as backup CB, Rabiot and the top top signing that many pundits saying we will make once we get through to the CL group stage. Really excited if it comes true.

    3. Barcelona dont buy bad players. The thing with him is that he was used mainly as a Cb and never on his natural poz. If he is cheap, why not.

  4. Fingers crossed he stays fit. He could double his tally for last season if he does!

    Wenger will need to rest him at the right times though.

  5. Rambo is just too good, He shoudn’t be given the arm band now because at this rate…we might loose him.
    Why do suffer of a DM when song is out there, already played 4us, barca willing 2sell him, would be really cheap 4us, and spend the other money on some one like Reus.
    Just my opinion.

  6. Ramsey’s rise is better than any fairy tale story.

    Young and talented> Signed by Arsenal > 2 Loan spells > Horrible career threatening leg injury > Comeback > Struggle to the extent of being booed by Emirates crowd > Arsenal Player of the season 13-14 > 50 mil player and still going.

    My deepest Respect. A perfect role model for any young aspiring footballer out there.

  7. Someone write a book about ramsey, that guy is an inspiration for not just footballers, but for everyone who want to achieve something great in their life.

  8. Nice write up Big Gun. The only thing I’d slightly disagree with is playing him whenever possible. He’s a little susceptible to injury so I’d be careful stretching him but hey, lets hope the new fitness coach can make stay healthy through out.

  9. Football talent alone doesn’t make a good captain and leader. He is currently our main man, but he has still much to learn.

  10. conspiracy theory#32 🙂 🙂 🙂
    aaron ramsey has been workin his socks off cus he wants a rise but arsene never gets aarons signal 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. Firstly BIG UP to Ramsey, quality and class…

    OT: Just read Chelsea are in for Carvalho after scouting him recently. Seriously!!!
    City – Fernandinho/Fernando
    Chelsea – Matic/Carvalho?
    Can’t deny they are doubling up in that position with solid players that can bully others off the ball easily. We need to have our modern day Viera/Petit or someone to pair up with Ramsey and allow Ozil that freedom he needs. With the needed pace from the wings that can be provided by Walcott, Alexis, Campbell, Chamberlain and even Podolski we could be set. Also a CB at minimum is mandatory and a LW/ST (Reus) wouldn’t hurt either…

  12. Lol, i remember giving him a hard time the season when Wenger shipped him out wide. Think that helped his game big time, helping him to play in tight spaces. Do the welsh get knigted? SIR AARON RAMSEY lol

    1. I dont think that this helped him out. He was even used as Rb, lol. Wenger is a sick manager 😛

  13. If we want to show the team that we learnt something from all that happened to Ramsey, we should support Wilshere.

    I’m losing count of the number of gooners who just can’t seem to stop criticizing Jack : his every move on and off the pitch is scrutinized and the guy can’t get a break. Also, the pundits keep putting him down – by the way, Paul Scholes, you’re an idiot, the kid is 22 and keeps getting injured, wait for him to have a run of 20+ games you moron !

    We should’ve supported Aaron, we didn’t, let’s not make the same mistake for Wilshere …

    1. scholes is looking out for England he sees what most see unlike most fans on here his not ignorant of wheelchair’s short comings as his short history point out other wise it may be a case of the more things change the more there stay the same for willchair and 22 is not young in footballing term 9 to 19 is young and where potential should only be talked about in terms of whether or not a player will be good or great to complement a group/squad . at 20 up wards its either you are average or wclass material .at which point do we say this player did not fulfil expectation [a]=24yrs . at which point does one get replaced in this case as a first choice 24 to 26yrs.

  14. Rambo has been great for us since last season. But, he needs a few games off now and then to recharge. 13 days left Arsene to get in the 3 pieces of the puzzle. Hope Rambo blasts them again tonight!!!!

  15. The problem in Tactics, If you play any player out of his position he definitely will not give you his best …

  16. Ramsey is our present and our future. Stick with us and help us win trophies and you will have a Statue one day, like Henry and Bergkamp.

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