Aaron Ramsey inspired by Arsenal’s World Cup winners

The Arsenal and Wales star Aaron Ramsey has seen his country fail miserably every time they try to qualify for a big international tournament, but ahead of their opening Euro 2016 clash with the mighty Andorra, Rambo is desperate to emulate his German colleagues by helping Wales to the Finals this time around.

Ramsey said yesterday: “Watching them made me think even more about what an achievement it would be to get there with Wales.

“We all know this is not only a great opportunity to show how far we’ve come as a team over the last few years, but probably one of the best opportunities we’re ever going to have of qualifying.

“And there’s a real belief we can make the most of that.”

“Maybe not everyone shares the same excitement and still need to be convinced that it will be different this time.

“We’ve been guilty in the past of getting off to bad starts and immediately putting a dampener on things.

“You get into a new campaign with all the hype around it, people saying maybe this is the chance, and then losing the first or second game comes and puts a real downer on it all.

“We have a real chance here of a winning start in Andorra and then two home games to put ourselves up in contention right away. We need to get people as excited as we are about this campaign.”

Full marks to the lad for being excited about playing Andorra, but I am sure Welbeck, Wilshere and Co would rather be playing there instead of a rather difficult visit to Switzerland tonight!

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  1. Sumo says:

    RvP says he will fight with Falcao for his place.

    I mean where? Hospital wing or the Dispensery?

    ‘Tut, tut, Madame Promfey, coming through, make way boys. He needs the potions for his broken bones.
    Professor Dumbledore has strictly advised against any visitors.”

    1. Darwin says:

      I personally feel RvP is the one to lose among recent Man Utd transfer of Falcao. even when Man Utd played 2 strikers, Rvp was the main and rooney/welbeck/hernandez were the support strikers. with Falcao playing can Rvp operate as a support striker? I dont think so. and I dont think 2 players can operate as out and out strikers. lets see how that pans out. I want a QPR win, will be ok with a draw 😀

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        442 just like what Arsenal fans always want

        1. Darwin says:

          even in 4-4-2 one striker will always be more attacking. last year in liverpool SAS, in some games Suarez was more attacking and Sturridge supporting or behind him and in some games it was vice-versa. even with Man City with Aguero & Negredo, Aguero and Dzeko..on paper its 4-4-2, but while playing it changes. I am starting to sound boring now.. :/

  2. Darwin says:

    work hard Ramsey. dont let complacency get in your head and you will go places.. pray you stay with Arsenal for a long time to come..

  3. SirKnight says:

    OT but it’s funny how Mario Gomez said that he’s been getting booed since 2008 by the German fans but Podolski continues to be idolized even when he’s been playing complete shite. I say it’s funny because that’s the same way he gets treated here when he also plays complete rubbish and some fans act like he can do no wrong. Sorry it’s going to take more than smiles to contribute at Arsenal Football Club and as it stands in my eyes he has now become a liability. Wenger doesn’t rate him either, why else would he play both our #10’s in his position…

    1. dilla says:

      The reason why wenger doesn’t play him is because that’s not our formation. we don’t really play with wingers starting anymore. wenger plays our cam’s on the wings because they can play 3 positions at once-winger, attacking midfield, and defender. poldi is just a winger, and clearly doesn’t track back well and that leaves us in deep sh*t when gibbs/monreal go flying forward leaving arteta to defend the entire left side of the field.

      It’s just never gonna work for poldi at arsenal. i was surprise he didn’t get dealt away this past august. but who knows, maybe we’ll see a poldi revival at AFC whenever our players inevitably get injured…

  4. davidnz says:

    The Euro qualifiers are huge.
    11,000 fans are
    coming from Andorra to the
    Millennium stadium for the
    Welsh game. 17,000 travelling
    fans from Kazakhstan are going to
    Iceland in Borat mobiles.
    13,000 Liechtenstein supporters
    have set off on sleds for their away
    encounter in Moscow in March.
    The key match of course willl see
    12,000 Azerbaijan fans traveling
    by camel then long boat
    to play Malta

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Poldi should be given a job as our media communication and public relations Manager…he will excel in that role

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