Aaron Ramsey is the best midfielder I’ve seen – Really?

There are probably not many Arsenal fans that would agree with the above statement, as apart from one half season when the Welshman was world-class, he has regressed to being a run-of-the-mill workhorse once again.

But, according to his manager at Wales, Chris Coleman, the 25 year-old is an absolute genius! Gareth Bale may be one of the best Welsh players of all time, but Coleman reckons that if their opponents concentrate on containing the Real Madrid man, Ramsey can have more room to run the game.

“Aaron could go under the radar because of Gareth but I think it’s good for him, to be honest with you,” said Coleman.

“Gareth doesn’t care, he’s got that personality where he just gets on with it. And it’s good for Aaron, if he’s under the radar he won’t have a problem with that.

“Because all I expect from Aaron is just to be Aaron Ramsey on the pitch for us, because there’s no one like him. I

“For us, he gives us something that we haven’t got. He can do things in the position he plays in that other players can’t do. He can start play on the edge of our box and he can finish it off on the edge of the opposition box.

“I would say that some of his performances are the best I have seen from any Welsh midfielder in my time as a manager.

“He went to Scotland and absolutely ran the game. He went to Belgium in the first campaign with almost our reserve team and he ran the game. We dictated the tempo of the game and he was brilliant.”

“I’m a believer that you’re as good as your best game because that’s the level that you can get to.

“Some of the performances I’ve seen him put in are total dominance in a football game from a midfielder – the best performances I’ve seen from any Welsh midfielder, and that’s how good he can be. Baleo will tell you good Aaron Ramsey is. Whatever happens at Arsenal or anywhere else, I can only speak about when he comes with us. He’s on the ball so much, and when you’re on the ball as much as he is, there are going to be mistakes and you’re going to give it away.

“But when you’ve got the imagination he has, and you’ve got the confidence he has, when you try something it’s not always going to come off. But when it comes off, he can open doors that nobody else can. He’s as big for us as anyone.”

I am sure that many Arsenal fans are hoping for some excellent performances from Ramsey, in the hope that Barcelona come in with a 50million bid after the competition, because, to be brutally honest, with Xhaka now at the Emirates and Cazorla back from injury, I am not sure whether Ramsey will even be in Arsenal’s first team next season.

Who agrees we should cash in on Ramsey if anyone makes an offer this summer?

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  1. Cash in. Also sell Gibbs, Debuchy and Walcott and spend big on Mkhitariyan, Ricardo Rodriguez, a top striker and a top CB.

  2. The headline reads “Aaron Ramsey is the best midfielder I’ve seen”, yet in the article Coleman says “I would say that some of his performances are the best I have seen from any Welsh midfielder in my time as a manager”.

    Now even stretching my imagination to the nth degree, I can’t make them mean the same thing!

    1. He is the manager (as in I’ve) and “the best I have seen” is his words. So not even the first degree????

    2. Yes. Either the headline is click bait or it is a joke. You decide.

      Sort of like the time Phil Neville claimed Ross Barkley was one of the best midfielders in Europe. Is he in the top 5 or the top 100??

  3. Of course Ramsey can be the best Welsh midfielder he has seen because Wales don’t have them in abundance…

    Can anyone name another top top Wales midfielder????
    Allen is not a top top player….

    Personally,I agree we should cash in on Ramsey if a good offer comes in….but Wenger already said if Barca comes with 50m he won’t sell…….

    Wish Ramsey and Wales the best of luck in the Euros…

  4. I don’t know why you would want him to perform and then sell him off, we need all our players firing next season, so whether we go on to get Mkhitaryan plus Xhaka and Santi Cazorla in our midfield,remember that injuries happen, no one should be guaranteed a spot in the Arsenal Starting lineup including Xhaka, players should be selected based on form. So good luck to all our players in the Euros, including those not called up, cause next season is going to be no child’s play.

  5. First Wenger constantly forces him into the line up, now his international coach says he’s the best midfielder. I’m beginning to think Ramsey is one of those players who plays 10x better in the training sessions than he does in the actual game.

  6. It’s not like Coleman can say negative stuff about a player in his team, he has to say stuff which will encourage Ramsey.

    Personally I judge the player on his best form and when he is on form he is the best midfielder we have. He has his hot and cold periods, so did Bergkamp, but I know how ood Ramsey is when on form and this means Ramsey is that good.

    It’s like the dividing line between those who see a half empty glass and those who see a half full glass. In this comparative we have those who see Ramsey’s “run of the mill workhorse” form with flashes of great and those who see Ramsey’s great form with flashes of “run of the mill workhorse” form.

    I am the latter and was not one who criticised him and wanted him sold, not ever.

    Now Rosicky has left the club, the best midfielders in the English Premiership Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez and Ramsey. I define this by the fact these 4 players could walk into any team in Europe for their workrate alone and also their effectiveness in a team.

    Like Van Persie did in his last season at the Emirates, Ramsey can hit form and maintain it for 3-4 continuous years. It is not something you want to see him doing at Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City or any other club.

    People forget when he is on form he the whole match is Ramsey and you know nothing is oing to stop him scoring – and how many other players are like that in Europe outside of the Nou Camp and the Bernabeu?

  7. Two things. One, he is only doing his job by stroking the lads ego and trying to build up some self esteem. Pretty normal thing to expect. No2, has anyone been watching Wales over the last year. They have been great to watch, full throttle performances, and we know Ramsey can be a full throttle player. I too thought he was easily the best player on the pitch in a few of their games, he was everywhere, we don’t like that but Wales are set up to accommodate that. Also more often than not over the years, Wales have been a nothing nation, so a few things considered.

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