Aaron Ramsey replacement – Banega or Almirons?

Now that it has finally been made clear that Aaron Ramsey will not be signing a new Arsenal coontract, the search is on for his replacement, and the first two names put into the hat are Ever Banega and Miguel Almirons.

According to the Metro, Banega is Emery’s first choice. They reported…..

Wales international Ramsey, whose contract expires in the summer, had been engaged in productive talks with the Gunners over a renewal, but a deal was unexpectedly taken off the table last week. He is now set to leave the Emirates after a decade at the club, and the Daily Mail report that Arsenal are already putting plans in place to sign Banega as his replacement.

The Argentine playmaker worked under Emery at both Valencia and Sevilla and the Arsenal boss is confident he can play a key role for the Gunners, even at 30 years of age. Emery was keen to sign his former charge over the summer, and he will be available for just £18million due to a buy-out clause in his contract.

But the deal that seems much more likely to me is the report that Almirons could be coming to the Emirates…..

Atlanta United’s Miguel Almirón is expected to sign for Arsenal during the January transfer window.

According to reports, manager Darren Eagles has confirmed to FOX Deportes USA that the player is Premier League bound. He reportedly said: “Almirón’s future is already decided and will go to England in the European winter market.

Almirón, who can play on either flank or through the middle, has been one of the star performers in the MLS recently and has attracted plenty of European interest in the past.

The 24-year-old is now expected to complete a move to the Premier League in the new year.

A deal will reportedly cost Arsenal around £11.5 million as Unai Emery’s side begins to take shape.

So, considering that Banega is 30 and Almiron is only 24, don’t you think that Arsenal are much more likely to go for the younger (and cheaper!) replacement for Ramsey?



  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I very much welcome Ramsey’s exit but do we need a 30 year old replacement. I must admit, I don’t know very much about Banega or Almirons but what’s wrong with promoting AMN or Reiss Nelson. I think these youngsters times have come, Who knows? We might unearth two gems especially if they’re finally played in their correct positions

    1. Xxnofx says:

      Absolutely agree with you kenny
      I would like to see some younger players bought in if he’s not going to play AMN in midfield which I think would be a crime if he didn’t .
      As for Ramsey he needs to be put on the bench because having him in the team just throws the balance of the the team out the window ,not even sure why he would be picked anywhere tbh ,he offers absolutely nothing .

  2. DarlingbudsofArse says:

    Benega too old now. He has just one or two years left in him. No for me.

  3. Fidel O says:

    Almiron: from what I saw in u.tube, he is certainly explosive. As Banega, he’s good and full of experience… Who do I go for ? Migwel Almiron; he’s young and talented.

  4. Skills1000 says:

    Arsenal should go for Omar Abdulrahman. The UAE Player. This guy is so good with amazing skills. He has it. Passing range, Skills. He plays like Mesut Ozil.

    1. lesra says:

      sure like Mesut? I dont want to play another lazy player in arsenal shirt.

      1. Skills1000 says:

        Lol. I mean he has the technique and skill set. I wonder why no European club has gone for him. I have watched him a lot. Omar Abdulrahman is so good.

    2. Kenyanfan says:

      This kid is special.Barca calling for him

  5. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think one of those names would come

    I believe the new winger news more than the new CM news. Names like Ismaila Sarr and Nicolas Pepe have been circulated around lately

  6. waal2waal says:

    Provided he returns and subsequently he remains fit i would expect to see AMN take up a more permanent position in the ARS midfield. Though some may not agree i’d like us to restore reported interest in watford’s *abdoulaye doucouré a lanky-legged young french international who’d easily adapt to Unai Emery’s “pressing” blueprint and he’d continued to cause opposing teams problems, by marauding forward with impressive dribbling skills.

    i remain unconvinced we’ll even miss ramsey’s skilset and i’m not eager to encourage players without a grip on effective english (spoken) coming in so as to stifle the progress we need to see in the arsenal team – common understanding will be vital to our resurgence as a force.

  7. Joshua says:

    Go Aaron, go, someone will replace you soon but don’t forget those who have behaved like you are just trying to do. How far have they gone? Are they still playing happily?

  8. Grandad says:

    Banega is past his best,so no thank you.It’s difficult to judge Almiron as he is a standout in what is a poor quality league.I’m convinced AMN will turn out to be a better midfielder than Ramsay and in my view he should be given an extended run in the team when he is fully fit.If you are looking for an immediate upgrade on Ramsay then the young Belgian international Tielemans is the man.Highly regarded MaRtinez and Hazard, he has a great future in the game.Whether Monaco would sell is another matter.How about swapping Ramsay plus a cash past of say £10m to test the water?

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Where Ramsey’s is concerned I’m not sure he’d be able to pick where he would be better off, Manchester or Monte Carlo.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Banega for me is like Elneny but his passing is slightly better. Very agile and his passing accuracy is high. He’s not a world beater by any means, his end productivity is not very good. Amazed that he even gets into the Argentina first team. If he was true Argy quality then Barca or Madrid would’ve came calling, Barca esp seeing as they needed to fill CM with some quality. They didn’t even look up Benega for their squad depth. When Emery had PSG funds he didn’t say oh I must bring him here we’ll pay whatever to make it happen.

        Maitland Niles, he for me is most similar to Ramsey out of all our players. All round he ticks boxes, like Ramsey. We also have a young Welshman in the youths, Burton I think his name is. So are people gonna be ecstatic if we have three Aaron Ramsey’s in the side. LOL.

  9. Simon Williams says:

    With the exception of his age Banega looks absolutely perfect!

    Even at 30 I’d take him.

    Will come in, add steal, strength and power to our midfield – with near immediate results

    Rather than a younger guy that takes a year to ‘fit-in’ and break into team

    Honestly believe the team would be better without Ramsey and Banega in!

  10. Simon Williams says:

    …and Emile will be the future star of our midfield!

  11. Argengunner says:

    Ramsey: your mediocrity is not needed.
    Bring new quality blood. But, please, NO Banega. I know him, Im a Boca Fan, Im Argentinian and I dont want Banega in an Arsenal shirt. He is not good enough for us. Almiron was good here in Argentina, but Premier has another speed, and he is playing in USA.

  12. Kays says:

    I go for both. Banega has still got it. We can afford to rotate them

  13. jon fox says:

    It seems almost unanimous among Gooners that we want Ramsey gone. Most of us want him out in Jan. My take? I see no point at all in keeping want away players OR lazy players either. I never have done, as both types are poison if you are really intent on title challenges.

  14. ken1945 says:

    I just wonder if Unia withdrew the offer because he feels that Ramsey has reached his peak?
    We can see how he is improving other players within the squad and, maybe, his decision is an indication of where Ramsey is in his footballing career?
    I was hopeful that a compromise could have been reached, as I believe Ramsey to be a very good squad player.
    That was not to be, so I think we should not see him anywhere near the first team squad, it will give Ozil the chance to take up the “No 10” role and prove his worth.
    AMN surely must feature once he’s back to full fitness, a real star for the future in my opinion.
    That means we don’t need to replace Ramsey, so we could look at other areas of the team that need strengthening, bearing in mind the age of some of the defenders on our books.

    1. jon fox says:

      Ken, It is true we desperately need top defenders(outfielders) far more than any other area. At present I see no proven top quality pure defender at all at the club. Some are promising, Mavrop, Lichtsteiner, Holding too and Monreal is still decent but none are top class. Torreira is class but not a pure defender. Until we again have a really tight defence we can not expect to title challenge. I have been banging on about our defence for yonks, but I GUESS YOU KNOW THAT ONLY TOO WELL. As for Ramsey , get a fee in Jan if poss. Otherwise let him rot til the summer and use him only if Emery deems fit. He is now harming the club by being an outsider and I JUST WANT HIM GONE.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Jon, agree with your analysis of whaat Ramsey could now do to the excellent start Emery has made.
        Surely the club have learnt from the Sanchez episode?
        Such a shame, as I felt he was a very good squad player, but he just priced himself out of the market.
        But he should be nowhere near Craven Cottage this Sunday, let him stew at home with his wife.
        I just can’t get over how Emery has changed the belief of some of our underperforming players from last season.
        That’s why I think Bellerin has to be given time to learn his craft from Lichsteiner, along with Holding from Sokratis.
        The disappointment of the last two seasons is being overtaken by a sense of actually going somewhere and I really do hope that Ramsey doesn’t interfere with this positive attitude.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Hi Ken, you’re right about Ramsey. When Unai came to Arsenal he thought , a bit like the Italians for some reason, that Ramsey was a top player. It’s took him a few games but he’s now realised like most anti Ramsey fans have known for the past ten years that he’s worth no where near the money he’s demanding. How gutted Ramsey must be that Wenger has gone because he’d have definitely sanctioned his massive wage demands and we’d have been stuck with him for another five years. Don’t know if Unai can do anything about Bellerin, he never was a full back and although looked promising when he was first converted by Wenger is now looking more like the winger he always was and not a very good one at that. I’m just gutted we never took Barcelona’s silly offer of , what was it? £40 Mill. What Unai could have done with that.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            The issue is that Ramsey believed the hype and thought he was worth more than actually was to Arsenal. He and particularly his manager should have looked at what similar players were earning elsewhere. He was greedy, gambled and he lost. Arsenal (Sven and Unai) obviously looked at what their money would buy elsewhere and “didn’t blink” when the took the offer of the table.
            I personally think Arsenal’s priority should be for a wide player (interest in Almiron and Pepe) or a high quality CB.
            As far as midfielders go Arsenal has also shown interest in the Mexican International Herrera who captains FC Porto. Also having managed PSG it will be interesting to see if Unai Emery likes Rabiot, who I think would suit Arsenal and is coming off contract and not on big wages.

  15. antonioro says:

    I think is going to be both of them.Different players-not one of them similar with Ramsey.Almiron is the winger we needed for years and Banega is the exact and perfect replacement for the player we regret the most-Santi Cazorla.Banega is exactly Cazorla-silky skills,amazing dribbling,good with both feet,excelent free kicks taker,amazing game vision and passing range.Old at 30?Would you like to have Cazorla in the team right now when he’s 33?And fully fit?I think so…Almiron is explosive,good skills,great passing and thunderbolt shoot.Ramsey don’t need to be replaced-he is surplus anyway,nowhere to be placed in the team.Welbeck must be next,right now,in the winter transfer window.The cherry on top will be in the summer time,when Ozil will say goodbye.Searching for his replacement are going on.At that moment,Emery will have his vision-team.

    1. Enagic says:

      Exactly we don’t have any thing close to Carzola and you can see that’s is big hole for Banega I would let Ramsey go even for free

  16. Wiggy says:

    Better go for Qarabags player. Called Zoubir – He terrorised arsenal defenders. Good dribbling skills and good shooting power. Lichetnstein was pissing when he kept on going past him, yesterday.

  17. Durand says:

    Almiron has phenomenal technique, regardless of league. Combine that with his versatility, passing and shooting, he’s a great player. Whether on the wings or through the middle he can offer something.

    No one can replace Santi period. But at 24 is prime years, £12 million is a steal, and can take over for Welbeck, Mhki, or even Ozil in time. Hope we made the deal as I believe it’s known he’s off in January to EPL.

    Hope we don’t miss out on this, better deal than Pavon for what his club is asking.

  18. Fidel O says:

    Misletant or whatever his name is, has never misfired when getting his player. If Almiron comes then he is good.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Sven Mislattat

  19. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Sorry Ozziegunner, don’t like to be a clever Dick but Sven Mislintat

  20. Replacement needed for Aaron Ramsey, I suggest Borussia Dortmund ‘s Perusic. He is an American in the jersey number 22. He is very athletic and mobile. He can score goals. He is 22 years.

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