Aaron Ramsey to Juventus may not be the perfect signing they are expecting

AC Milan and Italy legend Franco Baresi has been discussing the impending arrival of Aaron Ramsey at Juventus calling the move a great coup. “I’ve seen him play. He’s obviously a great player,” he said.

“I think Juve has really landed a great coup there and I’m sure he’ll be able to adapt to Italian football.”

Of course, it is a great coup but Baresi needs to be careful and not gloat prematurely, not every signing works out exactly as you hope for.

Everyone and their uncle was calling the Alexis Sanchez move to Man Utd a great coup and looked what happened there, not only has the Chilean failed to live up to expectations, he has straddled United with a huge £500K a week salary.

Now, I actually think that Ramsey will be a roaring success in Italy but the similarities with Sanchez are striking, the Welshman is reportedly going to be on a huge £400k a week wage, a whopping £20,800,000 per year and at 28 years of age, will have no sell on value.

I really do want it to work out for Ramsey, he was a great servant for us and I do not hold him responsible for how this has all ended and of course, the Italians have every right to be over the moon at signing him for free but, some perspective is required.

Italian club football is very different to the Premier League and that may well suit Ramsey, the chances are he will have more time on the ball and with Ronaldo up front will have a world-class outlet to feed the ball to, so on paper, it looks like a match made in heaven but so have many high profile transfers in the past that ended in failure.


  1. Ramsey is taller, faster, more athetic and has higher stamina than Sanchez. He might not be very skillful, but his physical attributes could be a good complement to Ronaldo, another fine athlete

    Probably Guendouzi is more perfect for Serie A, because he has the vision for through balls, taller and he is more dominating in slower tempo. But if they assign Ramsey as a box-to-box CM in a fast 4-3-3 formation, I believe he would thrive there

  2. Sorry @gotanidea but I have to disagree with you on some of your statements. Ramsey more athletic and has higher stamina than Sanchez? Really? Sanchez when playing for us was the proverbial Duracell Bunny, he just never stopped and Guendouzi is 2cm taller than Ramsey and you state that height advantage would make him a better prospect in Italy than Ramsey? Perhaps the height of Guendouzi’swould make all the difference ?

    1. Sanchez was a Duracell Bunny around the first 60 minutes of each game, then he was less mobile afterwards. Whereas Ramsey tirelessly roamed around the pitch for almost the full length of each game

      I saw Ramsey/ Guendouzi on TV and according to Wikipedia Guendouzi’s height is 185 cm, whereas Ramsey’s is 179 cm

      Serie A teams like to slow down the tempo by playing direct/ long balls, so height and jump ability helps the player in aerial duels. I think that was why Pogba was dominant in Serie A

      1. Sanchez was a bunny for at least 70 minutes and it’s 185cm versus 183cm but perhaps I’m splitting hairs?

  3. Ramsey is a big match day player, will be successful where ever he goes, cause he is sincere and hardworking and has a very professional attitude on and off the field. Wish him success like Giroud. Dont oust him just because he is on hiked pay, he will perform like CR7 as he has a clean mind/attitude. What does Ozil offer us for 350k/week on the pitch and what is his resale value?And do not compare Ramsey to that brat who was giggling on the bench when AFC were trailing in the game, i say good riddance to the Bunny!

    1. I have been impressed with him this season, but if UE wants to let him go then so be it. I applaud him for everything he’s done for us (especially shutting Eric Dier up back in December ?) but imo no one is irreplaceable…… actually I’m not sure the Real Madrid fans will agree with me!!

  4. Who cares, once Ramsey is not our player. Not me for sure. I am not remotely interested in ANY player once they no longer wear our shirt. The reason? I am an Arsenal fan first and foremost. Are all on here though, I sometimes wonder?

  5. @Jon Fox. You made a good point but I beg to disagree. It’s about the bit that once a player stops wearing our colours, then that’s it for you. Yes, he may stop wearing our colours, but he carries Arsenal with him in his heart anywhere he goes. Moreso, he has gone through, arguably, most of the rough patches he will likely face in his footballing life with us. He has also paid his dues with us while we were going through our rough patches too. So, credit to the man.

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