Aaron Ramsey to Juventus was never going to end well – Would Arsenal fans take him back?

Ramsey to Juventus – Oh how I knew it would not be a match made in heaven!

If I could have spoken to Aaron Ramsey before he left Arsenal, I would have told him that going to Juventus would be one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Watching Serie A and in particular Juventus for a number of years before Ramsey left and seeing them acquire Emre Can from Liverpool in 2018 and the way his time at Juventus ended, I felt like the same would be apparent for Ramsey too. After being witness to Emre Can’s great start for Juventus under Allegri where he was a prominent figure in the team and ended up lifting the Serie A and the Supercoppa in his first season, to then witnessing the massive contrast when Maurizio Sarri took over from Allegri at the end of the 2019 season, who for whatever reason only Sarri knows, decided to hardly play Can, a move which then forced Can to rethink his future and make a move out of the club in January 2020 to go to Dortmund. It was only a matter of time before the same thing potentially happened to Aaron Ramsey.

Being a permanent figure in our team dispute his many injuries, it seemed that Ramsey was set to stay and flourish and even end his career at the club that has seen him through many things, especially a leg break against Stoke way back in 2010. But he came back even stronger albeit with a little fear, but then who wouldn’t be scared to step back on the pitch after a leg break, right? But for his 262 appearances and 40 goals for the club, 2 of which were the most memorable that came in 2014 and 2017 in the FA Cup Finals against Hull and Chelsea, where he scored the winning goals to help us lift our first trophy in 10 years and then a 3rd in 3 years. We hoped he would stay but it wasn’t to be a long-lasting love as in February 2019 Ramsey signed for Juventus FOR FREE and joined them at the end of that season.

I very rarely like to see ex Arsenal players do well once they leave the club unless it is an amicable separation, or if you are Thierry Henry who I love no matter what he does (unless he ever manages Spurs). But I wouldn’t wish a player to leave and then hardly be playing and doing what they love in their new team – that “fought” so hard to get their signature. But with only 19 appearance and 3 goals for Juventus is seems as though Ramsey is heading down the same route as Can.

Here’s hoping that Ramsey is still at Juventus come the new season and shows them the player that he showed us glimpses of, but if he leaves only a year after joining then I sure hope he doesn’t throw away 11 years of love and respect from the Arsenal fans by joining one of our Premier League rivals!

After losing him for free would you take him back and pay whatever Juventus is asking Gooners?

Shenel Osman


    1. No thank you. Had some great moments with our club but we should stick with the younger players.

  1. No way taking him back and ABSOLUTELY no way 15 goals a season. I don’t miss the aimless, unnecessary heel flicks he constantly attempted or the unbalance he brought to the midfield.
    I respect his professionalism and how he gave Arsenal 100% until his contract was up, therefore I wish him success anywhere but back at arsenal. An injury prone mediocre midfielder wanting on high wages we already have; adding a second won’t get us back to the top.

    1. Agree Durand
      Spent half his time injured and the other half pretending he was Henry ,a one paced one trick pony kind of guy.
      Best advice I would give him is stay there and keep collecting his 500 k a week .

  2. I think we all knew the majority of his time in Turin would be spent on the bench. Who knows where he’ll end up, but one thing’s for sure – it won’t be back in NL…. it’s a no from moi!

  3. I’d have him back if he leaves his wage packet in Italy. Since that’s not going to happen, he’s not likely to find many suitors. He was overpriced by Juve as it was. With the season he has had, he’s got one of the most unattractive salaries in professional football.

  4. In a heartbeat! Would definitely flourish under Arteta and fitness aside, he would pretty much guarantee 15 goals + assists a season.

  5. Aron Ramsey didn’t see what happened to Alexander song when make suprise move baba and ends up he’s career in football? Let him continue their in torin.that could be the good example for some arsenal players who want to leave us for big waged not thinking which position am going to play who is there in that position?we don’t need him anymore

  6. No he will probably become to be old and we need young future players..almost I love him but not back as a player for Arsenal anymore

  7. I have never rates Ramsey whatsoever.
    I don’t know what people see or saw in him. He has always just been a squad player to me.
    I have have always been the odd man out on Ozil and Ramsey. I think they are two of the most overrated and one dimensional so called big name players i have ever seen at Arsenal.

    That’s my opinion of course.

  8. A pointless question , as all realists know only too well he will never come back to Arenal. Thankfully! No point in discussing things that have not a ghost of a chance of ever happening. Again thankfully! So many fans are keen to rewrite history and so easily forget he was an injury prone, only moderatae player with a selfish attitude toward scoring goals and who also vastly overvalued himself financially. I write only the truth.

  9. Another example of over-rated arsenal players, highly lauded and worshipped by our fanbase, only to find out they can’t even feature on the bench of top teams….Jack Wiltshire, Alexis Sanchez. Now we are left with the highly overrated ONE.. ..earning 350 per week and sitting under an umbrella.

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