‘Absolutely delighted’ – Tierney confirms love for Arsenal after signing new deal

Kieran Tierney has stolen the hearts of Arsenal fans around the globe with a number of passionate and consistent performances, and the defender confirmed that the feelings are mutual.

The left-back certainly ranks amongst the best players currently within our team, as well as ranking as one of the best of his position in the division if not world football, and his new contract can only have put smiles on the fans faces.

There has been a lot to feel concerned about in recent months, with us failing to earn European football for the upcoming campaign, and with the transfer window yet to show any real rewards, but news of this deal should have brought back a little positivity, epecially when hearing KT’s words about the club.

“It feels amazing,” Tierney told Arsenal.com on signing his new contract. “Firstly, when the manager came to me and said, ‘We want you to extend your deal, we’re so happy with how you’ve come along’ it was just amazing for me to hear because I’ve worked hard since I joined.

“I had a hard first season with injuries and COVID, but last season it really picked up for me, and the club have been brilliant with me, so I am more than happy to extend it. I’m absolutely delighted.

“I think the vision of the club, where it wants to go, and the expectations of the club [are why I signed[. Where I want to be in football is at the top. There’s no doubt about it, we’re not where we want to be just now, but we’re going in the right direction.

“The way the club is run from the inside is amazing. I love everyone. I love all of the staff, I love all of the players, I love the manager and just working with them is an absolute joy. Being happy in life speaks for a lot and I am happy, so I was more than happy to commit my future [to the club].”

Tierney could well be my favourite current player, despite only joining the club two summers ago, and while he may not appear to be quite the match-winner, his passion and leadership is what convinces me that he will play just as big a role as any other in our bid to return to the top.


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  1. gunnerforlife says:

    His attitude and passion to remain a gunner speaks volumes. He could have easily left us for another rich club giving him good money and European football, but he chose to remain with us. A role model for all the youngsters to follow. ESR next.

  2. A J says:

    Seems to like working under Arteta ;

    ” “It wasn’t going to be something that would just going to happen straight away because it’s a process.

    “The manager is a genius. A football genius. You can see we are all loving working under him and me especially, I love it. “

    1. Angus says:

      Fans with an agenda have of course pretended this quote didn’t exist. Now he’s put his money where his mouth was.

      Then we have Saka “Arteta knows a lot about football. He came in with a really clear plan. He has done it in a really progressive way, and he has given us opportunities – all of us.

      “He has given us so much belief, not just that, but information, advice on how to improve.

      “You can see that with the youngsters, they are not just coming in but they are coming in and making their mark, proving they can stay in the team.

      “That’s a credit to him.”

      Now Auba –
      “Two things persuaded me to stay,” he said. “The first thing was Mikel Arteta, because since he came in he brings a lot of positivity and a new philosophy for us.

      “I think that was important because it matched my game and I feel that I can improve with him. I think this was the key factor and as well, the love that I receive from the fans and the whole club”

      “Everyone is treating me very, very good, so I feel at home and that’s why I’m staying.

      “We had a chat during lockdown and we were supposed to talk about a game and he said ‘okay, forget about it, we’re going to talk about the future’ and he asked me what I wanted to do.

      “I was like ‘I feel good since you came, I’m improving, and the philosophy is very, very nice so I just want to stay’ and he was like ‘I’m sure if you stay you can leave a legacy, but it’s all about you and what you want. Of course you can leave and go for trophies in big clubs as well but I think you can create a legacy here in this great club.’

      “This was the key message to me and after that conversation I was like ‘okay, it’s all clear for me and I just want to stay’ and that’s it.”

      Along with Tierney these two were not just giving false platitudes, they backed their word with actions (signing new contracts.)

      Still Arteta is a rookie and clueless according to some people. Will the Arteta out brigade now declare Tierney delusional after his new contract and these older comments? “Football genius” is a pretty unambiguous quote after all.

    2. SueP says:

      The sad loss of some of the senior players who were decisive in what I believe to be a toxic dressing room have made way for the youth that Arteta was sooo reluctant to use. Is there a reason that there are smiles and commitment from our young stars? Those who revere themselves too much will come unstuck.

      1. A J says:

        Great points Sue.

        I love your point re’ toxicity.

        All the vitriol on here against Arteta for me does not look past some very important aspects.

        Yes of course, some performances last year (particularly the opportunity the Villarreal semi presented) were totally unacceptable.

        Other games were darn right boring, and next year no more excuses.

        Let’s hope “we’re getting there” in terms of historic “issues” gradually getting sorted, freeing up time to address matters that a manager is actually in place for.

        I do believe M A was presented with a 4 (5 – 100 !) plan – we which have come to know as the “process”.

        High on said plan was to flush out, and move on, “bad apples” in the camp.

        The evidence to hand can only lead us to believe who these were.

        If M A is backed in terms of anywhere near putting together a side he sees more in his image for next year (and I don’t mean all having jet black sharp haircuts), we may just see more smiles and commitment around the place.

        I’m really looking forward to see who we actually sign, and getting going next season.


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