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AC Milan favourites over Chelsea to sign Aaron Ramsey

AC Milan to beat Chelsea and Liverpool to the signing of Arsenal star

Things are starting to take great shape once again for Arsenal under Unai Emery.

The Gunners are boasting of six consecutive wins in all outings, with the team operating with a great attacking threat and attractive football.

Arsenal’s impressive performance hasn’t, however, halted transfer speculation linking one of their key players away from the club.

With Aaron Ramsey’s contract expiring at the end of the season, the Daily Mirror is adamant that Ramsey will face the exit door next summer, and there’s an interesting name reported to be in line for his signature.

Odds as collated by FreeBetting free bet offers, are backing Serie A giants AC Milan, who are already frontrunners, to sign the 27-year-old this summer.

With odds slashed for him to join Milan current priced at around 2/1, this places the San Siro outfits ahead of other interested suitors Chelsea (7/2) and Liverpool (5/1) to sign the Welsh international next summer.

There are odds elsewhere that priced Everton and Manchester United at 6/1 and 8/1 respectively with the latter interest in Ramsey will be determine whether Paul Pogba gets sold or not.

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Ramsey, who is Arsenal’s long-serving player, has registered 338 appearances in all outings, contributing an equal amount of goals and assists (59) so far.

However, Mirror Sport claim that no new contract offer has been tabled for Ramsey, and though Arsenal were previously confident about extending his stay at the club, the possibilities of Ramsey still at Arsenal have become distinctly remote with talks reportedly  ‘breaking down’.

Should he journey over to Italy, Ramsey will be keen on emulating his compatriot John Charles who regularly competes with Gareth Bale as the country’s greatest-ever export.

The Welsh hero achieved three Serie A titles and two Coppa Italia’s in his five years stint with Juventus in the last ’50s and early 60s. Ramsey will be able to sign a pre-contract agreement with a foreign club from January 1st.

Would Arsenal fans prefer Ramsey to go to Italy rather than go to a diect EPL rival?

35 thoughts on “AC Milan favourites over Chelsea to sign Aaron Ramsey

  1. Sal

    since we got torreira: valverde or bentacur are two great future mid who play for the same national team, you got the spaniard which never plays at real dani cabbelos who when he played for betis reminded me abit of got a couple of french german and alot in serie A youngsters like melegoni, frank kessie, diawara, Koziello from nice, those two kids with north african heritage from lyon Aouar and the other one, kai from bayern lev looks amazing what a player!!

    and many others that have been mentioned during the wherever ramsey ends up we are ok, let’ s not pretend like we are losing a talisman we will lose ramsey that is all!! so let’s focus on this winning streak carrying on. COYG

    1. gotanidea

      We have got Torreira, Guendouzi, Xhaka and Maitland-Niles, that will have more chances due to Ramsey’s departure

      If they cannot be consistent till the end of this season, then Arsenal can search for a new CM

      1. ozziegunner

        👍 plus Ozil, Mhikataryan and Iwobi.
        Aaron Ramsey being compared to John Charles; what a laugh 😂😂😂

        1. jon fox

          Agreed,ozzie. The Admin who wrote this nonsense is clearly not of our older generation. Just a name to him. WE know what a giant in every way John Charles was. Comparisons to a mere mouse like Ramsey are ludicrous.

          1. ken1945

            Agreed Jon and ozziegunner, what a shame we got his brother Mel though, a shadow of his brother in my opinion.
            I just hope Emery puts Ramsey in his place tomorrow, well away from the first team squad.

            1. jon fox

              Ken, Well the Tower of London dungeons(Ramsey’s rightful place) is probably only about ten miles from Emirates ,as the crow flies. I would be quite happy to drive him there. Can’t get him gone quickly enough personally.

              1. ken1945

                Yep, once any player thinks he’s bigger than the club and tries to hold them to ransom, no matter who he is or how good he is, it’s time to say goodbye.

                I wonder if you and ozziegunner see Gazidis involved in this somewhere.
                I can’t understand why a contract is agreed and then withdrawn during or after just after he announced his decision to resign?

                1. Angus

                  HG quotas. The fact nearly everyone always ignores it is embarrassing. People above would have Bellerin and Iwobi sold too lol. Think we’re buying Kane? Sterling? even Will Hughes? No we are not we can’t afford Hughes. So Willock will play or Banega comes in and Nketiah plays upfront or Osei-Tutu plays. Ramsey gets replaced by Nelson/Nketiah/Rowe/Osei-Tuth that is it none of them are close to iwobi level yet. You also have to keep Iwobi/Bellerin/Holding or they too need replacing with those names. Ignorance is bliss.

                  1. Angus

                    Fast forward a few year when most of the youth fail you’ll be forcing them out promoting the new guys before they are either ready or proven. Only way the new will last is if as likely we become a genuine midtable at which point any good HGs will be bought by the big clubs as soon as proven but at least we’ll make good money I guess.

      2. Kenyanfan

        Why are you obssessed with this guy’s situation???! Lol!real sold Ronaldo and life goes on!liverpool sold coutinho and they i dont get all this cry baby topics about him.its not like he is world class or even close to it.The funny thing is that he can even be replaced with ease from within.Let him LEAVE YESTERDAY.We had Helb,Song,Fabrigus,RVP,Nasri to name a few who were better than him and them leaving doesnt mean arsenal Fc died! Let him go and please admin,no more topics about this man

  2. Lupe

    I can’t see ramsey relocating his family out of england right now so i can only see him moving to an epl team maybe everton or westham because i honestly don’t see what a top six team would need him for looking at their squads. I still think he might want to sign a new contract when he sees his options and realises arsenal is the best he could do. Whatever happens, the club must stand firm and not give in to his silly wage demand.

    1. Angus

      Chelsea would 100% take him easy replacement for Fabregas and eases the pressure on their HG quotas. Liverpool will be tempted. It’s also ideal for United if Pogba goes they can cash in 100 mil+ on Pogba get Ramsey for 30 mil in fees to us or him depending jan/sum they then have 70 mil+ to spend on whoever they like and their HG quota is the same. City won’t want him and Spurs literally can’t afford him.

  3. gotanidea

    If Arsenal can sell Ramsey in January, I don’t care where he would go

    But if Ramsey can only move at the end of this season, it would be better if he goes abroad. Because despite he lacks the skills to play as a no 10, he is still one of the most mobile box-to-box CM in EPL for me

    Arsenal’s offer withdrawal could mean they plan to get a younger player to excite the fans in January. I hope it’s going to be a winger

  4. jon fox

    I am old enough to remember the legendary John Charles and his (decent only) younger brother Mel, who playe dfor us. To compare selfish Ramsey in ANY WAY to the giant John Charles is ludicrous, ALL THEY HAVE IN COMMON IS BOTH BEING WELSH!

  5. Sean

    If Ramsey wanted he could’ve signed the contract when it was 1st presented to him rather than stall & demand more money as he thinks he is irreplaceable but that is far from the truth. He has been a decent servant for the club, popping up with important goals in a final here & there but there is better out there in terms of quality that could replace him…. Maitland Niles would be his replacement I think!

    If he goes in January it doesn’t make sense unless we did a swap deal like Alexis deal & get a player in return, he will be needed for depth no matter what happens (signing or not), loads of games come Jan to end of season. It’s not as if we are going to lose much we bought him as a kid for 5m from Cardiff. Yes he was valued at 50m at a time but that was a one season type of thing. Got our POTY last season but to be fair nobody deserved that.

    If he can’t play under Unai tactics then off you go along with Elneny & Mustafi or even better all 3 of them can sit back to watch Niles, Smith & Mavraponas/Holding until the end of the seasom the get rid.

    1. Angus

      Do you see us signing Kane? Sterling? Dele? Loftus-Cheek? Stones? because Ramsey’s spot will be taken by a HG player doesn’t have to be the same position but it will be a HG regardless. It also secures Iwobi/Welbeck/Bellerin as staying no matter what. That is a direct result or they too would need replacing.

  6. Innit

    I don’t want him to go to a PL team unless it’s another mid-table or lower team.

    Ramsey is arguably our best squad player like Ox was at the time he left. I don’t want Ramsey on the bench of the top PL teams. Don’t underestimate the bench. The best teams have the strongest bench (and I don’t mean that literally. I mean the players sitting on it).

    We need to strengthen our first team before we strengthen our bench btw

    1. mobella

      Innit, it is defeatist to not want him to go to top clubs in EPL if any will want him. He is the least of our players i will worry about if he doesn’t want to stay. I have never overly criticized any of our player and I won’t start now but a player that contributed to less than 80 goals in over 10 years is replaceable imo. Even the much criticized Ozil has over 100 in goal and assist contribution in 5. So any player can fcuking go anywhere he wants but I’m glad Wenger didn’t let Sanchez go to Man city because the rest of the world won’t have known he is capable of being shit when the team isn’t playing to his strength and winning EPL with them will have rvp effect on the club.

  7. stubill

    AC Milan might make sense. Maybe Gazides had a word before he left telling him he’d get him a big signing on fee, you never know.

    1. ozziegunner

      Stubill if what you say is correct and Gazidis has tried to attract Ramsey to AC Milan, in answer to Ken1945 it just confirms that Gazidis is a poor judge of a footballer.
      However,; Ramsey has stalled on signing his Arsenal contract for far longer than the Gazidis/AC Milan connection has been in evidence.

  8. Ks-gunner

    Ramsey is a Wenger left over which has to be errased from from the present. I am going to celebrate his exit as much as i did when Wenger left. Look at the youngstars who are come at age and dont tell me that you dont see the talent they carry with them. 👋 byeee better than Bale

  9. Goonster

    Seriously, to this day I can’t bring myself to rationalise the £300,000 a week Ozil bumper deal.
    Underperformers like Ramsey and Ozil asking for undeserved wages knowing how clueless and a joke our club has been since the Emirates stadium move.
    Get rid of Ramsey, I couldn’t care where he goes. Never rated him whatsoever.
    Thanks for your the 2 FA CUP contributions but we also have looked after you for 10 years. You gave back and we appreciate. Now is a New Era. No more of these underperforming / underachieving primadonna’s.
    Bye bye and thanks.
    Ozil has this season to prove himself or next season will be criticism Galore for him.

    It’s Time for Arsenal to become a tough serious club once again. Softie Arsenal is finished.

  10. Alldwayfromafrica

    I could give two F..ks about Ramsey leaving…..sure I liked him as a player and appreciate him for all he has done for us…but he just ain’t what it and some stupid pundits talking about him being in the right to demand for a salary par or close to that of ozil, not realising that was a one time thing which we regret nowadays. I just hope from now on we stop losing players for next to nothing because this is starting to get really annoying…cause how we going to grow…I know some of you here would be quick to point out some academy players but the truth is we need more than that…we need to make some money to spend on other players to keep it improving ..

  11. RSH

    I can’t imagine Sarri being too keen on Ramsey. He definitely wouldn’t start and Chelsea already have players like Barkley and still Fabregas as squad players. Ramsey is only really known for making runs into the box, not his passing so I’d rule that out. I think Liverpool would be interested in him on a free transfer only. Seems closest to a Klopp player out of the other top EPL sides, but again with the ridiculous wages which surely he wont get offered. I also think he stays in England, but of course shipping players out of the league so they cant come back to bite us is always preferable.

  12. Maks

    Ramsey leaving is a sign that we will be big again!
    Milan is not big anymore and italian league is far from what it was 10-20 years ago.

  13. herb

    Ramsey asking for 300,000 pounds must be the joke of the century really.

    And those that are scared of him causing “havoc” to us when he goes to another club in England, just watch what Sanchez has “done” to us since he went to Utd then you decide.

    This Ramsey guy (along with Bellerin) are the least talent players remaining in our squad.

    So better get rid of Very very very… quickly.

  14. AndersS

    I doubt there is a line og big clubs competing to sign him. I don’t see him making a huge difference/improvement to any top team, so he should just be sold to whoever pays the most imo.

  15. Midkemma

    If there are ANY English clubs who want him while the interest from Milan is still hanging around then the EPL team will have to bid and be willing to pay a good wage.

    They would need to convince Ramsey that staying in the EPL is worth it and only way to do that before contract is up is by making the offer, Milan can talk to him in Jan but Chavski (example) will have to make that offer, to talk to us over the negotiating table.

    I do want to point out that Jose has previously shown admiration for Ramsey (Star done back page of RAM RAID) and he is not getting on too well with UTDs star CM (Pogba), if UTD are going to back Jose then that could see UTD make a move for Ramsey in the last short period, like we seen with Alexis when everyone thought he was on his way to City.

    1. jon fox

      I would not give long odds on Mourinho himself still being at United by January. Must be close to the sack.

  16. sarzyNY

    if he wants to play money games then he can get the fook out, the only thing he does consistently is give the ball away and over-complicate play………

  17. herb

    He CANNOT enter the chelsea team sorry.

    Fabregas and even Barkley (mind you who I rate 5 times more talented) are sitting on the bench because of KOVACIC and you think this Ramsey guy can even make the bench????

    Keep dreaming.

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